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Death Draft 2013-14 Nominees, Round 1

Apr 24, 2013|

Today is the kick-off of The Break Room's Death Draft, 2013. Callers and Texters share their nominees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But but but but not benefit that's happened. -- With 965 WC you have was really an enemy Texas -- are coming back down it is rock and roll hall of fame inductees today and all day here in 965 wc and if you will hear bands that are in the rock and roll theme or like rush there. Getting inducted today into the rock and all things. We're taking your death draft nominees and -- had to -- -- most of whom aren't that and one just me reversal after the guests. -- have. -- outside of war the meadowlands no then Axl Rose firm he's -- -- singer of Stone Temple Pilots cal while -- island. The we show not Lisa's health footage show and then review -- Physicist -- feel. It's. Nominating Dennis Rodman Mel Brooks from the go to the also -- with Dave to conservative. Let us been sending me all kinds of conspiratorial. Theories about policies and bodies on the again I moved back and forth a meal tonight and yesterday's try to be mean again by senators that a very sort. Yeah yup wheel back and forth on FaceBook about it. My conspiratorial brother. Dave the conservative Korea. -- Bob Bob Parker all good call gonna beat her -- right there and curators. Misery another Dukakis Bob Barker and Nancy Reagan or write them down. Jerry childlike what do you think we got. I have a great -- Unfortunately -- be very sad because. Of music but totally backed up. -- out Tony menacing isn't it eighties didn't. Quite frankly holy Christ tonight Jerry thank you for the nominee and he's in can you give. QB counting. What do you think out there and -- -- Roberts -- builder to sit there were the -- nights away unless -- -- anyway does matter to anyone who he got. Only had -- died. Know his phone service as we -- synonymous. I think Tuesday Pope Benedict who Walter in Syracuse she got. Obama -- Mickey Rooney Mickey Rooney and this is an and a -- nine wires that big but this is a anniversary for a Walter -- Are you are as a -- asked -- nobody got no mr. for Lotto. Saturday. It's fun hall of fame induction right we and usually two guards are you truly are six ought to thank you for the nominee. Are you guys -- Laura we. -- Laura we're taking nominees for our Tony thirteen Tony fourteen deaths draft today putting together. One of the boards will continue tomorrow holes just wrapping up Monday into -- -- Shia -- stress pretty generous -- Kirk James Garner. Couple we've had to Iraq for finals yet held as the dead in his eighties. He got a big clothes de Seve smoked for thirty years in heartache of fifty right that the time has not. Thank you Laura. You put down Frank Sinatra junior who. And of course -- the tone she. 72. And I don't think we ever nominated this guy Emmy -- we have Gordy how. Of the green I'm pretty sure he's still alive but only greeted Korea Korea -- that is it then it's yet -- -- Gordy -- has to be ninety. And I don't know color and I wanna put down. It's Pete Seeger. Old school old school. Pete's the year you miss him so you may have -- whole team because Bruce Springsteen didn't medal -- Tuesday Mike three. It Donald -- -- at all Donald Sutherland in the two point thirteen twenty. Fourteen deaths draft boards is put together AJ and how they all these media days can you. When it got right. I don't why the director is desperately jetBlue ribbon has got a good one it won't -- so ultimately yeah -- that there is no. -- -- all cigarette because he yeah. It now because I got -- twelve minute miles. You couldn't just -- I'm political shows and bright and Doug Giles. Joseph rather come on Joseph C. Usually. -- aren't they are -- -- starter already dead. -- Joseph -- did you get it. Are your car is. There are no movement on the topic -- dumb ass. That's what what they JFK junior live. Wait wait -- -- hanging on his big flooding handicap hole I have to tell us -- floor yeah yeah I mean there's a difference is that wasn't even an. He -- -- until this just happened. They -- different easily miss it. Knew the difference here's a movie news moves so family had Cheryl -- ago the and we've found that he was -- he -- like years ago died in 1998 yeah nominated him and then one and a half a point for him now the funniest parts. Then I didn't do -- I was Alex because I was out. Would get booed either way could you please tell her -- -- here -- job of -- would get its killer -- Joe's got a great one job with -- and there's a lot of people who are important things out about this guy -- downhill and it would be sad and I have often said Tom relay. Is so this guy of Rochester Joseph we got. Are there were articles he's in these -- -- -- yeah. I -- his new movie shoreline needed. Not to throw her maybe. I know. What it sealed the area. Can build more leg off. -- -- Don Rickles he could slow her little students and