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  1. Duffy's "Daughter" Writes Letters to Mommy

    Tue, 28 Apr 2015

    Duffy was left home alone with his kids for a weekend, and while he survived, they had some complaints

  2. Creep Cap Replay 4-24


    Fri, 24 Apr 2015

    Tommy's most disturbing moments of the week all rolled into one.

    the beatles found at 2:01

    the way. Who we know that that would improve malleable okay for God's sakes The Beatles sultan sultan yeah politics elegant. But hey yeah yeah of the began at 02 yes I need something salty Unita may be
  3. Mule Mode: The Funeral


    Fri, 24 Apr 2015

    We take a look into Tommy Mule's future with the latest chapter of Mule Mode

    dick cheney found at 0:44

    to see a few words. People like his former manager to win Dick Cheney . You lay it was a man. He wasn't hard working poor particularly good at his job suitors never really excelled at anything. There was one person and I it seems to have my life in their hands mutilate would be the absolute last person I would cheese you know what. I don't think I should be saying anything him I'm sorry. And instantly. The parade of mourners continued. Including Tommy ex fiance and his two ex wives selfish. Kris is convinced it was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and his about face. Teeny tiny. Hooker loving. It pinky side.
  4. Kimmy is Failing "Wife Training"


    Wed, 22 Apr 2015

    The Break Room finds out Kimmy isn't marriage material.

    bryant heated found at 5:27

    she's got hurt by the split yes that's tough love because political Bryant heated and it wasn't jerk about it so what's are you are you already in my. That a familiar gonna cook form. A

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