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Sharing Casino Winnings

Mar 22, 2013|

A listener is looking for an opinion on money. He lent his friend money for the casino, and when she won a bundle, she didn't share any of it. He wonders if he should feel cheated, and asks the opinion of TBR

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not a 6:5 WC. -- after uptight over some possible banning smoking candidate written about this one. -- -- an American academy of pediatrics now backs gay marriage. So what's this. Wikipedia. Kittens at the children's doctors say hey yeah it's okay. But they gave people -- this year when their -- nationally Sotheby's as miserable as a Rudy needs at least that's why not just a solid you see -- how household environment solid -- mean it's it's kind of -- me all the kid really needs is love. Mean sure the united and it's got to meet the man on man love sobering when you look at modern family the TV show you would not a scene that that fifteen all I don't crown winner. -- law not only did is that -- and I have kind of taken over a guy who. I get this Christmas card and all the stuff these gays. Kids and all are on here. -- sizzle it's a death threat -- -- all this was right there all over the ticket -- I think that that's pretty funny because it is something that many people. Have probably believe for a long time what we know I've never Selig and an organization come out played. Why did they were doctors for marriage sounds kind of weird to me like it's a New York Times article asinine daylight they obviously issued a statement saying we support gay man I try to be like if you told me. He does deserve for gay marriage and American Dental Association I didn't think I daily take -- those issues VI American candidate did you pediatric declared his support for same sex marriage to same sex treasury first time on Thursday saying. That allowing gay and lesbian Paris to marry if they choose is in the best interest of the other health of the two yeah -- precedent is yeah and you get a more stable environment to that is the thing. They say can't see woods from Jackson this gets the parents. That are gay Gillis hearings. Really of according to then -- the as a doctor do you rent that now this is making enough. I can we talk about money yesterday and and money something that nobody has its people -- he's. And I got this great emails. Life -- but it broke even read it's my wife last night. Pretty guys talking about money yesterday there was yesterday and I know is the -- insurance in particular talk about what CBS is doing and but money is making me make everyone crazy. Give me an opinion on this. If I have a right to feel cheated. I took a female friend of mine not a girlfriend to Finger Lakes casino a few days ago. She didn't really wanna go first because she's broke. Yeah but I told her I'd give her some money to play the slots -- I just didn't want to go along. So I didn't mind given her 25 bucks for some fun she's like a slot ho. Was luck would have it. She on -- winning streak -- -- last time we left a few hours later much I gone through all my money she was strutting around with over 400 dollar I. I'll take on the slots even though she's not a girlfriend or anything like that down. I thought she would at least offer to give me some of her winning -- my -- have you. Oh my god no you didn't tell me -- carpenter was in town she's -- It's 45 dollars -- was a -- -- and last all the way home about how she was role in the green and ready to hit the mall area I have to admit I'm still pissed about it and feel a little cheated. Do you think most people would have given up some of their winnings as a thank you. Jackets and she wanted with nothing she says they should have been -- not see that thing that I thought was I wouldn't expect a damn thing. If I I may even say keep that 25 dollars I asked you to calm because I -- want to be alone this just doesn't mean that you was made. How does -- let's let's flip that that's generally the story here no it's not this -- Say. Yeah I gave you. Tony five bucks -- play the slots. And you hit -- and on our backs in the car what he's thinking in your head as the person that -- know how you water a nets and how re going to be if you hit. And you sit in the car under -- large you're gonna -- go remain not offer me any money. I would give it back to Tony five bucks you do you deal -- -- but -- you know I would probably give -- -- -- about some -- say let me buy a drink. Well you give me I may need gas but I don't I don't see myself all I -- over a hundred ideal easel and all I know you're sucked. I don't play better so I -- written I don't think I saw with this and I go I erode the guy you'll talk about around 7 o'clock -- because he goes I'd love to see what people say we are saying disease it's really bug in the -- collection of men. -- I know in among the the -- should its own importance. I don't need this guy was frustrating maybe is I know you're just don't want any. You've got you Tony five bucks back you bet you didn't wanna go alone you got somebody who said I think it'll be I don't wanna go I think if you set characters again -- they -- person. I give you money and I know why you whiny little bit. -- -- I agree with the guys I do I think I think it shows no class in them in the broad -- pony up sometime this week. I have to say in a lag I would you know you ask me I would kind of be shocked and in -- and then -- humbled -- some are humiliated somebody said to me. But I don't say anything said in the IRA gave it they gave you money and nothing. You know give me anything no I wouldn't say anything until they saw -- somebody else that we give back to the personally absolute. I like in the car on my right arm and Abby woods arron no brain or in the car you're heading home yes you have 400 dollars. Well I guess I already had afforded us before we left I would has given him back to 25 and -- Let's get a -- let's celebrate thank you so much for taking me annoyed and wanna go thanks for loan me the money. Here's eight dollars. You know so like to say it sell you real wings yes. A lot a lot of it I'll give it you're gonna buy me aid trickles let's say on the high end is ten embarks. Do you really would expect someone to give you money. I would I would think the class thing to do would be to pony up and do a trade value -- atomic. What Honda classic they do would be thrown under devoted to person take KB toys like you do wanna go near broke and the bag and you can't only go on they give you Tony for -- now. All that you did for them and now you got to. -- -- -- -- I are basically I