look at the we've -- Ngo. Mike's got to a woman actually not bad but they all have to do the same sports teams front they were you involved in the same Schwartz Steve the same time Mike who are that. And that's considered -- favorite team although it get got -- at a couple minutes. And Jim McMahon because he's had multiple concussion and then go -- -- bodies brain -- -- Good I mean mangoes mozzarella is a man had a short career. -- -- -- it won't give up we thought yeah I guess so. Okay we take. I want to nominate nine the Rochester -- sharks in the league at their end. The premier battle here every year they when something mentally it'll all just do lead to the idea they went it and in a holding goes bankrupt and and I had to Colin sent -- I wanna. Whatever the name of Danny what is the name of the Roger -- church league guys -- wrong it's. -- premier basketball league slash some (%expletive) else. Prisoners of war MIA I it's I guess it's like six dial and I wanted to nominate dearly I sincerely dies this year not to create another league Sony semi via FaceBook. The dark horse Amanda blinds. With natural gas plus security units of two point seven -- that 27 club behind. Scott Scott is one that I think. A lot of people yeah I can see it happen and -- Hope it he kind of a scary thing for I think Western New York if it does happen prior. -- Well he's got to go. He's only in hang in there gap. Died he she put her up but failed buddy nix he's old. Had been buddy nix got its catfish demean it the anti -- opponent. But not just like coach -- -- -- -- also -- some guys played old dude you are you getting. Literally on every day Mary has to do and only when nominated Harry -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll let you know was. Nobody double check -- out the -- -- -- carry -- -- prompt. Donald Trump know it. Wouldn't trust it wouldn't it would -- -- -- you see how horrible he horrible. I would like to nominate. A -- go to us. Fish ninety -- -- goes is what ninety since he's in the godfather again. And another one want my all time favorites Ian I'm really really love this guy. Dick Van -- in Dick Van -- and -- Dick Van Dyke is the seven -- -- -- house 85. Wow yes I didn't -- like it was -- like that is Whelan that within the I was playing in 46. After the war is playing golf when you move but Suzanne IEA and I don't know hockey that -- also to the name to -- was I was to be played him -- since he knew that allows them. Not Frankie we got. -- Dick -- just fifteen heart attacks that. I wake up every lawyer critic. Its own disaster is now and I are less gusto and with no -- bush we said he's always on deaf seniors via CNET maybe -- a guy and unity deal lady get open beds and into. Not -- -- -- I doubt what he's good -- and Britney have gotten. Not. A star wanted to greatness instructional video of all time smoke in the -- meant. -- -- and a lot of health problems do you like you and -- pretty -- let you know I start to pray you don't look like thirty. That such a delinquencies. On Jerry not a bad one we got. Don Imus act. -- it -- sure there are no radiation hurt our throat cancer would Don Imus said. -- -- you want to let alone he was a long times chain smoker -- this did you. Watch my TV. Yes on TV via the woods in the of the financial over him. I'll be at risk there are accessories he's gonna have for throat cancer contemplating -- credit -- ordered Google Earth. The -- when he's getting another one likely -- open. Okay jacket looked so healthy though thank you must've been about I don't know it was like this. Really speaks highly of you. There's an influence it was a guy it was -- that. A dude to more and and blogs. Yes. For the 2013 2014. Deaths draft who should be on the board -- -- all every or not off the -- I guess -- I met him yesterday went back to booze and -- and he's trying to dry out so it's a good call our night thank you hear all. And and she's. Is -- Jeremy. But I -- -- Marlon -- and a guy's got to go Sunnis of. Complete mess. To these -- get back. These -- get -- his yes -- takes crazies who did Jake thank you Gerri yes the these flights as it shakes and adjust the -- But what you'll take a break well I continue putting a death draft boards together tomorrow. And don't forget you know zone anybody in law costs local family members of local people and of course the celebrities like we have but I think we had a good list Lotta old people on here. But -- people we -- -- Iran. The army air via these old Tom Richards made very important he just looks still stereotypical anybody is familiar with the -- kids that watched Thomas the tank engine that he's the conductor he knows she looks like. The mayor of search -- them Hatcher is precisely what are you similarly -- -- looks like does it stop them then that's. You do alive live action of it. We'll take a break phone numbers 2226002. -- Texas at 994 through for a hit us up on FaceBook denies 65 to BC MS.

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