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Rising Costs of College

Apr 1, 2013|

Tuition for UofR gone up 64% over the past decade, or less. The Break Room discusses the trend of screwing college students out of their money, and what their return is. Bill reads some of the Confessions posted on the RIT Confession's Facebook.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We worry about our money every day you get up to his sweat it. You know whether it's health care whether it's and you don't get any kind of insurance thing now are gonna make enough do you have one month the money and -- Jim -- want the money in the a lot of us do it now have more among the money. All one thing they came out is like the University of Rochester over the past decade or maybe less and there's tuition rates got 64%. While 64%. Yes 64% I think there -- about 57000. Dollars a year. To attend the university of African school. Running worth -- it and learn -- get -- -- now let me just but before we -- -- let me go to backtracked a bit. So over the weekend there was a story and economy be laughed because I did this is a kid but -- get her on our college kid yet all right T student injured after falling off a moving vehicle. Body surface all you ever do this re still on now I have -- -- get hurt OK I did it as a kid in stand on the roof of the car and we drove down the road. And you're standing surfing up. The big girl who'll the this kid fell off I think he was taken to a hospital whacked his head pretty good ground that's probably what's gonna happen. The girl who was driving the car I think this guy just ran out jumped on her car she was starting to. Go now as guys who do to impress girls when they're drunk ending college -- yeah it's it's the mating call and stuff. These she's this kid gets hurt. And needs I guess got her but she wasn't drunk and -- so that they're -- that but I go OK so. All right T is about 40000. Dollars a semester so nobody's paying yes for this kid to be able. What you did this story over the weekend and I set a -- I what do you do I find the confessions. FaceBook. Page -- were kids it was legit. Yes where they can anonymously just write confessions and most of whom are just silly and funny but remember. So money is paying close to 40000. Dollars a semester. Credit semester he bought it a year excuse -- -- here to topic -- thank you thank you 40000 dollars a year for this. I take pictures of penises on people's cars -- Milwaukee from classes when he has played it. His pictures of penises and any did either draws them and a tapes into his buddies cars for a prince -- -- jays is whose bodies are pretty funny it's funny. The Sony paying 40000 dollars -- for you to do this. A couple weeks ago I had to -- really bad and all that was available was a Gatorade bottle. After finishing I left outside near the -- hall and an hour later when I walked by some who was missing time. There was a fellow at the snow near my. Yeah also. I think it was -- and now I Kabila I had to Myanmar and sue me blog you. Let's say when he let me just take you back to college. This happens to not saint John Fisher campus and do you think we're not all -- and our restaurant and then everybody's -- into bottles and leave from around the cancer. And yet somebody's paying nearly 4000 dollars for the experiment it's. Just don't you are yet to return on your money when you pay your kids that. Sometimes I stand motionless from the alrighty confessions. FaceBook page. Sometimes I stand motionless on my darkening in my ninja mask it might just a scare my neighbors and so far successful. -- thought -- kind of funny. Somebody else I would take sound recordings of my death roommate having sex it is really loud girlfriend I had the recordings until just recently -- sounded just like you think it sounds. A bad porno that. But this is what you're spending nearly 40000. Dollars a year -- right. You largest announced last week that the cost. Of -- of -- tuition for the when he thirteen 2014 academic year with room board and tuition is. 57000. So how. How society funny for a college anymore you can't you gotta be a 1% there dissing your kid to college and when she won -- hone. A huge mortgage without a house about a quarter million dollars. It's impossible for your it is and that's just not so was everybody in the Basra higher education. It's impossible. You did you got three kids -- good luck well how did you send -- your three kids. To college right now right now your kids were college age and you couldn't do it. And possibly have to take out loans now to take out you can't just an emotional thing when he holds loaning you the date but that much money there or get. Deferment there's work study carried on for tonight yeah there's all kinds of stuff you're talking about you -- three boys yes right now there were going to come ask all of us they all we're going to counter and only. It would cause you'll was a million dollars pretty much given your -- looks pretty much. Anybody cares about a -- artist is building -- rocket this is. Why a lot of kids. -- go to like high and lawyers and stuff and get out of like Yale Law School she was like cause and then they have to take debt 9000000. Dollar job just to try to pay off the loans and takes him to takes awhile. British Jason walkman my parents are so god damn lucky every page I you know let. It's look. They hear a case of -- I know that everybody gets outraged I I think this is I think you think Steelers I read our read a really interesting comment on this in just like to housing bubble and this is gonna burst is CE can't he can't stay this way when. I -- making go I know that my view on this is not the same -- a real to me it's an investment mile man paid for me to go to Fisher when I went to Fisher now granted. But Fisher at that point probably kept pace with the inflation. This is gone up 64%. Yes in how many years. I don't I wanna sit down the last decade but a monetary analysis but everything -- that's gone -- 64%. And ten -- that's the difference -- -- You know compared to his income to what it costs in this and you -- schools great -- and now is ridiculous but let me let me explain -- old is still it's an investment -- we're investing -- taking a shot. And investing in your -- there or whomever -- even yourself just -- for yourself right. So I go I did two years at a community college is the only thing I had coming out of high school was SAT scores -- and I got into some colleges might cause and I'm not sending you will flock out you'll party out and you get one shot a mind not. So when I went to Fisher their first year he sent me money there to party every two weeks. Then I got a little bit of trouble and I get a for a year. Who work for and then go back and then no more money to parties. So I mean look I just say it's an investment I I think college is worth it and I know people say you'll never make that money back. And it's