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NYS Guns, Part 2

Apr 17, 2013|

The Break Room continues to discuss New York State's Safe ACT, and how NYS can legally take peoples' guns from them.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

6:5 WC am asked and about ten minutes to a breaking news and or run a little behind in an open debate on breaking news. We were talking about the New York State's -- -- act on the mental health aspect very interesting story out of buffalo -- Had we've got a letter from the police -- -- got to come down headquarters state trooper headquarters in turn an earlier guns. -- -- -- Idea why turns out that to get -- records yes. When you apply for a pistol permit everything is there henin doesn't apply and it and they have the access to look now under New York State -- -- active -- seeking mental help or you're talking to a counselor. And they deem you a threat they can. -- and you -- -- turn your guns and sucks. And I think everybody will be OK with that you know visit somebody who is medically trained. Says hey you know let down not so sure are very I think that's okay. But to just be able to -- -- so this guy had an anti anxiety medication that he took down an as needed basis to go to the doctor to get shots -- to the banister where every had a fear of doing. And taken a long time. They are they the police -- all came from the pharmacist -- is why I never said a word doctor -- doctor tournament. Fuel warning was and then that. X or somebody that they did this is. -- -- -- be as -- contact with just because you're on something doesn't mean you're a threat turned and that and that's the part that they becomes the slippery slope. Now says would rattle the case there are lots of calls from different people -- -- talk more about area if so I've got. You're on the air it's viral way art district are about our suspect that you are lying or -- -- people bought bought a machine -- for -- running. But some automatic -- not a machine -- for starters right you look this looks like an automatic room. -- okay do you think about there's there's a lot of ball but I can't do. -- -- got more remains are that she wants Turkey -- are scared that Dunlop was actually that situation wanted that the British I I don't I. Are -- by the minute biggest stock -- got to put a different -- captain. -- -- -- It's not a dollar average farm on stage you're at guys just look different. And everything right you got their she makes stocks for Turkey for Turkey cart -- anti Obama got in and out the ball up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is a great example of what I think is really overstepping. Given the -- happen to buffalo it's a scary I think that's scary. And that allowed people -- Tropicana called the United States. Because for one thing called you all called all really -- my opinion even I didn't corporate I was assured -- but -- I. -- he's all -- he's gonna have a real problem. You think he was shoo -- were president or governor. I next time I actually really originally pulled this move the mountain -- football and poker or tickle according to record what he was -- he was -- But you square in the -- art art you know and -- socially. -- -- -- Now I'm right I'm young people should use your opponent very articulate how many people stop because I -- grandstand. -- -- I -- needs an all Purdue. Anybody else first. -- -- Thank you are -- of the country's market and a New York -- great pleasure. -- the current government they've really rally against. And bear placed it outside here to stay. There really are armed better spoken clearly -- the bank -- after it hurt -- nationwide and -- you know or basically any day. -- point Ed they can you call beginning at -- -- very important she got a pistol permit and 76 and they had everything on you when you see everything what do you mean. They -- ice score records. From the time I was in general garden doors Tyler graduated high school. Drugs and the seventies. We talk to you my record -- Every doctor that I had so this is nothing new and I thought I was endorsing with a pistol permits are. -- it -- blue Porsche is the only union workers yeah yeah yeah I feel good second Generation X. debt I'll bet a large. And Asia as. -- destroyed well you go to adapter. As some would question here is -- control now like before your first reported earlier doctors you ask -- -- do you own -- you have got a house. Do yeah yeah yeah you're not obligated to tell you you don't you are obviously other billionaires. But if you don't know there's a lot of people are giving that information out there because they're unified. How about I think his skin howitzer between my legs are counterfeit. Julio life's big cleanup putting the and Arnold and eight world aren't true punk. -- -- dead and Zealand on Josh. They would rather quickly let's -- money. And I just really tired of these people openly accepting the fact you know. There infringing on people's rates. You know take elite medical attention for probably. And you don't try and fix that problem. And and you know there's. It is better. And we go about this whole thing like just leave it. I if I delay here's a part that I find scary is that this is a state trooper who can just go into the database then decide that and -- the sheriff's anybody can just find it out. And there are guys we know that maybe -- people shouldn't have guns for the pretty open about. Seeking mental help and owning guns and all that stuff and I go who -- I just. This morning radio. On the air it will be well. Little piece here I interpret. It and cut it -- put us. Greater people to meet you bill and especially -- have fought and died for this country for us to have the right to own these weapons. And just you know I think more than tweet didn't hit it a couple that they'll -- players believe -- a lot of people just turn -- back and I'll let you know to beat. Yeah it's not it's not just something they just. All of a couple -- kids and you just gotta give up everything. Was very utility dedicated. I don't have to give up what I have. You know especially with the way these laws are. You afraid maybe I'll give up just a little bit and