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Cougar Chick on Ramsey

Mar 22, 2013|

Because of the alleged molestation case in East Irondequoit, Ms. Kennard having a 3-year affair with a student, Bill and Tommy want to hook Ramsey the Intern up with a Cougar. Bill makes Ramsey Look like an idiot. I SWEAR I KNEW IT WAS BILL!!!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about peace -- equate teacher. Mrs. canard put -- -- Mac meal can. They left. And so they just sort of accused of -- to put this important -- regularly old kindergarten this she is in trouble for having an alleged sexual affair with a student and began when McCain was either twelve -- thirteen and went on for three years and now he is fifty. Somebody called up and spoke to Christian -- all -- can you tell us what they said. Yes they said someone they know teaches. Piano lessons and -- -- our children goes and takes lessons in the kids fifteen and deal the kid -- the alleged rape or whatever. Our sister is also winter -- with her to put this son so we have music get hung out at. We're saying is saying hey can make sense hung out of the house state -- spend the night did things of the family. There is a chance I'm telling you there is a chance that nothing happened as we're does that sound that maybe the kid picked up on a when he was playing with -- with this special kid. -- -- -- But -- well -- they're not there once it was a teacher's aides who saw it sounds acting strangely and then there that's how this all kind of -- But we've been talking about doll called legal older women younger -- this and we've had our internal Ramsey's not here today man -- I get Ramsey yesterday. Almighty god and I'm scared of the -- Jesus does it. Danny and I are talking -- left so I go let me -- -- Americans to find out what he did with something good for the show -- Ramsay has a way -- just screw things up. So I get is voicemail I hang up. Later in the day my phone rings I don't recognize the number two -- is not in my phone -- contact. But I answered it and here. Those who move -- COLT who's been over her bigger -- you did. Well how's it as a police call re negotiated. They you've been a -- life the -- thought all the blood fill -- in good health I have you've been kind to your life. Even talk to my life. Well I know I don't know. Can't let you play there wasn't anything else. Ali I was I was on some I would love it I was so listen I would -- that video because they -- yet you have views mold no no. Oh man it was homes did she was -- amount of Israel I -- -- Tiger Woods would you have been so you are -- we got a problem. Paula -- well I go yeah we do we got a problem pal and water. Even online over one of the -- full court you know all month book this is completely 00 and zero. -- he's not that I already know makes a -- let me tell you right now -- don't Moran. What works or not I knew it I knew it. Guess I did I go Reggie come on I don't know I'm new music -- I thought that's pos largest. Well you got a little bit of -- -- -- -- crown themselves the exploited so the line ladies if you're 35 and older who like to go out with a twenty year old man. You can call this line it is the Ramsey cougar lineup we have a call came here it is. I blame it can end here and 42. Really election. I'm not beat anybody or actually -- with another person. Who's who just sports about five years ago well. Think that reason I'm I'm afraid to really go out and that's kind of what I'm reading my boy and and you know got a great job and -- I'm getting my body really package faces. Yeah my -- a little bit older. I've got more time and I want. Get back on the court. The -- -- -- visited India did and McCarty like tree I can. Totally be -- -- mom and. -- thousand temporary and I think I have. And attitude I had really hoped he would need an income I'm ready. There's an -- some young cranky they -- Think I. That's guaranteed under them it's historic deal controllers just. -- numbers from Bryant. Are much of our. I take starch and yeah. Danny Goddard the lady that left amendments and Kara. And we just played her message and you -- it is Danny got general moral plane it. And we answered questions story. But I do. What are you. Know you mentioned I was in my prime minister has been five years. But you haven't dated anybody. -- all -- five you're not even any visiting kids giving announce. That aren't really did it'd be without competitive a little too good clean up -- me such a lot communicate with one sentence. If you know -- street. Salon. -- Whether we my car and then it's particularly important because we we're you know China -- Our parting gifts. This is the donor's list. But that's and that you know let's make it dealing -- assumptions are fertile and not think -- -- -- -- I'd say. -- Yeah -- are you allow them. When it would not sexually active you probably still have done something. We yeah like that out yet. Have of course -- human being you know a lot of. Certain working through it feels -- out of your region. Shifting. No actually do a lot of exercise that is completely. -- It now what does our. The only -- yeah you can edit thing it's. Not yet in his Georgia it's one ball so what do you look at what are you looking for and in in in in this. When you look at. I'm. Actually say I'm really just looking at something difficult I I. That is going to be you know my next -- you look at Lolita like -- candidates. You look at a letdown we use base illegally downloading young gun. Well -- I guess that's why I'm Ramsey but I mean ramseys on the radio ads on that that's the point I I find kind of funny community. It can't take it could well. Let me turn out -- look at -- -- a lot of -- is out there. Right now I. The heat. We. Can be fun lets you I want a decree puts it. And -- here's what's on the sexual menu. I want to me well I'm pretty open saying you know it really is -- -- You know I was talking so I said it wouldn't go that far but what DX burn -- that would. Saying like -- you really got I would be nice -- Kennedy's pretty via. About an idea how about like just in jones'. And he granted you how old you your kids are little all the now. So I need a guy is sick is they're really hanging out with Ramzi bin. I get clean now you know like my boy -- videogame but you know like a band out there -- which is conversation that. Very -- I'm looking for. -- gonna go out has some dinner and drinks and then hit the sack. -- look at video a bit like I said it picks up fire I'm definitely into -- what. -- be like you know. Get their diet I'm not -- and I'm embarrassed. I -- -- I can get myself back in the game in and I'm really ready that you guys fight it in my member if you want to get at him preview his. Well I tell you he's a lot different -- them and upgrade. I'll let you know I don't load Arianna you said he got a new achievement 48 year run CD did that tough as well. Aren't big in the room it's not. -- Iran never really got to work go to Ottawa goal. We will. And he's got a good jump this -- bones whole lot. Michael I need to be this kid did this kid. It was he's a whole wow thank you I don't know I don't I and you hate weekend there's a red flags to go off -- millions. And yes nine yes and you write a bit you get people to call they respond you get a -- jamming you go it is a red flags here. What was appointed Dylan is this kidneys and -- Michigan. -- -- -- You'd think if it would Rourke well hole. It's funny to me -- -- kids aren't comfortable with the things he'll deny that he is on our body is he's uncomfortable. I just busting chops a little bit of some because there's object is willing to go on in pay for one which is key -- -- Think he's got nothing gone again abroad he's he's bang around on radio station you broke viewers as a mouth and every goddamn day. Something here in this kids get nothing going on this weekend here is a chick. Don't take command Iraq is rural fire Saturday night let me give -- couple -- I'm going right -- -- -- -- -- -- the other things that that it. First of law the makes me question honestly the validity of OK look at the second is. To me. Make that he's -- that he and if that woman's real jealous issue straight -- don't get Megyn look you murder I murder merciful okay. Flags go up to me none Kodak IC not to -- it's in a way that sort of wasted on a Ramsey well he can appreciate what that is. You've got somebody who said I just want this. And I Noelle I'm a grown woman and I can teach -- with singer to -- it. If you have some self. So you're saying -- -- appreciate I I still say is what's the alternative for Ramsey. This is this is just as best I just totally Hewitt and then Fredette but that's not a reason and -- -- -- -- this story this is -- the rule and his final candidates for I any guys who thought she doesn't want to stick around for her story and I got to see you as the one and done. Let me get. Floyd and Floyd says what do you say Floyd why do you say we used to. Actually that creepy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah -- Actually actually it's almost as a multi. Fuel. Well I mean we're in 41 year old man and the twenty year old Robert Young man your daughter. That creepy -- they're great. There's a good luck -- -- -- -- would brides brides are sexually aggressive -- -- beginner and you're. New here all come and I'm would you Floyd is a very -- well to me. -- year old man yeah seven back when you're Tony Floyd. And somebody was offered a 41 year old you're tell me your thinking about it really deep and hard -- -- bush is issues come on 91 morning here all know and 04 year old mom and I forty year old woman that would rock your world scare me when it like I better. -- -- -- -- Well actually 4141. Year old -- -- I don't know really it's just Floyd -- the songs they like its greatness of god gave ten to demand is dazzling is supposed. What are you know what does it -- twenty year old guy with a look. I would deployed -- suddenly just doesn't -- up here because. -- It raises and I don't funds -- Beijing has -- when she wants you out of there at a morning anyways so I don't I can careless and wouldn't she beats her two kids -- -- Danny what would we are Piaf Floyd. -- Should make producer. Why -- no 120 year old may need his mother's Giuliani delayed. -- -- -- well -- what are you -- what about it. But what is the mother even come into question he's a man -- and then there at least -- So. Good. In match. Yeah they are metal nobody yelled hey -- got mad because you treat him like he Kindle stale I get that's lazy reliving your needs to play not our war is. When he's thirty years old got married -- -- park our car. So what are you on TV should be completely -- -- that you. Why heading into what Floyd I will say this I don't think that the frontal cortex of your brain a lament album male brain and you fell to 25 we don't want anybody -- know if it doesn't likely throw out this is that they. Did -- point statistically insurance rates are higher because they make good decisions can't. All right so let him make deals so I'm disabled with this one there's something creepy about you don't get that creepy but there's nothing about this no. -- sexually aggressive woman in her forties makes me uncomfortable fire is twenty years old -- what she's never met this kid crying overseas you know blasted the cockpit Melissa. This is I don't get under let me read creeps on the coach Eddie but still I only create I've never to increase its -- Floyd. I appreciate your point of joy that their gaze kept sending yours shut up. Shut up and changes diapers on him Jim says -- If the -- predict speed to be a little what the polka dots and. You know it's -- -- -- very well. There are character. That's -- -- to call out to be all for -- But I -- it's -- that -- and Jane it probably would not magically be on Advil and execution consists. He's sticking up for Tommy I have Bryan who has a man. Diane Bryant man line I. Agreement this doesn't radiate out to you or not. Portfolio of gold or. My god if I had a hot 41 year old look at me the bar. I mean that's the -- you get to see am not a message left go hey this sounds interesting if it sucks it back out -- Jack he's got you know what's gonna happen to go over there and it's gonna wind up getting a bill because she's a hooker. But if it's worth I did not. I don't I can't believe -- really -- know more about I mean I got it right. Eighteen. And 310 evident in my mind. He had done Jewish your back there right now but all color products and on yeah. I don't believe. The filth that we'll -- days they did something to your generation anyway -- and you are much. Up to all the many hormones in the milk all right -- -- -- -- there was some creepy about this product let's -- if our Al somewhere mattered to -- she's not a pretty cool she does. So made again -- all -- though is reaching for us and so today there was -- Early and I thank you Brian. From my daddy this year is pretty well I don't know -- -- -- but I go pick out rings so it always gets attached. And that's usually Danny. I'm not.

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