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The State of America's Workers

Mar 22, 2013|

The Break Room continues to talk about working Americans, and how long they're forced to work and how little they're making. Later, Bill shares a story of a practice-test Jordon had at school, causing Jen to call in upset

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We were talking about things people do for extra money would -- your -- Christian Dan. Helps a guy who has an anxiety disorder get out gets paid fifty companies to do it's very win it's a weird thing yes it is treasure for Danny and the -- overtime miss its leader -- do you remember this call and as we never aired it I have it banked over here. There was this -- remarkable who called us over the summer he was in town -- like the corn hill fast. And he goes from city to city any fakes being injured sometimes he's PD the Iraq War veteran -- When he says he clears every 5000 dollars a year sex thing and I feel that the part that bothers me is that your. The fact -- floor act disabled which is something people don't want to be guests and you're going to profit off that bothers me I was so much promise she -- bagged actually like. Sometimes when guys -- they put on a little shelf I get that entertainment. Same thing looks so -- Texas and 9940 for the biggest panhandlers -- the Buffalo Bills. 130 million dollars for stadium renovations -- -- pay only 35 million of that the rest comes from taxpayer dollars but again you're getting something in return. -- entertainment you can insult our football team I got it I got immediately -- -- once a year for that I. I. Think it's non playoff contending teams so the people who led -- Tommy wasn't as bothered as I am by the panhandling guys fake jewelry brought -- over your morals -- wealth. I know I can't mountaineer you know there is -- -- -- try to do it I don't even think I have -- do is open. I try to be very honest -- this I feel that I spent a lot of people feel about it Travis called up Travis is very upset. And paddy is upset with the with the with Tommy so hang on 12. -- -- -- -- -- -- Turn it down again because the music this is a long night started up there and here we go paddy. Is not in a year ago had. I well he did I just can't we would expect I picked up that was very rude and mean. And awkward violent afterwards where it's just off fault and I becomes. The airport because I wouldn't -- -- I'll probably know art I'm -- Can you just right. Well -- still lawless right. Everything every morning and he is funny. And I know sometimes heated up that they are that was very nice about my heart dropped when he's like all right -- everything -- -- -- What happened. I was out there on the anyway if you ask what I'll use it to the guy -- -- -- went to congress where you think. There after. An escalation. What is life. Well yeah and -- haven't done -- brought up design elegance that doesn't send seasons so what was Republican. It was ruined it. It would not quite violent didn't get nobody gonna change. I know these guys never support me in this -- as I know what they'll wanna hang -- out well I was getting back. Can't -- has built back -- usually as well to scream and Adam -- the most sort of support of the. Here you are thumbs nose -- should -- should it -- under -- -- just jealous you wonder -- -- -- slightly when you kick in the balls. -- -- start some here but this and I did is a joke I didn't mean anything by it. I know you're funny but that was really nice I know what is it nice it's why didn't Al got her mind. Daddy yes we love you all irony I don't have a good day and a -- -- -- I. -- -- -- -- For backup didn't concede she's still there -- Received assays nominees Rochester any time. Patty yes I've they are not fat I'm that's how heavy -- I'm not patty. Patty runs. The -- -- aren't ready for a month in motion. Now well. That's that's the well by my condolences to your husband's. I'm not iron short course here that. Chatting I hate it back let's say hi how are but what -- -- -- drop dead would that be awesome. We're right there could yet. Thanks John Olerud you can feel it should give it's not true and you know you gets into my house you can't miss it gets to -- -- they get you got out of law Connery said. I am I mean -- a couple I need to go because I'm Irish -- and I don't. Mean yeah I don't get ahead enough she's trailer I'd tell us just slipped. Zero fish -- -- or. Now I mean yeah you -- you little -- you do anything for some hush puppies is not good. My insistence of some. Thank you know I've never ever heard anything -- it wouldn't. He's on the out you get -- You have to ask. You build a drink but -- and. Or make your friends all day today and there's -- two people who. You have pissed off with your morning show here -- When you talk more than. A year round guest. I'd like gay guys there's no