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Scoops Carroll and Guns, Part 1

Apr 17, 2013|

"Scoops" Carroll calls the Break Room to share his friends' story, from Buffalo, where his gun license was suspended under New York's Safe ACT after his mental evaluation: For being prescribed Anti-Anxiety medication

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The New York State safe -- act is in effect and it has people. Concerned -- was raised his restricts what they combined and now I get a -- show my ID years something's going to improve American breezy. I get that fans have -- your pants while you're purchasing your -- let me -- let's get into because there are parts of this that are are very strange and the mental health aspect of this is one that I say in light from the beginning. And but let's get scoops -- on here because an interesting thing happened to a guy in buffalo can act and the scooper all that dust shock alpha channel thirteen kind of tell you that story of animals -- go from there. -- all -- -- else considering changing slowly they're saying that they're gonna reinstate this man's Second Amendment Rights. The reports are feeling that this may have been in the -- you and that's -- but this is -- all day yesterday do any need in the prior day we'll only start to get first what's really isn't being -- -- bench. Indeed a lawyer for the embarrassment to step up our trust -- state they get a geeky guy Alaska which we actually copy I would put it on virtually intact. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They interpretation Democrat state police -- requested to come out purse police in. Our center and on pit stop parliamentarian. Basically -- suspend it. -- -- And the water. Luckily in the last week that the best they could tell that this was under the actual new mental hygiene. And I get. -- -- like Miller received muttering crazy stuff like the bills are gonna make the playoffs. 60% of the time out because this lawyer claimed that the only. Understand. -- -- -- law enforcement data looked at this Internet radio ready yet to come down. I never got any new and at all any business and another drought that is you got it -- overrun -- the here's why can't the man who what why would wise -- John why are we. Except that it basically the only ventured to steady work and what he was once a -- and good he was afraid to go to the doctor -- -- Would occasionally and really didn't call. It argues I think are -- PR and eyes as needed it's not something I take daily to build up in my body candidate doctor about the auto -- a flight under -- had to dig apparel -- -- exactly. So understandably they knew we had the -- -- know how many guns he had flying around but now that saw addressing this business is I think. And this is the part that's a little scary. Because I think would all on the servers go I don't want guns in the hands of people who are not mentally well stabilized and I failing my sister and try to commit suicide twice as she saw the concealed weapons permits right. Knots now apple so this guy. Was prescribed this anti anxiety medication under the New York State's safe gonna act if the doctor thinks your threat they can report you -- -- to authorities. Nobody did that right John. Now -- now anybody can figure out there aren't good at commanders like nobody notice how they get the information he's got -- -- They added that something came out far beyond human. I'm and I think guys -- yeah I know I mean these are stories of our. They did -- started scanning data banks of pharmacies in the for flags. And in -- -- of these people have weapons OK tech could be -- because that's easy today that it did you or did you just scanned and say pharmacists say and I didn't know it came to -- sitting I didn't say anything you -- now the -- there is something called the -- a loss we have those privacy however all that goes away with a New York State's -- -- when you apply for pistol and correct me if I'm wrong -- You'll have to agree. That they have access to all your health records if you if a apply for a pistol permit -- like that OK but what that means is. A police off button just anybody. Can go in and see basically everything about you. And I think if you're gonna get a gun okay I'm comfortable with that okay. Then I scanned and -- look and I pisses me out and if you wanna gone yeah and you wanna sinner by an act guy and you've got to prove that made you and have nots at least enough. Right and you his gun but here's the part that OK so. Well let let's go -- -- that I'm pretty sure -- that means like everything from your last prostate exam to move the site so I. All available -- you when Danny probably couldn't get guns I have no I have nothing. I'm not on anything I. I kinda thing has been if you go see some -- -- what do they say. Not a but let's just say this in -- that the guy AM Billy use mirrors see somebody that's amount caller issues are good days saying. Give a drinking problem and local police say that's an addiction you can get -- -- -- -- -- -- on -- -- -- birds flying around -- -- that it could -- and that's the -- that would be -- well here's the part that's scary to. Me -- on the right now what segment of the popular population buying the most guns. Women what do we say the other day he sees -- -- ever -- -- because of the time -- -- -- hang on now there are Muslim women are buying the most amount of guns right now Larry Allen and I think that's scary what do we say last week migraine headaches. Are more common in women dating -- but three times more common share. My wife got one we went to an urgent care facility. That specializes in migraines right here Rochester. What do they giver who they gave her an anti psychotic called debacle -- -- is prescribed to people running giving you more hi -- that pops up tonight give -- -- -- -- She's not she's she was first she was given this man for. The off label usage and she's not bipolar she