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Smoking Bans Around the Area

Mar 22, 2013|

Canandaigua is discussing a ban on outdoor cigarette smoking. The Break Room looks at both sides of the ban, taking callers' opinions, and making better suggestions

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We said that there is another part of our area that is considering a ban on smoking outside and that would be the city of -- takeaway. So you can't smoke anywhere right now they have -- in Ontario county can't smoke in for a public buildings general by the county very can't smoke in public parks. Pakistani Barcelona -- what can manage stream can and they were mainstream it looks like -- right now you can for the looks like you can't. Sort I spoke just in my house via. Who did this man that is such crap Wendy and and racks are citizens a -- de -- here's how they feel about these proposed. Or talked about -- has not law yet discussed ban on smoking outside and in candidate June 13. I'm tired of green in other people's cigarette smoke. -- how excited I am tired of having a fight my way through a cloud of smoke to go to a public place she's -- do you have an opposing opinions certain good. Okay thank you just take your cigarette watching with a lot of cigarettes playing mainly in the history. They do that. Why it does there's this thing it's actually I had to go through a cloud of smoke to go to you -- choose in Beijing this. Threatening other shelter when he spoke it doesn't as my tell me where outside smokes threatens anyway I think he's on the right to foul Meyer further. -- -- -- -- I was amazed to learn. The lung cancers leaning killer both men and women in the United States lung cancer causes more best in the next three most common cancers combined. By fifteen personal cancers to -- heart attacks -- the big moment. I believe so Kansan and a growing cancers and I think we'll look to see -- flaunt your lung cancer is a heart disease kills more America I'm on the Cumberland struck yet I have an older men and women in the united -- -- -- but that's from smoker. When you know what I'm seeing right now I had a guy call me the other day menu I have a friend that had this to. 16%. Of long actually ten to 15% of lung cancer cases occur in non smokers there. -- only 15%. And so I lots you're going on so many things but that does it mean from cigarettes usually from radon from. You remember exhaust Jesus from radon exposure for the most part they don't know yet. Those -- raid on -- that's why when you buy a house and they test deceit. And that's part of the fracking thing is radon is in like this challenge in the clay the earth only of -- -- over exposure that can lead to lung cancer and it is specific -- smoker. But that that it's -- leading cause of not to derail its two deep but. I. I just was at somebody's house I stopped by somebody's house and their smokers noon and they will not smoke they'll stand outside yeah. And smoke because they don't want it to sound up there air inside. Like thousands of furniture -- -- is that some is that there it's equality just your forgets and everything I get right but outside -- -- On truck pinned down main street candidate Mike camper but before I go inside that's ridiculous and so run -- just tend to run from the proposals. We don't control your ball and it's. Well -- -- -- sooner rather smoke independent candidate well you know it took -- -- I regret it come unless we -- I got a little bit America you know other automatic network has an important -- and now I can't open this -- And all that. But I. Slowly don't let you are right Blair about the people that wanna live learn about their rights what about people -- accomplished you don't -- tax is still can't they take decadent degenerate a lot of -- reading your smaller. I understand that slogan let you know people always good yeah well -- well you mean like we cannot restrict -- we respect. But outside. America. But America out. I don't know but it's also my tax dollars and make those streets is up to -- I've debris that it. But there's a that you pay taxes for a whole bunch of things you yeah want to I know and -- bitch about all home now -- -- I don't get that -- money. I now look I'm sympathetic to the players smokers because I I. Really say that -- and this is right go home. I get it now because he's a save you start given a it's a slippery so if you gave you given this they're gonna want more. If you give minister gonna take ER in this is where I think the yard comes in where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tobacco companies by the way deserves it -- -- -- this. Didn't give. Money back to the states or something wasn't there some kind of settlement with the golf probably bottom -- so if that money what are they use that to build an outdoor smoking area. What does that tell I don't know I don't know as did trees general nominee well circulated and I doubt that -- before an oral work armoire during disruptions margin middle candy -- All the smoke -- have a -- smoke usury through -- I got I knowing your -- jive -- sound ridiculous and it's like what a waste it's amazing no wasted time I don't think you're getting get. Lung cancer because somebody's Vernal winds stand on the corner waiting for a bus. What is the worst thing a person said to you -- a smoker 2226000. Like to hear bill hicks is so -- say he was a smoker and he and lots to say about people who were against smoking. Hey it's. I was there aren't any non -- we have enough. Yeah. And that's why didn't match gets. Most obnoxious self righteous. -- you know. It's -- about it and he had he someone you -- -- down. I'm really not exactly years before my time this -- -- collegial as. -- -- -- There's a larger volume and I just want to team. -- if you don't mind. -- god yeah here. Obama okay. Hey -- busy Luis Arizona. It did probably about -- the last thing. So Jim Rogers -- one a six. It looks extremely good people wrote the rules -- you know that adult smoking wouldn't you want or are. Wouldn't -- yeah a lot of walk back and ignore. A lot of people -- -- quick -- -- -- they were able to get -- to -- holder. Of the public -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- smoke and a little pocket -- little -- but got you -- -- really want to know what it looked like the McNeil. The doll on the -- yes you've done is designing I'm gonna go probably and it -- -- the -- -- All the good and that's my training here a lot of you don't. I -- -- going to be an Anaheim next they're not Dan and that this not a mile island. I don't I would love -- not smoky -- I won't say any thing but I I don't want to tell me here's the thing that always gets me to go to Moscow for real. Two