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Morgan Twins in the Studio

Apr 2, 2013|

Cara and Rhian Morgan, Rochester natives featured on American Idol AND The Voice, come to the studio and talk about their newly-made stardom and what it was like to be on the shows

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fifty years old when I look at Ramsey like peeking over into the studio look at the that the Morgan twins Kara and -- Morgan are here and these girls have been on two of the biggest reality shows in American television history. They did he tried out for American Idol made it to Hollywood ten years ago you were still high school and yeah yeah yeah he's the biggest time. All of your life at that point our that it not only was 2003. Idol was kind of at its peak that Moret do you guys go there you get Hollywood here in front of Simon Cowell Paula Abdul Randy Jackson the original the original lineup. Syrian front of that you had to be the biggest celebrities in your high school. And yes pretty meg DL yeah it was -- and didn't eat you didn't go any further in Hollywood because you wouldn't separate right. Pick for. Can you say which one they like better. This -- -- I was there were afraid mile wanted to split them up but. Right but they were both in the race of them were they just dump the -- -- -- wanted to know well -- just to display and doing it separate and I guys didn't want him we were so nervous too early seventeenth and this isn't for isn't gonna help to Maria Maria what which -- -- which when I'm Kyra we -- a car and Rihanna and -- that are wrong I think it. Car and Rihanna talk that. So what -- when you go now you've always performed as a as a duet for -- -- in the never separately. Knew I mean here and there will do a song -- -- after leaving them in this is to gimmick you know we wanna do it together. But you guys have ray is as sometimes a loss here -- -- and -- it was a what are you guys live in now to figure maidan in New York City -- senator. The new parents ala. What do you do yet we justified -- before they go all. Let's say I know I'm sure you do for from the voice 'cause they were just on the on the voice of president one more way to say how about they don't know we -- regular jobs one of home. Works is a mental health professional they only works -- paychecks Olaf this. Getting -- -- CA -- do you have a boyfriend the idea a bit do you don't. Now we tell my wife for a new day one needed amount -- sweet deal -- -- Right corner myself because like everyone in my fantasies like she's talent every thing minute guy does or doesn't do returns a value I'll soon -- it's that kind of funny and I are wrong nuts right yeah. -- and the world how is -- with all this attention now. He's so support and I mean he's like common. She grounds me lighter keeps me grounded rather. I am you know I mean he's like excited for a means of porn and -- holds her purse and her co -- have to remind me. He studies are examples jurors do yeah he did yeah. Yeah RAI is rule I only hold them for W the -- I see that could make it -- That's why we all just come -- yeah. John Britton and I while you can imagine what -- make it looks like a -- so. What does -- and. She is a hockey coach and he works at Xerox -- to regular guy yeah yeah yeah. So I mean that -- that's the part of this court because here's the things home watching the the young ladies are on the avoided -- to settle. There on the voice -- and I missed it because you were the first ones up time I got little kids on trying to get bass from one in north. So. I caught it on line and went watched -- is shown there was one thing that bothered me a lot about the shelf. By the way got sucked in think it's a great show who wasn't such a scramble for. But the judges are great the whole theory of just on your voice to it you know judging me and always really cool. But the one kind of -- it was -- the woman that went last in the episode you were on. We was here she -- she was like a Michael Jackson bankruptcy was she saying she was Michael Jackson that she's saying and his funeral when he dining Oden this. She gave it to me it's like she didn't need the shelf. I -- hey what about my shirt had chosen by Michael Jackson right what did she did she her goal is to be aides say parent yeah and she was just love sounds like she's taking you know every opportunity that she can as do all of us and she has a little -- since you're -- a -- as a really. You're semi professional singers -- gives you both have jobs means of reducing professionally. A lot. Now -- Yeah so that's that was my point where this hey go out is it now I'm Michael Jackson and these sheets you know everybody good everybody who's been on these shows are telling Demi even Carrie Underwood. Because that was sought the thing I -- about idol but was she on the season and -- guys -- -- now I wish I. But so she's the biggest thing to come out of American moment I can think this year. So I was so while there's an opportunity for girl that no one's gonna Europe but she had a record deal but again that fell apart before that. So it's almost like. This is an opportunity free to actually get that break because it you guys tried out for American Idol movement and I'm sure you got interest after being on match show you had two of pride a little bit not not as -- Am not thrown around DL no I'm not. Just singing from the camera -- at the time. Yeah we -- act enough so the voices that is a big deal and I -- that my question as I watched the show and I go. -- what I would do if all of a sudden because the cool thing about the voices. Everybody who's up there but is currently especially this group of judges currently has hits on the radio. The other two Blake Shelton -- at the other guys are -- you've got what I mean who for the first time in twenty years this hasn't happened in twenty years an album has three number one hits and it's him she's sitting in one of those chairs and you've got. Shakira and usher. To be aboard the top of the charts and each cure -- whether it's in America or anywhere near around the world land -- -- Toledo's -- because she's huge she's a superstar. When they turn their chair around. I don't -- like he keeps saying and I would be really intimidated to. It's how you could lead yet it's relief it's -- yeah they're thinking oh my god my -- knowing turns around you know important an -- yeah I mean it's it was unbelievable -- it's -- more like -- -- -- through somebody did -- act even knowing exactly in Indiana team. Regardless -- that was the goal you know is to make it -- I mean it was crazy that. To think that Blake Shelton and I'm sure -- secure an Adam would turn around for costs right now I mean it was like oh my gosh this is crazy back. Yeah we were relieved as were like OK doesn't matter what happens now in our performance we've already got. You know handsome and relieve her mom too -- his timing Hart it's an act there. So I put them might hurt by the America's -- answer your boyfriend goes to yes okay so there is although there -- all in the back room -- They're all back from watching on the monitors in the backstage in a room cameras on them and their watching. The performance on a monitor. And so look cut to them while they're saga is easier than using easier go come I cannot turn it Chara and when they don't turn chairs around and looks like and it doesn't happen. Remember the parents whose kids blew up in the space shuttle. The original one there in the new features and -- bush. And they're all excited and and that thing blows up in his pitches and that's that the -- -- -- -- on your own mind my kids religious so loaded and it is good. Had the shuttle moments on the -- -- the I don't my -- -- -- he's never gonna move out of that house so. Her. I've got your daughters and I married against personal -- and yeah Paris Clinton's senate and a couple of present Borough. So what happens now with the voice you've made eight year -- Blake Shelton's team throw why did you she's like you get to choose like so here's the thing I got to go listen judges try to sell you on why they're the best -- how good does that feel last night on -- with one out negotiate on a second I don't wanna see you ruin the rest your life. My goal with two judges hole. Lou we have two new judges who have no experience on here at all no one knows who they're gonna do -- -- -- about his whole big success is Justin Bieber do you think that was all him come time. Well I'm a guy who's won the show the past two years -- and -- that you chose him as your coach yeah athletes has Blake. We weren't we go on -- before he you know we're like to I do -- on the show and I. -- -- -- to come down to do resistance to assuredly be actually an odd deep and -- said never bring a black man whom I get a. It's on -- I -- yeah yeah yeah. I'm really -- from -- and I had to sell off. My -- -- he's then praise. 'cause you can be heavenly Chang going to change Joseph Williams got on the ball there I actually want not -- she lie in play and how did you want to like -- what she went to college -- you know you're the pessimistic when. You can now -- I could sleep DuPont country on the right here it's that you know but we know we. Saying in country -- people say we sound the best singing country we just got on even career why is. That Blake would be best choice and he's just so genuine and -- in past seasons I'd seen him really invest in his artists I don't know. I haven't seen -- -- before because he hasn't been on the shout. So we just you know what are the guys and I. Yeah I actually Canadian disaster and not a hand he's so genuine -- sour nice yeah. It's the Morgan twin car and re on her own free entry and I had children from an apple cart and remanded so. And again and now how many other shows have you tried out for since idol to -- trial for -- shows no. All know he didn't I don't think we really did did you ever travel out of the voice is relatively new -- What did you trial for a prior to being on this episode no please send Tina CEO audition but it do we didn't send in time gap so now so I mean spirited look it up online -- into the audition OK so really so both times you try to -- says you hit you actually gotten to a gas pretty deep into the tube Baby Jessica now I don't. Don't know with a voice. But we can name people whose -- American Idol granted there's more -- history there but what are they doing the people who one voice is anybody. On the chart well we're doing exit date girl that won this past season and an -- she's going to be you know Torino with some baby name news. I am but I mean early season four MB -- -- -- season for herself. I mean you know I'm hoping bats. Each day lol you know produce and some big -- -- you know. Tour there's almost sure. But as soon as yeah I don't as well we will lawless up plot so what is your biggest inspiration as a country some artists. Yeah I just say well Christina Aguilera is yeah I mean nick. You know how disappointed were you -- she's on the judge anymore. You're pretty Saturn magnet diet but we -- to unable to take in the country group because its turnaround for me I would I had don't ask sell I think it was it kind of worked out. The way it was those because that we could pick the country. Coach and -- guy that asks him. Who do you do we have to get some time to -- did they consider -- easily break -- -- -- I wanna ask you because -- from Manson to. Yep well high school when he central -- central focus we. Yeah yeah. I don't. And announce alliance deal like this and think about this what the meanest things somebody's ever said to you after a performance. Have you caught a lot of -- one of the things that I got on on YouTube announcing that you're hearing review was how much they've changed since day. More on idle -- ten years ago bottom line so -- and I have but but but and I know how much crap do you get to is doing what you love. Just think about that a lake I think it's probably -- real answer to it you might get some grief and even network. You know there's people kind of elected George unity secure all that because your own reality show I mean I gotta think that there is that we've all seen them to know if they do they don't say they know you can add things you know -- I -- -- -- -- support yeah. It did here's a deal you know that an area office there's that sat. Ugly -- That's ms. Rolle got five K and shift fifteen bumper stickers on -- carted sustain life that Jesus -- you go home now she sees you if you love you lose you know as soon as you -- go around. Oh my god that things can all right here's the question I didn't what do people say behind your back but to finally answer. -- -- to millions of rumors they got to hear the rumors we'll hear their answer to that next in the break room in 965 W --

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