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Lou Gramm is here! Part 3

Apr 17, 2013|

This is the third segment of Lou Gramm and Scott Pitoniak's visit to The Break Room, discussing their book: "Jukebox Hero." Lou talks about his upcoming Rochester events and his induction into the Rochester Music Hall of Fame

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lou Graham is here and not -- Tony if you will be inducted into the Rochester musical fame. On May fourth. You'll be doing a book signing and shell it MCC on May fourth the book is jukebox hero my -- -- races in front of all yeah. It's gonna get better -- and it's -- being you know to -- -- -- -- these -- to the house of guitars for book signing. He'll be at the songwriters hall of fame which I think is really a very cool thing because as he goes beyond. Just be playing in the music but the actual lyrics you wrote something the they created is so great that it's got to be recognized you know it's kind transcends. You're John -- And then on June 20 ninth. QB at the gates stylist 200 anniversary show. Which we already have we have a dude -- -- -- is neither Merrill was the no I was a C -- using any market seemingly do you -- of consoles and we added you'd call. And I wish we could dig this call up if you -- -- going hey David as. Lou when I see lives only dad got a -- and we can tell. That he's -- for tickets. -- it's to a shelf for freight. Two of you lomb was just born Arun Bennett. You guys got him through an amendment so that's it so we -- -- -- available we didn't know this is current facilities give us some pay gates is -- some people -- can afford that. And god help -- I -- to -- the call was phenomenal so the guy we just let the guy SpinRite and hand mortgage he goes -- goes they'll be in gates for the 200 anniversary on. Well I -- June 20 ninth so be planet -- the Lou -- and -- -- data can find it all right so let me get to. The book you -- now you you're in foreigners each year haven't success. I think one of the things I thought was interesting was all the stuff done in the studio and then trying to recreate that onstage there's a lot of trepidation there wasn't there. Otherwise because. You know we we were. Very concerned in the studio about about. Not over producing input but make it making it interesting enough works. Which is not basic guitar and drums you know. And their world so some keyboard affection and just just. Certain things that that we knew would might be a little tough to it to duplicate lives you know. But. You know we we had good people working -- and we we I think our first first tour opening for the do we grocery was. Was just where we ought to be that they were they were good to us and and we drew last event. Yeah and kind of two different styles a little harder for foreigner and then -- movies on Michael McDonald you know more -- than none of them yes do more insipid yes. They do really works well strong guys worked great for us yet. So I but during all that time I mean I I think the life at that time on the road had to be exciting and you kind of never know what's gonna happen -- different places different people that kind of -- it was and everything you ever thought it was going to be AM. And then though their first the first couple years there there really was because them. No we did we -- singles are running up the charts and and we were like two new guys soon that you even though we were opening for the do reason. The audience and sure was there to hear them but but they accepted us and and we we always had good response and there was lot of camaraderie -- -- stayed -- -- -- women throwing things and a -- none IDS and boys alike -- you so now you have in this success let's see come home to visit family. That'd be crazy it was crazy you know AM it was crazy. Him -- my mom and dad we're we're proud and and share concession. No friends and family who who were worm. Being well wishers -- And and I you know say all the -- some -- stories and and stuff and and my am. My my name basic lifestyle improve -- able to to buy a small house which was which was a big one for me. You know right share. -- so -- your relationship with Mick Jones who is kind of the founder of foreign journalists was almost. Creative and you say there was creative tension within that led to great songs. This -- -- a hot head I mean the story of him. Almost come to blows -- Billy Squier. Had to be kind of bring her -- -- -- -- insisted that what what happened there what was that story can you remember this moment. Come. Back and remember the exact details but by him. Apparently the -- Billy's group who was. Who was. He was -- he was hitting I do -- mix I need to mix wife whether he knew was mixed way for nine. I don't know I think once he found there was mixed when he actually give a little harder -- Africa and is it Jewish stroke. Six and America and it'd be okay that's what that song is about for those of Mitchell's wife of course -- -- wind that in and there -- there was actually a huge confrontation before the show. Why our show he says behind