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Coach Muley calls Shelly

Mar 22, 2013|

A few days ago a caller says he things his wife is cheating on him, and he wants Coach Muley to call her and set things straight

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On every Thursday at about 720 we have breaking news that coach really we talked to coach really our life coach on Wednesdays at seven and we give them a scenario. And we we were having trouble tracking down coach -- apparently we sound of he had lost his cellphone. Under his wife is what he told Danny it's now on them sat people's situations that it was a big terror so. We did find coach really -- -- do the breaking news now here's the deal. The guy had written in saying I listen to the break room. And we have been talking a lot about cheating and what we were saying was making him suspicious he and his wife and married for about fifteen years and he said. You know I think my marriage is great for the last couple of days have come home way I guess for last month a few days out of the month he came home early you always -- is the same car. The same kind of car which I think was like a white dodge pickup for some than some and he is wife is always scar around. Sound like she's trying to hide something. And she comes out she's usually disheveled her clothes are a little skew on -- -- sums up and crazy so yes stir and she said no one she was kind of offended by it. Videos but that stuff still -- goes on his office doors locked and then she comes out commands I was just trying to clean it for you -- so. Carolina public doubt dirty is an office get every day he thinks something is authorized and so we -- going to do the breaking news is coach really. And -- well yeah. -- -- -- See we get to the bottom of the breaking news coach nearly six times and NBC MS. And -- -- There's no shelling. Eight billion dollars old coach really hairy dude. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Smaller star Kanye probably gets my shown there on a true TV channel 3500. I. We'll listen reason has -- usually -- to -- their -- to them. Day was talked to match do you own 1 am radio program you know them damn morning shows and Jack goes no talk metal kind of crap you know with go to pupil as president of and on morning shows. Yeah let down there they -- the match you in the break room. Apparently your husband killed and busiest on the mound marriages because your marriage. -- I did pretty -- yeah. US ground glad to hear that but apparently your husband's a little concerned about the goings on in -- house after he has to work in the morning has renowned. He's got a home office they're out but he also doesn't leave it probably goes downtown worked. Yeah I in his sport -- More lately and a chance. Quote god damn he double but couple that answers last month at any keeps saying the same all while pickup truck cruise and sued the neighborhood mapped to same time every time because back to the house to up. Pick up some papers or some -- forgotten the sound familiar. I don't. You know us. Well and then they haven't had damn thing Rosie comes in up. Hand. Even looked like Cuban rolled around in a rat trap she. The hairs all messed -- -- UN some kind of -- -- -- clothing about this deal that. That diverted into dirty underwear stored on tomorrow. And a dubious clad concerned. Mr. -- what we used to going to thank -- going on now -- he managed. These studies aren't they may be EU's you on the -- that a term. There's there's a whole. No no no no known now. Our analysis into why no one you look -- -- Raggedy when he comes on you. Let's say it was lingerie is. He's come home a couple of times and I'm still gonna monoline insurers say yeah. He had been easy but to lingerie only he's he's he get you ready do you know make make. Maggie yeah well I -- -- -- why are you wearing your Breeden clues on the middle of the day just to vacuum out that. You know Nelson -- -- she did not I do well. Now why you Wear led Melissa Reid did just between -- Utah and remain a nationalist and why. Are you learn. Dirty sexual nowhere and -- day. I I -- that job -- listen I. I wish he would just asked me. True you don't coach telling. And how scared you know he's he's concerned about -- even matter tonight fifteen years he's very concerned. I don't know I. I don't I'm not I'm not she I mean -- considering do we negotiate an allegiance to. Tell me what you don't lose what -- you don't. Well you know money's there really tight at her house. Understand during the tournament against Maine it's -- -- I was taken out. Virtually no I really would never -- on my home. Glad glad to hear and blue line and doing the dirty underwear dance money's not an. -- -- -- chance they what I was on the line for extra money. You don't what to