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Lou Gramm In the Studio!

Apr 17, 2013|

Lou Gramm, lead singer of Foreigner and Dirty White Boy, and author/columnist Scott Pitoniak talk to The Break Room about their new book, “Juke Box Hero: My Five Decades in Rock ’N’ Roll”

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Algeria that no I can hit and allies island mood and yeah. 965 WC -- instead of course is Lou Gramm with foreigner and dirty white boy. There's -- of the funny thing men who Lou references in his book and adult swim and had a cartoon. And I'm for getting into the neighborhood off the top might have but they had like the milk -- guy in camp and they had the -- guy and I think -- and I hauled to his -- a -- hunger force -- and I think cannot walk I was always one of the one of the you've character person. And they went back through Andy I guess moustache -- this is saying about who they used to sell. The farm belt buckle. So they go. We've got to Florida belt buckle and it's got a secret how is -- -- based are going to have to make you dirty blond hair and an attorney in good chip. Zero that is cute dating choreograph the clip -- but to play it. Not no -- Not on our moment to show you a man right now and get on this front man through your. The belt laws on the fundamentals -- Can't see straight down amaze you reduce the box you know you've got stars in your offense also stars in this. I get sick bed early down to address on here and help me come home do you like oil. And bring -- you're not gonna get away. There's new video -- was there adult swim yeah design Cartoon Network and we're talking about what makes a real man n.'s Lou gets into -- here. And that -- called up saying that Dan -- is any real Christian because she went up to his table couple years ago at the we drill. And -- -- said I'm with my family my brother sister round of the discussion here and he's kind of she felt Boroff not -- 99404. A lot of books tell amber registry if you tell him to stop judging sees an idiot and she couldn't figure out. That she said hi and should move on what addiction yes Billy setting boundaries does not -- dance christianity is a woman has the problem not -- She is -- she isn't exactly being Christians is another Texan IS hero by judging and does a good Christian interrupt a family who's having a personal discussion many Israelis known downtown -- sale act like constantly if I didn't like it could. Good now I think it is something North Korea ever gonna they're gonna generate. It's just a narcissistic and -- dying things 99404. Give this bitch is such a goody two issues Christian. She should not be listening to use -- -- Oh well it doesn't just some of the taxes 99404. So the book is called Lou Gramm juke box hero my five decades a rock and roll written with Scott the Tony act. And what is the book out Scott. It's gonna be out probably any week now did the official release date is may first but it's been my. My experience that books come out they're one of the few things in life that actually come out how to schedule okay just so -- very soon it and people can pre order Amazon.com. And we got a bunch of signings were to set appear -- on a noble strength unless. Almost sounds of push back what -- -- have some times where I was for push back and act in their candidate Jack imagine how frustrating to that yes. Very pressuring. So I have read and I like the book came yesterday I had a very odd day. And last night probably closer to nine I sat down the book and I got through about seventy or so pages are really enjoy it can give any name Hairston. It did not OK it was but I go this to me. He's got to be the coolest thing -- because it it's truly somebody who follow their dreams. And I love the story there were two things in that I really liked -- I know what I only got through maybe of the beginning part of the block. I can't wait to get further down because it says in here they talk about. A moment in the life this guy had to leave the stuff that you know the drugs the parties the rock and roll lifestyle. But the stuff that really stuck -- one when you snuck out of the house to go see The Rolling Stones. Right kids you can GC -- -- so check this out on him. -- Lou and it sounds like you had some parents that were. I don't wanna -- overly -- disciplined and you were under his junior right so here's -- constantly battling with his dad over the length of -- -- okay. So we goes upstairs and he puts on whatever they -- close of the day war. As he describes it my I like come. What what's the year 65 well returned right the British British walkers -- yet you don't you look like -- tissue. -- bevy of just can't stay still -- that's evaluated regularly deletion of Germans or did you get a good job and he goes to. He has a girlfriend he's gonna meter outside the war memorial in downtown Rochester and L'Oreal and at the timing gates are engaged again. Ask my dad I told my -- wanted to see the stones and and and you look dilemma for anybody coming to town. It's hard to lower seeded Venus is still such a reputation of being like these filthy creatures that nobody wanted to go see the and and I and I just can and ran upstairs in my room you know yeah meanwhile I don't know what they