invited you out you didn't wanna go I know you got 300 dollars that you didn't have giving easy give me honored yeah. That's pretty goddamn sleep. Yeah I believe I don't know what to do I just go out. Honoring -- seriously I amazes me that when people seem to take offense to that because I talent. In this -- I tell you I'm -- -- Arnold story was when Sally stayed in my house. Why did and all of this sale of biology stayed at my house right because she couldn't afford a hotel room when we -- she was up -- doing some way different to make my way different -- -- -- she ghost is century -- -- trying on my house is like 500 dollars for the alcohol right stacked up a Mike in my room in my garage because she's taken -- the Philly. I think -- sheet because she's dead in my house wouldn't -- me in my. Let's Scotch -- -- drinker right. No okay that one does surprise me. Because -- you did her favor she was coming here did you let her stay for -- man that. Now there's little cheaper no it doesn't classic I don't think -- understood can make the class thing -- situation would have banned. Buy -- a -- what I mean a bottle right the data but I understand that because again it to me that's way different this is. Pay -- go to the casino. Not me you know wants to do with -- a -- one and while I'm driving donated Danny c'mon I talk -- doing the class room and -- have any money commodity. To me it's just it's just a different scenario teton gladiator how's classes class Billy Davis in his car what do you say about this day. Well you know -- -- and say look I'm mystic you're trying to acknowledged if you win everything we split but otherwise you know. To get to. I doubt that upfront tool yet but that doesn't expect him winning you know 200 on the -- is alive. I wish I could start. And Atlantic City I I won 500 on five dollar slot. And -- you -- and my money you know the -- important and you and and that they cause of these fronts as she's got a scenario money when he was a ball. -- when -- -- and Paul what are you doing. Opt out content you -- -- okay. Court simple very young body hit rock out of my parents write the man's. Well -- well I was a kid in there on the other side area. And there was even the best I can understand now when -- went to -- aerial. The President Obama -- -- another -- program which we met with them and fight night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now I'm so we get respect is back. Know that we get our all star break in every bank and for the first -- heard directly to direct. That we -- we didn't -- well back then we hope we got to look like thousands of dollars. Now do you think he's done the deed to the house but he got -- -- are now but he's a co owner now that home. -- well we -- what -- regret that I can and I haven't we pay to put them on there. That was the body of an idea yeah mega ball very well. After you don't let them run your -- -- let's put it back. While. What you. But I that I felt like I was totally cheap -- -- -- here. He duo -- -- -- and I can be ordered -- how well -- and -- highly polluted river crew. What would you saying that you should do you should keep that money -- forget about me and I truly our body I think. It isn't in early because -- verdict yeah walked and you won't let you can't -- -- -- -- and -- -- I followed it screw up your family. So another words your -- in your situation. If the same rules would apply and you feel this -- should you give your father lost some money because he's the one saving you money but he's living rent free I -- I see a little different. -- -- -- You -- they are wrong and win at any parent. There once money back from their children is basically what this guy winds is he winds his daughter's money. That is until and is giving her money in these low class and the guys a localized plunged drama. There -- Other problems at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- happy when he die hard guy I've thought I would dance and grieve with the money by Jeff left last -- is Jess and Webster what is what Jeff. -- -- Followed. -- feel good that I want everybody you -- The fact that we're being -- -- -- know just -- at 204. I thought I would -- I walked through our property in the artwork out but. Well here's here's a -- didn't have a delusional and have a you're zero loses -- five bucks an -- game. -- -- And he knew eight tonight I would just keep a -- loot money. Yet while I'm totally lose -- point five is that thank and it would all your money I suspect. That's an interesting one. Would you expect that money back. Women what did they refuse to let's say you went brand and you went Danny Detroit five bucks and he loses at all and expect -- -- it payback. Now now but if you -- you'd expect I would do it Ellison I'm missing that's the class thing to do if you really wanna be guy. -- Well we'll get -- there is strictly because. You know I've got caught a lot of let's say that I wanna go immediately to fight but dollar that I think -- I don't money to -- the. Yeah right right now that this was not as I don't know -- -- changes they're little -- thank you Jeff I I would say to me the class thing is. I wouldn't accept it about every hour of the got I would -- I would offer some things Bob probably wouldn't even offer -- -- I know you drag me out Iran wanna go I haven't hit now I -- -- -- and this is going Billy has few friends. This is -- that actually identical over a casino anymore. And enjoy such -- -- and then the other side of it is if I don't want to lend the money. I -- I don't need your so broke I beg you to come take it keep it congratulations you're already on Brady's exhibit -- so -- -- double with 25 dollars ago. I gave you that and you won on it and congratulations considered a scholarship Samuel. Please say yes I don't think you guys are broken the new adaptive -- who's got them at and you go down yet pennies thrown 2.5 yards. And any hits yet. You know he's impetus oil ammonium -- how about a about a hundred bucks for your kid is notes analysts. He's taking you know you know -- -- -- introduced -- -- -- -- is money. A little innocent -- with -- diaper full of crap he's taken his money away while there have -- should be a politician we I didn't notice that. Chris I think and I knew how would line up in the room that I go Tommy will be all over the fact that when you can do it right you're an -- This rash if you wouldn't say tragedy on so you plan -- class bomb how dare you did well did you. Possibly even think that never and I -- products that that's this may just be a class guy and people wanna hang our.

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