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Bill Takes the Boys to the Doctor

Mar 22, 2013|

Bill talks about Spring and the Equinox, kids causing distractions while driving, and their trip to the dermatologist. The doctor made Jordon uncomfortable while she checked for melanoma.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That -- 6:5 WC. Am -- cold today it's your first full -- the first full day spring and yes yes there was a -- audio and AM -- first full day of law officially just because it is in Central Park trying to stay in the year ago because it's sequin on -- yeah. Paco and I know they do their but I've I've just what was that some group Minnelli a an -- and -- they're saying -- is dumbest thing. Has nothing to do -- zero aren't they got together right -- The regular -- little less than all -- they'll yards uniter not gonna be like a balanced hesitant to do with the products. But the city turned their hands and knees and freeze and whether treasuries edged up bits of physics experiments. What do always it was at a class now I -- that I don't -- look like his government it is weird as people just give out there and it. Odd today the NCAA tournament kicks off did you brackets filled out didn't enter any pools no not yet. So that time I think don't wanna do that today ethic or to much time left let's not cut off today's slim 45 at least here that get -- right yes. And I I didn't do the will only come around and you just pull -- to get UCL -- follow its bad penetrated and -- I haven't heard a lot about it I don't I don't know I birdied the college so he's still alive realize their ties right -- I'll get a please college you've heard of that -- you know. That's very very true. So you all that action a lot of kick off today and Syracuse being investigated. That comes out on the eve of the tournament which makes a big news in kind of an interesting story we'll see if we can talk to some people might have a little more information on that. Later on in the breaker here in 965 to -- -- according to a new study. We all worry about distracted driving them right with -- especially with Smartphones and talking and indeed Texan and I'm. Researchers in Australia said the biggest distraction to drivers. Kids in the car. I'll be on good. Parents with kids -- -- aren't tied up in the trunk take their eyes away from the road for an average of three minutes and 22 seconds. Over a sixteen minute car trip pick as your bitch and I'm not gonna that means that -- -- -- -- twelve times more distracting than talking on the phone. And babies or eight times more distracting than older passengers. Lanka India is the baby needs more attention and most of the time like when my kids in the car. I've gotten to employ more I just I don't even to tune it out I don't even crack if something's going on but sometimes Jamison hit -- no. -- not and in that Jen is on there also -- Jordan who's -- Nixon to just make him happy then do something. Went nuts if Phillies of these drops of the another name is Chris hit and it get a packed that's it. Both for the most see now is there he's got a hand held devices or something if it's a long road trip in particular they're plugged in and closer to their running into an area. Consider my car now. As its get them blue technology -- I had the touch my phone in the car now they get medical like I get in my car and it's I mean I can certainly. My -- my car from my phone. Now I mean just get a but he does get the Congo and and I can talk to you -- -- I think this but I think that's a way it's going yes it is it definitely is the way it's built it up. So yesterday I had. All the kids in the car both points -- -- a neighbor. Wanted to get -- when a neighbor -- after days schools. And up days school for wives have to school for the elementary school and -- everybody had a doctor's appointment of one -- a dermatologist because I was found to have a melanoma. Salt but they didn't say yes it was and everybody should go on many of a little ones currently have only well. Just Jackson Jordan because it's. So genetic and let's let's just get him in the habit of getting this check didn't take it's seriously the so. Here's I've felt a little bad these Jordan was not comfortable and I'm sure will be upset with me talking about this. But it turned that the doctor of them is a mother. All of -- classmate. Of one of -- it's a female doctor and -- females are resolved to. -- get naked in front of her right. That's creepy sell but it's not even that it's just that I want you and your fruit. My job he's very mom is still well see this is this is the source united crank this is the part that was got -- -- on magazine got to get to -- it was -- -- that's embarrassing is now. Since their money she's it stains get things I've been there so what are we to buddy's mom that's the part that makes it mobile -- number I was trying to think ahead I -- -- -- had. I don't know dermatologist. Jesus Christ of what's gonna vote later -- follow lays great. There are also very close its and I've been known her for years I didn't realize that was the case. Now she did make anybody uncomfortable and have a lot of horse that she's that. But they renewed some -- -- up. So Jack goes -- Jackson and then they come back and go -- we get Jordan race -- Jamieson I go back and just sit with -- and Dudley comes in and she says. Do you gotta get down your underwear it to a full body check do you want a sheet. In Yugoslavia I don't blame apology. So he gets down and -- -- -- I'm hot -- -- creepy old -- so he gives they -- vetoes the nurse and they give her a pay they give -- a paper she policy see where. I think they awareness is like a sheep ultimatum behavior -- down -- yeah I think -- -- -- my roast -- and at the stores and -- down ballot to report. So he's down to his little box uses his his dvds. Via on Bob boxers of the at any sit there. Andy's -- I don't even know what to do with this thing he's trying to cover himself. And I nobody. -- I knew that the person that your friends have seen you in this amount clothing. Jump in the pool so dear I don't I was trying to make your -- jive in this kid. He was great about it. I would supplies -- proud of he handled it very well as varied as I left once Jenna was -- Jackson's again in the document and I'm Rebecca to the lobby but he did a great. I would know what it was amazing to see with the paper towel trying to hot it's ethical. If I go then buddy it's this like being in -- your bathing suit and I'm gonna accept -- I could go in the I was it is silliness grip because of I was get now to the pool where in this. You in literally be freaking out that your underwear but don't let children