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Lou Gram, Part 2

Apr 17, 2013|

This is the second installment of Lou Gramm and Scott Pitoniak's visit to The Break Room, discussing their book: "Jukebox Hero"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 65 wc and ask you know that it. His foreigner. It's the first song that Lou Gramm and Mick Jones wrote together right this is long long way from -- and sort of inspired by your trip from -- Rochester down to New York City to audition exactly to be the lead singer. All that is in the book juke box hero -- five decades Iraq -- odds Terry. Terry says his father was at -- Rolling Stone concert and he's he's 64 is it opera or I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- We were you when your dad when it starts -- the concert spiralled out. -- they're cheap copycat but rather on stage along I achieved. When it happened. And not. Matter we are. We go to like capital at church and state. Sunday yeah no paper upstate. Yeah the manually the magazine it yet and I use that as a source in in backing you know likewise filling in some of the blanks with with -- loose story very -- -- -- they get a retrospective piece on that I forget how many years -- -- was twenty years later -- usually you're dead lives that I had to stones concert. Two injured Brazilian -- Could not playing anything at the stones' music in your house any debt debt down. Perhaps. -- -- could you play any stones music in your house. We could because people just don't stand anyway I went -- -- -- But he was booked into you know. I can go well -- then didn't management that is. I don't think the toads ever came back to Rochus now to to reverend like that in the other. Invited bag and I guess -- a certain blood but -- mentioned earlier was dark. We call -- -- now people little or treating it as they're being. Well -- onstage just went sport sport the teacher and -- or just getting. -- those -- GA show us those days right general admission you know every girl and there were no seats as I recall bright. Four year -- -- back pretty appreciated weigh in but they are older. You know -- under 202. And -- left -- You know I can't recall it what it is I'd I got -- little clear cut it looked good I was tablet state. And it's got great power yet since that -- just got a just just know I think our -- book about it cracked double dare. Who can -- but it can't help and just it just added I used to bring all muddled. Are you serious. Concern that you aren't interested in playing are you can't get retrograde attract. Are we got here which -- pictured myself spread throughout the institute which around. Yeah I I do what can you can you give Danny off the -- the information I'd love that loved to see Yemen now. The -- duty station -- -- the night out there are special or. They hate that thing was worth like 151000 dollars I mean he was so he was garden some some pretty -- and -- And the last personality get -- -- they want you to what we re going to put three you know. Tyler put John hallway at the phone numbers is that I don't want it's pretty intranet while. Yet a belt I mean out it's addictive to make that belts yet. Would this you know today it would cost like 250000. Dollars and as a Chinese labor this one and while the hot Lou Gramm has got to Tony actor here local flu has a book with Scott the Tony jukebox hero my five decades Iraq general due out may first. Just in time for father's and Mother's Day -- just a consumer who didn't in this. Now there a couple of things family lives when you joined foreigners they kind of police -- go away. Big name dramatic go a little too ethnic. Let's shorten it to what's going Lou -- you saw what they were -- and and understood it yet intellectually understood it emotionally it probably really. Bothered you. And that wasn't crazy about that I you know. I did understand hidden and in. You know. I mean I didn't want anything like ten to two. To impede the acceptance of the -- and right right. So what do you call your father. And say this how what was that feeling like what was like playing calm and I actually was. I brought -- up over Sunday sauce Boca company -- And and then. Well as some balls we -- flew us and other militant ended up Ramirez -- Sexy -- I'm I'm very real. Quiet India and afterwards it they were named Sammy down on where we're asking me what the reason for that war was in and that. Wasn't it was a man and that they hope there wasn't ashamed of my heritage you know yeah higher prices and has nothing to do it and it's it's it's more. It's more than -- week between. People who were interviewing me or radio DJ is or whatever right the miss pronunciation. And middle Scott Munich is screw up a name like nobody ever seen this telling. The name with a -- He's such a source and aggravation yeah. And then I would wish that I wishing everybody was doing and I mean anybody there was any glory in this town changing their names I mean you guys -- the radio. And you get any Jew in showbiz as we have drop in the -- Yet there I was going all out now there was -- -- not a lot of racism thing you know right now. There -- your own death so what are did you -- come see the band. Many