the school's fault but here's a -- is it the school's fault or is it yours right now this morning I will say -- I'll I'll bring it back to my fire in the belly thing. There's a seventeen year old kid in England. Who just sold an -- To Yahoo! for thirty million dollars to -- today so he gets his actual seventeen year old I'm just saying that. BTV he's an oxygen or some -- well I'll teach my kids how to be announced -- are okay. I I don't think you have to go to college to be successful now but I think you have to have a fire in the belly to be successful in college or. At the other place you know people say -- being an RN I can go to saint John Fisher and pay there are nearly thirty or 40000 dollars assume a year there -- I can take the same thing -- go to MCC. And do 6000 dollars a year to -- in the -- also thankful sort of program -- when you get out and who's to who's the better -- probably the person works let me use this example. Cornell University. Now Cornell University is a Ivy League school you should look at getting big -- go there's a local boxing promoter that we've had on the show. -- to Cornell who went to Cornell. What do you think that guy dormant running not I don't know any Bruins knew what -- -- -- guy who came in here I don't wanna say his name just because I don't -- disparity but. Was amazed Gallagher looks like a broke down guy. Well a guy does really looks like a broke down I knew he went to Cornell. A guy usually -- Cornell yes Jon Stewart went to Cornell. Is it to college. Is that the person -- an inclusive fall -- I went to saint John Fisher drew an old guy who shedding carts -- wegmans which saint John Fisher. I'm just saying again. Is that the college -- he is one person NASCAR guys I'm just as he has so as we all bitch about it I probably bet I. I got it I know this is it seems ridiculous and gets cost prohibitive. But again I ask you okay. I would see Jeff Fisher College Russ Brandon the CEO of the Buffalo Bills went to saint John Fisher college and is it to college. Spores at the person. Just saying Britain to pretty much it's a tirade after -- animal again -- this -- etc. I. And he's a multi -- records and I guess the question of the costs in this area and hit -- yeah. But that's -- other options there again -- like -- this regulate as a parent yes there and down the barrel I got you you're gonna work this morning -- going and yes. This -- happened man I let you know she ran out of state. There's Sunni coach Scott the schools that are really good -- an exotic and into and CC for two years in transfer. You know cheaper. We -- -- MCC a II did a community college and -- can transfer to a four -- schools like Sunni Rockport. I don't know what it was a year you'll be great to play tomorrow is his time Angie and I and I need Danny to disorganized. But beyond that play not college tuition prices right. Yes but because America -- how much you think it is to go to specific schools and our area -- -- take all the old Nazareth. Fisher -- -- alrighty. Rockport -- CEO. Maybe you don't Antonia and they're all let's say let's say it's given MCC a semester. What do I does anybody in my text -- yes. He. Still has fifteen. Thousand dollars on a student loans Citi pays 400 a month that's why he's been passing car payment for fourteen years to cover your. -- -- Loads to one odds on. What I don't get it I -- our career and just what will orders -- -- out here you do it. Well for -- -- right along the way he doesn't have a nice. Moderate polished under -- but yeah well you know on our knowledge -- -- -- Well I mean that I away from my area over the year like carrier -- -- our heavenly bank in the day seems it is kids' college. But I you're probably. And years to design his design. So you know there is at his court -- -- less I don't want it out. The -- -- every year -- what they do it they let Al I figured student and that because they be competitive. With a lot. Our -- giving you have to always remember their business now one of the things you their business don't you begin to -- a lot. I got it and he say that nobody pays full price one of the things is interesting is like you know you VAR and I knew the guy who handled the Harvard endowment. And those are multi million dollar endowment what do you ever I don't know that's a question this -- -- -- -- West End. -- hurt I hurt harder than Obama -- over a billion dollars by bird. That is -- error stating that local student or work young but it. Create artwork but only on that network of people think it couldn't -- -- -- I -- -- that -- -- in my old -- what a great -- -- at about 16171000. Dollars a year and yeah it is just too long which is April. Which early. But I won't actually had -- been out all that well there's. Article graduate Jillian -- Burnett here I think that it did you are under boat. They brought through 43 year -- only one yeah -- so it's morning. I don't -- god tickets I would 50% -- -- today -- I think there's lots -- little scholarships and -- and I need to tell -- about one that has -- pissed off to the -- what -- is a scholarship that you if you're gonna go to a specific college you can get it -- affects so many in this -- got it and we know it's not -- and I well but but John you're -- nobody -- -- -- -- here's what to tell me now I don't -- for college safe for your retirement. People are living longer I talk to well yesterday he said I went to the doctor my dad is nearly 67. Years old he goes. I am the only patient the doctor has that's not on any bill. And using great health and she said I'm gonna live to be a 110 your father didn't. Completely turn enemy wears out every day you while -- Either way he said I got a good videos got hey I got a kiss of death they told him with the owner intentional to drop dead tomorrow but let's. We're living longer is the point -- so you gotta have the money there. The right. Right. You got it you can borrow for college can borrow for retirement and thank you right. I would always say this like it isn't for everybody and I don't think everybody should golf I think there are some people who can handle and can't. We should go. And this is where people go nuts on me. This just for knowledge for the sake of knowledge that's more liberal arts I get RIT is more specializing in need those people. But knowledge for the sake analogy if yet it's a privilege didn't get the -- enjoy for pick up a hammer. The plumber I get too big money -- that stuff yes electrons they're all that stuff I mean my kid told me he wants to go to Annapolis. And become alive be in the -- Why Missouri and you must be a lawyer or what did they jag is this kid is like -- the army's illustrator and the allies he went to Annapolis so you got to get in you got to get in -- you got to get in -- Jerry Hayes now what's it examine these not a throw an anchor for. So -- there's -- house in the break room is on 965 WC MS.

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