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Apr 17, 2013|

For a chance to win Def Leppard tickets, Coach Muley "sings" classic songs, and callers have to pick up where he leaves off. Bill goes off on his Health Insurance charge

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We got tickets to death -- floss her. The so if you would like these tickets where right now gonna play muy -- coach merely record of these before he went MIA. And you have to pick up where he left off. Eric is in Rochester EC Def -- slice. You know physical fight winner. LA court where Jack and want to -- Okay well -- into the rock and roll hall of fame I think next week. -- so Eric this is going to be at C Mac it's July 17 tickets for the show go on sale on I think it's slash. -- open up the show when Myles Kennedy you know miles candidates of that that's going to be great showdown at C Mac. On July 17 tickets on sale this Saturday you have to pick up -- coach -- leaves off okay. -- -- 6000 if Eric can't do it maybe you can the tickets will be yours guts. Carter I'm a little. -- move. Got me a photograph. Pitcher -- fashioned feel. If you -- The only wanna. -- -- say Bradford Graham because you're am not a very good. Britain and Germany and elements. But aren't doing so -- -- about -- crummy -- I know are not far off the planet thing. My parents. You're going to show me an email and. Just like laws -- fair I don't know. This for a while yes. Tonight so Eric is go to C Def Leppard nails are right out of the park muy O'Keefe. Synthetic. That's it that's their tickets today. -- laugh at. Thanks has gotten by folks so I have. So that love to get people's take an exiting this relates to a lot of of people know him so I get his bill from -- health insurance. Didn't and it says that I oh. Sixty dollars for a visit to the doctor and the insurance didn't cover. Yes some look at them ago -- this makes no sense mean and it says that I pay to cope and I've paid I'm 35 dollar co pay I paid that to the visit was 95 dollars. Well and all -- made an embedded in deodorant story right so this is this I can't figure this out aren't so I call the insurance company in the golf. Because it says your coinsurance charge. -- -- yeah that is a new word OK so I guess also like to complete anal f.'s job site call them up nicely what does this mean well. Europe coinsurance. Wall league the package you have only covers 70% so 3% of why men and I always say I can't cope they would do it milieu data co pay. For the service. There's a facility charge phone yet -- -- rent hikes -- a landlord my landlord dream I go what then they go yet there's a facility charge. And on Europe policy. The coinsurance. You always cover 70% of it that means you have to pay sixty dollars -- had damn men I don't know. Wait a second but he used to be covered MI time all this he did -- I said I don't I visible eyes and I never. Heard of this is there a facility charge what are you talking about what's not us not us. But it well landscaping light being in pardon okay. How annoying -- If a doctor's gonna charge. Of facility charge -- in new thing is know for all of you go to work. You gotta be our consumer of health now. All right so just like when you go and get the best deal on a car. The best deal out wegmans and the best deal at a fitness or whatever it is. You're consumer business and now the -- I have no idea is a way out is Elizabeth the prices and damage estimate is so I know how to wind note to charge facility charge you're gonna have to ask. But I know I say OK so I have to ask them this is my 35 dollar co pay cover your facility what are so I need as possible how to wind no. Well you -- and in doctor. In. I should yet but this should be I was told when I signed up for this that everything I had was well that's not true not order -- find out. Well it shot on our website idol but it's not your website that was there right what did they do -- doesn't exist youthful look to make this up. No no no no belly -- drug does not Everett says should -- You have to call this doctor's office. Tender and as the actual doctors went so I call a doctor's office have been cheating -- not that I said hey can you -- Clinton to -- in my church is charging -- -- facility charge and -- -- the 35 dollar -- -- The facility charge they go what. I suggested to. I would never heard that and so the only Israelis is driven money ideal way to city you'd you'd never heard of as a signal their lesson okay issue is hang on second. She pulls up my policy. Calls the local people handle -- -- and then never but there should not be facility charge now. Fan I go okay. I smell hang on -- independents and this is by the employer and an existing case he would be again we have to be consumer I -- this is the employer so maybe they have something. I say how does a bill she's a well -- -- a facility. She is but we're not sending a separate wind the doctor was this the facility is this we're just -- Jews they don't even know what doctor he saw. Did they don't know if you saw a physician's assistance grant a sixty bucks added that there -- I know Lauren okay so how to -- do you this year is I don't know. I -- Who would you never she said we deal with independent health plans all the -- time and I have never. Ever ever heard of -- facility charge ever at all in my existence I haven't and I called your local handler the person the people here in Rochester they handy thing. They never heard of this it was -- it is -- The insurance company but I do who's that person I called them the -- -- and they're gone. It's not us we're just -- -- it's not us don't ask us we don't know was and does that sort of coin don't -- be kidding me. So now I I call -- now you call I call back and go can I just have a supervisor somebody that can explain this to mean and as I wanna leave a message. Andy says on the outgoing message climbed back within an hour or. Simon heard it's been almost 24 I don't uses the call back charged remarks hitting it. It's it is so hard it's more right to navigate ethnicities does sixty dollars now when you go in not only should you say mr. go to the doctor today. But I have a cultivate these are also a facility charge. Where he wasn't just hey you what I imagine this say or what are the other charges as you know as there. You know as they exist -- might be some miles -- the weird part is premier saying your doctor build it that way the doctor goes never heard of it. Don't know never this is the most confusing frustrating time they -- BJ they went Judy get so frustrated dishonesty in the sixty dollars an evident and I guess -- this -- might nobody has -- time it's almost done down all day. So think about that the more confusing they