times any times so he was proud he had to be put out establish areas to come there's enough good editor I thought I was I. Plus I here's here's Davis in Jersey you get. Who is speaking of family have this other question I don't mean to jump around with -- -- Did you mean year old brother in the book you referenced your younger brother never named him -- -- reason -- Or do you disease not even comfortable saying but I it's it stuck out to me because he was in black sheep. And Nancy you had reference in a few times we just you never named him and I didn't know I feel like -- should just head on a bad thing. I feel like I just hit on a very awkward bad thing I've following that's okay can I can tell -- about it there OK all right but there is a reason there is a rebound and -- it was kind of interesting to me is a bad disable is in a book. Scott if you look at the relay go out like they're really step up and. -- -- you know I think I think when you talk about the family and so forth I think you know it's intriguing to me is. Involve all three boys like filed you know they're they're you know musically inclined parents yes you know lose lose dad was that was a -- had his own big band and and met his mom and his mom became a vocalist and -- you know when you should you wonder where this great voice king's claim from a came from his mom cry real enemy when you. When you look at that but there's the other musically inclined family and at all gifted and so forth without question. So I somewhat I'm -- black sheep section of the book in in the whole story is Alex it's common through and then there's. Who ordered or Heidi say Christmas records I think -- -- came back and I sort of got a sick kid and it released a single you know Christmas and nothing comes of trying to come over because it they they hadn't moved. Any offices to the states then no promotion yeah team team here right. So that kind of falls apart and there's some like this all this excitement and nothing happens and it seemed to be kind of a lot of stutter start stuff but you started -- a foothold. You're old enough for different bands him yet a member big dance. We play Indian tourists and in Cleveland and Columbus. Opening for we're open for -- champ went in in them buffalo okay. -- we opened for climax blues band yeah. -- as of the time they had found the following we opened pretend. Ted Nugent right right it's all these steps so all this stuff going on a memorable one day just before Christmas you guys are in Boston he do is show up there at your -- -- -- yeah we we were we were. You know we are second round. Come on -- -- and and just had it's a -- first album in quite a while come out and we were given the opening slot for -- for the whole kiss tour. Right and so at one point in Boston they come out do you show that was there for show on tour grow the capitol crowd go crazy. So what are your managers is can they go do an encore -- yeah go ahead. And you do three on course I think that that -- that is one we did one on Koren and we're grateful that they let us do that yet we left the stage and and listen to them you know. Jenner and and then started heading for home -- who is losing. All okay. And then and it's so good that's the story goes so here's -- and -- I wanted to ask you this is this might be a little crazy but case doesn't seem to have. Allowed you would say not a talented standard not resolve the Euro mean. So. Asia AD more cartoon more this did you ever get frustrated here we are this band that works so hard open up for these guys who come well and have to stick -- there to make up. He and you know one that they they date they were very competent players -- and their sons were not bad. And and every place they claim they connected to the rafters and and for us to open for a band that could soon arena you like that. That that's that's a dream come true yeah. So then you come back to Rochester in the had to call. Like do the early morning 4 AM 5 AM that could have. -- the van with all the equipment slid off the road it's so bad you drive yourself sound all need to -- rescue the guys. Tow trucks got to get this thing out it's so mangled they open up the equipment is all damaged yet it's gone and you guys have no money. Ritalin and we have no money in and that our -- shows -- 27 to December bright and and in Atlanta. And there was no we ruining the transportation or equipment to you know make this show. We cancel that show and ultimately within the next week. We we entered to into bow on a tour via drugs and end and the weekend's event. Capitol Records strapped us. So -- -- was a -- -- to death starts. That -- if that does it it was although -- know this -- 75 there was a recession. In in the US in you know we conveying their parents say helpless -- going to end -- for this opportunity that we had and they would have loved to burden on. But it was sent down you know he's gas lines in that kind of money oriented as I was a little while ago -- -- -- data -- to -- -- -- either way it's not even then. Yes so there's all this trouble and at that point I had to be weird because I felt like so you can have figured done I'm taken in in the story and win -- off -- from the house to guitarists have suffered what is on the equipment and they go back -- our -- what's that has happened -- -- You -- it. And that was it did you guys sat around went you basically know this is it it's done well that's as far as we're again. You know I knew we we we got to the point where we talked -- and we were gonna. Who we we we all had jobs yeah part time job some full time job back to star markets that we -- that we know work. To it to get some basic equipment back together again bright and start backe in the local clubs say Jesse -- backwards as a starter in one area and we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- experience -- -- -- come -- better. And then Mick Jones calls -- call my parents via. And -- today they think he worries on a fully. I know with three so. -- don't grow like crazy stuff didn't didn't national -- special moment. A so so I called back Kenny he tells me that these. He's an engineer he's putting together this -- and he's got backing -- here this guy part of this. I knew we would ultimately because. Because black -- manager and -- Jim Taylor Kia was -- a and M -- -- OK and Israelis who he would take us to all the Rochester buffalo shows that that his NM records groups came to OK when spooky tooth came to the auditorium theatre we went to see them and ask Mick Jones and and it was -- John Zia whose it was a guitar stores the end of that band so kind of medium backstage after. And engage in the two black sheep Helms's like a gesture for or letting this command and in and see the show. And you know nine months later he found my parents' phone number and was it was asking me to come and audition yes and -- when I called him back. And and he has been -- I told listen I appreciate. The call stop us some but I have a band via. -- Suzanne we've run into little bad luck Chris has put but I believe them and when I'm due announces I don't think I've reached it via -- is -- annoying user. He's -- understand that -- publicly vet again about three weeks. Pieces and and we'll see where your. Not and he did and I'm usually -- I told them guys in the band that he called him. And he was -- called back to an end and the many want me come to new York and rendition and the guys and in black she says -- black -- said. So what are you crazy we weren't -- we're not gonna Boehner I don't think we're gonna make it confusion and opportunities like that. I sprinkle -- so seagull and an obvious we know what what happens from there put one other another thing if a really interesting was he told you. Do you like the black -- stuff. And then yet he like your voice and it says he later on he like some of the lyrics and I felt like as I'm reading that. He was afraid that you may he may lose you because he'd probably auditioned a lot of singers and you were the guy -- he's like this is the one misses this is it. But I never heard directly from him but I -- tired from Kabul the other guys that they rendition over thirty singers. Right wow so over thirty guys you walk in they don't tell me necessarily they got -- they keep asking it can say another day can you say another day. And yet at the same time as time goes on he's Tony I didn't like the black sheep I. I am like that ban in length but what are your voice stuck out plus easy thing -- good I got from that is ago this guy was Smart enough ago. There's something with his black sheep purity told me he's got a band I got to -- now I don't want to lose them until mile they suck. Tickets sales actually fell well I just -- -- wonders what Clinton having -- words to get anybody into but the panic behind you're young and while yeah knows that behind you yes frank yes. He built like she put up with you really like them -- may -- -- -- home now and then no -- got that sort of saying that level of wondered if that was the case TV Joseph B go ahead your own Lou Gramm. Title -- despite all this was before your -- aren't apt to do an -- have a chance to go. Talker meet. People like you more cerner canister opera that before you were. I just wondered if there was he says as they always seem to be able type of people they. Work into -- never got the opportunity to -- that was bird you met. Looks like burned out. -- -- you know you -- -- -- was in those who is a birdies out do you play draw everybody was Baghdad and she's. Apple app that is -- piles of the army has passed it and yeah. -- what's your schedule this morning. -- fuel because I'd like affinia -- because I wanna get to a little bit more of the actual Mick Jones. And fighting. Billy Squier. Sex drugs rock and all this stuff that went on Phillies choir boy yet there's always a fight until Esquire that's it's still a gain of oil is just trying not with a little. But it Lou. Lou. Make jokes are -- It's I guarantee you give you were -- British the -- site. So Santa I would American if I didn't that's. Texas and -- we'll take a break -- we are the break room the book from Lou Gramm. Will be on shelves may first you can pre ordered it and Amazon.com I'm sure. Juke box hero my five decades in rock and roll with Scott the Tony -- more next -- 965 W Siemens.

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