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Danny Breaks the News

Apr 17, 2013|

TBR continues the search for Coach Muley, still missing. Danny breaks the news to the 60-year-old's son that he's abot to propose to his 30-something-year old girlfriend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David at least not within amputation. -- He says quote I had so many options when it came to win women for twenty years from. It's always that is seen it all mean in the popular brand. I slept with -- every pretty girl with two legs in her pants from. I even -- -- amputee from the so sexy amputees out there and haven't rounding those bases I value woman gives you room for flexibility going. And I love women who are clear thinkers. -- and yes David Lee Roth. I could -- have searched for a moment that his innocence that I could neither Dianne name you know will be and a guy like you know so he's he's not unhappy not. If you're only get everything the Diaz junior remain -- and everything was there -- the fifth everything's there. And I guess -- two I. I'm I cannot say I love my way of review without -- face. I'm saying then I think that if you fall in love with some money and yet I've known over the complete baggage I like my car -- of its miss an offender -- little boost. Police -- grumpy today should listen to finger. Well I'll say that your eyes and stuff I'm gonna get a little creepy stuff. -- a -- throwing everything there -- vs. IPhone. We all of we're gonna do. Number -- didn't know well look -- breaking news now we still can't find coach merely. We tried calling yesterday we can get his voicemail. Danny trying to again so we did say yes if we know he's good enough to -- That earned him some room southern people do that -- get pissed us Obama taken their guns -- this and communism come and homosexual rights and maybe descend you know on. Packing up more move and other countries he's talked about move another country and don't Albuquerque yet he did say -- -- -- New Mexico. Like no coach says there's just too many Nelson the city's name. Coach merely we will have muy -- and -- we recorded this with him awhile back oh that's for Def Leppard tickets so coach -- -- Saying they are new classes and that's -- to do his version of singing and and you got to pick up where he left off further true leopard they're for the Def leopard to get -- do that. In about ten minutes here in the break from emotional -- of Siemens. In the meantime we have breaking news analyst for. Tonight the guys in the sixties and he called up and he said his white piece of what was the last growth he started dating a woman and her third saying -- who's in his early forties and -- costing lives. So they any -- yeah we fought a lot and he thought she was after my money because I got a large settlement -- my wife died due to doctor negligence and I have a -- -- win win win win win for this -- on parole before -- -- God -- Again seventy course street so he says. I -- just call my son because we did break up now or back together we've been together since. Right we will right before right after the holidays. And and I'm about to propose and I've been trying to call my son I mean he won't return my call and I I think -- were together I -- us for dinner tonight learn. And probably the best time to calm while it was 730 -- we -- of Christian them to do the break. The intuitive and and I didn't know I think we can China. Mona just tell her on the air in -- Go that way -- happens breaking news in 965 to the Siemens. Missouri and religiously merely had to -- people we got another murderer. -- -- like numbers. The data. And see what's her eyes as Colin. There are gone Colin how you doing your old -- -- Goddesses are Christian or this is Christian -- the break Herman WC MF and were on the air. And yet so he got time for second. -- error we got an email from your father. Who all wanted us to to pass a message he says you have to return any of this phone calls. Your father did he used to date like a younger woman let's say for awhile. OK good and then they broke up for a while. Well appears that they're back together -- -- back together since the holidays and she -- know if you knew that hands because he respects you and you knew they you know yeah and she and basically wants to tell you that. Because the locks of love your respects you. He wants to let you know dad died he wants to probe the hole is. To her and he wants your blessings -- sir I'm here to break you dead news. I apologize it's bad news and congratulations to reduce -- Oh well why -- bad -- come what do what's the story that we're not again from an old man. I mean it. You know the age. Illuminated similar -- and calm. And actually are very as part of -- or written on. You know close -- far right form I'm not really surprised. By all of us you know last week has all the way to block and blew out we've been a -- reduce. He's got to high end restaurants and it. And so I saw them leave and each other home. She you know automated -- batter walked over and say I -- More notably note well I don't like those little ones like oh -- oh. A most of them seem to -- -- it is as simple curriculum and -- -- -- enemy and to be honest and cheap money are you into trouble widely and received a great courage you go to girl content -- -- and -- seeded green isn't just. She's yes you can get turned -- corner to cash for her because she won't -- a private school. Essentially