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Tommy and Waterbeds

Apr 22, 2013|

Tommy's looking to sell his house; One caller says he thinks Tom's bedroom has a mirror on the ceiling above his waterbed. This spurs a whole conversation on waterbeds- why they went out of style, where you can get them now, and opossum fur.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the break room and 965 to be seen if you're the sabres take on the Bruins tonight in Boston. We will see they're two they're fighting they're fighting their four points out from a playoff spot. So far they've eliminated earlier this week to Tampa Bay Lightning shall see how they do against the sabres can agree gain or Bruins can they gain some ground. Tommy is trying to sell -- house and the -- today. And it since it's an odd Kleiza came from the Vancouver sun realities you smoke your house myself for. 29% last summer -- snakes. According to a survey of real cities since. Build a tougher time selling your house to be smoke 56%. So the buyers are less likely to buy a house for people smoke in two point 7%. Said that most buyers refuse to buy a smoke. Is house in my area of caveats Summers ago weird survey because yeah -- no kidding but it was the perfect just for everything any site you get that smell out here you can't. And mouth disease are ripping up carpet -- so somebody did to say sensors our house. Parity guys mentioned Tommy sell his house and I can only imagine what weird things are in that place. And I some things her picture not a mirror. Above the well baffled waterbed it's covered in Simpson's sheets because it's 1970 -- Who has a water bed too many guys actually have. But I did do you think and I I'm sure Tommy doesn't have he's the desolate picture in my mind I don't know any money today owning. Where would you even buy a water -- and the -- it won't want that I don't resources to skated. Mattresses value by. And I don't Mormon. It. The mirror on the -- the water -- to the water that was interesting because I think that it was a big doctoral program. That a guy designed the waterbed. It was where he came to the end and he had to build one and do all this stuff again it was like the late sixties. And I must forget -- was like UCLA or somewhere to learn and everybody just kind of fell in love with a no good then I had a waterbed to his master's thesis for -- to everybody had -- -- to Dave my brother has the best remember that a waterbed. They had a built in stereo and headboard. To -- your car. I'm not kidding you open. This in the headboard. Well what is next -- it was the beds for the sexual revolution I'm pretty short. That she knew anti hero -- of water bed -- that was covered it in. Possibly for -- better. I'm pretty I'm pretty sure I don't know look it up to see it was over water and it was impossible for non I remember being -- -- boxer -- nothing. The only giant hairy you didn't just initiative is an Illinois dream Tasmania impossible for him via for the water -- you're comfortable you get heat -- you know. On the other Sony says it is do on the -- says in 1986 to 40% of the dead. Beds that were sold or water beds they had a 20% share of the mortgage -- and now it's gone and I right yup I remember that got -- made of -- has made all possible for. All bedspread. I've from whatever I -- telling us is Todd doesn't see there's -- yes I -- mentioned char lot the US against was in -- else to go ahead and rent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Still has some of the blow appellant has won. True Germany and but those Jemison Bruno -- there was there was I don't know. OJ Jameson payment and that is lending gotta love the either the hotel -- I like Jemison yeah yeah I get -- -- -- Yeah. The -- men have a good day man. Joseph rewrites on now -- just a -- excuse me we had Jovian Joseph writes on FaceBook. Acts about a mirror above the debt burden access try to -- you it in a situation even more so. Brennan haven't -- above the bad mr. Clemens and -- above the bed -- -- does mark wrote to a George FaceBook that's just taking things overboard. I wanna watch my own -- as have sex I'd like not to be afraid to have my relatives CD inside in my bedroom without being aghast. In ha -- buttons reverted Danielle whore house I think when he used to -- to run down joints that were. Back in the day you via water beds -- -- he's mirrored ceiling dollars stuff that these -- easier place called. An executive retreats. And then you would go there and -- lose the bowl -- motel and as it was in Lauderdale always sounds fancy little small but it was this it all mom and pop -- that they converted into like the rooms -- missiles such giants and to better what you want to pay. You get a hot. All that stuff she. Joseph rolled back to mark our own FaceBook and you know FaceBook page I stopped caring about what others think a long time ago that's the way to live but people like -- around those who know me for who I NS left him. -- all hit it if all it takes is a mirror above the bed to make you perverted. Than a month and man. As a mirror but I know everybody that I've never seen coalescing is less data premier family house in a movie and -- college shot -- who -- a long those -- like length -- -- -- -- they're -- this is a ceiling that's all miracle at all while he but he had a like on the on the headboard so he can watch while he was still whenever he was don't. Brian I mean. Just the -- we -- yes I know. Can you fire water -- anymore now its executives who would sell -- the matches to be a zillion years old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I say that not even touching yeah. Looking up anything I say I haven't seen these like it did they became lame as quickly became popular in the late sixties it was it was a graduate student ending in San Diego and making them. Cool design and now I don't know he's and you would never make any man you can't make of the make any money -- Paris and want. Yes I'd say -- a lot of people had them -- -- saying does somebody to manufacture and now ordered is now way. -- like Sammy on Macon distorted his new -- makes me want you to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that maybe it's time for him. And you going to jump on a day -- builder man -- -- the -- honoring a mattress if he's still violent eBay. Yeah but those are old atomic that's not new on -- -- if I'd like now -- -- those. Water hazard and my parents haven't by silk sheets map because you when you turn -- you get stuck. And on the oil would jam because it was that sick Robert Bolden and terror and acting. They're grinding on that it's a lot a lot saudis on the line it goes he's still allow water beds and the. If you -- -- might not due to Monica Mary Mary was yeah he's yeah brand -- what are -- -- That was one big black air mattress like channel -- individual. Rooms and it looked like you know. So we know better designed and I hit it what we. Didn't you didn't like solid and -- In my pantries to view Mughelli we thought -- go through -- really down summit. I'm Mary thank you waterbed outlet dot com 1800 for my arrest you can call up and by water bread water beds -- mattress Chad's source liners all -- -- you may well -- did how much. Anywhere from like 9 o'clock queen starting in 99999. -- -- -- you know -- queen to create green. May we should do the old the old school breakthrough -- were we raise money. I don't get -- breakthrough. Out of my Tommy how shall repository for when he moves to where every day you Qaeda or water it's -- used to mean senator Barbara as you could put men don't that you had to wait on the second floor -- all we couldn't do it. Did you enable -- -- -- -- asking -- you can catch hypothermia. You have the heater breaks cedar breaks. -- you fall asleep and you get elected should love -- They're dangerous I think I've couple plays a law somewhere beds earlier -- -- -- And when you think men and Julius may make them one I don't know I had a polish buddy I don't know round that's got to get the metric -- yeah. That's the blue a little -- a break and then we are the -- gruel and you see five WC MF.

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