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Balls on CVS

Apr 1, 2013|

TBR's friend "Balls" Berkley covers a story about CVS, and many other stores, throwing away hundreds of dollars of perfectly good products

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The other day Berkeley -- did a story about. CVS just taking some merchandise perfectly good merchandise. And thrown it out. Try to -- that -- hats gloves CBS should be the pharmacy yeah. So why they throne and I believe -- get Berkeley on your glory -- aria. Berkeley -- from ten NBC. So Berkeley this story says -- we're talking about money right all the circuits or whether we're paying for college tuition rolled around -- out -- now to save for retirement we're living longer. Here is what looks to be an enormous waste. The original story that you put on ten NBC. But regarding CVS in particular -- Let's not just leave it and there's probably other stores that dude is well is that they're thrown out perfectly good to merchandise correct. Try and rescue but Girardi was reporting a story gladly make and -- it and we. Followed it up. Today because. The response we. Probably. Yes under our -- or. Storage -- on the date target today bullet. -- -- So it does like winter set that they're not gonna move anymore because it brings comers today you anime group the new stuff so that's -- toss it out. And not only that when it is given into the lake. Sheltering ticket tax Rahal now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bad idea they were told that under no circumstances. Could do it it would. Corporation would be considered that. Stealing it back and they would -- third -- Okay so what is it the corporate what is his CVS. Gather up all this stuff as a corporation make that take their corporate policy that would this that the does a move for the season. We get it almost made Saudi -- cities do some of that deliberate. Eight days interstate. Two last debate. Eight billion dollars or worked in good shape so it could be yes. And it's junk. But not -- it ever ever ever. Not explain. Why it would roll. -- winter hat gloves and charms. Always -- only issue since there are times when appropriate and I said well what's appropriate to do it can bite you you better stop until eight. -- Sir I mentioned the open door. In bad shape and they couldn't let. But -- -- -- navy I know as a policy would their stuff completely turns over. Every month. So when you want -- -- maybe every month. Everything's no pairings moved around that. So knowledge that didn't sell correct world let stuff go well we don't know not smuggling -- -- -- not -- a vote would what -- all waving but now here's here's more Berkeley stories kind of interest so. They call CBS and CBS's Clark yes CBS corporate we're gonna check out this store and the store you went to was where Berkeley. -- round. -- armed and English -- OK so they used to they don't show all the employees and the sky's the person's voice. But on camera did you show when they come with a scam gun -- OK which is controlled by corporate. Prior to tell you what to do they scanned the item and is says a lot on the screen of the gun what does this act. Because I suppose getting dumped her. To spoke out okay cellular to do telling you what's new and it's perfectly good clubs that would sell for 999. Anderson rolled the metal. There's thrown out and is one -- he's going to aid aid -- -- still bothers me but I'm told if I take it to bring to look like the original watermelon. I'm I'm stealing even if I went after was in the dumpster on steroids is still I guess they only dumpster -- their property right we don't want talented. -- what I'm saying if they went in the dollar and gonzo got a dye into adults or let's say you're not allowed to -- you -- that's the right trespassing on their private Robert -- and it is -- -- know what's to say that let's say be benevolent -- on all -- comes along and says I -- buy up all the stuff they say cells also right and then I was turning down cash is just it -- it was interesting because there's still -- to. And it's a dumpster full of field beautifully folded scarves or gloves or hand yeah he's in people's. You gotta you gotta -- the Chinese. Eight cents know to be -- person and I don't think so yeah everybody. But I and if you might but I got to think this goes to bed. I think in all corporations toss out while that's just it goes to the -- I mean you've got to think of like if you don't know of my go to wegmans and hello again. All the free prepared food that's got that's perishable -- on. There's no way to sell all of this -- just its abilities of the wasted passages go. Into the garbage front has got to be enormous -- and they still make a profit. Berkeley this for a -- from ten NBC he did this story about CVS saying that the employees saying that they are told to dispose in dumpster. It comes across right on the -- trash at certain items once they're kind of out of -- season been like winter items -- as an end to spring -- probably in the next let's say three weeks not going to be wearing a hat and gloves and a -- let's hope and I am I ever not Bob but there -- told to throw them out and it was -- an employee in -- went and looked into it. And they are they saying that they're gonna send somebody else from corporate. People just soup but it is an understatement -- seeing you dare. And I -- real warrior language like their disposal Bernard and teachers are even -- Probably all of you and are going to do our part and we on the -- but then yesterday and it looks like it. You know what you're -- elections -- appropriate to the whole way. Plus intent but -- and. That is a -- and -- -- asylum it is elegant sap but that's pretty sad news sets of those people out debt burden. -- -- -- Start talking. It there's there's no it is due to this up but it's what we expect. And that. It pockets. Companies before. To keep it on the shell door that bush turns out yeah from any good numbers out. But that your house into transported to take it somebody that -- -- a -- and it's. Let them they're in business to make Bernie the area Berkeley brings a great thing -- when it comes to business -- emotion has to get out sometimes. And