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Craigslist Cheating

Apr 22, 2013|

After looking on Craigslist for BBW's, Bill finds a guy looking to cheat on his girlfriend who never has sex with him. He think he should leave the relationship if he won't respect it

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So I went on Craig's list because I was. Reading about this woman Barbie Edwards and you could see her picture on our FaceBook -- to break from FaceBook -- think it's also tag at WC message but it. And she says she has a shelf past now I -- talking about shelf -- For years for a always see these Abdul was asked him to go out like yourself they wanna bounce and then was she literally does it. But she does it for money and she has -- 4000 got a -- And now I gotta think something dude is joke we shall send a private pictures of all the -- in your viewing -- it doesn't joke of your -- in well honey this woman claims she has made 20000 dollars in the last -- my think. So nowhere do you find a big beautiful woman and we did get a call from a guy who were first that he likes his women Steve -- freak after that yeah. And it's it's it's a crisis that's his line attached. I find I'm sorry to left for dead that is set it well it's weird this -- this woman Barbie Edwards is 500. So I went on to -- is there anybody even seeking a BBW big beautiful woman on Craigslist I -- one -- page ego that I don't want. But there was another one that jumped out at me. Because the title says I have a girlfriend I -- -- -- broker peace Tony five nice. Religious -- well let me read this. And I was like parasites -- why is this guy do. I'm 455. Foot nine weigh a hundred navy. Is voting rights -- animals all his ad on Rochester Craig's list and a camera one day he posted it might be Saturday. You can check it -- I'm in shape I work got a lot. I mean to eating healthy and working out a lot -- -- -- I -- an apartment -- live with my girlfriend she never has sex with me. I like her a lot but I never get a sense. I was hoping I could find a girl who was in the same situation. For a girl who'd want to hang out discreetly with me -- a sense of fun sign action that was great I wanna meet someone who respects that I'm in a relationship. And why when you don't. We know minor still he's saying and some respects relationship Pollard. But he like that do other things like broaden his his interest and some and someone I can hang out with. On the side just to get what I'm missing in home mice wanna be friends as you get ahead and be very comfortable with you before we do when he thing. You don't have to be a supermodel or anything but I just wanna be able to click with you there. Click your mouse send a picture of yourself and we can exchange takes -- -- know each other -- source is disturbing part of this. The fact that the dude is in a relationship let -- -- -- original for purely white that you live whether he's out of -- and -- if that I must like geared to shag head of the they need to -- -- houses of the relationship obviously YIA is living with you she thinks it's going somewhere -- but she's cook and she's clean she's taken -- -- just grown -- she maybe handle on all -- don't be that guy. Following its cost savings probably you're afraid to go out on your own your savings are running so we don't work sing again. Roommate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No please the only guys are good up until this next race aerials is covered up and toss and ensuring -- maybe there's something that's gonna you do -- that your contributing to that united obviously that's a permanent change in the when he finally have my front. I think your -- -- I was so sure area. You need to have some fun I -- soon get out of the relationship and go have your fun -- who's gonna get out of joint there's no walk my dog who went on sick. Man can only come back to -- -- I -- -- I -- all of I think you know and those are always come back and I don't John Minko -- it hasn't always been right away -- -- not to mention if you do once shall do it again. I can always follow -- -- in the big games and then -- in the news screwed me and there's kids involved now wanna meet it chick. That answers this action just think. I guarantee it because. She's gonna do all the naughty stuff your growth -- yet but that's fine. She would go crazy if she were on the other end this crew checked -- weather in other words. Let's say it's the candidate and he is I know just using you hypothetically generation that is not the guy in the -- but live bids -- let's say Danny decides that things are going good enough but I don't wanna get out the relationship he seeks out a check spread while the chip that he starts hang out with. When it's done or done to her what Danny's don't the other vehicle sure go crazy. Yeah I get that white stuff it's there's dirty deal solo replace this is that they might let's say. You wanna -- can't we can't bring this guy is staying key chick around your failing. That's what you