thought I was whom -- -- you know they're holding. Fifteen Erica. So that the way he leaves the house is the desk is I go. I can see much I could so see my kids doing it. From there goes my way it was like it when I was a kid was I crawl out of basement window or Afghanistan -- I right I think moody didn't do that would you do. But it it was it was I think -- fall but it was still warm and assume the front door was open in the screened or what was was latched. I ran down the stairs to. -- -- screened or -- fool open I was running down the street. Oh and just towards Spencer port road in just civilian has been supports a road. I her way -- in the distance. Lose. You get their care I'm gonna kill you. -- there's snowman yes. -- ran yet we just -- to run it but it just imagine picture that is a -- your heart beat you gotta get to this concert is a powerful thing in the world you're brought into the what's the consequence when he got home. When there was could do you know so so he's dead. Again I would tell you what I know I knew always dead. I just wanna enjoy the last few hours in my life in Asia that it had to Diane -- and so so I met this in this this cute little girl -- -- -- I'll send to the war memorial when he and hung over much your friends heard the stones concert will stop. Yet to disagree whatever the chief of police of Rochester they had a 120 cops around the war memorial ground. A hundred for the rolling stone's picture that's they get on stage. They wanna stop the show because trolls are getting what they feel like -- crushed almost in a mosh -- coming up to the front and the crowd was didn't really route really rowdy they they must have played about seminary -- on June and they were well into the show. Dan Ellison the chief of police and five or six cops. -- -- -- -- In front of the man who doesn't want the the the stone jetliner to start to life to step in and. You know in the stones are indignant you know and and the minute the chief police grabs. Jagr is Mike Cook and the Internet and -- Talk into the crowd that then. Think he didn't expect that from from from us you guys don't know -- behave. Agrees go to your father's. Restrictor. And and then the spotlight Sodom and and and I am looking. I could I could see something skinny in the air in the spotlight part of it's it's a pack of gum and you have an -- catches him right in the top commander guy and and and he. Just send overs angle is beckoned and the other caps can catch a room in -- -- bing and in and it was bleeding. And he lost sight the nine -- you lost tonight and really yeah juicy fruit yes and and -- and he said. This concert is over. That's -- -- what the stunts. He admitted started having a Tug of war over the much. Now we can get a garbage today. Cocaine. And -- -- and say hey you need to get on -- you now. Look what it's Lombardo or something and did this use. Who's gonna do this concert is -- I know I don't know if you decide I have to look at. I always had -- the chief of police traded jagr and all that got us out. I -- out of bodies out yeah. -- -- and I think did lose says in the book camera it was Gupta Tony act again called juke box hero my five decades rock and roll and he says in there. That the they wanted to stop it before Mick Jagger opened his shirk -- Because you would did you various Chad and people go crazy -- and so they -- tries I don't know -- I've started so odd because. I grew up I love the Rolling -- I've gone to every concert since 1989 now so it was a big deal but when I came along they were playing in huge places around -- Shea Stadium -- but I literally -- Ralph Wilson the owners all these places. You got to see him at the war memorial which is so I mean it's big but it's more intimate Brian would be more -- the anatomy. That did it at that time when they played -- warm moral there there there sure it was satisfaction -- break. -- some early on an NBA had a -- case a -- I think even Ed Sullivan a one point go to. I took me seventeen years to build this show you think -- this in the -- -- -- these guys yeah. Yeah they done they nobody wanted that I think parents didn't -- the stones -- their talent -- that was I mean and yes Ed Sullivan said he had my wants and that was that I'll never have a -- again you know they were just there were just -- true bad boys original bad boys Iraq so disc concert it's dubbed the the cop gets hurt. You go home run I don't took a. I really don't come out and everything you know I thought I was cute this cute girl bit the guy's met their hand. She she goes out and and she she finds the door that leads to the the side entrances to the war memorial where their limo was parked well okay. And so I was there was -- a couple of her friends. And one at times the the the stones got in the car she had blond hair would long bangs bonuses were trimmed shoes and Brian Jones freak all right. Brian Jones is a time and he's dead but he was a big -- was like -- stone says we think of announce more making keys but at that time was Brian was really kind of look the founder of the event. -- -- -- -- And and so so so she when he when he comes on gets in the car she screams. And jumps and runs it runs away from us in jumps on the back of the truck. I don't know what -- and that when the stones -- that they blew Trevor. And take off. She's still on the truck -- she fell backwards off the truck onto the grounding in -- had almighty god your diet and and no I ran up touring and and she was groggy and as well Maggie Brooks to learn. I am and then and then of Brian Jones -- -- over their term they don't bruise and he goes over and helps her up and pressures are often. Cancer she's writing give planting plants a kiss on the cheek animated chicks life he gets -- in the car and they go off they go and here she is swooning again yeah. He's a good head -- you know and and so right from there then we went to. The one of her friend's house in the in nineteen toward near where I used to live before moved to gates. And we we knew we hung out in and had some wine in the century and I looked at the clock and is. Almost 3 o'clock tomorrow hole manual masterpiece Fuhrman. So so I -- how in the world -- home. So she's is how much money am I saying about 75 cents in change. So all her friends don't -- back then you go buy a house and -- about. I already grounded theory -- a -- together about about 22 dollars and fifty cents -- we called camp right now. And -- -- that I give the camp can't be the address. And about two thirds of the way there I could see that Demeter clicked on to a number that was more than one I had and I received have doubt. -- what I didn't say anything and let him take me to -- how newsroom and then he says it does the bill on and I. Pull out all my change and well this is what I've got. He he he -- -- just keep it you know where I was cool you know school also so I got out my hand the -- -- safe house was. And I got in the front door here in the door unlocked it. They started tiptoeing upstairs and homeless and lamp and living room one I was just like in the movies and you sit in a -- sort of a cigarette and and and and and I did was there have been. And any said that. He said. You know you're in big trouble. I don't. I know what it was worth it for my school -- and he knows you're grounded indefinitely. If -- and the indefinitely was for about three months them -- three months analysts may and it's. That's how it's kind of -- -- felt like and maybe I'm wrong but I have felt like at least from the book I gather that that was really kind of looked pinnacle moment in your life for a turning point your life could you went that's what I wanna do that to a wanna -- and I know that there are other -- -- -- I was. I was not a big stones fan I like the stones but that was not my kind of beyond music I want and I was a Beatles and -- but but but to hear the stones and and see the kind of reaction that's right definitely be move me along in the direction I was I was this. Don't I -- again I Philly even seeing the reaction from both sides adults reacting one way kids reacting another there's something here man. I'm not sure exactly what is but I wanna be part of it and I felt like that's what you took away not so -- the music and then years later. Didn't you open for the suns yes yes I mean that had to be pretty entry ever tell them that story -- -- around. Saying you're known -- ground for three months and I walked away thinking I got a good deal. It has the manager -- -- Lou -- the book is -- bucks here -- -- five decades rock girl with Scott the Tony Eric rich. You know the cops think that got hurt. I -- why couldn't I -- all of our good name a couple of AT&T'S personal. He was chief of police he went up very it was I don't think it was the chase but it was Brazil -- -- It wasn't chief slumber and was. He would a lot of government in Britain that is -- -- before yeah yet. Did did you it's basically -- guys got hit with the gum was any spare -- I personally don't -- he lost -- now and I didn't. They did just that I don't believe we're able to retain his job maybe what came from notebook. That was personal. But while all from -- stones concert and a packet come. Pretty sad that we hear it when they got wrecked him was really -- assessments -- patient is sick -- again this has a briefcases -- Good -- to get -- in his chair porno urea. And and you could that could produce slow mole goodness. Yeah. I mean for the rest of that guy's life is like if I just turned. We're just at the second would have been the cumulative -- -- has brought back memories. Not so you got a little time chair do we take a break and come back a lot of cool stuff in this book I've been an I really enjoy vibrate so far. I'd like to talk to you about the changing your last name and what that meant to your dad is also probably. -- -- of least what I read. Not so much a fan of music as a career. Having the -- -- real is worry there and the other was as I'm reading the book and you've told us before. What happened -- black sheep. Like it was going somewhere -- -- and than there is the accident with the equipment and all that stuff and indeed even in the book I mean I've felt like I was yelling go don't give. I don't let you know that that's not because there's a video and Andy's got a it's got a question for is who would get Dave. And Lou Graham along with Scott the Tony -- jukebox hero my five decades in rock and roll on 965 WC MF next.

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