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The Shelf Ass

Apr 22, 2013|

Bill finds a picture of Barbie Edwards, a Big Beautiful Woman, who started modeling online after offered a gig in Vegas. She claims that she has the World's Largest Ass- that can literally hold a plate- a Shelf Ass.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But as we talk about. Big fat Mamas and the minute this woman -- -- put over yet brawl -- whole country's recruitment just aren't bigger load and there are different things. And physical things that people are attracted to another person there might be height. Breast size pubic hair style we talked about though we're here to go to the ray tubes maybe even need BBW or big beautiful woman. Some guys are and then just OK somebody may find it. Rebel Wilson very manner -- madman and a number that most men. No one would think that if you couldn't sit in certain areas for -- it mean physically against fit into his space rice and so my opinion my you know. Can't. You have to buy two seats on the train in two seats on the plane -- to knock over displays when you're in an aisle of a super -- hands -- like that. And you're a woman you probably wouldn't feel good about yourself I would think you would hate yourself you would be the butt of jokes do you but would be the bottom Japan's maybe it maybe you were trying to make -- -- -- would inspire you yeah. -- Edwards is a woman who lives in the state of Washington Saturday's Barbie like that golf after she went to Vegas. And with a friend. Just out of you know there would girls later and we get one -- -- marine Vegas stays in Vegas Sosa went to Vegas and somebody -- on the streets. Probably handed out flyers and try to persuaded to come CA BBW -- big beautiful woman shalom okay. As she is a big beautiful woman at 500 pounds I'd do AM she had to be on a scooter she would know she's walking -- -- -- you know on I don't know. I can see this -- missed he was asked to model when she got there somebody they go like one of the while other towns go to as you are pretty -- you kinda have that Barbie doll say -- big fat face but yet. And she decided to do her own stuff thank you Internet and she's make him a fat work for her she's turning lemons into lemonade without -- mountain. And this is -- she takes pictures of her. She has what she believes to be the world's largest gas that's right the world's largest now. And she rest plates of food on her past. And takes pictures for men. -- -- my -- is enormous now I put this a holy -- they already have banned it should be up existed to double checked and awake state. I'm putting up their -- mighty Intel was like yeah it's it's got to -- fallen on its its its shelf assets there because it. She has made doing these pictures in the last six months tell me she's a 28000. Dollars thoughts on Internet in six months. -- -- them before and just this sit there put plates of food on our history Tony yeah -- -- he's got one more she standing in front of closing Adonis a season like basically a bikini. -- -- -- -- Oh my you can still they sit at WC -- I think it's what I refer us to break from our FaceBook page our FaceBook and her stomach looks like an ass yes. It's got a bit -- cheeks yet. Holy -- it was a there's another human breast to her right. Then there's this -- she had saving five kids she's divorced from realism in Oregon. And look at this is -- we were virtually has a lot of she actually says she literally when she's cooking -- will put food on her shelf fast and just reach back and get a -- and their size and their four or. How she's not mean she has a pretty Shiite side know that sounds like you know let's say race is not too fat. Not know that it's almost as. It's that proportion right right her face looks sort of later head isn't huge she says I cost silly knock over displays the supermarkets is shopping I'm a wide load. And sometimes is difficult to judge whether I can fit through certain spaces are surprised she can walk when eating out I have to form a head to restaurants are sure they have a boot CD because I never. I can never have a normal chair she drives a minivan because cars are too small for her frame data should get into the van and a regular PC to try on clothes. And has been a store because the. Who's got some didn't -- big. Phrase that's all because so when you get -- at the earth image so there are guys that are willing debate thank you Internet when he 8000 dollars and systems IE is rubble one -- today as fast actually. Exactly to -- is -- some friends and even a fetish. That's a sickness. Like a fuel Navarro walked in here here's how my warped thinking here's. If I walked in here yeah they -- I caught you look and and chicks ending their bladders on editor checks -- That wouldn't bother me but if I wanted her -- you look at -- below -- Friday why can't. I would think I would almost at -- this is out of my character I would say you need help. Dinners and how my warped thinking yes well it just does it I'm. I had to me this is -- because she's she's a guy. She's got children who rely manner and you're looking at a woman with a -- that is disease I would love to talk to a guy and and finally -- -- -- what is his deal. Want to just I mean you know crazy six I don't think you can meet women this big but it's an attractive it's ugly. There has to be a lot of shame in one being this way into looking for one -- that that's this way. You know -- there really turned her life as miserable her life as miserable I mean I know she's making money you can't be that heavy be happy what she said she was very upset until she started doing this -- sort of make money attention. Right but still you can -- for the wrong reason guys go to the park to meet -- w.s. -- -- I -- honest to god and other than the Internet America always told the girl who used to come in here in review movies and stuff Olivia Olivia and a now -- was not small to him she was not this knew she would become aware she was a