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Celebrity Sex Tape Poll

Apr 17, 2013|

The Break Room shares the results of a local poll asking Rochester-ians what celebrities they would like to see in a porno shoot

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paul has come out. Asking who would you like to most see what color would you like to most seat tennis sex tape Tommy named three. And their ball to match com fifty over there. Jodie Foster Helen Hunt I'd do Helen Hunt and there -- I don't know why as I figured she was the same message DNA can do receives them lose Greta has naked and Sally Field a 66 then -- city like -- at the what did you say it's true over the area. Jack Harris C -- who has been in the older you know lake nurture yet -- -- -- cougars Saber tooth that's that -- -- the title could. So vivid entertainment according to a new call now. The person that most people would like to see the celebrity we'd most like to see any sex tape now remember this isn't necessarily a porno but. Kind of even as well there's a more ominous is a private take your look yes overnight right amnesty is not going to be probably will later though -- more became -- -- -- -- -- -- because the greens and you know night goggle thing you you seem collusion Jennifer. Lawrence. Probably Jennifer Laura Bush Tony to a beautiful just one for silver lining play out ideas and emotions get a beautiful body and she was also played doing -- daughter misty -- sick of justice. Do you smoke -- they knew exactly where it away from you hit it and Seth MacFarlane noted her in his -- sub -- removes any need all these -- actresses except for Jennifer Lawrence and she's a junior -- and -- she made that -- -- -- -- get a face yes. And Hathaway came in second had a way to straighten beautifully and their beautiful young woman Jennifer Aniston. George's is a third man. And I think Kelly very made the cut she's always in there. My how -- forty. 45. Miley Cyrus from chorus Halle Berry is you know it. Jennifer Lopez. That I don't know -- man I just don't. So it's about that -- didn't do a forward depends on the stuff like this year being very charming and and -- I think potential looks fast. Tiger passes out of proportion. A couple people that you may see at some point and in any real sex tape and then. So lucky this time there's an even a human being that looks like an alien. She's lost -- on the way yeah she reminds me of that -- it Tila Tequila yeah you pay what is that they get certain -- you look at the jwoww. It was all Saudi Arabia she's upset mad season Amazon status. And Lindsay. Lohan and that's one I think he could see its roots in her mid forties rights even guys 123 I think you could see that Scalia that celebrity people most like losing that money would be on Wednesday alone and would you. Would you make a sex it not for hundreds of myself. Unisex name means it's -- Amir. Us for the help. What I mean I -- well of all things are looking at Saks is -- wanna see people better look intimate but I know now if your fiance Christian and now. -- -- Which she was gonna go out of town now give me some good to remember you by. Would you do it now. Really because once it's out there it's out there but is -- who says it's gonna get out there Davies who says it won't get out once it's out there it's out there. You never know like what like -- now -- come along that can light -- and your phone. Towards your digital stuff and all the sudden year it's out there we learn -- sexting and everything ally what would you do. Like I mean if she wanted to sex tape if my girl from wanted to six it wanted to do in -- don't know what would you do. My dog just she was so they're remembering you -- -- a Bill Murray and sets up his camera goes in the room -- -- -- don't don't know I'm saying is sexy is a little ice sheets in the -- you are actually already Biden and I got a commercial work out for the galaxy four arrests where the chick goes hate yourself so yeah Brad I mean she minded -- sexy striptease. I'm saying if if it was a sex tape for just. We wanted in her room and as well I'm just gonna IG or not -- -- in my mind it's a sex tape colleague -- -- -- is of us having sex and I can watch it later. If I. You don't know -- let's see she gets your girlfriend asked you when you see yourself so I would say it's sex -- my wife wouldn't I've even said I would do almost always a negative six Saban and his -- I turn on the Michael McDonald CDs. And then like get out my smoking jacket. They've put a cigar and comedy really really good tennis sixty with Denny's or a sitcom did you expect anything more. If I just I mean I've just -- on my my point is there and see Uganda has such an -- today yeah yet as such -- ego. To think that. I'm so