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Gun Protests and NYS Safe Act

Mar 22, 2013|

Protesters and supporters showed up at City Hall the other day in response to the NYS Safe Gun Act. The Break Room talks about NY's existing rules and regulations towards guns, and want to know the listeners' opinion of it.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- feel about this next thing it's it's an interestingly the gun laws in new York state of change we're the only state in the union to have the -- so restrictive gun laws that we have now curtain call the New York State -- fact yesterday outside from a City Hall. People in support of the -- gone acts were rallying while people who are against the saint got a knack for heckling hey they weren't invited you heckler had the mayor is now are rallying the mayor came out and he talked about. Just how he's sick of of the gun violence in the city of Rochester about life now. Luck with it if it comes down to magazine ammunition denying can have all this stuff right we're trying to San assault weapons band and that kind of thing. I do fall under when it comes to assault weapons my thinking maybe simplistic and maybe you think it's dumb is that if you had less available. The the guns that then we talked to people we've had at a McFadden in here the guns on the streets of Rochester. Are usually shared their usually somebody who found -- and largest state they either got stolen out of somebody's house or whatever. And I'll I'll officer upon -- was stolen who was shot with a gun by a fourteen year old kid at the time. Who and it was a shotgun and but who is that had kind of bounced around in different hands the guy. Well if you make it if you make it -- can't sell these would be harder for them to get into the hands of at least the street kids I'm not and did they don't have the money to go out and buy from a a dealer overseas or -- and Darren Jackson series as an ammo and that's where most of our at least crime here let's go with what affects us. So that's why like on the other hand I don't like all the information have to give up I'm told and I don't know when I was considering. Trying to apply for pistol permit. Just to see if it was true -- says they have to have complete access to your health records not just your mental health records. Put your health records and mine above -- I don't know what -- not saying well that's that's the interesting point. Not say they'll use it. What they do have access to if they want to they can check up on him. That's a weird thing -- today just out today. Probably didn't know this thing kept secret in New York State friend lions and this is something -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- perplexed confused -- -- -- -- at this -- amateur. For more than a year. New York State has maintained its tip line. Allowing people the report illegal gun owners. Drop and collect a 500 dollar reward being here's the problem like this you know about that. Not Christian Dan did he know about that no I don't think there's anybody you'll go to war did you nobody know. Yeah no you didn't surprise there is an -- when we're now they're coming out with that why. This is a greater chance of Boston more people would say it's -- and I -- you to tell on him. And it gets 500 bucks then we're paying you to tell on each other. And that. There's something about that that makes me uncomfortable. Because it's not mean talent I knew that you -- Do you when drugs and make in my neighborhood unsafe you could be a law abiding citizen but I happen in no -- you have you had a magazine clip of ten and now it's it's seven and you still got to. There's up to get rid of the guns don't want -- to say this. If I if I get -- find out when neighbor has really -- -- and I get 500 dollars you go into the digital camera and Danny. 400 -- it is any guy you're. It's -- gaining a hundred dollars and I don't like that yield two basis. I don't wanna do you -- -- information leading to an arrest can -- callers up to 500 dollars on -- -- -- -- authorities and the operator to look how do we call the number. The numbers on their call for an. It's a public servant yeah all right you want the information now grandparents I. Or they're override not damage but I haven't they give you I have to figure out what the letters correspond to when there's no letter -- -- With what it what's what's the slogan new guns New York's New York State big -- and I guess -- yet. Guns NYS -- the year so weak so the number is. I'll -- on the 855. Haven't heard of that one and managed G which is for. You which is eight. And which is six. S which is seven. The wait is a guns or gun yup and then guns and tens he is this is until he's probably still -- is gone. Nine decapitated five. Sovereign -- that's -- we got a very serious or corn growing now rated a -- I. Apparently way I want a 500 dollars apparently not as -- at all. Don't don't do it mentally it is for the budget shot well hey look don't want to. How dumb people whatever the way to get information out god. But again Eric he's a former military police. And paid in this infuriates him why does it and -- infuriate you. But developed. I don't I know people that burst through diet and -- are rare it is what it is diet. -- you do you already in you volunteered to protect our freedom. And because of political Fiat. And whatever this guy's doing presidency all showmanship in the -- being -- freedom is a way that people aren't dieting for. The illegal -- -- -- -- well it's just yet she's saying it never gonna stop illegal -- How little are gonna go if you acquire fifty what are we might bury her clip. And guess what then maybe I'll have become a criminal go cry stables so why should bring him back anyways. I mean that's what they're -- -- you've already is taking able bodied people. Well. Let me say this -- -- -- and here's a guy logic donate -- we should have no speeding laws bright blue eyes you -- -- -- People still status -- of so I have my -- wealth on noble but yeah we know that's part of it. All of borrow money at problems. We controlled. Golf at Alibaba party controlled by the league and he's already -- -- they -- do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just I wanna I wanna try to have a dialogue with you want a chance I let it proves our theory to you there because it makes me very uncomfortable doesn't infuriate me but I felt like -- -- -- to get rewarded for ran somebody out. Who could be like Derek no real threat to anybody -- broke well. This yes it -- work that's where are supposed to help. And let me take us again Eric. Why was he kept secret it's been up for matter and we don't know that's the part that makes his ugly and I'm not -- to Eric I believe the Governor Cuomo has his eyes -- the White House. He's trying to upstage Obama by pushing this legislation through first. Again though I would say to you I don't