go home and -- it looked at me hey guys getting more dear yeah tackling product of them trustees. Finally I wanna read you this from FaceBook message draft because I can't tell. If it's a scam or not turn since we're talking about money this should hit a lot of people on where you elliptical. Good afternoon longtime listener first time writing it. You may remember me the guy came in studio weekly kick -- the -- -- your back I guess he's on the show in 2009. I wanted to message your regards to a topic that has come up often. The new retirement age or lack their off which we've talked about even this morning saying -- a -- to what he's really sixty -- was the then yesterday I go to wegmans and I can't find -- very sick and I couldn't find some them. -- and I. So right I'm looking around and some of the employees had way too busy like they're going to be annoyed if I ask not shore Wagner's that's not true do my daddy bent over backwards I understand that. But I saw all little old lady stocking shelves. Almighty god. Grainy stuff and she could not have been nicer and sweeter happier comments but she looked like she probably was so over seventy Jesus she's -- -- bony fingers could not the -- and he's. It is a market size like always really good just to keep her mind I don't know I I I. It's my cans and announced he's like Metamucil what opened up for anyway I wanted to that's got to the top of the got to write it strikes a strong chord with me. We have all been taught for generations now. Go to school graduate work for 45 years of the same company retired DA to 65 with a gold watch a large pension and live happily ever after. The truth is this hasn't worked in two generations. Yet we are still teaching our kids to follow this -- this is messaging and FaceBook and I'm afraid it might be -- wondering if it's a scant. Now I am by no means suggesting. Kids don't go to get an education learn grow educate people when you step back and look at it -- go to school. Graduating. Looking for that big job when they -- when they can't find one in their field. They're gone back to school racking up more bills to get a different degree -- simply defer their loans for a few more years. By the time they get out the student loans or the equivalent of a mortgage. All this to land a job that isn't there anymore. The Kodak and Xerox is of the world don't exist. An entire hospitals closing lakeside and Rockport. Where my mom was a nurse for 37 years a profession thought to be safe. It's is what these guys right here and it all makes sense the statistics straight from the Social Security Administration further proof -- Out of 100 people that you have reached the age of 65 only 1% -- wealthy wealthy. And no one neighbors like tiger Oprah Donald except etc. and 4% are financially fit. To be financially fit you need 2.2 million in the bank by the time you retire she will not have to change your lifestyle and -- not I live near my point. I don't hey guys they have planets they're good guys these are just a numbers it. Would you miss it's of the guys is he needs his guy poses a serious up the good news stops there 5% are growing. -- 5%. And growing are still working not because they. Had so much fun in the first 45 years and the because they have to capture the statistic is incredibly sad this causing the vast majority of the population to work well into their eighties. You see it every day of -- target burger king and Wal-Mart to name a few. 28% don't even make it to 65. They never get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. But the worst statistic is that 62%. And up flat broke. This number is increasing dramatically to throw the old folks they went -- to retire and aren't yet they have more. They have more months then money. And have to realize I -- I love that lives yeah I got more more on the money maybe I got moral -- more month the money come from Isabella -- have to rely on things like so sick and have to realizing it's like Social Security or as we should call insecurity to survive. I think you know where the future of that is had it tonight. The 45 plan which is 45 years to disguise riding -- there aren't saying you know we're talking about money the 45 plan is flawed from the beginning. All were all teaching our kids to do it all you are doing in this scenario is trading hours for dollars and eventually -- -- run out and you have no more dollars. -- in 95%. Of people are spending up to 45 years making the other 5% successful. They're working a planned for someone else's success not thrown so I do so why am I writing you about all this. -- out of my tells Ellen that's wanna wondered is this a scam wasn't what's the deal and the founder -- company took a look at this and said there's got to be a better way there passed a mile way where the average person to be in the top 5% or out having to -- quit their jobs. Knowing