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Harry Reem's Death

Mar 22, 2013|

The Break Room gets word of Harry Reem's death in Utah, and discusses a little bit of the porn industry. TBR goes on to talk about schools banning AXE body spray.And for some reason, they go on to watch karate ads. Pretty funny stuff

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We said that they we have a death draft up -- so who crawled them looking around on FaceBook not from. Syracuse has dreams of when and no I don't Dario -- -- giving that news just persons of business person the idea -- signs all over town gas is not. Town here what talents and hear what town park city Utah. Plus park city Utah this -- -- game park city Utah -- a -- stepped up. Breadth clueless -- and give you some hints and best known for his work. In classic movies. Like 1970. -- deep throat. In the following years the devil in miss Jones. And it's. Dolan is -- -- Yes very good. Aren't. But this it was a director or porn star porn star so Long Dong Silver and it is not but things did. Harry reams Kari -- died yes it is -- real it was a -- that are -- and he kept the that's not his real name that's not his but he kept that name. Super had a pretty sure I'm not I had it feel like efficient gas and had signs Harry Reeves real estate. We'll Ream you out a house and home. But he he that was that he died of pancreatic cancer he 65. Man however it's due to the porn. When I wanna hold that bang you know all of his pancreas you don't know I don't think so I think it was substance abuse I don't know. Could you banging the we please get off on top but yeah. -- would you dodgy stuff he's eight Anaheim sound. You're held that a whole region is his town and her back. Harry. I think it was he he had a real substance abuse problems. I have for years and I hear you liked a lot of correct I. Who look into a street stiff his real name is let them. It's yet to prove how well right now today there you go on you two over anybody would want item and you confined. -- kind of like the bulls face of actors and actresses they just cut tunnels on bases of them having sex and what do look like ours are. Good theater resume minutes of that -- you go to vintage porn piano and I told Marines he. So -- real name. Herbert striker. That's striker ST REI CA and are candid I would -- is as strikers -- -- for -- or heard strikers unreasonably could be a porn and -- sure does. Sure does ugly name though. Her first dude but -- he was trying to force career in a legitimate film industry he took a job a deep throat. And the lighting crew for experience you just sliding in. But the director was having a hard time finding male actors films -- gave Harry apart in the film appeared to fifty dollars or thanks them -- So once Harry is thrust into the X rated industry he went deep buddy -- he. And like many Harry ended up and so CDs -- clean himself up. In 1989 about 25 years ago one on to build a pretty successful real estate career and actually if they say Utah was Park City where -- -- a millionaire multimillionaire and he he may have done -- -- nobody had a -- -- nobody had them but we do have. Why do we call. Call -- we triumph you got there I will I wanna try to call our Ron Ron Ron Jeremy. All of our Marines again just -- runs of that same age right he's pretty close and yet they came again. And he just had all kinds of problem Malia and the BN are probably -- that via a torn you order something. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not getting on in June. How -- -- to -- play in a car accident. -- car accidents because you think it -- Distracted trying to deal homily that John as you said the probably this thin and around your head. -- -- leaving your dream small light tuna just slash. Just like when they block a cartoon character over the Internet Albert is just a giant has to address these porn star chicks diners and it -- tweeting their Corey thinks and economic. Let's see. -- -- the other ways people -- Fall off a cliff did you think well that's an accident actually do you think yeah. But even like 1 cancer and evening with EGM just voicemail -- -- the -- -- -- returns but if he died of lung cancer let's say yes he was still report related. And -- added white long. None on these things get my lungs but. Just breather and then -- all that stinky PH in on that bed. Perfume that's a great honor your idea to it's it's the human -- on to get like a low and for -- -- where. It's very tough -- how about this it's funny you bring that up. I believe the school somewhere. And has -- acts. Because I -- allergic reaction to that I think that's a really strong you know who do you think. Do you remember of the G mistake I know how I've never -- are tough because -- used to -- hey you guys don't. Yeah who -- -- I -- 1211 year old voice for the accent are so they do they want it's like they were talking about deodorant -- and Mahan misses a first stocking -- somewhere and yeah they got Max. And they try to come body -- and yes body spray -- a wash there's a body washed Susan deodorant there's a hair. Buddies and watch it later in our goal we used to -- you need I used to be old school I think -- before your time. The use of his Cologne called Jo -- must Scully out. And next off that you put -- -- -- Hong you couldn't get ready clone made a hole that got him dry cleaners that may literally gotta match clout among stolen worst. This stuff gotta be like that -- guess I'm Jenna and I were down in the kitchen now. And I go whoa what is going on just what are you talking about -- bios so whatever is up third again and do ready for a a whole lot. If you is that I know I'm Gary Reeves is -- sealock who buys just a hallway in the kitchen like a bind at this point now it's all way into the into the I've spent a lot of smells only to delight the -- so what does this in my life. It is very potent you give yourself so I go upstairs and there are coming out of the bathroom towel wrapped around them. Hair slicked back generated from hey -- what's up and because it's you know you're trying to throw irritated you and Hillary are funny they Tony brides -- -- It way it is hardly is and they do the same and they used to be done years ago because now that you did the guy -- the acts on the browser alone got -- right. They used to be another Cologne called high karate. Now I yeah I don't know now OK so we put high karate on you had to know karate. Can you guess what can get lot of areas to learn about a twenty homeless level. You are kicking and punching shakes off the fact I got Google or she looks cheap and you finally I'll run out -- basically -- -- -- knew how to game duke Roddick has all the prize in a mall you know death. So imagine and Ed were you had to beat girls up to keep them off it. But he's out now here is a vintages of 372. Hand this icon here. Yeah listen it's like I don't know why easing this is black and white yes but doesn't like it was -- sixties -- enough -- Think. They have I don't know I don't. I didn't know. Should be -- thank god do I I'd have to shave his. His childhood sticks stick to their children -- don't know -- -- The chocolate then yeah. He's quite easy bloodshed needs my hand salute and -- I karate pirated and -- cost problem and -- -- well I karate and big capital how do you use -- That's audio issues though on diseases is let's say you're different -- he had. Same thing. Hot chicks like her fingers -- on the playing chess Obama it's -- the fireplace. She's she's stroking the bishop and I'm not kidding. Now she's -- she literally just picked up a bishop which resembles what it is just that candidate I put it to her -- -- -- -- -- -- Those -- from around the world. Oh man who plays to win. OK so he gets up because she cases ahead of the -- -- looks like he circumcised penis had turned he gets up goes about the puts on like Ronnie comes back sits next to certain. Yes doctor gamesmanship she flips the board jumps up throws a -- to the couch and they are doing and students don't like erotic. A lot like some allies she knows what back smells like this funny how -- mayonnaise -- all. She is or how great it is like the popular term car it is. Do you want in on your car was one night and that. And that's what didn't mean it it smelled like it you can imagine every generation that. Are you at Urbana where. You can just walk -- and you know what everybody wearing. What acts are quite easily and Italian -- -- the antibodies and moves on -- -- -- -- part Celine are. So label because it works like totally right Chile relief struck -- it -- are really an issue. Bring a bunch here tomorrow reliable -- smell it because it there's different linemen don't we have like three different. Our apartment over -- schooling are it -- different Carl Larry there. I really aimed at a kid for sure which usually teenagers doing well until Sherman. He's still no remember he used to Wear like he'd be in the broke from -- sparks or whatever -- and then he would spray it down with axe body spray which Kerry wins you know so. -- -- -- -- Yeah truly broke and we can. Aren't out sales for acts. I wanna see the sales of acts on the east side of the city versed in west side of the west side I -- Do I know what they -- Farmington. New -- so if you're well off residents. BJ it's really not only after. The leader Khaled Ali and finally -- whole pack -- you get audit it. -- sorry I thought coupon and you'd get a haircut -- that greater. Honey honey the party NBC has. Jackson around he's the only has had on loan is apparent that these serious stuff. That stuff -- urban court area to blow dried out but your hair would not move the man -- the doctor's office yesterday and right past that were out in the lobby. -- -- -- No -- dead yet. There are -- Dick dead or waiting keeps fall asleep in dropping a magazine she's -- I'm gone this woman drove her husband needed a walker he's now being seen by the doctor Hillman and she is pharmacy the magazine -- fallen. So Jackson goes to pick it up in Jamison goes. Hey you have -- your hair. -- Jackson yet and Jesse is now it's my -- -- because it's really thick and so it is like that is denying it looks like he's. The black top and when -- cut the woman told you to take you -- in the picture here. You put into stock and that should actually stand up straight so track and going normally do not care what it looks like yeah I actually -- and buying include. Here's how it sets up. Into little good. Rule really. What -- -- -- you. You look good to get a good -- shouldn't lose your. I I don't understand. It and talk about it -- thank you -- what you are here and talk and real reality squad stuck with. I just don't just a wild man in whatever -- -- party to hold him to a sales manager here. Yeah you don't correct that is. I said iron -- hesitant and nervous. And Jesus Christ can I get beat up more. Probably just give promoted. And now thanks so it's time but -- it is the a horrible smelling -- I can't wait 3 and tomorrow I am gonna bring I'll bring I think we have three different ones really gets my own life. Should it see -- it eight. There -- proud of that or what absent. I am -- -- I'm Rory two car man that was a big one probably your high school Wednesday when I was about when he. 28 years of it -- 1988 there was a big Cologne -- we go back. In two glory days in 1980 might exactly -- -- for everybody did IE snuck out of my house side and basement room room in the basement. And I crawled out the window. And -- I had this two car on an analyst I was going down as a means some girls are gonna pick me up for -- to party in some -- -- some -- damn -- in the country -- I go running right while what happens when you run you sweat and win this -- -- -- mixed it just was like you had a mushroom cloud around you -- while I so now -- -- they pull up the two girls -- there there's some other guys on the backseat and and Communists in the front nexus girl and the whole car their opening windows -- -- -- his soda and ourselves. -- -- it was so so embarrassing. Really really donor -- is that we'll take a break phone number 62 to 6000. Feel like to Texas the Canon 99404. Or going to enjoying the chat it's happening. On the break Rampage at WC MM break room dot com.

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