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Coach Muley Breaks the News to Nate

Apr 2, 2013|

A couple days ago, TBR got an email from Nate's friend, asking if Muley would ask for Nate's forgiveness for letting him take the fall for him years ago. Disclaimer: Nate isn't too happy with his old friend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We get. Mail email from a guy. Saying not coach bill like you to break the news to body mind. I wanna apologizing give him money because he took the fall about fifteen years ago. We were home from college. I was dating a girl she was home from college thought she was cheating on me we went over to spy on her -- her house after having a couple Beers. All of a sudden the lights come on that door opens up I pushed my body down into the light. He got charged with trespassing. Harassment the end of our protection against -- -- his life yeah. It's right for awhile yes and now apparently they never talk -- so he said like I -- like fifteen years area it's Easter weekend and I'm gonna be heading back to that place called him up see if he'll meet with because I've never comedy now we wanna give -- money -- With interest to make all this happened so coach -- yesterday said. If he wouldn't except and himself I don't think -- and to download this. But he said he would break the news so here it is breaking news this coach really in the break room on 965. EC let. -- -- -- -- talk a no name. You actually donate my you do feel some of this coach really. And I know these troubled area. He'll celebrity game -- -- -- have -- -- and the star let me colony -- read my column in the uptown to Lincoln. Mission mom Felicia does Colin is. You buddy -- -- intend. You know the come back come to -- free server Easter services. You -- -- bread. I guess now I know I didn't know. Ayello yelling go way back that is -- high -- -- whenever and they yell used to run around got the flu and -- -- reserve contaminants. He really he had reserve being talked about -- -- radio show -- the head of the break room. NEC he's come back amateur mandate will he wants to get to get there would he's busy system. Yeah I'll settle fallen out which happens intended -- Russia's main commands in patched things up because he cannot till it's dead he let's. Do you hang in one now when yellowish. Do run around. Check in on some now. She is also familiar. -- coach. Yeah -- -- Stewart -- shocked. And I. And landed. Daisy -- mad because apparently US evident on check on some down or use -- -- knowledge to our terror. Fairly or -- or man. Yeah you got caught trespassing he called national staying in -- shuttle heat fans flagged just got banned terror -- situation. Then he wants to make you must have -- sayings you know lashed to -- any any measure your friendship. -- homosexual man I'm just a standard straight Amanda man's friendship. They -- anybody garrison. Maybe omitted they'll add that -- is a bar down their -- careful. It's not going to -- that. -- That's great -- so I'd have to. I do I never wanted to shoot it gag effort. Now I know you why you gotta be some damn hard headed to them because some man to wanna name years ago he's double hole would grudge. And not even Italian. You know -- -- can militiamen who. Use -- and -- I try to -- currency get a chance to get back with higher again under. He would be okay I get arrested for stalking okay. And it predicts even which -- eating better with the best friend OK and I. Intend it to them. You know coach I tried several -- Explain to my parents. What happened to try to explain to my girlfriend I try to patent call. -- my folks my girlfriend and concede. -- If you -- the kids. You go on Intel and semi -- -- -- may god -- Hamid Gul -- on Obama is in his battle and Obama born in Nigeria. Dress a yellow no certificate. -- why he'll hold a grudge for a big grabbed him. Coached -- uncertain why you until you do. You know you understand what I'd been through. I want but the girl that I love -- most in my life because she got a doctor okay. Coach can trot but he got that black girlfriends and. Maybe not but that's okay establish water -- you probably better rob we've got -- you marry a broad outline remarried dad brought you post I would imagine beyond. 400 campaign finance. -- -- -- -- How because stick out -- -- Robert. I didn't want some pervert but could not hit their house so I don't doubt let's hope I -- -- finished college the. Read like if I'm hundred dollars and she was clear things -- previous -- and really I'm Amir would assume a bitch. I hope that mother earth jokes and it's like okay. I don't need to -- it anymore. But he is no idea how bad. Any idea why did -- tell you don't -- an -- don't wanna go through I've been a bitter young man and he sent too damn many -- letting go. He carried around all this way don't you shelled his son you need to give the guy. It could be an anti her restaurant classic is that -- record okay. They couldn't get a decent -- I try to get a job and health care they collapse he's okay what they. Beirut in the postal services and yeah. I couldn't finished college because he neither mentioned the masters so this could affect the coach. And I asked the senate they showed him being pure logic that lead. -- you actually coach I tried. They did a -- are related warrants and Dupree you don't want to put -- -- -- put it Abdel. It would put it guiding -- camera. In the girls' bathroom and get too big -- just yet yet the order they kept -- at a record. Noting they removed the body he -- probation because they didn't truly a navy blue Gigi and -- lot of room would you root canal and the I don't think these islands and active -- Take out of pocket get hired I quicker couldn't take it for you need to go see grandma -- predictable what she needs. You all -- -- alleged Internet once -- and I actually would know what else do you -- called. Bill -- -- break room to do do so it over ten years and saying yeah -- goalies don't rolled his tenth there appears. I guess he's not he's not beaten -- wall should not drink denounce the hard liquor and Maurice bonus plans please see them -- Sony announced things. So yeah John revision Monday. -- -- -- -- -- I talk -- you may not examined this they're damn bill Moran staff they're yeah. -- I don't need not to -- notre. These -- -- -- could talk to somebody 'cause I got a message for you Celtic don't know Google can shelf could -- big. Probably I would deal. Our whole house and at all at long last message. And -- and -- -- daddy's here as well as it is yeah -- he had. Now looks possible banners Jewish enters his Newsweek America map. I've been on that a near Jenin out of my agenda not a mind and not this week. There is it what's the weather warms -- -- Iowa you still mr. Secretary General that the.

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