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Lou Gramm's Interview, Part 4

Apr 17, 2013|

The fourth part of Lou Gramm and Scott Pitoniak's interview with The Break Room, discussing their book: "Jukebox Hero," and his upcoming "An Evening with Lou Gramm" at Monroe Community College, coming up May 4th

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I have a bunch of three of those dead in the stones and I think the black crows do diversion that all right -- pot off Thad -- far -- not fade away. And 9 evening -- with whom booed to Lou Gramm will be held may fourth that MCC. Monroe community college it's Saturday may fourth at 7 PM in the evening with Lou Gramm and you can get tickets for that had Munro. CC tickets dot com. Trying to -- -- -- because they put all together as one more -- and -- -- CC tickets dot com and get that portion of the proceeds will support student scholarship through the Monroe community college foundation and again that is may fourth -- be launch of the book. That will be the official national launch a book villain and that that's the neat thing about this is that. You know we're gonna do a Q and they would -- people get to asking questions in the audience. -- gonna perform a few songs acoustic -- And -- and he's gonna sign books are storytellers -- -- exactly -- we're doing like the old VH one behind the music tell yeah 98. And you get the and you get the book is why I think it's a great deal I mean that's obvious I'm biased toward the tickets to the bank he had the ball you get the -- signed by Lou I don't mean to -- you know that is an -- forty dollars -- -- that's that's a great deal. Again now -- CC tickets dot com. He'll do before you slide out here so Danny's girlfriend. Is -- huge fan yeah fiancee is an ex fiance a couple of game. Financing yeah. And she has a pet that she named Lou -- should last night -- -- -- so do you -- the carpet to. But I thought I could do join choose to join -- for producing -- -- just don't like. Great it's it's a duck and I don't talk to your house down my house and her parents house -- far duck Cilic chickens turkeys. -- -- So popular rule number of -- is out -- what she called on the ball again yesterday there's all this. Just. It was a -- chaos as crazy drama is crap and I'm talking to Danny. -- -- -- What do you think about bringing a pair of from my fiance and he's gonna -- sign of and Leo what and I can hear her in the background any serious and I was so does she Syria yeah. Found yeah it was her idea that is don't put me on what I -- you talk to win her any Wayne and one of -- take care of those -- from that I know who that is and no. Thank you. With so little so I say don't is Mario. Did you regret -- -- no I want to. 200 I didn't want to off upset I do want make long comfortable. He had that much respect for Lou -- that he would make it what a guy. I don't make cool and comfortable so hard times a day we're here -- sign on and glad are Christians we're not gonna do that. That's declined to say lunacy I'd be Nikolay please don't really think -- -- a club that's all he's Barry's got kids he's a Family Guy I I understand all that I'm just saying that you know clue what's the crazy side Everest is for the book what's the craziest thing you were asked to signed. I'm probably some body parts right homebody person half. -- -- -- -- -- All we incoming to NI I I -- that farmer. I don't know what dates and we don't even know -- happened butchered and together with Mick Jones for the songwriters hall fame there may be a little bit of the tour this summer. It's -- might who might do few shows just a celebrity event coming to the C Mac. On July 17 his Def Leppard -- open for them ever meet these guys. And his Kimmel played in -- -- Okay and and I -- all the guys and that's flippant they're very thanks so they're common and now we have tickets and if you want to call 2226000. Right now we we have a character that we have on the show called coach -- he's our life coach. And we're gonna play -- -- So who -- annually it's pre recorded will sing up to a certain point the song and then the person on the phone has to pick up or knew we left off. And if they do it correctly if they get all the lyrics right. They won't get the tickets to the show. Begins July 17 two tickets go on sale tomorrow and on Ticketmaster locations -- 2226000. If you'd like to play in the meantime Mike has a question from -- go ahead Mike. They were all right get volunteering as a matter. Play -- accident both might be Smart first concert was a reporter for the -- never forget it. At least let Greg get a clue what I would get drawn up in the seventies. All lesson and Iraq are all armed. About bowl won't let look on -- -- find video vote. And it and it sixty back what were we were kicked -- out what your favorite rocker hall band in it what it will pop band that you would look at. -- say it'll walk people should try that and help. That nobody here anymore like like one I'm talking about but I but I looked up on YouTube -- all the parties spent Serbia and then just I didn't. Stop on the stop on these fit it helps people to look not. Man they've got it having a conversation with your wife singer and I -- sex other -- -- -- you -- you two million daily. Realize in my life people who live now but in his seventies that was nail in the man -- noon. You know what looks pretty you guys are ready to get it -- -- that one and it would be bad but memories cockpits check out. -- what Lou what is what they were. As it was soldiers airmen. -- in the day foreigner. And I think I mentioned I was and huge Beatles fans Libya for early on. Like could I like -- the animals in the kinks and you and even before The Beatles the kings would affect Louie Louie Louie Louie. -- that I like -- -- -- from the book. Front Lou -- groping Brooklyn Dodgers fans absolutely which was hard issue because all the Yankee guys around and they were real ass -- Stiller yeah. -- change we told -- judicious Norris facts got no respect at all it was funny because they go. Then I was like you know the early sixties or -- as what here we are. Probably thirteen we still have that -- we got Bruce is ready -- you ready to fly. By -- big Def Leppard fan. All right so coach really we'll. Talk -- and so I was gonna -- -- southern -- -- tough and you and you pick up you have to pick up where he leaves off a guy. If you do it correctly you get the tickets. Real. Harder around -- little. -- -- -- -- -- your -- fashion school. The only world war. It's all you broke -- All right -- won't let you. You play don't lie he traded chances are you drive and a broad intent. Well of course is supposed to be around visible as we did -- go. Do 10 I give you one more shot and real quick here real deep here and all right. All prior panel -- upon looks. -- a program. -- your -- fashioned feel. Using your. So you lose a lot of ball. Drop. You're the only -- swallow all. Yeah no no -- not -- it's. Let's go to Ted Ted. Yeah you on initial honor saves on our deep thought that measles she knew when I hear -- -- Your -- your own little world. -- -- Got me a photo full. Picture of a -- can feel. -- The only wanna. Do you -- Ferraro flop blew everybody -- well. We make every man deal like that child. Did not design -- not he's cool he's a second chorus -- a -- for nothing. Let's go to let's -- a woman Cindy. Some day yeah. But he makes it doesn't understand. And I I would like to change that well I thought I was trying to Amelio to song not a problem contacting -- any senator in. Com right -- I know it's gonna be around so I rhetoric changes for. What's there -- your panty -- Tommy S enjoy your painting signs. I don't. The crowd where she's government to reason don't want a little bit later sale. That's a decent United's no my against grilled stuff Eric not. You're ready I'm ready you -- you know. I can take you through this senator -- -- -- -- Collision course. Of course trash -- in my day. I don't go to her well yeah -- general sense goodness I don't recognize that. I object size to be debut we have you sing it. -- -- -- maybe you can are I don't wound up yes Karen. Do you know any of these signs we've played so far are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I'd be. Everett and -- a little. Hits and no I want to do so Bruce you know -- -- Optimized our -- use or lose says yes it's been like those guys here and I just donated her. I -- go carrying gets -- -- -- tickets to the show that's going to pound July 17 and -- Mac tickets on sale all Ticketmaster locations tomorrow. We're by the end of the show pick all the winners will draw on a front row ran a better -- a front row winner nice night.

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