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Rape Not Great

Apr 24, 2013|

A.J. Clemente's gets FIRED first day on the job, even after swearing live on the air! Theodore Everet, a professor at SUNY Geneseo, is hosting a lecture entitled "AGAINST Sexual Assault Awareness"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You only love is when. People do things that are sort of uncomfortable or unexpected or kind of stepped and his CNN's seem to step in and a lot this past week and Obama think the tough. Or even like this one Susan Candiotti fathers played -- to set the -- no she's not she's different and you're -- to -- his -- Susan Candiotti. May Day yeah I think an embarrassing. So -- Sonya -- Update our viewers the latest information you're getting wolf I've never seen anything like it before being in Watertown right now. The streets are empty it's eerie it's as though a bomb had dropped somewhere in the streets are clear. Just like that hard cash that happened I'm honest I didn't catch it I -- they -- because I would love to see how wolf. What does that -- who's who in Annapolis not a -- sitting here. -- you know I get the Nazis took over a beach a way to take it back then and that's. He's got a funny. Discriminate. Now than your first day on the job yet to be very nerve -- guy idea especially Asia if your music written and is your nude too late and TV or whatever it is. You might do it Candiotti just did the we do you have audio of a guy. Crew is its first day on the job as a news anchor and I think he's in one of the Dakotas there and so it's -- already -- that. And he's been like really nervous bond. TV Azteca. And he starts swearing under his breath a whole bunch. And I can I I had so he's done. No he's not ready to fire him now they went out over the here. Yeah. I don't think he knew is Michael was alive or something and then when you hear -- Mostly they date cut -- shows that the lady just mentioned that his my nose like the other reporters talking you know underneath -- it sums are gone he's gone after -- -- Because Australia. And then. These they go to him and say hey we have a -- but apparently he's stick McNair. It's it's pretty funny but it's. Sometimes when you're you know you're newly jobs -- just to make sure you make a great first impression so -- -- down a job for a lot hell. When you wanna get attention and -- I think that sort of what's going on with these professor -- another era we had the U VAR guy who talked a whole bunch of stuff. But the ravens thought the ravens last week. This week is again has to do rape and and this time it's a Sunni agency chairman and about and this image Jennifer -- professor. He thinks the whole premise of sexual assault awareness week is to promote the whole idea is to promote awareness and yes about this issue in the fact that. It's going -- to do so well and then this happens and we don't know isn't terrible learn that no is no. So heat and the whole campus is dedicated their week to raising awareness of sexual assaults on campus rammed into college women off to. Over testosterone -- Young mister OK we were all fortunate gunship parishes and don't get it this guy is a philosophy professor Carl and his name is Theodore Everett. The -- he goes by Theodore when it Dick. -- -- the NRA because he's really see you do or Theodore Everett spent. Did present as an upcoming lecture titled against sexual assault awareness Kennedy's against the -- and sexual assault awareness against against sexual assault included -- home can tell us. So. Somebody got so -- said of course I'm not against sexual assault awareness. That's precisely why the title has those three words separately and quotes. -- -- -- He says my central concern is that sexual assault awareness movement counts too many borderline cases. All I registered to tip then. For example badgering someone into letting you give them -- now I haven't heard the number one batter outing the I haven't seen as a nineteen to one is thriving online dating giving it makes -- Other big game -- I dot com I think I -- -- -- -- car I have not seen first against singles offered. That now I haven't the eczema. He says. Truth sexual assault Qassam what a black guy Arab when they're not that he does it didn't snow and vagina Iowa there's too many borderline cases. As true size and Islam does he listen -- -- no he doesn't when they -- well other than the badgering for -- when they are not really sexual. And not really assault. Aren't I don't know what he would mean no I mean I can't -- and people are getting charged with sexual assault and at what they did wasn't sexual or assault proto I wouldn't it got everybody would be an agreement on that. Yes -- he added that I don't think that's usually the case usually the case is. The guy I was pawn added chick right and again editor nice. This that this diverts attention away from the truly damaging court case of rape and sexual assault and everybody cares about. And toward borderline cases that no one believes are equally important -- though they all -- happen -- -- -- -- to -- Anthony King give you an example. And -- -- is a zero tolerance mentality the focus and