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Should We Abolish the Death Draft?

Apr 24, 2013|

It's time for TBR's Death Draft- voting for what celebrities and local folks are gonna die in the next year. Eric calls in and tells us why we shouldn't do it this year. He says its "100% mean spirited and negative"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's an odd timing but I think we do it anyway going to be death draft we have. We do it around the NFL draft which is a week from today. It's easy NFL around. And now our -- draft we draft people who we think will expire like -- milk in the next twelve months. And we put together our draft -- draft board we wanna do that it in a little while. And it's all the people that we think I've got a ton of people texting new people looking we have now got a record -- I release of French courses. Press stuff and its audience you know a lot of its older celebrities -- the best you know those of the -- -- but when you look I mean we missed Jonathan winners -- him. Let -- just the winners was never life. Superstars status -- so -- stature that so -- overall summerall was big -- so as always once we miss. Please -- Kissinger we missed him -- and there's just a lot of Kissinger. And Senator Obama yesterday as they had -- nine UPS he's on. It -- on a list of somebody's NN exclusive because most of them. Souls are taking your calls a little after 730. But. Some people are pushing back. They don't like him who have Ericsson Eric here and Eric says he thinks we should do away with the death threat as it's cruel and it's why you why Derrick why do you say that. Purdue and that is a total. So respectful or anything like every from the men good and we should really. I really do that this year line does because -- -- I mean. And negative. We'll see angle she does mean spirited and why doesn't do you guys deal and to our mothers my mother your grandmother's ought to be good model your. Wish you know unsound and still had to sit and only step. But I pray for -- without it should be all sorts of negative comment or at least people. It will be maybe in some spiritual way he got it could be responsible I think that's. Really the joy of getting a raise while world get a -- of events strong ally the CI I don't see a day and I don't think of it is mean spirited. I I just I don't know I didn't hear -- maybe is my justification but. I was gonna visit nothing last forever been the biggest fear for everybody is death and -- you try to take it with a sense of humor. Figures were all gonna die I. I don't. Know your -- door I don't. -- -- -- -- I don't think that that death is necessarily funny I think we will all die I think there are tragic deaths. I think there -- deaths that people have described as beautiful. I'm from the you know where someone just kind of expires they were older may have lived a full life. But I think just just having this is a way of kind of having a sense of humor about life not everything. Should be so horrible. I got our view on what particularly on -- war on our -- And didn't like Eric. The bottom line is nothing last forever it's it's a lighter side no one's getting out of this all have people have had their feelings -- because yes and on the death threats and have been drafted and they find it insulting and hurtful you are correct a lot of people do feel the way you feel. Eric dash to show more respect for. Here and I -- -- -- know little scary out there it's always in my -- and number like that that way it's always scary out there at the -- always been a scary place right from the open up a history book. And -- the other thing is like you know there's a lot of people who died there wouldn't even get mentioned. When you get a little bit of a mention current day logo are still pray that they -- -- -- throw up. Right though it's odd to me is somewhat shortened respect for the person that died -- we thought about what a -- death of the turn into accounts and I didn't I mean there aren't. -- but really you know once exit they're quiet and listen to Doug from Webster what are wanna say the dog has. I want I want them in the -- develop the first bit. I had a lot Eric. McKinney to -- called America and lied when he maybe gets accidentally military can't protect promoted -- on rice is just fun now we -- do you Doug would you be insulted. Yeah yeah I -- in honor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Say in this has gone you know someday be -- you'll be doing this anymore and some new Dixon come along and if they -- you on the death trap for you to be angry about it and we laugh this system. Death I will die someday and maybe I'll score field. Yeah -- -- like is that everybody that is not a big deal I've incorporated doctor says it's gonna happen. Yes I think it is most people's biggest fear I Eric do you feel like you said early on assays disrespectful you don't like it. Recruited more does that what did you go drop dead. Tommy says go drop -- drop and -- -- world I do somebody's goalies who wins on them the your death will be meaningless. The meeting was -- -- -- -- -- something blew up their feelings or was brother we'd all shoot he's got guts out and got through that was this refineries have a dig in ride the hell -- -- restaurant -- for -- I'm always think you know you -- Marconi of thickness does he. -- he's having a soccer -- was upset suckers and was upset too but not to the degree. Well of -- -- we use. I have to say that Hawaii. And gotten wind of some very nasty things that were said. My only not in a microphone button -- said round. And two people of influence and about mean particular not to show put -- in particular and at the time. I was angry now I'm not and I have sense and I need announced I'll do what you gotta take -- manager. Tom I'm jumping on that I have taken him diamond taken sense that really hadn't taken last year unknown race and -- tournament yeah but see here's the thing and that's forgot that he got very upset with in -- was really angry and and so when I thought about it I go okay. And I apologized certain on the dividend is an -- gonna and I and I mean it because I forgot all the the struggle he went through. And how close it came and that he had cancer. He never mentioned to us and I didn't I I forgot I just so pretty silent on the radio he -- I never -- data collection that was sort of and I can see worry he'd taken it that would all absentees. And now I was angry at the time I did a whole rant you last out of her I did because there was an awful lot of very very mean and spirited. Horrible stuff the guy who talked about being such a great you -- just absolutely I mean I can't say. I was wanna say but he. Eat crap all over. Mean it and my family and my wife and -- just went on -- and not so I don't it sure and I lashed back. And I -- and I did that tonight and I apologize for not. Pretty doing it at the time because I didn't even think that that would be so hurtful to you -- it was just kind of a joke and it was a way to. Was it away from Nina event on the and he knows includes crushed at this point -- careless and -- two months. -- number two what's up. We got a bunch of people nominees no good well all data taken off the air the -- and you'll see look Eric number three what I wanna say. Yeah I -- And two things first I wouldn't be insulted if you contaminated meat for the best draft I'd be more concerned that you know something that I don't. And effective. And within them they coach -- reasons we haven't heard from the -- She did little right -- down and -- I had trouble sleeping at night and until we find out where he is content. So we'll let -- out to him and his family. Yeah I feel is the amount of it -- -- west Texas explosion blew an unknown screen where. We got a great thank -- boom we -- we're gonna try to call coach -- a couple of minutes and then -- -- here in the breaking news the black and didn't. Operation Randy. What he was set. I just. Cracked up but there's just a bad joke. And it's -- it continue I don't. I -- or correct or are great lecture because I want pirates took my last two. I had destructive Hello -- so like dark. This particular week -- last year -- took a little stir up I don't wish to let you know. So I really didn't do that if you're not well now as they. I think you can ask him how to get up and -- and -- -- for you never know right -- to -- kind of a heart -- -- really. Our progress much much -- -- all -- know you're done. Belt but from. Oh wait there's one example it's a regrets that his Everest -- this this way this live and up to the stereotypes like we've talked about the other day. I don't. Not a very hesitant and weeks we'll -- a break phone numbers due to do 6000 he detects -- 9940 to 965 WC MF.

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