basically. Just socially upgrading my mentoring your father. -- -- don't see you on the guy editor could do whatever you actually wrecked car last year to escalate. And then he blotter a Porsche I am. Many -- -- high German a millionaire. Well honey -- he's got a million. It doesn't lead to Thomas and his retirement everything else. Under current property occurred in our country all over red green and you shop and mountain top portion on the has been kind -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this. -- wanted to look at. Abort our hero well we're all I want all kind of coming around on this dude. Are you don't you know -- -- and high and restaurant -- and blew a sign in join in town he's buying their fancy did John whole -- his command. She's plan announced private school now as he was -- Harley school. For. -- well yes it definitely direct troubled water you can do it might actually borrowed money from him. Too -- I didn't make sense is this an easy article on the economic front because I understand -- are having to borrow money not -- Through his Waterloo on his brother also remain -- -- liquid Adam. I don't understand money don't second guess I don't have any of these elements. Think you know on the order -- -- -- Lash who would they broke up the first award split off awhile because he cheated on him much Pinochet should not move onto other Doug McCarron another older guys and he's -- -- -- I get -- think -- -- on this on them broke well let me ask you this what are you gonna do because a Porsche guy and this was ago for a just look at the Brothers and two others it's the SUV look at one right. I mean there's the kind there's this 41 but -- there's Porsche has SCI -- BS I think Diana writes I don't. -- 60000 dollar car called Hillary -- I -- I would have -- -- -- guys ten year old kid this is in the -- you fine for somebody unless you've created -- -- you really didn't and I am -- so the time and it's just seems odd man. Also what do you get a deal. I'm curious as what what's your move on your you're. Your dad wants is going to is say he's married he wanted to go to dinner with you tonight what can you do -- -- -- he's not what you're not returning his calls -- tank column and -- Well look look look look I love my that are great -- -- -- and and you don't manpower. Let's get some nice young -- seeing goodness Simon. Dot. -- late thirties to a 65 year old that's like -- that's the million and 65 year old applicants. To true already she's. She was apparently I thought he says he's closer to our -- mental not mobile gunned down -- and I don't. Forty -- He's pretty true -- funny I was for anywhere from fifty to a 100000. You know she's got to you know it is loaded right. And it is Steve Morse forty. There's almost like a sport utility via -- dollar yeah. Couple split -- it was too big for supposedly and recreation open -- agreement -- and total. Cause -- and I had a -- Have. Money somewhere or somebody a sucker before his -- and I keep close dual socket is. Well yeah I assailant the only think on his -- when you can't get Marlboro. Much harder and having been a -- sisters. That don't call me -- and OK you know if you want to call he can -- understand why do you keep agriculture broker then you only -- -- -- -- -- But what I should just support him because what's the point he's gonna do he wants to do anyway amounts of just keep the pace. -- -- -- -- -- You know come to support Obama has created affect me you know me what guidance. Well you're you're gonna lose and like all your inheritance is since I mean what's left -- -- -- -- second drying and -- when you stick him in -- ground. Mile away so about 10 got a way -- I -- -- the way I want a I want to come across all the way yes I'd probably too much control and family you know received. His troops and choose to condors -- -- to Bob -- -- -- these. Mother to two altered credentials and he's not you know he and continue Ellen and she's trying to do which is called Rick would -- -- -- -- under my wife's. You know because I like it. Yeah I like -- -- general -- Portugal or what are our fair you know I had an experience to lead in -- runs. Well now we know they're kids they're they're only calling each other Palestinian. You know would create characters -- and I'm week. Try to do something archived around speeches -- -- -- you know I mean. I know larger we're Italian you know like greeted. So there's a particular. What it's not just actually. Good morning and -- not describe to I'm not worried about the monologue -- -- -- who -- more tomorrow every. Future and -- -- represent the whole not just clean. Air and you know we've gotten older. Tell him anesthesia Telus I don't know it is that you get a very a due to smile on his say this is definitely tell and if he I would even get someone more his peer to talk to him like his brother. You're entering a neurosurgeon says it is the F it is -- -- to enjoy it but don't don't it's. And don't get caught up in the trappings so to speak is your go down a road that you may regret and now. -- -- All. Night but good luck. Our personal ties to Canada and -- -- you really disease -- that wheel house of that guy told the you know we're all of this as any other -- I got parents who are in their late sixties and that would be. That you know sure they give these stages I -- an elderly people and that's flattering -- -- -- it is.

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