the stage or screaming or are they fighting I was almost fighting and we -- up against the wall was. We'll do a level them you know just as they were introducing Billy -- -- my might get thrown on stage with his guitar and a big -- you know. Well -- -- the bomb dress on stage that's phenomenal. So what was going on like and I -- Mick had a lot of other interest is he like it within the music industry we've produced just doing fifty for fans and yeah right -- -- dogs -- unproduced -- is Billy Jones and yes. And he you know he knows his hands -- a guy skipped this event going or -- push your concentration here. Where's your where's your loyal to know it it was fine. They accepted as as this has this kind of thing when it it is the timing of it too. Sometimes -- nothing so you know we should have been. See there in the studio right and so we were writing songs or something in and it and -- always. -- If you had a tragic we were on hold. Yes don't know that that's the impression I got it seemed unfair fugitives soleil Milledge juror during that time. I I did -- we we we we completed I think -- was. The agent provocative -- The album yet and mic in his wife. I think -- could cruise around the world. He just took off when he said he would be gone through our Munson was achieved. Over year doors low blows. Cruise around the world as your news sixties -- is fantastic. Save his dude -- like. Yeah I obviously had advantages to Rio on channel won't be long -- don't want her to work and after to two months and calling management gone. Is that some Titanic around it's like we're seeing you know Kucinich you learn learn. Nearly -- -- X and you know so so after -- four months I went directly to record company plans and some songs I've been writing. They gave me they give me is really rule by gentlemen go on record that that a hundred go for -- -- Well that would that residue that was the ready around would Yahoo! midnight blue and banks and and I want out and -- my own promotional tool with -- with -- radio and such -- and found myself. As is Steve Miller special guest. And and for a summer camp and that amount in three weeks into it into the tour -- come home and and calls the emphasis on camera -- work. -- you're beyond our. -- and it says that that's a thing uses like these this. I'm weird guy I had a lot of money because she had success in Europe he played basically. What the -- of France who would sell a lot of albums she was the songwriter and guitarist for this do they can't always joy and Johnny -- -- as Johnny Holliday was he was doing all the -- moves in frenzy was his impression agency and they the diplomat -- you money -- before -- -- like I'm sure -- real -- I don't know why -- think we're -- price unit Null and so -- was his guys. I had all that bank all that success all that experience to know now I analysts elegant at one point -- -- and now I get to it. Obviously negation and you know in his crews are wary because another round and Danny was playing what was a really -- -- huge hit. Yes I mean you don't midnight blue it if I'm right flu like. That that one year that was the most played song. Here in the United States now and this was that this was like you two had. And it's it's still have a solemn look -- don't ask don't ever look at -- it was more play than that song -- -- mean you know and and when we did get together. Earlier. I played him the suns. Feel like it meant -- of course not because you can't enjoy -- -- -- control for this guy was I mean it's -- that this thing is I don't -- -- how do you stay was something like that you told -- to great sort of -- -- -- the first song -- -- with them. He has guided 95% Rosie defined and he wasn't given that there was a one and one of the law wanna -- right. Yeah I mean -- See how did I give a lot of credit because you obviously he knew the talent that he had. Even in my mind reading your book jukebox hero my five decades rocking all told it craps all over black sheep on purpose to prevent you from going back to back he knew who you war. Then after that it was his like this is my band and we're gonna do my way -- anything you do sucks. But a lot of front people -- in any -- one to hold on all the toys in the box. It just seems Elway Marino did when I mean you know I mean it was like there with the stones sweetness and I guess that's. I'm. But even like and I read sheriff Keith -- -- -- -- mix of play and Keith and him I cannot form that -- Yankees became a junkie for awhile -- it was an inanimate. Mary came back we'll make it basically taken over the band it was now Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones. They keep telling him -- right -- -- Elan unit to -- man I've. In his own mind now right NN that was like the fight it is Selig when new league guy like dead and -- because. You just what to control everything and it's as I guess what he wanted to do. But I mean you know it's it's it was like a winner take a year of temperature your place for you didn't take you on the drug to Georgia school. -- when he would do interviews. He would he would. The