think most criminals. Of the type that do majority. Of the murder murder -- care what kind of weapon may have does that make sense to you you know. Think the kid in the city gives a crap if it's a shotgun a pistol or or insult weapon. He's not going to Pennsylvania to get the assault weapon so my thing is like. If somebody could survive a gunshot -- and there is a man who shot his wife in the shoulder. And it was just arraigned yesterday -- wife Michelle -- says house of fire shot himself in the face and live. You could survive a gunshot -- needs somebody. He probably can't survive an assault -- because it's so many coming out yet. If he did make that harder to get does it make it for the street I hear your point and they are talking about changing along New York State and certainly at the. Good luck go I want to about job I think on -- multiple gunshots. Any nation is still lying off the -- I know you cannot -- a semiautomatic weapon. Turn here in the published elaborate action that if you can get -- it is absolutely ridiculous. He'll need that still exists there during I'd go to my servers what they don't know what I -- wanted to have more to you I talk to you -- -- hard. There's -- really -- -- help our beautiful dog how close I can get it but it's better. No purpose altered haven't been the target shoot we're enjoying it -- like cheating -- -- elbow wrapped in gunpowder did you think it's it's. He's got a war -- the -- -- know that not be weakened nobody I guess that would make you feel so helpless. Because even if you are a lot if you go to war are doing what I'm asking them to do. I thought I I can't say this I think once she's out office having this change I just seems presented IBM -- more banks like hearing here he's just sounds like a packer like it's -- is that he makes it sound so dire that he can't Hargitay. There's a million. -- you can target -- went down here. I don't like this this -- gonna act and not for the same reasons Eric does I'll like because I think people. Prize in the people's information as a gift to give up too much just on some demand because it's a gun and yet it's only something about just about -- your cholesterol and ideal but I don't. Do you generally -- and I don't understand for a pistol I gotta get that information the first shock and I think I can just biased court because shotguns don't really. If you look gay murder rates United States 30000 people a year die of gun violence in this country eleven. Thousand are homicides. Do the rest -- -- who is on signs yeah so the two main culprits it with a gun violence is yourself. And drug involvement. It doesn't do things if you -- if you take a look at mental health. In the drug laws you probably could really shrink that number quicker. Than any other gun -- I just don't like the fact that we're going to visit the encouraging -- -- I -- -- but at the same time -- -- tell but my -- there was a drug house next to me and I put my family at danger area I've wanted to -- -- wanted to church is just weird that all of a sudden now the let miss out. What I listen laws becoming a bigger -- in Tyler's in Rochester what are once. Yeah not the issue can't fight a cold right now -- Eight -- I trust them but just slide very reminiscent of 1930s Germany -- decent. And it and before well before every jump on the bandwagon says all right -- your bank -- got me thinking I'm just making an observation. While -- was were we told on each other right they buy or watch or the government you weren't in line I'm -- -- We want to thank you are pretty much alluded to issue guy and cattle you've got so you're right out as far as like the statistics for gun violence absolutely no I don't know I have a veteran Q I'm also learning errors errors and blow your right to feel comfortable about -- an outcry. Not out. Into the operating gun violence. This is something that is very I mean. For control of better term it's marrying. Unusual and -- what brought but I mean for some people nobody's safety -- I don't think I'd go that far. But it's very intrusive as first personal information go to very reminiscent of 1930s -- I. Look at history I mean you don't. In -- -- somebody on spying insane does not he's really had themselves and again that they were -- or and I Tyler let me get AJ and holly go by quick AJ. Well sanctimonious every bit redundant gun issue. -- titlist here at the -- of brawn drivers so well because donate to this catch. Yeah on you know we don't I start drinking insults -- that that's why -- Hey TJ appreciate it that is why I went for help because I don't want to be one of those guys. We're doing other brutally run and the overwhelming and I don't want to do that either Tommy and it's -- -- -- on -- -- tonight -- -- a lot Alaska -- go ahead. New optimism so why then if he was -- against a person you know I brought her rightful. Good because they're also walked and their orders already used. Then they would do -- it's a semiautomatic. Rifle. It's not like it's hitting all six you're out of -- you -- squeezed the trigger every night. Let's start. He's ample knowledge of that weapon and you can turn it into an assault weapon quickly by two. -- compromising the firing during direct. You said that you need to pick up speed so far it's been -- by an opt. Chang to make -- -- -- -- so -- -- about why everything now. -- well we probably jello bombs do the -- -- hope still slow Zoellick said reset it that is true. And and and a lot of people say that DA -- are really just to 22. Always violate a trigger eight assault these assault style weapon violence in his less then 1% of but I dials another gun violence out. When most gun violence are not done buying. Military style weaponry -- people -- actually don't just learn what they do -- they go sheep station like Tony to -- idea Tony time on him you know caliber. They're not buying really crying clocks. They -- -- all I gotta do is get a bullet in your. So was as you need to pass an NI CS is to federal background. Check to buy any gun even a shotgun. And is to federal background -- well that's not some debris that's is deceive you had any criminal history I thought when you were pullen when you were filing for a pistol permit. In a particular problem -- from the violence they needed to get some kind of health background now it is so it was a you know -- -- it's like all your stuff and it was a -- -- -- access to everything him. And I don't know they need to have access to whether I get testicular cancer only done. Putting these I think if he had testicular cancer you may wanna commit suicide DN zero sand and and -- the right shouldn't you kind of have that I don't write the -- -- a pandemic -- it is against the law. It is it is it is against the loss. To commit suicide New York State but I decide to go at the same time it's your life and what -- -- we draw the line.

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