things -- smoking. I'm all I'm surprised at how addicting it is and and I -- I was a smoker for many it is a hard thing to bring so much cooler and I I had such a serious empathy for addicts of any kind I really do. Is but I don't want to tolerate the behaviors of some of them whether it's you don't believe that Caroline guy try to break it in my -- -- a lot of depth but they've already I had a handle on the smoke I see a guy who works in this Bill Clinton not -- For our company but in this building that we sit in the JK on building in high falls. And it's freezing outside the past couple days he's out there without his jacket -- and smoke it. He's got to get dead in the holy crap it's freezing cold he got to have a bunt near mountain it's amazing and the other one is how well when you're going you got a sick kid. You're going into the -- the emergency room -- -- not even seen it work. The -- their pulse and I've seen patients in their downs. Like toast to hear him out and out smoking in front of hey here comes a little -- there should take did you have the courage to put death to dig out for justice oh my god all -- seconds you drama going I walked into little smoke. -- -- filled the worst thing he's been called because not poker is what then. God walked out of -- spoke to directly elect you know and all the memorabilia -- -- -- -- -- -- Stanley he's tainted. Prosperity -- it couturier yeah uncertain about it and steam has been a lot of time down -- hey you know whatever -- us. What is -- he had to go at a place you walk him throughout Kodak's staff export those small -- rarely see that I rarely and please do your comedy club yet but was like -- Criss Angel could appear out of yeah well that's true and go inside. I'm telling you man this is ridiculous skilling ridiculous commentary happen and shown place. Right outside -- and there's an agency I saw that I now get the point of the litter. That's the only thing known for is I hate seeing just piles of cigarette butts. All over the streets. That's bad there should be a literal laws so you don't litter when you smoke do so -- -- but while that was that one guy in the piece that we play that's the only change that's my only bitch is the letter -- the temporary. Little pulses smoke that you have to walk through. Gary is another person from the city of candidate if you go back to the thirteen piece. I believe his name is Chris so folic he's throwing their smoke in fact I kind of agree with the do Hawaii is government legislating. Behavior for -- wrongly so there's no I didn't have -- that really doesn't need some legislation. When we -- habit he says that does needs some legislation is not only because of the bus. That's what he's saying whatever the hell literally looks but no one's joining -- well that's that's the best is the most part. Well that's an -- -- I would like but don't letters signed it and force it I like to know smoking. -- -- -- argue with me now. You don't care I don't care if you don't care I worked in a restaurant had died of lung cancer OK he had him like Cambodia cancer -- colon cancer Coca. Yeah he's ceases to consider to does that exist here. Sixties to lay them on fire that's what -- -- happened how did I have no I think it's kind of be going outside what's next I don't. I don't believe and I'll smoke but I don't think they should be penalized like that story -- one thing. You can't control you talk about silent controlled every aspect of cigarettes on that does affect the second party to -- right now you've done it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wasn't real complaint it was another mother because we gotta leave here -- -- -- notice that. She and so crap she saw somebody little and now way I was not Zdeno we need to looks I'm. Alex -- bus pull away from the curb where you got jurisdiction it was look at there was pretty good work or I'm I Tommy I'm just tell you I tell you this -- -- my mother was like this. And any time she saw anybody with a cigarette Catholic and smoke and it's -- got -- -- -- -- and it was -- and anywhere near her face which you saw some with a cigarette. So. In her mind it was going right in her face even knows Tony feet away it was I don't anywhere job you know as your others for sticking up for people's -- that clean there and I she's got good Connor. Bill -- a little more -- Grow so did you come out. Com and had a the critical -- there isn't it. Okay. -- I need them. Better. -- okay. I'll get an exuberant style diet. The. Thank you America. Then he nailed this -- -- Lanny. If we can't smoke a lot. It will -- smoke a candidate who -- Well were walking down main street go from -- to restore our right buddy. Maybe we should they go to business to another county you know what let us smoke. -- Freetown he's talking now let's go to Freetown which are Buddhist army took place because well I still Ontario county that's still under organic -- No Lenny says -- him leaving Canada or boycotting items with some outs. Out of there on the new gimme some freedom Fries the end result I think could be a good parent could save you money. He quit because in me that's my business though a seminary and nobody like people on the smoking commercial. Don't you lose your -- -- you know Alan I don't know how am I know Saturday's game smokers. -- no one -- wants to take this smoking out of him by that crowd wanted to look the worst part of those smoking commercials are forming the other lies there did not. Well they're not -- -- I -- Sylvia I -- smokers smoked so I have so much and still got a really an -- I know. I do know people to -- delay -- that is what she does and I'm not CC capital. I know the you know they Wednesday the tracheotomy cell thing where you can Nam it vibrates yesterday put under chin don't you do this is a hand held -- it's like a -- You put under chin and then you. -- foreign words in your mouth because I don't have a bit of local box and know they are really going up there anymore because it's coming through its own and do you have a number I can get it I wish I actually know my mother teaches them how to do speech there not to come on the radio they're very embarrassed by this and you -- and it's hard to understand them. So steady and ease all a result of smoking so the thing is like days of extreme yes but it's real for the worst it's all the ladies this laying in the bed. Yeah and they got in a while her legs right Casey says I smoked for so -- a year -- a panel on Hoggan does Jacobs and runs in the room they goes. And love each other and. You and me and make -- can't go wrong. That was okay currently your mom's on those -- info on where. We're still full time all.

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