there are bills to pay and families to -- When you mentioned they you and I did say this don't even have a for a one case set aside it bothered me but I wasn't terribly surprised with the rising. Cost of living. An inability for employers to keep up the rate of today it is becoming increasingly difficult to set aside money for retirement. If you're keeping your options open and have about twenty minutes to spare time slot but motto I'd love to stop and chat off their or meet for coffee well Donna retirements that Pamela AX amount retirees specialists -- I'm not a financial advisor. I'm not a sales person. Your sales prisoners is all sales pitch I simply share information the only thing it cost used twenty minutes of your time it does it Diana as a. And Ravi had to sit back -- they go -- all or why he's gonna is gonna cellular and an idea and in -- at the pony up some point again in. I got an idea. Yet even telling about his empire forever I got an idea for this the only kick starter. You know you see wounding started back seed money that did put. I knew I was -- now everything the guy says -- is really -- -- true culture you know I'm not so bad because I always tell the boys the out of work. You have to work. Twice as hard as anybody else in her you know gonna Hamlet that's -- well -- hole they welcomed the sixty usually listen that is fullback where every little bit of terrible yesterday. Jordan had a practice quiz for some of the -- and ignites there's five question who's doing this at home. Now he did -- at school but I just like out there was a reading comprehension practice things parents. And he had three days yet at the multiple choice and then one was NSA thing right. Salt block I forget that he got out of five he got like who wrong Africa are so -- so he goes. He he -- now they this wasn't for a great it was -- practice it was one of these. See how you deal learn formula they tell you Afghanistan Renner. Sixty treasury. -- sixty. You'll first of off. I don't think to be -- in that way now I think they're gonna put more emphasis on the writing parts in the on the multiple choice you want multiple -- wrong and you're writing things she told you to re -- something. -- got a 60%. Hero is John -- ten times his article I never spit and I shouldn't do -- did say Ted whatever it is I'm killing myself. Well this little world you -- your right is asked to not right near and far right is hard. I'm not the only time we say it is when your -- around watching TV or you Lake -- the TV we did. -- -- bed -- nails and all I'm saying is give is like if you wanna be don't tell me all these great things you're gonna do. If you think I don't. Pressure if you want. We play anywhere near where I dare I wanna get a scholarship to play soccer great then go and -- and -- here because it just doesn't come to you know essentially were not entitled to just happen that it would be nice but it's a little more Eric's. So either. You know him being guy who just spreads a lot of yesterday's open but to this -- Went -- you plan part of part of the problem is. All the things he mentioned yes but that's only part of the equation any part of the equation is us and how we live today and what we think we need and have to have. And how we. Are so materialistic like I was sort of about. And it's this is off fair. Telling my father's generation had the way they had weighed less and enjoyed it more than this generation has so much enjoys -- less. Right I -- my father -- mother Demi and my father was a fairly wealthy guy but if I take -- to his house. Your house is -- way more than my marriage I was heating up the money yeah. But they did this because they came out of the depression a World War II they understood what it was like to go on and I'll mention this world and. Know it's funny is I do enjoy watching the Amazing Race in next week -- go into. They're dealing with bushman. -- in the bush the bush others -- mentally got on the board none of them pushed it and it and I went wow what a simple life we couldn't live that way through it but are they -- there's a whole study just says -- people who lived like they studied a tribe I believe over in Africa and they found that -- -- they went to -- earlier deserves no TV -- -- do they had more sex 'cause they weren't to bad like they -- both literally said -- is an open -- -- and if they -- just healthier in terms of -- even mental happiness is stability. I'm no better man they don't know and rightly so they're not jealous what are we kill ourselves we are the other obviously we are now want to -- but I also have fresh water and air conditioning in Diana nice -- and I am clearly say I have my own world that I think in his car works I know -- Even say -- -- not even just from each other but -- while that's how a trade off and then to go live and -- -- are just saying that they didn't look but to your