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Tommy's Blood Test

Apr 2, 2013|

This was recorded the day after Tommy's blood test. Tommy describes what happened, and how much he hated it. "You can't just POUND a SALAD"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Digging -- yesterday here or break hero's pose a bigger was it Tom DeLay it was golfers blood tests and he was cranky. Folks got so what happens and anything did they not take because they had the cappuccino -- milk -- it. -- -- passing cars I it was just a blood test yet I don't find out the results -- -- -- physical and -- that. Does no Wednesday for the third is. -- that Winston but I won and yesterday to go way is a good thing a blood out the door open but going to go in mid day is a mere one old lady way manner that is. Analogy to go we. -- pounded man would you ask themselves. There's as I said charted a -- day is this it sounded as if let's admit it and down and so. Candidate admittedly I don't think you can actually -- to -- and if you could if you had always thought it was out of class he gives burger. You can see manages pounded this -- always in it. Obviously. He has served any -- noted that -- -- -- much birdie or -- on one plate but the irony to generate a generational leader to visit -- -- Newark. Does say but I pounded it may did you feel better. I've yeah let me say -- you feel better you know bitter because you were. I got a lot of people tell me out cranky you prediction that I didn't know you don't lying if you say I'm cranky day innate thing I might think it was a normal -- it. I -- I'd like to take additional -- I can't figure it any worse than. I seen you crank here that's for sure. Who -- isn't just you know. Proposal. I was I was open the way they rejected due at the door. So all she says was are you suggesting I go yeah I got a miserable these are eleventh. I think you've got to that I dollars and you got to meet size -- can -- sorry miserable people in this job. Did you get it to the haven't eaten in twelve African hours right and you've got to be miserable. When we go to Tom. He's. -- tractor trailer driver Tom. Good idea you -- a tractor trailer driver. Every day it but I. The dirt. And so basically you -- way I have to use of the misery on the -- so -- when he lies about blood test. I. Don't for her -- Raleigh and medication and at the net. What were. More like I don't go -- -- men are -- my good old days. -- Yes that's a nickel and a blood test is five blocks and I thought I. Could. But what. My back when they do it my all. -- are not give up -- And Brooke block fast. Well and I panicked about greeted rhetoric on the -- -- -- Ron Clark -- turned it. I just want any -- but that's interesting to note -- Then you seem like -- snicker bar with a better borrowing your sister was speicher are all generally been digested yet. I I I I had a bigger spectrum are pretty ought to -- doing it. But but are not cabinet club tech Dick Bennett thanks -- -- and let you know that you're -- -- Is -- wow. That's weird to know that he just like your cholesterol that is due out as a pretty strong senator -- Pepsi. You know I like my dad's punishing Iran in your system quake a whole lot of sick because to deal for you hope you're right today it is when you're on the road doing comedy with that do you just a snack while driving -- insurers college for me. Oh yeah hello I was -- -- -- they admire them any money but you have got -- within about eight minutes products and -- any -- you could still be did any data I did I think a lot of us do plan today. But Davies a big huge fan Christian and a snicker bars guys always evenings in love with senator Barack -- so let's stick your -- a patsy -- this guy's cholesterol so much that the doctor freaked out right because you know that he is not -- -- -- -- -- but that's just weird though. And I go boy that's a lot of stress on your body may be. Bloomberg's just drove -- -- peppermint patties the Afghan I think Tyson by the -- yeah hey Alabama is on a road out of Bagram -- console. And I went on rap like 45 and time and -- repeat in my rural quarters. Hah hah hah hah -- I don't stack him up on credit are great I really like commit crime let's just his dad was it something else -- Eminem's. And batter or the Reese's peanut butter cut if I can buy him a bag of -- today and from you gotta do that the tag guys' stats yeah. Definition of amend my early double blows east although those -- -- Rosen bay at Rosie just designed to shove down your face there but take it. Tom -- did it ever scare you though that since they got freaked out I know was a prank and a funny thing but. The reality is that was really what was happening inside your body -- Local delivery is that -- You know that might make -- make can't sit and what will ultimately -- -- The plot that they can't bad could it be that they'd like this could be that you. So you gotta be and so -- you gotta be a medication now aren't. Quite a bit so what's your what's your cholesterol normally like now. -- -- -- it's got through again it's got in trouble. Well I think the case why it may mean. Our -- -- yeah but these dudes and trucker digital signal that didn't truck stops probably smoking and I can't no amount. -- Like. Your. -- thought I was -- -- -- know rent you know that that's really it's a no smoking in drive -- -- sort of piped. -- -- Knight never ever have typos -- going with a public live with -- rich -- for -- that's infidelity by pipe in a car and I would I would fire that thing up in me a long trip to -- rolling out some professor I don't know her. Not really at Purdue had enough popular election certificate for wearing and asked us. -- Role of growth and no no -- or put your candidate that is. Should -- have -- -- -- rush to get the sensation of smoking the idea and -- this I know many tasty combo plate sometimes. The -- on financial -- ER do so he Minty flavor Ellie -- opened up -- an open job there's no good. -- drink and drive -- I -- I danced up a bottle in the car while driving is only gigs is anybody surprised by any of those days no accidents -- Not fanatics got a scratch and -- Conrad's right buddy -- can do it all that I was still I was doing 12100 a week 200 miles we can between gigs man. Drink and drive and smoke and any time you do -- my house. -- that Dick's ticket but I haven't been so much time I hardly. Hope you're right technically it was not a good time in Iowa is in my mobile home that's that's beyond -- new defense is there it -- ask -- what led to. -- denial denial denial. You know these day they just a river in Egypt. Do you laser ice if that's -- for this. I'll -- I really appreciate you call letters and but I think that posting he got out of this phone call snicker bars until I just got -- the way I eat dinner for real -- wasn't present -- a physical they check your cholesterol. You don't go rear but I don't. When you're in your room I'm not I hope I'm not -- forty plus I don't know you're in the heart attack and I security had a stroke and heart I didn't have a stroke who knew he had pneumonia and had to go to -- and -- million. Yeah. He led a life. But you can't. We will take a break phone numbers 2226008. Texan at 994. 04. And I was OK to drink and drive is technically and legally is -- -- -- I was in my living room -- -- you know linemen now my camera. Your Mac OK -- that actually had a wind closets. Since the break rooms are 965 WC MS.

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