does not have any mental issues like she has no thing. But she got debacle certain. And because of that and they can take -- -- away. Jesus -- that's -- -- inept that and that puts it's kind of what happened to this guy and buffalo on the go well it's a mistake could it also be that an ex blue this guy in. And everybody's out of its first time this the first blow it definitely grown. But -- -- are safe and that's the part -- really scary about this and the other part the scariest and and I know that everybody old would go scream at the radio right now but just because your bipolar doesn't mean that your a threat the -- that you're not a threat to your gym which are not and that's the part that. Is the most of setting and the other thing is. On the other side this is. OK who's gonna go seek treatment. -- -- covered up because of what you guys -- gonna go man. And so we need the -- front act and I'm more scared of the guy -- pop and -- Conan decides he needs guns sorry for the guy -- over Drake in any thinks he needs ago sorry and those are the guys they get scared of more. Then then the once were actually seeking treatment and I -- is sure I know that you are ideal line and comes in and away. As bad as this sounds I'm glad this happened in buffalo because this was the part of the bill that I didn't like. And I I don't own any guns on the gun but I wanna buy a handgun and yet I get a shows have been his is that in Genesis apply for one of -- like out. I was shocked gonna go -- no. Beating new registration. I still don't -- and part of that registration it's not that different right there are going to be number quite well but to see you -- dirty and it's a -- right tool -- I don't and now it's now -- determined to you wanted to tomorrow and hope things like that yeah yeah. You know he's going to compete and no one cute point Billy and certainly there's been talk about the medication and things or leaving just. Don't seeking professional -- victims of domestic -- in mania. -- keep electing you fire are to protect themselves or something like that need to -- to be not tell you some. And didn't get the number trying different than what you're seeing and Issa report and late yesterday we started to get. None officials were ready to come clean with the course that he's a report that. -- -- -- -- And Singapore what is typically Monica -- and one -- -- stake. What's -- -- day -- still -- -- know why he took it fine down there I believe so I think. They need to just can't be the bad guys -- -- that brought the bag your Internet and that would irritate those ten million clean everything and and yet. And think about this too. When you watch television and one of the biggest things that are advertised now are medications so guided and not -- if crazy you're depressed if you think you this if you've got to. Go and now you've got that drug world does that mean your -- suicidal thoughts on that I think his drug he may have suicidal thoughts. You also -- you wind and cold and didn't want to let anything. So many affect any different sort about prescription. And even beyond that who -- and this is where it becomes the slippery slope to me -- police are investigating the -- and buy one if it's not use that they handgun owner but somebody in your house. Prescribe -- I -- it's not a mile ladies and so she's on let's say is all Austin which is really common for a lot of people when she's on that and they decide live the other hand you're gonna. But let the president know -- any. -- with the fact that if there's 30000. I think it was roughly 30000 gun deaths a year anger and as a year. And 20000. Of those pursue it I think the biggest and the the biggest Thomas and its us homicides and suicides right to get Tony doesn't even has blown -- brains that are reread guns stress the biggest issue I think we've guns. Is depression. You depress you get a gun at home right here but -- more so than homicides in Chicago you know what you were always makes headlines yet but I think -- I think to the people -- are gonna commit suicide will probably do it even without a gun. Maybe sell home buyers. See -- to me it's -- guns that in the room he may have a chance to save that person you management and also our spiritual mental health. But the -- -- right which goes -- if I think if the doctor thinks there's a threat -- they should call -- -- what happened in buffalo didn't know what that's -- did not call and did not have a doctor do that. So I mean yesterday puts on those days for a guy goes well I don't want the guy cholera that doctor and that man's doctor the man who shot updates theater Aurora said I'm concerned about this guy him he did what to -- -- says in the law that they would have to go man to investigate and maybe. That wouldn't have happened because stacked doctor did do what was right. I but I mean. Even doctors don't even know when they're supposed to say something or when they're not. You know random people come in and it and it and are supposed to feel safe and be able to say stuff to it a therapist and if you get ceiling or whatever it is and it may not be anything more than blown off steam nearly. But a pretty good -- it didn't matter because they give you take these issues of -- things have happened lightly yeah any other one -- passes legislation with a stop anything gain in it's it's a way it is I guess this is top of my enemy because yesterday there were shown my house he's a -- ideally the house had some time to kill and his -- I like half an hour. Born on priority and their. I don't drive -- down into where that whole tragedy you have been a lesser -- either been down there yet since it happened right so driving down and nothing's been done area it's all just burned down. Foundations. And I'm thinking about that dude did you move -- guy you can have all the gun -- issue one -- to -- action on the back nine. Certainly he got around all of it quite easily and got a gun so you can have a -- laws and don't need these people are still getting big guns and I kind of nods. And that the gunman was stolen in 1978 I know people in -- -- -- because I'm thirty years. Well I mean I know I was -- -- like it that we're gonna kill themselves regular finally kill that's -- that's kind of acting and and and and look I just think it's -- should be a broader scope in this bill to treat. Not have a 72 hour waiting period for all of a sudden yank away because now what happens is it does feel like there's a dictator it does feel like -- come to take my guns. And it dot act and I understand now I try to get everybody's point on this especially when you look at it this way in this. Is what happen again against her it's kinda -- it's an interesting case tonight and you know funny yesterday with what not funny. Weird what happened in Atlanta with a guy holding million and -- a firefighters anyone is capable phenomenal. Anyone -- portal I campers from economic and they won't -- they kept referencing. Webster volcanic gap because it was you know firefighter shot -- I get all excited they like Al got -- I didn't Tommy went down his. I that's why UN like he can help the united egg timer or kill my column -- -- gonna do yeah watchers porn Downey has conceded tragic Fitzsimmons. Tonight -- it's an interesting case. Think the final you know wondering if there a lot of lawmakers are critical probably one of the senators and -- the people -- They get hold public so quickly. These sort of discussion now about. What should IG permission be truly read it should we be doing mission and the -- tradition really. We can -- -- debate that can thoroughly he worked protests. -- -- for the wallet actually voted on where they are actually able to lobby lawmakers and tell them that is why we could have -- -- One of those things that data. Will continue to be -- -- -- -- because of the process where it happened in the last forty horse you know. There was it was knee jerk and it was and I am I really think and now I know people get upset -- When I say this but I think they Cuomo has his eyes in the White House he was trying to trump Obama in terms of initial something big something impact for somebody and that would. You know kind of shake things up and look like you're doing something in the -- do more harm than good. It's it's been one of the most divisive towards a divisive things and I've seen in a long time in terms of what were people's minds around and it slowly then looks like more more people to come into the side of overall this bill has a lot of problems. I don't get any Republican candidate you truly political and I. Call. It didn't help and need an interest in Sean Carroll thank you so much. -- -- My teacher Betty yeah. It it. You know about what not what we're not really feel about dumb luck I don't have a proper sleep -- at Oakmont and meet you want it no problem. -- -- people want it or not. I don't have a clip from our common good news. He really -- and it ain't done that he let. The government and I'm wondering all felt. Look at it -- -- get up. That got everybody you don't know whether they got this is it could be telling you about made and we didn't -- much. Why don't. Know what the right. Yeah but would disagree -- they have may have when you fill out a pistol permit your giving them the right man is an -- that regulates all your medical records and usually you can see everything dead and act on your word anymore now they can see everything. But I guess I'm just it's it doesn't mean there's any reason to take away to get a sense -- Have a reason to be a threat Danny and me in one day see everything even -- in the anti mile delay Tippett Denny's they know half tanks and that's the sad part with his -- to me because it goes this is where. OK so now -- MI and if I wanna own a gun on there's nothing wrong and I took that killed because I was afraid to go to the doctor now armed get my guns to US well I stop seeking treatment. Hey I'm bipolar. I'm never a threat might get a little manic sometimes -- not a threat. I'm not gonna go get help -- blow. -- -- -- really. Would be people who don't need it yeah well. Can't -- you were on their record and according to people -- double -- You are not important -- Or people that are crazy that don't get mental notes are expecting no score achieved 25. Pistol then. I heard about what people need it -- not -- -- what we're very. Economically go look at. -- -- -- All they're going to be great if people think he got -- other people they commit crimes in the. Being asked -- -- -- in combating the big step that they put the greater good might have to give. A couple of -- -- But he did you can't keep want it to be don't laugh out loud let everybody get a good because somebody else said and done and that I don't like. I don't like yeah. Then this bowl it was the hope that he. And exploited garbage on the people at both believe regardless of the hole. But scalpel now. -- -- -- wrapper off you know we can break. It. You don't know what the record at bayonet -- variance thank you good news is we don't know. Against -- -- a nine I don't know I know on its. -- -- drew quick and then we'll take a break we got and Jim we'll get to them when we come back Eric we wanna set. -- the broker one has ever shot machine out there. The -- and I think that's terrible. That may be in New York in the New York we've -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you know when it did you know -- -- Right and and New York he's always been a Tesco would seem off for example Rochester was to -- -- I -- I came out the -- early ninety's -- It's pushed through a law see how many people wouldn't pay attention. Then aren't they can -- way to proceed was gonna pay it that's you're actually go to the so far below I glory. Thanks Eric we'll take a break phone numbers 2226000. Josh Ed and Jim your calls are next to 965 W seamen.

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