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Bill on 10NBC and FCC

Apr 17, 2013|

Bill discusses how much vulgarities are allowed on network television, according to the FCC. Bill and Kane-o talk to an NBC reporter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Boy some stuff happen in sports. Big brawl last -- in baseball. With the LA Dodgers and the San Diego Padres do throws one that is had they charge mean it was like bundled in for you say -- -- -- in the get big just put -- -- women well this let's go out punch yet yet the Milan won. Danny well it wasn't intentional at 32 count and nobody know it until -- -- we got two flights we go about the ballot. Led to apologist. I just I don't know yet ask Carlos Quentin Bryce did their 32 count well I don't know I don't know. -- Carroll's group was the energy runs up when he hit and he charges cranky the pitcher and cranky crouch is down to like stop the blow exact Greinke is out what was to be acquired by the Dodgers in the offseason began. And the Greinke was supposed to -- like every fifth. Day today -- is open now I think he's -- in almost seems like every fifth week and seems like there's a lot of time there they're donating another hit a boxer when they got Greinke exactly as he was of Sony's. Great pitcher but he's got a lot of he's had a history of had issues and that is Clinton went after him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The unit and no word baseball do that and after the game. Our -- was confronted by some dodger players in the parking lot afterwards. A lot of problems and a dodger Portland Oregon again that was leaked it doesn't gadgets are gone he was a San Francisco fans know he did he got yes tell that died yet indicted on no doubt but during their clothes -- his gang stuff. -- I think looks sort of cable broke that up. But you know do what time did she couldn't get out of my target line. But Clinton has been hit more than any other baseball player since two dazzled by his -- -- -- -- parking lot. But they summit summing up -- like broken every securities back there and boy is go rise despite a plus there so cold -- So America is as exciting a fun watching this game and in my mind in this game what are the chances that I hear a leading profanity come out of somebody's -- and easily on those big -- microphone thing to look like umbrellas lemon bleeding -- -- -- -- I'm -- the masters yesterday Michael woods drops an F bomb for a there. How the F tonight mess that is tiger was how the F did Imus that's cameras right -- so OK she's -- fleeting and isolated moments the FCC is thinking of relaxing the rules that they have. So. I get a call yesterday actually getting got a call from rail models say and would I talked to him. Come may be feel important for -- submitting comedy -- Danish guy and all nor animals publicist now if somebody's got to saw other just maybe left him and the -- my feeling on it is especially for this program. Stevens a fleeting and isolated moment. If someone's talking to me about something they saw on the -- -- and then I thought holy -- I couldn't believe it. Well that's not offensive. There have been I'm so glad they finally I have done shows where we were allowed to swear their right were we were on satellite and we could swear. And it was uncomfortably as the woods is done at that point just because it was -- turn into a fourteen year old kid Mathieu was evident read every -- story I think is due to injury being premeditated and yet off the cuff right. So but I wanna play the peace the channel ten did it and -- I feel like it away it's sort of I have to admit is sort of misrepresent it now it's sort of misrepresented. And then let's talk about some of the stuff that's on TV there's a show on television right now -- on network television that I think his. Probably more decent than anything and yet there's really nothing the FCC can do. Because it there's no nudity and there's a but in terms of -- he's a rock city tonight's. It's graphic it's -- yet not joining this cellular and put -- top here is it'll start out with -- Lomax put. Listen to the halo Macs on her radio he's talked about US and listen to this piece listen that's. The question for about what goes over the airwaves should the worst profanity and nudity be allowed on the major television networks and radio. Basra -- should go worst profanity and unity and allowed him but there's -- -- for vanity well I guess an album gets his refusal is. Fleeting well of of. But this is words that I feel like it's misrepresented that is what they're looking at what the new commissioner saying his. Isn't an infringement on freedom of speech if I tell you can't say that word but it's set everywhere and every day language and and the most people they use that language -- are higher educated more money people you I know I've had program directors go to New York. It makes you sound less educated and dump well guess what they just did the study for the people with the highest education to make the most amount of money -- the -- -- swear the most say so if that's the case to -- we don't have permanent area. Should have a right to be able presumably Ganassi children watched a television without having any concerns about the contents. I believe it or not the FCC. Is considering loosening up the rule all of my job. Like disguised falling. Only cash and the combined. Keep up the rules they chairman of the Federal Communications Commission has ordered a review the FCC's indecency policy. And his -- reason to make sure that the policies. Are consistent with what he calls vital First Amendment principle solely as you can imagine. Yes this raises concerns with a lot of people who parents