new and ask about how would -- instead around him and I got together he and he knew he would lose to the fact that. I was. I was young raw talent and yeah additionally -- -- -- I -- yeah I am not in the show me out of sync your fullest so today you know I. I made you worried you know because of me you go which you guys. We -- you can't use that. Make hey I made you -- and not so many words please -- alluded to that their brain and mean and how long you have to keep paying that bill. As as a guy and I get it but it. How long do you have the eight on the base -- annoying and a non view yeah before over a group we can stop that. I think there one that that one goes on four ever -- -- time a memorial there. Yeah I know you haven't seen him in years you guys can see -- you zoom in over ten years so when you go to the songwriters hall fame ceremony June 13 this is going to be the first time you -- on actually go and and a day nearly Casilla to rehearse via alternate planet and then there's the chances -- be an actual foreigner. Reunion of sourcing induced couple dates run. There's a possibility that means you've been a Billy Squier on this tour. I think he's great love for old times in just a much -- mumble to himself up pretty much humor in bad shape up aren't as I don't know me days earlier -- tickets to see him at the Penny Arcade this week I. Yes I -- isn't enough for Jeter -- insulin. Jukebox hero song he wrote really about via you don't his life -- and there's not a whole bus itself from the book we're -- behind the war memorial. Solicited Jimi Hendrix that -- could be did have a ticket. And you just wait and and somebody would open the door and let him backstage to just listen or or side -- to get into the show and that was sort of what inspired jukebox hero and you know. Standing in the rain there right through kind of a day like today -- certain kind of comment again I mean honestly there's there's like this -- and then here it comes heads really. A story that's. -- -- -- -- These songs though that you write and I know in here one point you say and also many people came up to me with. Different choices they made out to the song they do where I got to see you had to meet children that were made to your music. People were -- into this stuff man -- -- midnight blue had a viewer though is wasn't in Mike urban cowboy or something. On didn't get into the mount Nelson never made it sound track. I thought I was on a sound -- -- movie was I don't think it ever did and how I mean all these songs you have to have women just going crazy when you guys were -- big. Knew it was. I was told these guys you today eighth grade I might parachute pants and -- dance. And I wanna know love -- comes on the tonight this girl who's a little older drag me on the dance floor. I remember trying to highlight ahead -- Boehner. I'm trying to -- it there should -- and my parachute panel and admitted that was my answer by parachute JT -- -- everything I was so embarrassed the lights were low looked like he jumped out of a plane. -- but I go and that was to -- the -- my memory of that song and I go here I am getting to talk to the due to -- it wrote it did all of it. You know you gotta hear this stuff all the time. You know it's it's it's it's got a -- pregnancy -- thanks for the Boehner. -- -- -- So all of famous people you've met the I mean obviously interacted with I know -- talked briefly in there about meeting John Lennon's death he was a real hero of yours. You play pulled him he's in the studio you're in the studio you actually think more black sheep at the time that's correct and then not only years later you're invited on the tenth anniversary will of his death they have a big thing over and not not not in New York Delhi was its -- who's in Liverpool brought great. My -- opera doc Seattle as we ask us how how what an honor and I had to be had to feel mean here you are asked to go to a guy who. Was iconic I -- he's transcended music. It was unbelievable is who has. And now are like you wouldn't -- And it was a lot of great terrorists there and Natalie Cole -- And it was it was just. Loaded with -- it -- -- listen and really trying Danson and everybody did to two Beatles songs. That that John Wood didn't he tell you -- We're more an editor to Bree Rosen and that's that's kind of that's two field covered. Content and that's what to do the artists did meant it would you did you do more I thought they had you -- three -- Nigel and he just do it. Bomb. And that had to be real alarm anybody you met that really disappointed deal. Like yeah that was a scenario. -- necessarily things that really like the thought since last patent for besides now. Many say they -- go one Dick I was so wrong about this guy can't believe there's a busy year -- somebody opinion mining community plus I mean you know. -- unless I thought it was cool with the stones and then later on your -- -- -- you -- almost equals at this point designer opened up -- Glen rock and earlier in these big -- But at one point you're watching them from the stage has -- kicked off by the