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  1. Father of Brockport Teen Resisting Arrest Defends Son


    Fri, 17 Apr 2015

    A video surfaced of a Brockport teen taken to the ground by cops for refusing to leave a public area. The father of that teen wanted to get out his son's side of the story.

    jon lieber found at 6:16

    leadership and disrespect it felt like he had duress there. Bob Woodruff Jon Lieber Tino he's a father of Donte' Mateen I got the right right Don peck. They got they Medina was arrested any park and Rockport earlier this week he was playing basketball the receipt personnel and honored amongst. Kids that he was hanging out with simply show up asking you believe Dante has more to the police officer he's restrain arrested it's all on video we talked about this yesterday Jeremy is upset with the way the officer handle the
  2. Mick Jagger Hits on Kimmy's mom


    Thu, 16 Apr 2015

    We had listeners call in with their BEST Mick Jagger impressions for Rolling Stones tickets. The only catch? They had to call in as Mick hitting on Kimmy's mom.

    buffalo bill found at 2:25

    prince. Well I would like for you to come our show and popular votes stadium and nasty to come back to my room. Stab me out it's you know what I mean I didn't play my good Buffalo Bill sent Aaron Williams . You can tell he's a good time that she missed. How are at least I can I don't do. Even Kate let
  3. Sabres Captain Brian Gionta Joins the Break Room


    Wed, 15 Apr 2015

    Rochester Native and NHL superstar Brian Gionta gives his thoughts on fans cheering against their own team in Buffalo.

    brian gionta buffalo sabres found at 3:44

    College Hockey when it I don't know if you know this Brian Brian Gionta Buffalo Sabres captain joining us today is TDs one year anniversary for so. The U she went to West Virginia when did you graduate 211. OK so it's banned it for years garrisons and graduated and she's been in the break room now due to recruit former Bryant if I'm not mistaking you ahead. If not had almost Edger for Stanley Cup for years after graduating college. Very accurate rated from Boston. He one. The burst upward. You don't country. OK so you had
  4. A Doctor of Tommy Mule Leaves Messages for the Break Room


    Tue, 14 Apr 2015

    Tommy had a colonoscopy recently and it turns out, some strange things may have happened while at the hospital

    real bullets found at 2:06

    again gigabyte dinner afterward the total bachelors there and get his Ryder real bullets when I did Schultz agreed to meet. I don't know I don't remember bacteria is dropping because we got another voice mail

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