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Boston Conspiracies

Apr 29, 2013|

The Break Room pays homage to the DiMartino family, Rochester natives hurt while running the Boston Marathon. Listeners call The Break Room offering their take on the Boston Marathon Bombings, claiming all sorts of conspiracies.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Earlier this morning we're talking about the Boston Marathon bombing in the fact that the di Martino is two people for or actually three there was. Son and daughter went up to watch mom run in the marathon and the -- some brought his girlfriend. And all three were injured in the hostility to his girlfriend is out there were three separate hospitals. He was undergoing surgery today -- di Martino. Drafts I believe his sister is still a hostile regime is this so there's a long time German -- you get a week -- more to war wounds. