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Coach Muley on Libraries

Apr 1, 2013|

TBR calls Coach Muley to get his opinion on Irondequoit's proposed new library, NCAA Basketball, and Gulf Coast University. A loyal listener asks Coach Muley for a favor..

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The library situation in Iran McCoy as we call coach really. One in dollar in recent attack is to get an idea library trying to -- People say no. Know known else. We will -- -- really thinks about libraries. About the NCAA. Tournament and the Cinderella run of Gulf Coast Florida Gulf Coast University. A coach millionaire. -- -- just this little breath already coach really I didn't know her. I'm glad -- smaller editions sit there and your mom Eric. It long glad you're enjoying your mornings -- thought we don't we were just talking about up libraries and I think your pamphlets stop Clinton and kids. Is able to be picked up that most libraries around. You the United States. So there would rather not variability in -- she has stayed and I believe -- -- well. And Hillary. Lahaina -- go to -- now coach but there is talk of I mean as we've said. Potentially library's going away there's a local town that is. Proposing to build a new library there would have increased taxes by Tony nine Algerian people are questioning whether or not we really need this is it worthwhile investment music libraries for community. I sent you a little bit things they just hornets national homosexuals -- -- I think. Israelis did get -- your established that public library next thing though they don't be almost all of -- the incident -- out there who really funny and and it -- as a candidate how I'm Bennett certainly going to. Morgan showed there's Jack is in their work longer she'll be far yes -- -- -- Bob Bob Bob bought Nextel brand. So world Bill -- and computers homosexual talk radio is just. Have a lot of money donors decide it. I believe all your money going to -- and dances tonight there are out. There you have gotten the bill -- I guess but not great coach really is against libraries. The -- the I found himself well let let let's go to this one. You're down south and probably in the mid mid to late ninety's. And your university a new university sprung up on the Gulf Coast of Florida it's called Florida Gulf Coast University. And it only started I think a basketball program that became a division one viable program a couple of years ago. And it's only been eligible to be in the NCAA tournament the past two years. Now here they are coach really. It's doing something no other team has been able to do and that it's common to this tournament as a fifteen seed. And make it to the sweet sixteen. And what are your thoughts on this Florida Gulf Coast University coach -- Down to recruit. Andre you know again nobody I mean he's just Roush do you not all get these big. You're not gonna get the premier Q you touched. Her mom probably not -- -- Did what you had to kids they mean there's always the other cal or probably deeper than it. And you guarantee it but you gotta do have a lot more work as binders. Rare note this is somebody else -- don't. And a great way to do I mean this guy. So we get this is there's been pro series one know why treat. Yeah -- so word is so wrapped in shrimp he's probably get. We have been shot -- -- your average dumb as sir that's what she just knows Expos in L. And also who credit. -- yeah I actually yes it sure via probably got there or. More poor little more. This lower appellate lawyer on -- so. I I started talking like this war like alleged. Yeah I -- know drew is that her character from Harry Potter -- -- -- was my coach really go on I apologize yes she's a lawyer. Yeah hybrid abduct you -- get insult. -- currently in New York war. And -- couple that I quit he got himself a bikini model why are you get a new gadget it's between. To screw loose end. How you know he's brought that the Q wet weather. Issued bikini model. -- what doctor they wanna do. Ali hey -- as a recruiting tool belt I would say so user. Were you aware of any good freshmen. Didn't keep the best two in the bar so -- they leadership's. Yeah it could have been a best Cameron cannot -- never got network. Got a coach and I hear you got you so well a lot of well we're all. Oh boy got what you called testosterone. And they all and they all -- -- ball coach. Now you get it I thought about. Yeah yeah yeah yeah obviously -- speaks out than these greens have -- II expert -- I think like at one point in my life. Best we'll go to these incarcerate those. Is these assets into Pakistan of new guards that can help -- -- so he's got any kind of you know architecture to. You always think you did you expect to use our -- and you've got to -- yourself that program. And that's what this guy did and the result then she's got a satellite all the basketball team of players nobody ever heard of I thought that this gag goes at it goes deeper into this -- a little -- and ultimately goes they thought they are out. University -- -- -- -- we'd look at that is just -- well. When I look at John -- Daria I do think he's ourselves that I have to admit dollars and then he got a -- I coach 01 other sports related thing not with the NCAA. Although I I don't like how the tournament is played it's too long in between them. Mike you know. Elimination rounds next round it really bothers it it has -- goes too long but. Yesterday CBS sports announced that because there is -- it the gay marriage issues before the Supreme Court right now. There is a player. An NFL player. Who is considering coming out and it seems like his biggest deterrent. For not coming out. Is not his fellow players but the fans. What and player came out as a gay man. In the NFL. I'll say it going and they'd know I have an 88 it is it matter who spoke -- -- kids. Let me it is so dark behind them yet -- -- at all essentials -- losing homes and it's just it's he's got a big one got to step out there Reynolds. That's so big it. Sounded -- -- sexual notable of which you based -- and I don't let my ask me ask you don't know how to get them every guessing or there's 100. Not on the large. My point is -- years ago I -- And I took credit so they don't -- -- this does good brain that you just gone back to the Johannesburg. That is I think Leo they'd all over the place they staked it all work. You know you can't deal wouldn't get until the situation -- -- I hear you do let's let you know somebody all schaeuble wrote one of these get veto worst. We don't have debates labor. Have to come out say lack ballot and I don't give it got there what -- thank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But coming up that tunnel with -- -- ascent and let's let -- be realistic. Let that happen that everybody -- bailout so -- don't care and at the gas -- -- you know -- -- so. I don't care adversity you could score touchdowns. And they've made from ready you know OK we sticky Johnson. I don't hear you just hope that that do that Lambeau leap lavandera. Some back and -- married artistic -- -- to be stormy especially as likable. I won't go coach you if you -- I -- that came out as a gay man let's say those used to relaunch does is no longer in the league. And he scored touchdowns and as you said if he's on my team I don't care. But if on the opposing team. -- that -- some ice source in somebody's head and I know this sounds strange but. You know we know the culture and it seems to be a very very homophobic. To -- it. Certain degree and I can just -- -- like a defensive back on I'm taking that guy out before he has a chance I'm breaking his leg kick to do whatever. And -- -- learn a target on your back. They have ever double and we strain used to Billiton are basically knocked in about my backyard. What's on my houses sell my house built in the eighteen mortgage AT and let Akamai. Don't want passover lamb Alison I can look at. There and I can look at the result of slavery in the south that is completely changed public health -- that -- -- -- until you -- -- never got down more running. -- got -- somebody's gonna happen balls. Did stick their public social ball out there send -- take bullet sometimes Tuesday night he had Cameron -- government. These squares and stop. You can't get -- around somebody Shanahan and didn't and they don't I don't really think big -- I mean that's how it. We put that that are and I cannot say what I crowd like a baby wanna leave -- doctor -- my absolute -- petroleum jelly. All right so I got this let's just -- -- It's. What you already did well here's the thing we talked there was a robbery here that was allegedly staged. And the four guys -- that -- committed the robbery McConnell left to hang in jail and now it's coming out there may be -- stays so they're getting lesser sentences are to plead guilty face fifteen years. He Brunell was -- -- three years. But these guys to kind of left to -- And somebody wrote us about that they said. Dear coach merely after hearing the guys the -- talking about we would somebody to hang I'd like to reach out to an old friend and apologize for letting him take the fall fifteen years ago. I thought at the time my girlfriend is cheating army choose home from college but we'd gone in an argument. And all over an alleged cheating and she was not returning any of my calls I was out of my mind and after a few Beers late one night I convinced my friend. To sneak over to her parents house with me and we would splatter. That we did. And we're climbing up and down missed out to peak in her bedroom all of a sudden someone flipped on the outside lights and came out screaming. I push my body down to the ground and ran. He was tracked. Fully visible and light and recognized by the girlfriend's parents. As a result he was arrested for trespassing. Charge -- criminal harassment or stalking. And had an order of protection leveled against them I never owned up to being with him and ducked all his calls he never ratted me out -- we never spoke beginning either. Then go and I'm I'm good going to be back. Before Easter. And would like coach really to break the news to him. That I'm very sorry and would like to apologize in person and came back for the finds he incurred plus interest which will be about 500 dollars and eight. So what you call is -- fifth. And. Iron and I don't think he's guilty jobs you know like you. As collateral Elan Obama old -- that -- I mean look at this point yet haven't thought this number is fifteen year -- -- -- say even modern -- -- smooth that over. Are -- -- -- session that 500 I don't know yet so that you can believe they have the our guys have ever had added that -- it is so it is a buddy you weren't -- about the issue that I got here thank you got -- I mean any any ready look we understand you. Before the close. Bros brawl that Jack will read all about and showed us -- best ally and indicated regard mandate to have well. I would I would not I would hit this celebration mansion and Robert but the glass -- Greta that -- Okay I'm curious as to how -- go would you for. -- don't think this -- download and I think it was supported I mean. Our -- hit it can't establish sister question did isn't that the one that. -- -- Thank you name is -- -- under the. Well I -- -- -- salvages this several -- I mean. All do it and I mean you got to reduce slapping their way of yourself yeah it was close to clear his -- post earlier talks smack him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's selfish he's usually a period remain -- play -- conscious. Mean he should open up all were present at bat and what you get them out of the political cycle people out. It's two point kind of I don't know makes you feel like I am OK -- Cambodia this. Decent decent -- -- go to -- underdog usually this is the guy you can't go to night Walt well knows not every story. I don't see this Saturday -- it that are. We will I hear the breaking news tomorrow around this time coach really see how it goes coach says he wouldn't forgive would you we'll find out tomorrow at this this guy does. -- ultimate coach really always a pleasure. Well I this Easter. Did you if you could just send their best target down the service has been watching Brett thanks senator for keep it that ever -- ever. That's huge bigger library it's his coach really we'll take a break full number 2226000. If you -- Texas do so at 99404. We are the break room. Proud to be a 965 WC MS.

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