that we spoke with today ray Lovato is looking into that. Well Don Janet this review came about after a Supreme Court ruling last year. The FCC tried to fine fox for swearing on the air and BBC for showing brief nudity. But the High Court ruled that the FCC's indecency standards were quote. Impermissibly vague. A case scenario it's vague beaten and we don't know what the rules really are anyway cart series is an arbitrary your -- you're not doing it on a consistent standard basis. As said by the Supreme Court. And this guy's looking and it just say. Are we really really doing this in the best interests of the community grants the people who complain. The most complaints she'll get. Or -- from people who didn't hear what they're offended by. Whoever was the Stanley counsel to that Parents Television Council got an electric and Syria. -- so we took this question out to the community today should the worst four letter words and nudity be allowed on the airwaves. Our first stop was to the studios -- -- museum operations through until -- we spoke with on air personalities they came. Can't go Moran CO MF like other stations in town does talk radio in the morning in the topics can be -- Callers occasionally have to be bleeped out brand hasn't. Gay laws are designed never said they. All all all -- -- this is after DS and and I feel like that in capsule rises to the true raw emotion of the person talking. Yeah that's I said. Provocative and racing. -- but I mean if he doesn't agree I didn't bring up any issue -- that's a hot topic was somebody. Anywhere -- and count how many FCC violations are in their first sentence there. If we just can't let me I -- that's a -- none of that made it on the news but I said that Danny was stand in -- written and you know none of that except on them but instead it's eight they added the more I think about it and there's a little twist to this. Brands in favor of relaxing the indecency standard pursue as long as the -- are not used for shock value. We also got the other side of this from people on the street. So -- -- because I think most people -- real -- -- -- for shock value and their shock jocks. Are included -- NBC said shock -- with sensibilities. When he does not another collision what do you do for a living chuck Jack shark circles -- track -- -- who wants -- to sensibility saw. It's not my point is to say just to say it to shock Q. But I think what it again think of yourself when you've just described substance. You know that's a barge is think about some that (%expletive) you off the work and you went home and talk to your spouse your girlfriend or just a friend and you say. Okay. You wouldn't believe that as I had to deal with today grip right at all well. I don't see anything wrong with that that and that isn't done to shocked as you discuss that tell me that it was a bunch of crap. Here. We also got the other side of this from people on the street. If it's changed for fleeting. I think it's overdue. I think that most people when they're expressing emotion and use that kind of went with these aren't done to titillate or two shock people it's actually the way somebody. Talks and sometimes. When there's a whole we ask that flies out of somebody's not there really kind of caps wants is a moment and how they really feel in that moment. Nowadays I feel like again it's leading it's when someone's talking by fleeting I mean. It just it's it just rolls off the -- -- it's there and gone and there's no focus on the word in the words isn't what they were talking about the word expresses the emotion of what they're talking about which may be. I'm just to use the gun issue is one program right now. More passionate song yet or or mile lady don't make more I found her dead with somebody else and on after an out of my mind a guy. They'll -- there's bad. Here we go for a moment no absolutely math. I don't think children. Need to hear that I don't need to hear it I thought you know it's just snap -- -- part of what I think our culture. I think when you go to the kid card you deal from the bottom of the deck and you weaken the argument and ruin it completely. There are children's program channels they exist already. I know that I can turn a four year old once a final which you -- at the courthouse with the it does yeah. That's our audience and and I you know I that they ask me about kids what about your kids and I said I'm a bad one. Not I'm on a bad one I I always think words are words. However I also know having a three year old that if he goes to preschool can use drugs and alcohol animal language you can't do that him and I said but here's the point. Ray Lovato and anybody else in the room of the time I should think about. How you talk at the Thanksgiving dinner table and think about how you talk with your friends think about how you converse with your boss and lives as a -- my -- and how you would talk to your body size in and on the radio you're with your friends. And that stuff is acceptable. The right were friends with I mean. I I think that when you tune in this you don't -- a thousand radio and you should be able to save that stuff and it's not offense it's anybody's on offense is -- and in if your kids I don't conversation what happened to everybody who goes well where some parents the parents need to parent will go ahead and certain turner lost. They go somewhere else see them that this stuff is gone forever you've got Disney channels you've got kids safe channels. You've got. Station in town on the FM dial they can just beyond super friendly -- never honey worry about what's going to be said OK great. I was with. Or is again the when he your buddies from three had yesterday's. And he's a guy leaves behind