tell. Pornographic computer six top. What. Talk just talked to video yeah. So sure you get all I -- you get on did the computer there were two camera and you talk to other fellows and AN EE may see donut dirty dog back and forth a loss. We haven't I don't I don't touch so afraid or Italy England and no reason as soon as soon as I didn't look you know. -- product from hot outfit and I challenged them about that would you do the dirty job. Yeah. I mean I don't really so dirty there how much do you charge servants. It worked through what played it faster -- get paid you know. Can you and can you just tell coach really would do actual. Address of that dirty talk surfaced around. The place -- sorry -- colony won a couple. -- homeland. Zelaya silhouette the -- should tell me what kind of dirty jockey doing. But I won't Wear that black college have resonated so go to new weird Garland or not. I've got to horny I got to horn dog gone on here this morning and then but what would you say back to make. I had to try to keep you know obviously fit on a possible all registered. -- I didn't ask and I. -- 200. I got. Big fat one here man I don't know what to do literally what you'll do for -- coach -- moment. Lou I just telling you know I am confident that how that it has now this sounds like parent wants to kill. Well hi I'm Harry know what to do a -- two years old trust members sustain her I know how to handle it. And that's exactly I had to tell them you know there are thinking about sat there and do. I think she is individually he is. You woman don't should. Look -- -- stick to about a candidate that yeah. Where you wanted to Darlington. I don't know I'm glad I mean I'm not she should -- glad I'm not eating at that point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There. He knows what. -- Well I -- say this Darnell called -- judge from the center Kitna threw. I would be understated view is -- lantern used to token fills. To these guys -- mean even know -- time no hers minimize the think that they're. Precious eleven and then and the mother children is token failed to bunch of fat slobs. -- -- -- and we have enabled and make ends meet Patricia what sort of that would uphold and. Why didn't you tell him which you don't in first place I got put back on -- you scream you sneak it around and you know I'm. They keep calling it if I don't have to go to you should itself could get it began -- -- I can do it has still not actually short. -- I just think he -- administrative begin hundredth straight -- and and then man there is eternal ways to make money -- -- He didn't commit mortal sin overly overly Internet. I'm just talking about I mean I'm not doing any. Talk -- fashion and always says Don passwords stars -- -- Duncan and and its stars would drink -- And next thing you know -- seven months pregnant. And an interracial -- -- she's. You go land up have you suffer little Obama may be -- to say be careful keep delay disclosed. And you get off that line and go get yourself for regular watcher Google clay you know just to go want to go claim passes. Just take a lot more than that. I'm sure does but is full of mortal sin money. They don't bring in Luxembourg misery. You know talked about it. He's not GC admitted to -- -- known sums -- -- put that white car cruising around two minutes. I have no idea I don't know but I don't I don't know acting crazy but I can't guarantee crazy these are you being now. A little strip but nothing in the telkom filter on the Internet would they know they don't know. It's just wrong area we're just chatting from -- -- their problem. I understand Ahmed -- prominently got a few minutes -- -- but there's an hour to go there. -- out of salsa and you're checked the fact. -- -- There is breaking news goes really well and I think she's still do it -- she's ultimately she's a dirty girl I got a song for the. -- And at the finals and one hit wonders. I'll never forget they came -- new radio station I worked I am the Poughkeepsie credit -- Series got a sexy cute you know -- that. And you know breast all pushed up -- -- those orange and the music director at the time was a doo -- now there's a lot of voice work and does even while. Local ads is a priest facing Houston he had a huge. Huge. Cold sort of -- Ed Gigi you went to get hit -- -- -- a good. Yeah why -- the only way it would a cold -- it's. -- the funniest or whatever reasons I don't allow it this was doing nets and he did there was a way that guy runs. That's played typical sort of there -- just for her. Hey -- the public wanted to make both. How does he do that they do the video camera by the -- NC -- Hello I'm not a regular role in Nigeria 510. Dollars you'll make is hot hot hot we'll give -- the -- -- we'll take a break.

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