folks action on the edge of bad problems rather than the senators. We're really counts like trying to flight school violence by suspending little kids for saying bang bang to their friends around. -- I don't believe the policies like that to anything at all to stop serious school violent series violence in schools I don't believe that harsh controls. All reds cases of question or sexual activity do anything to stop serious sexual violence. While I don't think you're gonna stop serious sexual violence of that system resume to do. But you might be able to have somebody -- notice a pattern of something while you're against evil step up and yes that's the main thing people don't step up boom and are afraid to step. Term Paris and scared. They feel shunned by society so there won't talk about the rape you he can but he cited -- like I went out had a bad day would it shake which is gone and a major grab my breasts -- ministry brave I thought that happens very often I mean I'm Richard that soon. Little what the cops have to deal with with or rape victims you know if these rape crisis -- deal with. Somebody -- Oprah thing themselves residency. Announces tree just a portion of the Tennessee who knows where stance on the issue of sexual assault. We've -- rape and sexual violence of all kinds -- -- they senate we take seriously want to investigate all charges of sexual assault and sex and sexual harassment and I think that's a minority sect. As president I support our policies and its case on this list. I must say this for those people that are that outraged about sexual assault awareness. I think that what this professor has done. Has given you more attention for maybe what the good example I. I don't know how many people were aware that this is sexual assault awareness week and maybe you will have people tune in a little bit. To see what I don't I'm not quite garden for a good juicy little Vanity Fair play sometimes this negative has a positive picture I don't think this man is preaching that I think he's trying to say there borderline cases although he doesn't give you an example here -- Look so damn thing is that show we what you're talking about because to -- my mind goes to either you got rough footage chick yeah and she fought you off. And she's probably got a case -- there trying to save harassment but that's different. Jim Zimmer has an -- even if I'm sitting need to thank you as I want like sexual assault yes -- Peter has this show up at some point or my digits on you somewhere. To get to -- going right right. I would I would assume but let's say this is -- on a daily chair grant. And I just whip it up. And she gets offended I just pull it out -- finished dinner tomorrow maybe take care to take care and I meg kind of rough you're pushing down on but she said no she other car. I don't think this rate front against sexual assault. -- sink its aggressive behavior. But I don't know where he's you know I mean she got to guard him pushing a farther via the Shia nom I am a huge Jewish but I don't see that as an assault. I enforce it on there. I don't know I'm going to go on for sex to be down on known known brands that an interview with that a it's like. I don't know ideally I'd like gay you know things are going good and -- does these things are going good all okay Diana Donna did say they were hadn't yet -- -- don't don't gun law guy early Sunday morning -- unemployment is safe. Things are going good yeah I pull it out come on baby to. Gay and energies giving him and on and make parents push you to push or maybe even push her a little bit physically yeah two backs -- kids is she's -- -- gets another car. Now think -- say -- -- -- soon be involved both. I don't know on a donut they would be. But she can't like say guy he tried to force -- -- an area Ronald ED inning he get a -- I don't I don't also give us president. And -- that those are the slippery lines -- Obama is is -- disguised talking about but I LA that's money that makes it much on the assault cases or. Do crisis lines that the these people deal with I think most of women they come to this are had been roughed up. Yeah I mean I -- I limited chick dig at a raped you know she was a prostitute. She was found naked in the woods semi shooting run down the street -- no clothes on again attorney killer I mean that that's what I think of Mike. But always great great joke what I wanna say -- And we're OK airport has the right man and you can't send -- Completely but the deal Ryan. And -- to stop and still there and you know knee -- and -- army but it. And -- keep all you can stop -- that great. Did she ask you -- she's a stop get off me you keep going. They are -- yes it is a he said yes son -- and ninth at six got a case and he's just get off may get out of me years Dolan there. -- our -- here and -- town money. We're just understood everything. Course she -- an important as -- and then she has the opera and the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cheeks. Limited to thanks Rick real -- what -- Make no money. Yep I am more concerned about the -- -- -- a small claims court and. The room.

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