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Rochester's Classic Rock
965WCMF: Morgan Neville, who directed "20 Feet From Stardom" directs "Keith Richards: Under the Influence"..coming to Netflix http://t.co/UwVFurAxl7

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  1. Racin' Randy Gives Tommy Go-Cart Racing Advice


    Wed, 29 Jul 2015

    As Tommy gets ready to take on NASCAR Legend Rusty Wallace in electric go-cart racing... Racin' Randy

    jeff gordon found at 1:27

    don't you gotta you gotta go to Russia what he did it Jeff Gordon in 1997 or Richmond. We got a got an inside of him. It's when you to tell you just hope they get
  2. 7-24-Creep Cap


    Fri, 24 Jul 2015

    All the creepy things wrapped up into two SEPARATE creep caps.

    box score found at 1:34

    was performed for us to. And yet it still counts in the box score still looks good. So good decree not has reformed as one would think that arrogance and.
  3. We Introduce "Jacked Dad" to the Break Room


    Thu, 23 Jul 2015

    "Jacked Dad" is an angry father who confronted another parent outside court after allegedly threatening his kid's day care.

    bomb threat found at 0:08, 1:35, 4:11

    bomber yes Ernest buck to junior. He's accused of calling it a bomb threat to doodle bugs daycare in Webster because he reassure its payment on the doodle bug according to court papers is kids will at least one of his kids with kicked out of the grease two bucks a patient because he didn't pay his bill is a deadly. Two then tried to enroll those kids in the west location. When the western doodle bugs refused to a rose Childress they have actually talked to the other duo what is the biggest idiot police is totally different. Company police say that earned a spot to junior said he was going to block the daycare center in court papers bucked tooth allegedly told doodle bugs regional manager and I quote. I'm gonna have to book your building it
    was in that their daughter son was in that daycare while the bomb threat at least to show up. Tickets are drama that's weeks we talked about this man. We want a comic book I want
    he came out I cannot just imitation of the monument. Does a bomb threat and not war. I just so we get jail just so we don't get sued in alleged bomb threat frank electric. It is I think frank frank he can't pay the ability doodle bug that got he has enough money to
  4. Calling "Dibs" on a Woman


    Wed, 22 Jul 2015

    One of the benefits of starting a new job is scoping out all the potential

    demi moore found at 4:10

    man and I won in this chick bed at Seoul. Descended Jude. Demi Moore to work. Jim Briscoe on the U Virginia's big dumb guy it was a big dummy rate these are selling man. Bad

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