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Replay of Disfigured Derek

Mar 22, 2013|

The Break Room continues their coverage of the teacher-student relationship EPIDEMIC! The teachers and students think they're in a relationship, not simply molestation cases. Several listeners call in to share their ideas of how to stop these 'relationships.'

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not a 65 W sees them. Earlier this morning we brought up again the old canard I like to -- Sounds -- to me it's an old canard thrown out -- meal -- she is the east Iran equate. Teacher's aide who's accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student that began when the kid was thirteen. And he may be a special needs student and I don't know all that is the rumors that are going around guy called up and says he has a solution. To and all of the teacher student relations -- we got at least five would you think government this -- -- -- there's recently told you I'm doing candidate -- Monty now and -- -- alleged one happening Greece and then of course this one season -- right now is get import by teachers somewhere. Think about that when you go to what that -- -- card -- at all about your day some pork baffles me -- they amazing I believe there alumni I think that it's not necessarily molestation I think it's one of these things were they think they're in a relationship. -- the part that really -- kind of honest to god I can't wrap my head around this you see all the stuff that's happening. To people they're losing their job of losing their teachers places you went in you paid to get this together at an education that you paid -- get this. And you will -- all away for -- for some. Addiction you have I I get -- and if -- Jones strain on a Jones but here's the call we got earlier this morning. From Derek who thinks he knows the answer on how to end it. -- -- Our rules are it would cut -- the obvious. Student teacher relationship that grew at a record -- -- -- you know people look at what the -- and attempts. -- just released three you know record corporal three I mean immigrant then you get these you know because people jobs. -- -- -- sold her out so every cell every school. In our area hitting it three district had to have three just -- the serve on his staff for getting us upstairs again you know the credible hairy woman and people again as siamese twins. -- -- -- So he says every school district has hired three disfigured teacher and an -- kids up from the sex that would turn kids off right now turn the kids off. Text about -- 99404. This guy is an idiot god I feel bad for his kids having a father like him. That's one couple of dumb at 6:30 in the morning because that's what we call again. 9940. For another text please tell Derrick to hang up and take his medication triple a he's a whole bunch of crazy. I don't know -- -- Tommy did bring up saying oh what if we hired seal. Not sit I don't think seal is is an ugly guy sealed the senator he's just figured he said this -- -- longer. Now I said from if you look at him from far away at him he looks good he can be like a month -- -- had Heidi Klum has -- what's on sale with that ugly face -- -- -- -- he did Madonna for awhile to thank. Brent guy had some stomach chiseled body actual -- -- -- chiseled -- gonna just -- that he was. He's a Monet from far away you would go in and some people are on a photo wanna say what do Monet is if you look it up and urban dictionary it is exactly that. So -- do that senators called she's a Mona Lisa I'm out of Florida. My nose Monet because we get up close to a Monet painting it -- it he kinda can't tell what it is seated need to step back. And see if from far away yo I wanna be a Mona Lisa. Yes good -- -- would you look at that -- ratio won't Macedonia borrowers not so good. I got to see a dig of his from -- legally blonde yourself onto my they had them who. Ordered them there -- do not proud either thank you man what are our corporate. Brian is in Hollywood you wanna say. -- -- out I don't predict air and woodwork once lies that. -- Try to picture girlfriend. Oh yeah the guy yeah the nurse do fifteen years old broader picture is showed Tommy is Crawford hardly any fire. All this Tim Burton the duty came in here in a while you're on gross looking right. At a -- not. You know percent ardor that cold like it in the past year been like 26 straight from like thank you to 26. And -- Hewitt now is budget I asked her to most of us. Plus is going to be him -- -- here the boat she's not looking great output. Not connect to me it's night. And somebody to do you know possible minute and he's. -- you know he's Bosnian leader -- -- she you must have an all your crap on the front lawn when he come home today. It oh. Seal that Brian. John and Greece we wanna say. Well let me read it very general or minutes or Dell or I thought. Well I think they do they're convicted on. And is even Margaret contestants had to do and