the guys. And he's his I would I do my wife -- listen -- you 2 in the morning then buy it and I change when the kids get out yet because I got there on in the shower yet. Well get ready but he says his kids come up again changes my semi and it's delayed mostly by the operate there -- -- thank. I'm pretty sure you don't want to fill this thing on HBO with her four year old now and -- for you don't realize it and I literally -- embed Brett. Right now okay then that and that would be exactly my point two -- -- car audio as seen on channels right does not kids if you choose to let your kids. Haven't on a new wanna be cool fun and and I think that -- -- great -- and on top. Syria fish should be restrictions -- that restrictions on what people do want -- do it in which -- you are because. I guess we already lawless enough -- Washington -- -- we need more than a quarter. For our children in order so you know some positive changes America. I gotta say this I did make any I gotta say one you make any sense to -- black man talk about a B lawless we need more laws. Who gets -- -- -- -- that I love that followed got back. It's a subordinate. I don't argue saying. I think he was trying to get to the to -- KM of civilization. May be. Because it's part of our moral thing and everything you need to go for a tooth decay I got a doctor Daley didn't so -- -- I'm I'm institute -- Because he because volume being kept. Because in these are cavities are about to keep if -- -- -- could actually get up plus hold them and -- the senate just text and even the vice. President Joseph Biden -- set on an open Mike this is a big -- deal true yeah. Because why it expresses. The gravity of the moment -- happening capsule rises the emotion it does yeah. -- -- While this is going on the FCC says it's just focusing mainly on only the most serious complaint. Ray Lovato and used enemies not suited to -- -- And -- -- reality is that there is no nudity here I'm not saying that we should be just the wild wild west and -- ago. But if somebody god and dropped an F bomb. I don't think that that should be a fireball offense. Mean I don't think that won't work talk and sometimes it has slipped in conversation. There are times -- -- to kind of punctuated a thing but even that it's fleeting. The focus isn't shouldn't be necessarily the word but maybe the emotion and it is behind it and that's all and if you wanna talk about you know. Kids and and all you had the NYPD blue. Let's go way back right on the they showed brief community events do you think they are audience was offended. OK so -- who why -- we do this we've now made the community standard a twelve year old girl or 82 year old old man. That's not fair there and that's not fair and that's not right. And that's the part that I I can't stand about this and on top of that right now on television there's a show. It's on ABC. And it's called scandal and it is probably the most graphically. Oriented do you close to the line show -- it's got a huge following now. It has some really graphic sex scenes for television meant. Like to covers are moving hard and there's some heavy. Previewed. Early in the morning you've ever seen on TV but yet there's not no body parts shown no brief community and the language is. Up to the line but not over two minutes on at 10 o'clock at night. Exactly but people that that's what they're talking about success and that's the thing that you know well maybe it'll change now Tom when he -- puts up. -- part. Both -- here because of apparent about what they're on the I got three. Look at -- are part of the problem. Articulate but that there well our court that there are -- being there are other part about all over. Although -- are quick there. We're perfectly recover -- they're not. Is that. If I -- and we respect all -- -- that Hillary is simply block call. I have no forewarning would let it drop of our government it from the -- at the editor at it but this is it over the last minute. Pletcher who -- on the Internet but then -- -- three year old the revolver bill bulk. Just look at what we do our TV there's usually -- rewarding -- -- other but they're very good record aircraft that. Believe that the government now -- wondered what you in -- That's what it is that all the copper that bomb blew concrete well -- -- -- here but now that there are here. I saw Eric Cantor your kid and I would say I hear what you're saying -- -- -- skirt is panicking go to school inserted drop and dirty words is this in the -- my father say when he nominee. Hurt himself and it does limit that you got a parent man. They're the exception of central a moment or two about what they're unified what are go on record our director here -- Peter and could well. The special moment that you used the B word maybe. But I mean that that could be apparent that were thought people like Patrick wrote them all yeah usually don't need to drop they'll work because they're. I think they're the only women you get there award at the -- -- they don't want your book cover them -- but do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ice -- and I know that it's hard for children to. Discern when it is acceptable and when it's not that's your job as a parent -- say you don't get that you're not at all yet but most kids don't. -- usually have a language they you don't even know all behind your back in right you're not you're not with your kid 24 hours today and you shouldn't be and the work. Of course you should know they they should have a chance to scan their knee and how do you -- in society where you can and where you can't. And lest you trot in these all schools so there's that. There's also every -- we're -- stuff on YouTube when you're not