fantastic man I gotta watch me some. Well I mean you got to be -- I gotta get that thought process and I think that there's bomb. A lot of people man who'd do this. Obviously and I think it's more women Forman and I think it's a narcissistic thing -- -- -- -- changes Menem's I think it's more like a -- did on herself for the -- and I yes but when you're talking amount. Couple sitting down in the men did Enron and they're gonna bang and then look channel and we wanna see a sex tape but these are sex tapes and I don't know what the -- every hour delay of scenes so arts. Face always like a security video and a holiday in Carolina second there was one that was a huge hit and I know you enjoyed it proudly so -- We're joined Tommy Lee that was funny because behind the boat or what is frank yeah but I mean that was not reading any was he necessarily ask -- was not -- that was funny. But it wasn't really sexy. Pam am supposed to be woods is having sex again. You know is really great because he was his hold on to the camera in the car and stuff yeah is Christine Benz six -- headed there yeah. I mean this is Michael what do sexual -- Yeah. Gerald Ford music whatever is extent. And now -- Due -- equipment picked -- for what he's -- I just think that. It's become so widely accepted that it's so easy to do in a commercial that BL. Man the woman says now later granted that's probably -- -- thing more to do you around like a transcontinental. Flight and a guy whips out. And I've had family members who worked in the airline's plan they would say to me that me never wanna use the blanket so long flights and of course and -- guys -- men earn and use any N draft right hurry and I you know seventeen hours to Singaporean somebody spank him and yeah. Yeah as someone who lives out their phone and takes a peek at a Nextel need to take in your sleep off. These guys they think this way a mile high jerk club sol man Nancy. The celebrity that we don't wanna see his -- state on regulators and then. And millions of present donors in his exit and I'm just talking (%expletive) right. But all of a local checks between local celebrities are ga area -- following Graham let's do local celebrity would you see Carolina from the few solo. She's cute and true. Don't get to their wounds. -- -- -- concern or not I'm not gonna her for I was not gonna go to her for I was trying to sort of New -- Semis summary -- stay away from -- know sure I casual people who kind of dipped their toe in like the cash for gold blond chick. Remember the initiative to Malia -- it's okay do you wanna see your music and not an -- now. -- anybody regardless who -- I personally I think I think that's local celebrities you -- sixty but we're talking like. Borderline as a little girl he listed -- and Barnes twins yeah. Florida well Morgan's bottle -- mortgages are beautiful that almighty god don't even asked them yet that's not even close until then every guy was -- see those -- forget it -- what about Islam. Dick guide. A Seve as gifts yet he's adorable. I can't think any other I'm trying to think of it but it tells us citizens turned over already add up. TX I don't -- the women into words what -- usually it's more news you know watch a lot of bugs those Tuesday in the news and I know exactly where yeah we'll -- there were times you know earlier we please go relay I know you're. I know you landscaping that mines -- You from losing clients yeah could kidnap -- sexual abuse and Tommy in the news and we know how American who -- I don't doesn't -- -- all know it is second to the benefits is you've reduced. To ghettos Michael streamed into the discussion with the hopefully I can -- Jennifer Lawrence tops the list of the celebrity you climax you could move back. Janet Reno and stop that -- -- it. -- It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Taylor -- myself love. I'd just moments then -- -- it's for kids. Can see the room. Got to get you should invest -- let's look at the camera -- WC Oprah could not come watch these two hyenas just. Yeah. Fuselage vikings defense and security and they're like yeah well please it'll stick not just give us. After all then hit -- good it's going to be windy today. And I think -- and you know getting. It's came -- and you didn't know maxim that two -- Yeah. Be polished and well yeah. Do you plan makes him look. -- well -- And also a new video screens that they can hear your line and perhaps like you couldn't place the man. And yeah. So all started because we didn't look yeah. Does dictate you know it and so local celebrities I was trying to keep it away -- -- -- -- yeah. This is a you know roughly between humility I guess I don't mind no -- Britain isn't nearly every group.

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