bigger. Woman and personally you wouldn't go to a park to look for fat people fat people tend to stay away from parks. Decent news stay more indoors near. Stoves and refrigerators. And I. And then figure like I don't -- would be able to us are going to say I want to Craig's list there for men seeking women just deceit and if anybody had put up anything. Four of a big beautiful woman GM. And I fell one. Just one floor that at all the once a define honored there was one as it's. Look at for BBW for -- any race this is a 45 year old guy who is on the east side of Rochester looking for farm with some big. Cease any race -- age I can post please series that is literally let him know he's as big here this -- there's a big fat around that sit. You know right. Mess it -- some do some motor boat and how you until you go to any Chinese buffet and I know that's always was the joke. But is the worst food foreign -- and did fat -- is love at a new all you have to do is park your car outside and wants a parade each of these Colin and Michelle -- club which could lead Democrat but that's because it's you know all you can eat. You know but I didn't hear about it what -- -- -- -- deep fried with salt and sugar. I know what does your family -- not just your kids but it doesn't -- -- status as well. Good night and most of the fat people I know and they runs in the family. This looks that it's rare it's on main street certified just one obese. This is Sam what she said that she was so real long it she got there ownership which was -- but -- -- many days this -- -- -- Would you be pissed she's doing this yes I would be the guy we regularly since we still got a representing just a little bit you know means well I was married today yeah. I'm taking away despite the fact they used to sleep there and that -- to be I think I'm on now she's the mother of your children I think earlier you four. As she subjecting the kids to ridicule let someone a school finest now. You know that they let them find out that -- balance in food on the back -- grass is a shelf already each -- -- -- -- Age where bikinis is up and you're doing nothing. But continuing something that's gonna kill you yeah so why are you not even around for these kids that would be my thing from what you're doing blubber porn yeah. And the kids in school who -- had bigger parents and they were just go along with the draw a line of defence was yeah my mom's a fast. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- this is an even fat. This is now morbidly obese are free kick right and you're making your money -- a freak that's it exactly like you got a few extra don't we rolls on a day of their most people have that's no big deal could I do is like you lose your kids in a way. This is yourself that you get stared at -- and that's gotta be hard on your kids you know give your locker on -- mall by doing all the time I couldn't tell you Dicks about it than you tackle like hyenas. I'm not even though you would say to your kids' lives just mommy I'm gonna finish well I played -- is that her -- is being reviewed the -- -- there I wanna know but here's how sick I am present that number it's not no I wanted to always sheets and I always find that fascinating while she talked about her breakfast in your boss you just are no matter breakfast. Exit -- -- still 4000 online fan so this is a -- as an extra. It's -- -- of what does an a's who have been denied to Africa which is actually don't sound kind of how you stick your mouth -- that the chickens as I didn't wait. But some huge thing the most going to be enormous Bob wells in Rochester -- -- chubby chaser. -- you are legit means it's not like this stuff. Not that bad -- lunch and a blue zones that are out 300. Recently announced the but I didn't like the little girl and stuff like -- But claimed it to be and to. You -- able to protect. Still unclear how the project. You don't actually alternate yeah. So here. Isn't a joke this is well we're just talking about this Barbie Edwards who's a 500 pound woman. Who bounces food on the back honor -- shellfish -- calls it. And takes pictures and in six months so on the Internet she's made 28000 dollars she's a 500 pound woman. I've seen do have to meet a guy who talked to wills says he likes women that bad around 300 pounds so you dated -- right now that's fat. Religious leaders Syrians. I actually I just. Thought to it. Well you better I decided to cut at a bar. Isn't always made it did skip I got to meet -- -- -- records anymore but it's very important to us -- And yeah. They. Didn't. -- 200 social delay I don't think -- At least I don't weird -- -- -- the -- attracted to fat don't I don't get it. Well we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I'll give it -- but how well normal looking chicks like you don't look like a normal or abnormal way or triple woman attractive you wanted to be fat. Two run triple and can't be able to say I like Europe. And mentally and look like -- and -- yeah they. -- You look you're looking at the greatest time. Three your finish -- everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The break room on FaceBook. And tell us what you think her when you do that well you have to do -- That's -- -- -- the evidence to back. -- -- -- -- What would -- at times they go to check it out and calls tomorrow I think easing Canada pollinated six era I think a little bit heavier out there. With they would with the exchange. They. Couldn't thank you notes that. Asked if Thomas is an ironically he says that BBWs are automatic. Lead. Yet laid automatically right Thomas. It now it had ended do you usually go from -- Big beautiful women. The bigger better well you -- and ironically girl plays in there at a site you can. Bring it up and they do all -- Is well aware that you get an automatic right. Aussie I guess during the regular yeah that that the Israelis and Alex and they saw us aren't we're gonna figure. 965 WCM. Asked.

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