it always is owls never ends very cold right now is a very cold cynical cold hard can this should be colds. -- away perfectly good items that could go to a shelter. I just UC Berkeley where if you have the -- if it costs you nothing not even your manpower if you said open door mission. Bring over -- -- ten guys and what are your own trucks and what you have all this stuff go. I don't see how -- Sen Dick lawyer gone out of these wells involves. And Yahoo! whose employing them and they -- that's what Dick lawyers -- -- everything and then nothing how surprised I haven't Berkeley must've gotten a lot of that maybe churches contacted about this story or any money. We. Didn't pick could be gotten were from other individual and an employee. What other. Companies similar to CBS and in some cases much larger -- -- -- I want to thank -- didn't. I would think they all -- They and and then there are in the same boat it's right it's professor of Berkeley breeze on his way out to rock port -- it unaffordable institution. Yeah totally got tired out easier to listen to burglary I get a free MIT V set every night. Berkeley good thank you for I'd take the time. What are they on this story being ordered to do is just. Pretty competent and upgrade to its biggest gonna happen. But speak for Easter. I'm sure all anybody in the dumps and all -- -- you know what we should throttle -- candy were to him sad and it's a good point. What is the Easter baskets in the you know. I Berkeley thank you thanks I -- let me get dubbed bill from bright and he says another big story does this where is that bill. -- I don't play a third BJ's in the fact that nobody's you've taken -- -- into a well as any for -- -- is BJ so it's not the attorney cited youngsters there's a bunch of discarded BJ's -- you think so Vijay still now. BJ's. I guess. And it sounds so funny. They sell clothing and stuff that siren there and I IE I always see like keyboard they do it -- seasons change. And I answer the -- is also may I ask corona glows in snow -- -- considerations in next year knew who. The new the new online wanna yes. It didn't go Laporte that we as well it basically has some new word that they did I believe Politico I think I believe what -- -- -- -- out. Did take an 8% in the -- -- that direction variable bit and -- everybody so I don't read our brand. Well well well inside he touts itself guy -- What are and I got you -- Perhaps -- little assembly on and it's just so toughest it's package so it's like under a cushion or inside and that he did sit know that go out. Like you guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For -- our. Our data to it but EQ you looked a little late I don't want better name that the -- -- -- a lot and yet our. I've manager's chair and district managers get older -- serve. Boot camps serve booed -- -- what are -- slow moving right -- -- -- big war so yeah -- you waste the morality -- more do you report. As compared. To what -- -- I got to keep costs down to right right. Well -- opt -- actuality it created a black. And you could clear -- yet but they're saying you're so much a lot of it's gonna waste that the not reporting it -- arrested because of trying to keep the cost down and make themselves look good so we get a bonus. Yeah Dan rather than giving away because you can't say yeah. Right for -- waving that you can somebody yogurt into billion handgun at a doll and -- jail -- then it. -- I'm just -- guess that dateline I guess some kind of -- diseases up. And. Look at what is it like god merchandise at the same sort of thing where -- -- A way to write it off. We sits right on his gun that you saw on TV it's Allison in the CVS store yet -- in dumpsters stalwarts and come up it's kind of got -- -- But that can make you appreciate it might guess on the safe to off Frank's point and then we will want an end this here in the break room and I'm 65 W seem -- Mike. When he was six. There -- there and grab out the guard -- faith played a bit. Or donate leftover food all the joke -- -- under the legal aspects. That's how widely -- we packaged foods sold -- that worked well kind of place in Britain and they're all lot of other stuff for that so -- got to rest. Color now we can't everybody -- only every -- -- -- we're not a good deal of merchandise has that they they they have but they called shrinkage I'm not even really taken on CBS after that because you know it's the cost of doing business and it's unfortunate -- we need to look at that. And yeah I wished there was a way to -- necessarily I got it -- good items regardless outback. And have a big trough and as soon as it done you scrape it in a trumpet and almost kites and and -- -- these we'll have a dual garage sale or something to benefit the initiatives there. Can't make it up -- still. Dry goods and I doubt -- -- what do you can't bring it right now you can't write thank you. You know what US are going on that back behind him Beers in -- world. And a liquor store -- -- there's no word from going out of dig -- are going to the liquor store BJ's users free -- BJ's -- about -- needs protection that's why it's something I'm interested in this on Toledo beat Keith why do you need protection to talk about the wasted -- Stores restaurants. It yea your voice is scrambling -- -- say because Danny's got some kind of funky thing did -- on the map data -- -- -- Boca. What do we know what's going on God's protection should be on I had both parts of telephone so he should be OK guy Keith. Can't wait. To put that out of a lot of them yeah. That that I. Get -- it out. I. Like Andre -- It. But it hate America and I'll -- -- out any minute -- right out. Right Saddam there's always a little -- yes there's always a full role -- there's like this happens from cost yet. I could use a myopia. -- deadly diesel is hot and it is us Jamison just likes to walk around sometimes and you tell be careful and that they have the nose a look at you give you this market and -- a little on the -- Paul. That is as it is if you see video of the self I let me get to us -- on drugs Rick excellent date Joseph and you had 2226000. All summing up here in the break from a 965 WC MX.

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