need to nice clean girlfriend to keep the I'm -- because they like her she's a good girl. It makes your parents think everything's gone really it's going good so you do you put that -- out there you have family that's good dazzled in Canada told buttoned up yet and then I -- -- -- nasty checked it would that would that does all the crazy stuff I'll see this guy is at some point you had taken either that some you know you can't I saw -- in my life I was that dude. And any love dad -- the right do -- he had viewed hey Tony I like dude did beat the regular now what do you mean you're. OK okay I had. Get a mirror neurons. This -- -- time it was bad stuff -- how little ball and god damn ball I was at times but there was real -- -- her feelings of people behind the life you know you could -- already right -- all the guilt in -- I'm just saying why did go on -- -- it just happens it happens I can understand and you're seeking it -- -- premeditated. -- -- they have a -- mind is an empire -- it's business -- -- -- -- You've got to -- got to initiate danger get a cease fire you rally what they're not gonna show that you doorstep you've got to go find them ideas. This really bugs me I what is single later in -- display time for this -- to grow up restoring five. So okay when he's 45. You have is to announce we get on some memories of banging chicks and I've known as old lady housing that negotiating power I don't like these I think that does come back to haunt him and I think it. But I just like a 45 who cares. When you're holding gray and dying healing thank no man I tore up some hi this nasty is. Twinkies on park avenue back in the day let me get to. We'll -- Tim. -- out just apart and -- machine yeah it would be in shape. -- -- -- -- -- No I. Let you -- attempt here's the thing. That I and then you bring up the point to be harder forming now what is that word of the case and I would have to get out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know do it. So I don't know the specific. -- like that the last stop dragged into that is the great sign and I knob for blues. That's. You know I hear -- saying but I wouldn't be the guy put Indiana understood too many people get hurt. Young John why she bang it. Well she's not well you did know it's not all maybe you're not around even not obtain any interest maybe not donate measles is dead -- Maybe she's dead from a freaking conversation. That's where I say when we talked about being a real man. A real man would go and try to talk it out and if it doesn't work walk away. Your room I have it at your Roman have a lousy stories of the book it's pretty well it was saying -- yeah after the saddest story I tried to talk to left. See I've known guys have sat down. And actually made a list. Of how many chicks they have -- and then she wrote every name out and showed it to me. Flowers -- had 200 names on a list you I'm OK you know head. Well -- to do and I -- this tonight is due to -- a lot of our nose didn't know yeah. -- we got to beat to death and Indiana so -- one point they had to go in in laser off not a war it's stats in the sun. I made it well his -- all that guys yeah. Soul that's a great story here's -- -- little pay. It wasn't married irrigation -- anything -- all these -- you he had he was playing the field he was not at that time. I know that story and how much say -- don't know what they do that has stopped giving -- it -- that a relationship put a stop bad guy and not that's a great story. That is a -- and -- laser and -- are your and -- Ron wait laser lost. And then he hit on the candy -- McCain now or Mercer dot as a separate. I have a date with her to pass of his Johnson was bleeding glowing Johnny was still dry hole. You know does he don't has been a circle it here -- -- volcano experiments that kids make yeah I. At this with the tip whose critical kitten while -- cannot just say go ahead and do that just don't be in a relationship. -- -- -- have fun money and you gotta tell you Richard Kidd did not have -- taxes not saying don't have fun were you this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's got playing time his idea he's had time to grow up. What stands when -- my hero like hitting good and many that is a little few seconds and -- in new -- didn't care about -- few seconds of pleasure can be worth a lifetime of Payne thank you how I -- asked tiger how that works and that -- tiger how that works out how much she knew. Let all go walk on -- and there's not a it has -- -- -- -- -- -- of sex and violence I don't know -- I'll take on Tiger Woods -- children that paid chicken a -- tell us what I know many guys who are cheating -- get pissed when their awards are sure again clearly different situation when absolute most of his way to keep because a little emotional thing. Guys as she because they don't wanna get a rub out. No longer. -- Steiger was dropped an F bombs or masters or tiger area most of the propane storage comes just --

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