look him and and that's something that comes with no warning or anything anyway I'm so. I Iraq the public can't get their ability to hear this. So you're on your parenting job so that's -- -- -- now when he go to the C word there is -- personalized a dozen known that that is not that's one that is called an inflammatory words in new if you drop that. -- -- you have eight it's hit your head. And it's fun out here like I wanna say it. The you know how it happens when you say god you're such and then you say it yeah -- -- what he did to get a reaction you're an argument anyway. I got -- You know who did I can use the word to you yes I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Up from lord here we are -- -- here are usually don't look there what happened you're there are certainly aren't yet -- it. Everybody but. Everybody thought you're all here at all are more important here acceptable here acceptable word that the vote there there would have been acceptable every. What have you on our -- are able to -- some point. It is acceptable we just say it and nobody will answer and you think society's gonna fall because the C word -- You don't you're gonna -- broke. An operation like that got -- what they're so quick -- -- -- group. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes they can socially acceptable but as an underdog thing is we're gonna do this -- gonna crumble because these words -- But in the record -- debate that we governor I would see what a lot. Greg Carr called every doubt that in that at all they -- Alien -- anywhere lined up all that because it consequences that thirty built into the system. There are covered or not criminal -- we don't usually get ahead don't worry you won't get it the better job you'll figure it out on your. Let him leave any on the air too long but I wanna leave you on the air because I hear that thing it's bother me what you're saying because. I guess -- you what you're right but we have to -- but that you have to have some decorum. And there are some places like you heard. OK -- but I have gone into the almighty highest boss's office here and that there's a higher guy but he's not just here. I've gone to the highest person in Rochester and I've used. Almost every word you could use other than -- -- on the -- drop in that office and I've done it. Passionately and pissed off and all kinds of stuff and nothing happened because they know and come home that. -- -- -- -- Man just -- -- the -- they know it's disputed or mineral. When -- -- radio this year I understand that in your debt -- you're you're popular color one there. When you're out there and now you're not in the room but just because our public about aren't out there -- thousands of people remember what you operate don't -- -- Boom you have to be respectful all of them feel more and ask them that they have -- that you are added that it. Well the -- get better got a very good with that. We didn't play it right now we do -- I'm not saying we need to do to turn on the walls and start gone. -- job you're not being all I wouldn't say that if we were allowed to I would say that's not today's. Well fought the funny thing to me this whole conversation is. Is that we talk about so much stuff that is some far more offensive game than the actual dirty word yeah we actually have. Really. Pretty -- -- conversations in this room yes about -- little -- no but no -- -- dirty language. Know that everything she's a clean break I had some -- to me the other day when we talked about pubic hair -- -- guys came right up to the line that was great you never crossed a lot and I go yeah to delegate we didn't do was a winner right it's in the. Sure our military get Iraq right here I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not a Bible open and deodorant and you just what you guys. They're good partner and I want it DVR on because I think that's do you represented. A lot of teachers thinking I've I do I just happen to think that your kids in the -- -- just in some email us. Under court order -- ensure all you -- -- are permitted under our -- -- -- at the very. Well as a dirty girl in the park on again about. Tom well we have a good day speaker ever go -- so. There. The context used to express feelings yet that's come on same -- -- Jeremy. Yeah I agree I think that sometimes how many times have you had a conversation. And this has happened on the radio button where or just saying something and we drop. Would you -- Tommy's -- I've done it. Callers have done it -- cause of -- it and we. And -- caught it but I'd never even heard the word disown the bra because that would not even that is not -- -- it's just like I'm so focused on. The meaning of what they're saying not the words that they're using that I I've sometimes missed it. There had that protection come out of every guy -- effort -- in the bottom right. -- -- -- It is 88 years old really needed that. They know what they were at the CE -- theory is there any store -- -- derogatory Turk. Right it if you did and didn't go expressing -- dealing that's so called earlier that header you know APEC. Our boys president of the United States is this is a big F in deal on an open Mike and his nose and open Mike he -- -- casually write it again he's not being derogatory to -- he's just saying this is huge man. And he could have done -- -- so huge or he could have said after -- deal and I'm more with the -- the deal comes out of -- promoting somebody doesn't advertise an arsonist they're trying to. I -- I'll see you -- Thank you listen and we'll take a break on numbers 2226000. We can text in the 99404. The break room says god DSL soon found 965. WC a --

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