police. As a kid and that and why do you throw someone told you hate to twelve years from now -- gonna be on stage with these guys -- open enough to avoid -- Not. It was unbelievable. And and the at that same show -- the kinks were around to -- and that's increasing time in Henry Davies who were an item on. And and and Dave Davies. Ray's brother couldn't stand there -- -- fought consulate at times Sony's gusted on you sort of decision making an infant to do an interview and acumen separately. Yeah the rainy days they stand not downtrend on stage. Revenge I didn't know that yet and I loved dictates a so so so. I guess arraigned Chrissie had ended and been falling out. And and she changed she didn't play but she came to see them and I think it was rfk stadium boundaries. And and when when the -- to a -- stage should she she knew she was lit up. Think and can choose -- begin on stage. -- -- -- -- she managed to wiggle her way through. Backstage security. -- and walked up on stage. I end. What was heading for -- -- -- as he was sitting on the stool singing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. Yet created radio era that's pretty cool man and should -- and the senior an immunity in this gave the crowd. She was swearing in swing and hit him and now they still saying in her. For me to visit him I don't know off the -- -- this doesn't stop. -- I reassure us that's pretty funny. So I and guys all this is common here we are and a not now at this point your career your being honored as the 28 the songwriters hall of fame on June 13. All this up. When it was happening. When your onstage when nearly sold out Arenas when you're selling these albums. Did you fully enjoy that moment for one was or was it just took it like anybody else in life that you didn't really appreciated at that time I -- you did the. I mean when when your doing eighteen months. And then practically straight widow -- a damn awful week Indonesia home every 34 weeks for a couple days you know. It it's its work yes it's really work you know. Bush and that was still wanting it to two was at the amount of rehearsal mean when they started when you guys came down you audition for the man and here comes far. It's fourteen hour day school soon and I think they'll -- people go out mysticism Iraq rural -- party and its stricken -- studios -- but it's an actual job and that was the same thing that. The with a Keith richards' book. That you saw that these guys really worked just -- stuffed him and and and that the that the other thing was every time we recorder and now home. We we we always got to the point where their record companies send. Here's the release stadium's going to be done by -- by such as such he did so weakened precedent do the air or can get it get in the stores. And and and that in the last 72 hours we we end up. Cramming like everybody right up -- just finishing albums every two hours straight yes. Tonight about him we give us bank Africa okay and a I -- I cannot secure and a letter. And this is why he's fielded these things tightness Wheldon it was also -- sure. But under that stress who knew little escape prison sentence cocaine sell the drug can go forward -- Died Lou Gramm the juke box hero my five decades Iraq general. And even address the whole thing -- what would tear the tumor in your brain and can help everybody gave you. All bad diagnosis locally and elsewhere until you saw this 220 special and there's ago wasn't a bad diagnosis it was it was a diagnosis that. That then left little opportunity. Right of survival yeah. Right and here we are now. And you found the right guy and -- stinnett and Lou Gramm is still Lou Gramm and he's got a book -- -- here -- my five that two decades Iraq -- it is out may first. Been a lot of fun -- we miss anything is anymore you want and the Tony and wanna say here. The party got her I don't -- if you do -- -- there's a lot of other stores -- there yet but there was a guy who is real quick Dave but Dave what do I say about the a Billy -- fight. What caused about a -- right. Putts and adjustments. Okay. Sorry but he knows that days you know we know we don't normally hear you tell the -- thought the market Webster. -- mom they are cultural budget then kick start crew respects. Dude. We know there are the -- children carpet right who got a really nice cold first these very cordial and more start here. -- -- -- -- -- -- There was a quarter -- current -- -- Ford recruited -- went about like businessmen -- -- victory of -- and build a subject we've met. They expect -- and sort. Well over what -- literally -- Are there and to what would then be up. -- interest don't we -- a million. Not thank you my friend -- president better and better them the via the new guys are so. All right so there will be a reunion at the songwriters hall of fame with you in -- -- you have as a sort of they're -- down a day early to rehearse him and best ally in the book is out may first order now on Amazon.com. We will take a break it is the break room on 965 double BC -- --

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