they never had. Any real proof other than -- she did anything with an underage -- the reason she was fired was at school and an aged kid. Can recommend class it was in class but she had to do weekends. And it's good enough injured. Years so you think. A guy and it's sixteen years -- the bangs is Tony five year old teachers dead two female should do ten years. Well I mean I don't think nobody got there and do it all over. And all over the country right yeah did you see you know agencies and it does put it down they can do it is sad weekend -- -- -- -- -- He got his -- her on ten years -- bang and a sixteen year old. Dude trust or. Or are always say -- -- is big news there -- did you -- Theres like ten years automatic some giving you some scenarios are rights -- now the brunt ordered ten years. What do you think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But if it's a kid that liked to candidate would teacher were also in some happens. And she did she may have been special. Now on Legos you know and again -- analysis system with ten years he finally gets the car was fishing pole position. Tim Ryan ray Herrera and right these other -- sometimes it's. You think it is up anybody -- a purge and then creeps are gonna keep on creeping him per remand you know. Your -- -- your thing as well John you bring up some didn't jump brought up each and -- raising his -- -- with a scenario love. 25 year old and that's right out of college and we say delayed onset of adulthood. You could still have interest that you had when you're 16 am playing video games -- the same kind of music all that stuff right. But what -- consider getting busted. All us see your -- all there doesn't want -- mountains over 35. The -- while one of the teachers -- candidate was 44. This teacher is 44. That it's not somebody who had and that's the part that I can't think I don't know that many 44 is -- -- -- -- I know maybe well they say -- -- -- -- -- Evaluate -- All right John dead just to have that depth part is what I don't get with some of these teachers because if it is 25 not that that makes a right. It's almost understandable. -- 23 year old. First year teacher it's eighteen year old guy par seventy year old Agassi -- Right but I'd say there's there's a chance to get an eighteen OK did you did you get a nineteen year old kid who is not special letter anything and still high school friend it's very possible that that. I see it I -- sixteen year old kid yeah. Get -- -- woods for -- five year old teacher he's been having some fun and I don't think they can throne for life and I'm holding their brother is either why ruin her life. We'll get to Marie in a second a big -- done a candidate of what are you want us to get rid of the bathrooms three talking about big yet. -- -- -- Delegation based game and -- -- what are they put up. That's why you're dumber than the other guys hole. -- employee -- generally get more -- and Jim are more your big -- Jim Jim Myers noted today that goes along with what you said there was a line every time we were. I got odds of staying on FaceBook going hey. You think -- weird to Zurich and on Tommy about not changing clothes and stuff. In this to a -- saying about stink and and whenever my husband has a bowel movement he takes off all his clothes except his socks because he doesn't. We want the stink to get in disclosed how he's afraid the smell of he takes off every general -- police on everything that something as nasty as Saddam he will not go -- words he only does it at home he takes off follows close arts. Center. I mean there's this stink drum -- but I -- Have sort of why shouldn't you -- According inaccurate and thank you can get by Johnson Victor instead of go to bars for cougars got a -- -- Apparently write it all we are just another one month Josh UN wanted -- Victor. The art teacher -- -- inappropriately touched again on the -- rob there's Boehner up against just signed a dark room. Obviously didn't eat -- there are important -- -- big part of our. Age is yeah -- do well -- pretty darn good. They maybe. Maybe your -- Marie what I wanna sat. It -- act out Monet or I'm really don't crack. America. It's -- -- -- -- audio she's gonna say we what side you're -- -- all a lame one Monet's the right one I'm looking at it. Like -- -- -- from afar but far from good close up I think Marie's got a -- Came from the movie clueless when she went Britney Spears in my eye to -- from afar but up close she's a mess. It but it but are the other. Yes we've -- I don't know butterflies there really is good but her face. -- beat it out why bring up that ladder. When to an idea if this is the modern day scarlet letter by the way. Because as you are guilty until proven innocent on the cannot -- and from what ever reason. Maybe it's just wishful thinking -- there is a piece of me with the old canard that feels like maybe. Because her husband is -- is answering the door not shying away just -- like a much -- in my lawyers