there they -- every big -- and you know he did just. Okay now I don't have a gun. I'm pretty sure -- don't you ever again now you're so cavalier about Tony big kids. Event basically just a little bit more than that for me to give up to -- today she can't keep you guys say they. There's in this stage they wanted to -- the -- to -- able to buy a pack of cigarettes. And their fight and -- for this country. You know what I mean. Not I hear you saying I don't -- always say you know what the regulations. Anything's it's a knee jerk reaction to write a national trend right there Tony did two years. What it is it's -- didn't exactly what happened. A brigade you're driving -- on -- road -- a look at the windshield and forcing women to break and that's exactly what New York day. So you're comparing -- dead children to a dead bug in my windshield. Okay. That's how this thing and we got 300 million people in this country think Torre can't is going to make that big of a difference. I hope so well violent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it -- somebody's kid is and look -- -- -- lady Katrina yet when you hear a lady on TV talking about high every night. She touches the picture -- I have guides its heart wrenching heart wrenching and. And -- don't honestly and debris that sucked up all the time. Post -- looks pretty don't usually get you know they bring it up all the diameter blown apart strength Obama's big rigs here to wipe it away -- every. There were -- Arianna -- -- guy on fire on Sunday night gallery now governor earlier I just got to go. Cool for you -- it -- -- -- My -- might. Original thing was the mental health aspect of this if you can't exist -- the glaring example I'll ask okay. But if you took xanax to get an MRI can you don't want to be -- -- machine ran his. Prescribed to you it is flat image because like you should flag you and that's the part that's -- mean what if I go on a radio show on his -- Rant and -- and amount my rights and Tony there -- kids don't matter. With maybe Tommy -- bothers me that he says though I was so weird that it is still there nice -- discuss I feel like I feel like. As vile as what she said. Is said I feel like most people feel that way that it was a knee jerk reaction to that but it is twenty dead children then. That will never see and and and I know my dad had -- past -- accident yet. The next this -- had bill what do you wanna save Batavia what he would issue bill. Good morning guys and -- -- Well -- feel -- member of the NRA and the -- what scares me you com and wanna talk about what you. Talking about 08 mental health aspect of their -- basically you are years ago. -- -- work injury world war fought -- -- the well. Basically. They do your matter through bit let us sort out -- the pain in my own way you but I apple issue. I can't create meta cult and had -- which patrol. Car where McCord you go to -- -- -- Business. The Pope read on matter -- -- help with inflammation but it away and it -- and also well. What they had to have answered that news -- -- all of our yes. So attracted these candidates for its forward depression program right but it but there's something called. All off label use. OK now I've been able to read exactly and that's -- -- -- I'm gonna get you obviously I want to let your and I have a bit more yeah. And when this big mountain well all wanted to sit and wait for an opponent and go -- out. Now I'm hoping that that's not gonna happen and this is a mistake because. But speak it he did happen and any placed everybody's fear and why why a guy would have badly -- -- -- have a flier -- -- -- Tommy. I million adults. And that's all I'm saying is that people get up. Our. -- oh yeah. Bear clinic. At the sort. Phil thanks electorate got very little you know but Cuomo these kids want to -- each polling in Iowa now. Please don't know he's polling in which Elaine I consider aggressive might do empire I do what I don't like is this one let me just out and this is the last called and on adrenaline. And it's a mental health therapist she says I don't wanna be responsible for these guys down. You know contribute about somebody that and back you can be -- do they know again. And then I think what am I need you learn how you can ask your. Do you know -- it's such a crapshoot and you know -- crazies can attach itself exactly live. You don't -- it is finally have -- for an and that's why we have already on the books something called the mental health arrest. -- I don't want to be current collective -- that he can't predict the future however bloody -- Colorado guy said yeah. -- guys a threat and he called authorities did nothing really happens you know a lot of it. And so. Yes I literally deposit Nicky since a young women get it now. You know he's pushing mix 20% -- -- -- incident it's great fun it's. And you know I. -- You believe that. My -- fact go out and how about how about the fears that people won't come for help them right. Yeah completely right under your problem number -- democratic. Yeah but I think most of the people who were in the mental health field you're right we all need the but I think -- greater thing is a better society I really do I think most of them on day one -- crazy in the coming through -- and just like the funeral parlors love -- recognize. And I appreciate you call on it thank you for -- that the -- we were. The last who's crazy but I got to do it I'm doing it -- -- it done and undone and you know what to do so yes I think you know it's doing their Christian then get ready people yeah already not doing you're get ready for this. And when we come back -- -- -- to have breaking news coach meal and actually we having -- been able to get close to new gonna travel more time for him yesterday. -- -- Good what -- wanna say about the mental health aspect of the New York State safety -- act. So who probably has serious that might be a good example of what the discussion has that funny -- all. And the best book format and it might. We Norman Chad in Charlotte. That's what he shot the show with a look at the nobody left and again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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