may get. You're just gonna end up pain anger screw -- and it's absolutely. Horrible in that it's this way pure profit it's a made up saying hey it doesn't go to anything it just goes into the bottom line I go why. The oh yeah -- you picked -- thing and only paid senate I go first of all. I gotta tell you that night went I may call after call after call after call and I sign up for this. And what I signed up for. I was given. Completely wrong information like. Everything for me individually as a consumer. What I was told is full of shaving cream and -- and it's completely the opposite and I'm going. But you but wait but but and they gonna -- you know we had meetings everything I know I know and I had. Hours of phone calls that are document that causes accordingly management upstairs I think Kyra I couldn't believe this Benson Henrietta when he was -- -- bend -- Do you have like -- Blood where there is a new record. -- -- Now this is just simply an office visit. So you have a cold today to see the doctor right everybody does. Act now all I've -- this place there's a facility charge. Selected and the jurors goes I never heard of it but the -- yet -- would -- if you wanna know about that you got to call the doctor because they build and the doctor goes. Hope never heard of it. Yeah that's great well I can't figure a guy like it. Where they're quick but I used but they got a lot of -- to do well but well -- but it. -- -- that would be about that is almost like gets lab work I understand that. That's like that it may yet but -- -- so I am sorry if they go now we don't you know what -- -- brutally. Bring the bottom. Yet to through one I had Tommy who don't want to put into our next Jim is a righteous she's got the same problems Jim when he was. -- probably without -- doesn't I don't want us to get my case you know my equipment bomb. And build -- second party -- you look at Miliband NBA going -- company I didn't got good debate was it now. Equipment that we've got some good at that we don't want to spite -- face -- company. They tried to call -- middle and end up 40 wouldn't that our recording minute. And I read -- they probably won't go talk -- -- -- I would do people who helped popping everything with Obama voicemail. It is all so I've got frustrated at birdie and a -- in a. It's easy and Tommy's right gold there it's almost like there won't Wear you down and get the think but the bad part is this is affecting everybody especially. I mean everybody Maria and it's it's it it was it even exits are -- while and -- just sixty if you went let's say you went and then he had to go back for follow up REI if follow up and -- -- the -- facility it is like how -- -- become and they say what you -- -- -- -- Where's the menu where's the thing mark what -- wanna set. Competitors or watch -- pretty sure you go to Richard felt like my father was -- out recently. Yeah and it was -- -- partner rod urologist or something like that console. -- it was blocked by his rulings follow all look at the chart. And it -- that was a console. It's. Mostly all season to the main. They'll probably sent some pictures the other -- lead to -- and but -- you know I mean they. If if you saw -- here go here that a hospital would be sure didn't just pay it. You can get them. Yet there at the prospect of the marriage shall we ridiculous now. Or we kept an excess because -- -- etiquette so who spent most of our expansion right but people know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right MM one L and the cost has been passed I guess we capsule when Jeremy the -- putting us about facility fees. All -- -- -- -- and that real quick Billy -- quite a 200 dollar facility each and every patient -- in there expect to pay 200 dollars. To articulate it seemed all -- I'm going to go outside. On my age. Mike knows who's to blame. Help maybe -- you can easily go to his -- you've probably. Right. You don't have to machine jet magazines and script and then look at a lot of good record here. Democratic starter out there that don't know how you talk circuit. Don't know first 2000 -- you're out. Just what they go to our pick it out but in this sport out there and nobody knows what's out -- -- there is important but don't like. -- covered you know what I. Yet but it's nodded this is like my insurance that Saddam Hussein is like now -- on your own insurance so everybody's looking for cheaper option. And they and in this but this here's the part that it is the most frustrating. If someone could say to me yes to that that is if she that we charge normally it's covered your insurance doesn't. You gotta pay it. I'm sorry we didn't like you know now all known ask. One I call the place and they say. -- talking about hold on. Hey I have thought Cheryl I guess there's no doubt in your -- shuffled yet but Cheryl from this office is a right now she's on another phone she's talking to your local providers here and the people they handle it locally. They don't know what you're talking about. Well I -- -- up all yet this -- or so cute and exit. Nobody knows what is going to Alter the creepy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not I understand that apple I don't know what I'm getting build on and when it when I'm told we'll know this is this is it. And I okay how I find that out we got a call the facility echoes that they say we don't do that. War on the phone with your insurance they are saying they don't do that we have your policy up in -- -- this has nothing at this is the part is that the most maddening. And it can recognize shouldn't have to and then you go through a Amy's -- real quick feet and them all the monitor the. Each and I mean that you -- the belly that they -- the -- that they get that. Randy says something wasn't paid and I called the he never he never sent the thing it. This chaos and what he said it was denied they don't know it's still open and he never mailed the paperwork -- call up I must've got confused. And it and again it was a minor thing like sixty dollars usually do sees movement pupil scored a don't you go to -- like this and you pay the sixty bucks because who's gonna -- over sixty dollars on just pay it make you go away it's not that much money. But all know this guys ripping you off and ended up only because I called the I -- doctored the -- insurance and they don't know that's an open claim there's been nothing filed and yes we will pay a -- we have to get his paperwork I call him back and he goes. Or are you accusing me of trusted. Not accuse you of anything served as -- and -- -- -- here ahead. -- -- -- it will take a break phone numbers 2226000. -- 9940 for the break room. Is on 965 WC. MS.

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