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Where IS Coach Muley??

Apr 22, 2013|

For the second week in a row, Coach Muley still cannot be found. The Break Room and Listeners are all worried about where he is. MULEY, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, COME BACK!!!!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I didn't put a big a post on our FaceBook page -- really on the side of -- milk carton it's funny now is permissive. Two weeks now we have called coach -- -- and every Wednesday at seven we chat with them I was looking -- whose thoughts -- Boston the passing of Pat -- all this stuff. Nothing for the second -- -- we can't get a hold the coming out of the lady is a new romance and of course we -- calm again just one more time because I would love to hear what coach really has to say. About the all the current events that are yet. -- to a stuff. Is. A. Maybe look to countries on him. Are you planning. -- I'm really. Accidents. And. And the total let's -- and Eric. I -- -- 99404. Hey are you guys getting rid of coach really just asking. No regular we have no idea we're not trying to get good -- of seclusion released we're not -- is on the phone and Alexa is the big -- -- -- home it. Alexa good morning welcome to the break room. There are and how I know we're good how are you gain so I hear you're upset regarding coach really. Yes and I her profile. What do you think happened to him -- know what you are up and that's. Why are you a big Santa coach really. Morning where you from. I mean originally. Political thrown -- volume from Porter go to -- that this kind of a huge races why do you like him. I don't know -- funny yeah. What makes her -- Jim and I don't think he's very nine silly. Latino us less secure because I mean these are so moral duty season begin deliberations and you know. Alexa. Do you listen to the breaker everyday. You do. Right now I would never think a Spanish Arab Puerto -- woman would find the show entertainer. Won't get it -- -- ago insular and yes. So Danny you like Christian Dan. He laughs funny they -- you both have something Connelly you both on Jesus candles. They're the guys as Jesus scandals ago Michael what are your relatives get shot you was gonna put her on the curb. Bet that the PA Dubai as a way to -- Yes you definitely this officer wegmans so. -- myself and the -- via this I mean piracy hardly any Puerto Ricans are out there. I know that. We don't know lamb because -- lighting a candle for him tonight. Can barely lit candles quarter -- candles and maybe he'll come back. But the problem is the last time you said a prayer. Pursuant to the bank. It's an advantage to get a car alone stop it. The withdrawal these people -- what she's she's ordering get a pretty constantly on did you -- today yeah. You did which -- brave for. -- -- -- For everybody do you have any children. Yet today's WS of the dumbest question one I ask you she's really she's got a ton of Jesus does she's when he -- girls young woman she's in her -- the car everybody I. The -- -- are sending kids how many kids do you have. Just -- law just a little one bless them and how old is your little blessing. So she's two years off nicely terrible -- bright. And and you have anymore. You know -- know more. The factory is closed. Its -- uses centered. -- it out and we don't know what happened to coach really does feel lighted candle and say a prayer it probably will help. I would die -- and I appreciate you listen. Tommy's just shocked he does know what to think you listen. They need years of as an American or Puerto Rican -- I mean do you think -- yourself as an American or Porter Regan yeah. Ordering him I don't wanna be you know I see Puerto Rico via state. Didn't. Really matter. How many strides on the American flag. It think if the book and how many stars are on the American. I didn't mean. -- look at that and I thank you Alexa. And that includes bills version of I am so Smart or pseudo. Sellers -- I was get a -- of red chicken is coming here that you know young Latino Pia you know is thinking of that chick on channel ten Joseph Angel conception owning year old in his. The only usually euphoric and they like 1010 non specialists think that -- -- a policeman as she -- she got a vicious and they -- -- breezy -- to cover the story when your Hud secretary. -- races and I wasn't corporal Jeremy has concerns about coach merely what are you wanna say Jeremy in the break room and he 65. We are. All well breaker. I can say you're right there it got 70 -- abortion that guy he will ease. And stability I understand and what I want to address that in my -- first Boston and -- off a sad what's maxed. And now I -- local adopt. You know makes me god takes great yeah it does not -- period -- -- or not you're racist but there. Now Germany through my next birdie and it just destroy -- put up at our doorstep and I can light it. And -- are culturally and get some people who do that. Or why -- -- and Arnold why brown can just ask him yes. I know but why why am I -- -- and the Steelers finished. Odd very right you know what. They're conspiracy theories about what happened in Boston aren't what is your conspiracy theory on coach merely 2226000. What do you think what is the conspiracy. We don't know that he's dead. We just know we can't get all right. He's our only -- as we call everywhere he's a house how many years as coach knew him part of the show cause before fire fire was 0:5 PM yeah Paul's life. That it was a blues man. And it's -- Barry has this didn't come -- do -- theory. Barry welcome to the -- what is your conspiracy. -- -- -- -- -- -- Very since -- -- outs British doctors like. Oh yeah are. Our own little runs under the under his wife's pills and Webster he thinks he knows we're -- really is. What are your thoughts your conspiracy theories on coach really 2226000. Sure -- -- he had done in a direction you get. And New Jersey is actually working with the former. -- basketball coach or Rutgers. Out or price the market yet for the lions -- he's actually coaching his daughter's car basketball team and it was out yesterday. That job parents have heard him scream at these girls and even say -- now as they are and love it got let. He has even said. I can't even look you you just tell me. If they -- what the coach really old school. It meant he obviously you're right on talented. To the entrance. -- -- On its feet get a little taste what coach we only -- -- right pick up. Yeah Mike rice has been coaching his daughter's seventh grade travel team for witnesses at a tournament tournament this past week and say he was quote unquote. As crazy as ever loved it yelling at dressing kids he even told one of his girls quote I can't even look at you. But the parents seem to be on the side front and one of the coaches -- historic claims rice was not acting inappropriately. Well. I'm pretty sure coach will it and interpret. I thank you. But Brian is a conspiracy -- about duck coach merely 2226000. We'll take -- -- in the break from a 965 W seem after Ryan what are you got to. I think you just ignore ignore -- conversation back to return some off. We'll Tony -- had a -- coach Tommy is usually very -- actually coach you can never know there's -- -- -- good thought. The jets. What do what do you think every coach Felix. I think that -- that -- abducted for kidnapped by fighter. Iguodala some greater disappear very well -- really don't. For the moon damn -- -- We will take a break. Set an interesting day yesterday and twice I was told by him to stick -- yeah. You are my thoughts audience she's all the way over in my house ordered jurors. I seductive talk yesterday in the afternoon knows they do most often impulsive and how -- Can you Ron -- have is that not -- guy -- is your -- run along the canal is that player has -- yet. And I and I'm surprised he answered I fell back keeping beyond but I had a piece information and I want. I gotta Smart slowing to do everything he's doing it. -- -- -- History tied to take you and I -- college is as it has a stopwatch right. So arrived at the stoplight Joseph -- ran and ran three miles and then I sit here wanna -- ran -- is the big thing was I come along. If I ran a marathon at that pace. OK I would still be running -- know what is how many Alice that you just three months but they I didn't per mile you know Taylor broke it -- it was. Twelve minutes. -- -- per mile. As well. This should only -- don't have -- state program. They don't walk faster and bad -- like Kareem Abdul Jabbar. But big strides. I can't move up I am talking about it I think he video killed so many -- -- it's so full hawking for best out of -- It's the very group that that is eggs five WC and.

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