put Robert clue I might say you want Hitler -- -- And now injury and you know it's going to be brought. What do we. Why don't I I think the girl did added that kid the other students and is in the at Jackson's. Glad that I'm not exactly sure and I know they're both cognizant of who was an alien and I thought I'd never had a sit in front of a friend's mom and my underwear to compete out there see here's the other thing is like. In America we have. We have we your body issues and is not even be you know Sam like. I remembered -- my neighbors who were from Finland. Men and now they've moved back -- for him and anything go well I don't -- right now the girls the girls into the mom came. Mom mom we got to keep her clothes on this beat like every swing is -- the family just like a snake and a seven don't want really cares it's not. Funny your dirty your anything it's -- -- -- -- -- any intent kind of ruins it actually to think about everything entertainment I guess the biggest for -- does. And and her -- says isn't this yet this year so elevated up. -- evolved in the newsroom I'm not and that's the part that I don't get do with like. I don't even though I'm so uncomfortable you're really into. -- about that I go I don't even am I want them to have those same hang -- just. I take them to the line right then and so I didn't wanna go on line -- only look at the negative well this is. Famous is pornography and everybody's Beck diet well this is the day you go to any -- anywhere. Right and so when you would swim they have at the Y a family life program. Where it's the could be a mom with her kids to be a dad with his kids it doesn't matter. And they're the showers -- -- of -- -- no one you don't see anything -- you -- see anything solid. Now. What the older guys I almost feel like -- -- I can't win there with them -- I -- -- one -- the -- I got puberty hit -- you were right and I got but the other thing at the three year -- -- so -- we swam I always wanted to wash afterwards get that -- off -- let's go. So. I whenever I go into the the men's locker room. You guys are walking around. And I don't get always throws -- -- don't get it and me again this will be my body hang up that I don't wanna pass some of my kids who -- wanted to hide from the dermatologist to. If these guys walk around they got guts to stick out far that are penises in the walking around with a towel -- like it's a snake around -- shoulder. Yes and it'll stand around and I've seen it dude put his foot up on the bench and have a conversation products with a towel around this yeah. I go to. I don't have very federal my body but I don't see that I okay. -- your gross stuff -- stuff but. The race get a tape Terry bags but holes on awareness that what this same time -- -- -- always go yourself gag don't know I know on nine games his men grows -- media. See now at this same. Time like what we go into the locker room they do you have -- -- little private changing here if you want. To Jordan who is on cuddly and it goes in there but normally I don't that's it. Jackson for -- and kind of hangs out now. Now at the same time you will see all kinds of body shapes and sizes and mostly on the scale and so for it to be than normal accepting it just goes locker room brightened. So I always say his. One time there was nobody in there. And I'm bent over nothing non Poland some kind of special underwear on. And I hear from Miami Dade dad stop move to me then and I got to go ahead. In a locker room you know a serious stuff he can't same. I am very bars he hadn't been now that he was Jordan the governor about. Now. Did jacksons and -- and there is all of a sudden. Comes out of the shower on a big dude free decently large like I haven't seen a human. This fat and won't be in every mountain towel wrapped around his waist. They have. Wall mounted dryers and -- up high she can dry your hair in everything under those -- -- a button like your hand dryer and most -- they have a -- -- a this guy his stand he's taking up three. At the high level of threes and he's got all what he is six dryers and a windfall on his body. -- how they test a new car and all of a sudden he drops his towel then he's just stand there. -- -- he's like I haven't seen a body like this I didn't know they can exist and actually get him out of the pool -- one of those an alcoholic and got a body was he does do so. I see. One of my kids' eyes category though I look him in office and I say they may have what we. It's not looking anybody always happens -- -- from states like we don't do that. Got all of a sudden the at a noble I happen to catch the guy. Produce. The largest -- of -- ladies I've ever seen in my life. Am I good deeds that big -- -- sixties I've seen ever seen I mean he and -- key unfurl it like it's a flag mean he snaps it. It's such as morbid to avenge buddy and I see again and my kid look at older men I hear hey. -- Do you think. Can -- -- underwear what's the thing is Sarah is outstanding about don't do and I go. Ugly undergo that's it's not that that it could -- edit and -- thank everybody out of the locker room go I don't even know how to teach you how to be cool bodies you see other bodies he can't comment you -- anything your cat. Gorgeous live realizes. I think that is gonna happen -- man. And slide but this observation tacked on of his that the -- roles -- excuse me. How bigger the assistant professor if I don't even know you. Guiding them how to feel about the body being comfortable and good luck and I really comfortable -- -- and how to exactly do it but bright future but Diop played. I don't see this is exiting now that the -- -- -- is itself. It's opposite the Thatcher of today. Especially -- groups like -- of them I never knew when you -- You know parity I didn't go to Jim -- I say -- that's say they -- -- on to something I thought that maybe they sometimes under parenting is the way to not really sure we'll take a break there is a new -- or eight. Let's put this way. There could be a smoking that. For outside smoking where they've pretty much banned everything dean an area. That you like to frequent topic. An area -- in an area like to frequent the -- there were talking about. Our spots outside to show in place there are saying no more smoking president Pittsburgh right into -- smoke outside along the canal now by the people are getting very upset they're trying to make it throughout the entire village of Pittsburg you can't -- outside canceled outside. Women from his work -- about back on a more generous cloak Q so -- can't do it. And another place is kicking around the idea we'll get into next. The breakthrough was on 965 WC --

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