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Show World Ashley

Apr 1, 2013|

The Break Room opens a line for your MVP: The most Valuable Performer in the bedroom. The best player gets a gift card exclusively for Show World!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She always somewhere between 27 in ten million dollars in back taxes there got to pay taxes I think in itself someone. -- somehow none of the thought that the you all know this is predicted by the psychic friends network who would have thought for sure what all about it. I'm really -- I didn't ask you I like you know I got an idea or -- the other side and got Madonna -- saying now is a billionaire she's worth more than Tiger Woods yeah. 700 million was the last count but they go -- these investments in this latest tour there's a good chance that Madonna have known who was kinda like this. -- -- just punk kid for a national oil cooler here and there was. Torture had a diverse Korean -- this kind of funny. So here's the question that was being proposed today -- spits out you'll hear and other places but would you give up sex. If it meant. Your bills would be days. What's more important what -- give up sex. Would you do would give up sex for a month if it -- your bills would be paid for that month -- nice for me and I was mustn't. When your running forty present people suggests that people were more more willing to give up sex and give up their TV either cellphones force gore there. Now sects that are months. If you think. We up -- weird how could you give up sex for your college tuition increase -- I think you're crazy not to yes you can always sex is gonna happen again for him and them. Would give -- extra month -- your bills are going to be paid now we have speaking of sex and they are a line where you don't vote for your MVP. Your most valuable -- it's not really easily but movie you pulled in the bedroom -- out or if you feel like you need to get a spark back. You could say this guy this person was my MVP but things are black and and we need some help and every month we're gonna award someone from our our line. A fifty dollar gift card to go down to show world and splice and the -- Got a romantic move some kind of move right I -- one yesterday -- people romantic movement would you do and for lake. Chump change I get huge. Thanks. Did you -- sell my girlfriend yesterday is doing all -- she was working yesterday outside. -- is some event trees -- -- Brand -- I don't know I got to ride -- run to. There was pretty cool that is actually very it was not a bad though it's out of emerald jewel of the just I can't see you do -- I did what when you need to win is if I -- him drive enough to play Hank. Stop -- and had a stormy -- -- Act but I thought that was a cool that is very cool steady right. All that is as someone who's tool and though it was intended she couldn't drink it she handed a bank to me what did you drink because interest during job. So that fact is she appreciated this -- minute. But I try to make it -- you can't drink during the job now you can't you be every folders and engaging every senator and supreme golf very hot chocolate yeah. Don't hear -- rules rules -- -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- sudden it's simple ideas 719265959. And we're calling it be for calling -- the break crude MVP -- and what does -- BP stand for you want to become the most valuable performer in the bedroom most valuable performer Treasury's 719659. We have a call to the line here. I think criminal and actually. Let me -- can I and who kept things at every -- him it's going to permit always machine every single time -- time. I think you it is an -- industry. -- Actually complicity to trip I can't keep it girls are no romance -- early it's just certainly see it only happens he didn't ever think every credit. I think I'd never. -- get there like I never get the financial I was looking at we can militia world gift card. To Richard Cohen I can be easily toll is -- potentially well. I can -- like I actually enjoy English and without aren't -- much. Actually he didn't actually am encouraged I think I had. -- seeing him actually yes. Content. Doesn't get off. He just pump Jack Johnson and -- -- devices ESPN and she's still and doesn't get anything pending on our. Can you know so when this is exactly overtime -- be out -- -- but she needs some help. If she's doing she's -- senate she's not satisfied car up and see if she got -- so come on yeah. Just to say. And interest to do because this is the kind of straight I guess I don't think it's strange I think it's on they get everybody goes to my normal routine I don't know than that. Well why is this guy finishes is this is he's done she's strong winds of just wrote in her own house. Sixth order Joyce's. Normal matter be frustrated you're right -- eyes -- -- he wanted to choices in the game and bring in India. You are doing what -- you and mom I disable here's the thing same old same -- I'm Melissa I'm just surprised. When I. I don't know the -- you don't know -- -- renewed don't know. Not -- I'm surprised that somebody is is willing to say all that on the voicemail and never played on the radio. I still those things are talked about because here's the problem. And maybe it's because it's a let a woman whom -- most guys probably won't talk publicly about their sexual problems which becomes the reason why. Cheating or one ever goes on right so I think that of the you know a lot of times. People go to marriage counselors is that it takes awhile for due to open up tortured existence but it's still weird to me that this chick is now -- got -- on the line. -- issues on the issue on the talk about it like that fusion and tell him him well -- and while. Right fishy targeting enemies now listing their -- a yes I mean Harrison is here -- that's -- -- -- Toronto mother and dead -- always think they give your bag in your talk and if you're not then it you know most of my daughters and you have no nonsense and just say that you -- some -- your moral there was stuff. -- And I said any of this to your husband we just played your voicemail beset any of developed. Credit at our little son try like give me an example of what you sort of try because this sort of tried DS either got to say he'll look. I think with the dude you gotta be direct pay our sex life used to be more exciting it's not normal as it ever exciting army wasn't. And now that it never really and it could mean that you could ever live stressed we're hoping it. The latest list actually yeah yeah heard music you know look like -- what it would he would do you once. Well I certainly want an article my imagination of you know I didn't. I -- you never even command click below or are they doing here pulling. Okay handling unit did that this is the part that I find very strange. In on a -- enjoy your science. If you knew you liked that stuff it and didn't do wasn't doing her the wanted to go with. While his is what I -- relationship you may have dug. And I mean. -- there and so let me know. When I've I guarantee if you said or if you brought the personal long and so now like this mean. Yeah have you just initiated some stuff and he didn't go with -- right well you know I can't go -- okay what did you try that he didn't go forward isn't a debate. During the I would like furniture to LA and typical condition and well. Without a public credit. Where our blue. Moon. Yeah I united don't put the -- like this LA IU I you climbed on top they really need it like it might. Ruled over. And really try to come out to end to thinking when we went back at 1204. -- that meant. The law and this is Ashley Ashley called RM VP line or rewarding someone the most valuable performer being given a fifty dollar gift card to. She couldn't or didn't like I say they could be. I want to be the right. Well -- you open it up hey how would you like to come would make you eat it. He must. -- I knew I knew -- idea though is dead and a man. And she would Wear the outfits. And all the stuff and it didn't do -- -- that has my it was my nobody in Florida. And -- she had been -- they had money may be handy she had every Victoria's Secret projects Hollywood stuff gone. And he's -- he was my buddies its image in the order form. Really he loved is why a good provider. Now. It -- India and it's a Wiegert that is so weird I don't and I tell me you got Blake. Everything you need -- in front of you via and you don't appreciate it -- that here's the -- with the dude to do go run around honor of the chosen knock out you know rich. Well can't knocked down by its first high and share -- and -- on every guys dream. He don't want he's rural parts tanks. Does that make sense I get a -- I guess eight year old ladies a load. This chick who loses on the stand on your her head at -- and do their real wind and he's he's chasing these nasty -- -- it never even came close to look at like his old lady did they just cheat on you guys are cleared -- -- We are weird you big guy he's looking for somewhere else actually -- that's not never. Number well I. Wrote some guy that -- you sent us some guys when they -- over the chick. This exchanges. Because now they love them it's a mother their children and I treat them differently and I think they almost -- in my mother's instead of lovers give kids. Well no -- it's is this is where you want kids isn't yet clear Geist and a work on can. Now I don't communicating reckoned -- and it happened that it can handle it. We don't have a lot of extra money or lose we due -- delayed. We didn't have a breaking news goes really have Britain coach I'd like to talk to this guy -- -- pain -- and that's a -- while I'd like to talk to me go you know your wife likes more -- would you given in didn't. Get it done was take charge of the relationship at that point would you least because there's a change as a good point would would you leave. David doesn't change. And you were sexually satisfied were you walked away pneumonia -- a program her voice. Everything our Internet -- Shyamalan knows. Well we're here. Now do you Jimmy you master made now. Let -- -- cruel and no it's going underwent an arson watch is a familiar. Let's get a sick surrogate. What did you read the portal and say this is what I like to be right in the message knows maybe needs to. -- No way ironically even colonel Larry what kind of notice this what did you feel. Very regular order for her and I want to know like LA LA actually our planet on hold I wanna get a number of forward your husband and I want a wanna see Phil come on. -- our guys are easy but come on rally. You think target in this that he's a dog do you want to alienate India Youkilis and Margaret human twelve -- shrapnel so who knows he's still benefited dude. Did you guys do their money followed with a chick. Many don't wanna do any good if they don't -- terror up anymore it's always like now -- to be a -- and I still think she never did that's my point -- I was I don't go with that if this isn't going to be if it's not gonna be -- fully satisfying -- -- -- around -- why would you go with that person. If you feel like you're sexually compatible and that's a big piece of it. Sure you know. Him and you like to have what she said was aspect of hair pulled us what you should bring a toy and development. Nothing and it kind of like helping them out make to make them the MVP right down to fix things up. You don't need frustration is that every little thing annoys you that the person doesn't -- fight break and there is true you know save for real clear that if you're not you know this would be a way to to help people.

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