and -- -- Smart stuff he's not there hide not answer indoors on Duncan. Maybe there's something I wasn't sure maybe she was really trying to help got a kid that had a tough situation I don't know -- and it didn't go. Here -- off and and and that -- you know somebody look at all came from assists look at it this way. It all came out of co workers saying she acted suspiciously. Sounds caddie doesn't. They have play you know I'd just say and aunts and relatively this agent villain number was was I don't know they did it suspicious they just said is suspicious and she described the kid is a best friend -- -- -- Well I'm -- to. I mean we hear it we read. -- you've had to know you've also -- cut out the grinding down there. Eight years ago the people don't even really talk about. You had a teacher leave -- Ernie became a legendary coach somewhere else -- the reason he had to leave was having a sexual relationship of the student who later became his wife becoming. A tennis. The -- at least not now in the you know it that -- You're right now we we expect -- I try to sell and eat at home -- Yeah and Applebee's down there you've had people drink and answer in get out bread on the parking lot they had their whole lives on the -- and -- -- -- in the park you. You got a kid that's cool that. -- feel that they do you -- I deal on or about. How about it quite trademark but yeah happen or not absence. It. Out and are mostly made up to had a big -- -- Please tell that everything would tell the girls and again which he duly guy's Rudy tell you donor -- originally. I get that you are there out. News channel I mean act. It's speed and galloping about it all up we are about the it is -- -- -- is -- that I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- it it had a great we can there really is yet. You know alone attic. Again and he's gotten into the honey pot. That's -- my concern you know -- and I. Let me -- about it I don't -- stick around after school I didn't you know -- little I think dead -- right. And then to make sense. So on the case fingers when it goes on now is think we can't we can't have these you make it like such a taboo things -- -- you know and now that's tough. We are but it really think about it. We talk about it. I think the one thing for girls he would wanna say and I don't even know it just seems like he comes in my that is. They don't feel pressured to do something you're not fully comfortable with -- okay saying no. It's our -- have to roll back -- to back this up a little bit -- -- a few things from down there this. It at some point you have to beat -- but it. Am really erase them out. Yeah right well look there he's got a scan their -- in order to learn a little bit. Via hot shots in Middlesex pieces we -- all wrong wise as John will resume. Well we need to look -- that and they -- Leonardo retrospect that I grew up players told me don't. They got it all wrong there's good -- but -- Priscilla -- and scored with five year old teacher. Most -- their commitment will -- You know. Wouldn't you -- going to quit contributing to get to talk to listeners should know what the -- the opportunity to use a lot. Slept. In what you -- and -- my mind and it could save it so much so it becomes expenditure. In winning you because I'm. You know pornography in this country where you -- expensive. So they're actually score is below what this kitchen by the about it you know. You who you go to Europe they give you portal matter when you're lands and -- and they -- -- hot chick to it's a series on and businesses and drool over -- I think it's tradition and it felt ridiculous it's like you did to Asia for this shot I'm not so sure. -- Only thing like -- you know they don't you Wear pants in Europe really known -- and that was one of the other things I I don't ever in my house who know where your pants. I mean there there were off quality and fairly easily and you yes -- prince John thank you for listen to the break room. A -- 99 fours -- for my kids school -- plenty of window looking looking teachers. It's still a teacher student relationship she can always put him. Faced down. Thanks -- 994 floor why are women teachers -- so young twelve or thirteen year old guys. Guys teachers at least now sixteen or seventeen BA guys keep it really advertise it it is -- Does your face a lot of teachers -- video lessons one social studies teacher to teach. A whole district. -- is -- you monitor yet to stare at it is weird written. Because they. A lot of online learning happens at least at the collegiate level -- it's gonna come to college not to high school. Anybody get the one on one with the teacher and that's couldn't you do one -- video conferencing if you need -- -- meant to be not doing that stuff man. You got to force -- Munich Munich as high of course it's your monitor you sit by your Sierra concert at a flat -- me. Maybe they would the break is 965 WC MF.

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