minimalist on condition idea I am conditions still live like this. Because a society and nine men society and I want my stuff. Doesn't matter your wife is on hold do you want to -- protection bill do you want for -- I don't know remind trouble might be why am I doing. Well funny because. You -- talking about working out harder -- -- -- you can try to Eagles on the satellite. You're -- a lot of public support tonight former -- at me now I know already knew and -- -- Shell or anything so when he can expect the other is practiced at the end you'll go over -- it was probably. He know he got very upset. And you guys have did -- he was so upset and I said why we want. I said why don't we look at this it's not a sixty that counts for anything don't get yourself deserves and it's a good little or learn from it and -- The unit -- at. Least he's trying to make your. He shot through iTunes and that's. I wanted to I do try to lighten things up but you did that I want to help Jackson with stuff the statue was little words in his dictionary and he's got some -- dictionary that didn't have the word gravitate -- it. And Olympia to deny deny gravitate while he needed to know the partisans say. Dude great dictionary and that they're great dictionary that fixed great work and mountain YO I teach -- -- -- Spain and. And I play it would you. Everybody can look it up online now -- -- -- and let's do the dictionary first if he can't find it they're going to go online I go online but let's. Let's learn the old -- any way dictionary just a little bit just makes you think that they don't learn how to spell it's fun. If she got a dictionary stuff this time raise these kids right idea that I love you. We shouldn't you to locate the Specter clearly frustrate you so -- -- A fair. He beat the heat humans might try to spoil them rather -- their. -- box that actually spit her out with a chill -- Every single body your -- issued stopped. The wind is don't get a little built and I know all bets on if she got. -- I thought I don't. Wait to see. Emanuel and other opponents they're seized as a couple years I can I. -- When -- that house candidates let me ask you something when this kid you bring up the right did the right point and I do give proceed with Jordan. The reason I get frustrated at noon cheesy -- tells you -- that are ready. So when -- 21. Shot awesome. Yeah who did a basis smug as kids so when I'm trying to say they have been. Jordan we -- I know I know you gotta do it does not -- it going you know you're gonna hurt yourself on the piece of equipment if you do with Alex. -- now all here's the muscle you're supposed to be working into that. So that it's a you know all I go let's do ten I did did and he's off to something else program. It -- finally get to that basic kits does not get do. Always does and I believe that he's just Kennedys always gonna be when -- right now and we try to explain some whom does he not cut it off and tell you. But you do that earnings don't writing you know. That's true skill level and I'm at a meeting with bill and -- and it's crosses like our boss Andrew and he'll cut the guy off and -- in the morning -- which Hussein. You know this is a waste my time -- -- -- his phone or. Would take different Jordan I got to a point I got -- that I am with you. So he's just a little you. Remember the little. You don't know him but but but but but but who does yeah. I can't believe in the well in Iowa he. And this is bad trends on -- you can that is the first time you turn on the still time. Yeah today. They love you don't let me minimum are good times and announced. Dictionary is trying to pop Benazir and that's why would Exxon I have been dragons. Because -- Don't wanna set the example that drinking and driving years ago that I really honestly -- when I drank and drove like a very nervous they go man I got away with -- we just told you about a young girl 21 who hit a car shouldn't -- -- you know but but -- moved back and tried to -- what I want I could have done that -- easy to make -- I that would have been neat and at my end I Al lot to lose -- So I can't do that that's and part of it is also the kids so I went alcohol reassessment I have ten had a drink since last Tuesday not that I -- falling down drunk. But I am on the east. He's kind of -- and drink everybody -- how do you feel like that does not feel better named I don't I don't feel like I feel any different -- say this -- I have noticed is that that there are times or want to where I would sit down. And and then watch TV ago and this is kind of wasted time but it was nice to have the beard just relax friend and I'm gone dead. Now. -- -- -- is not there with me for it was a wasted time afford together watching and talking about a show that's a little different cherub did but that that that's what I noticed.

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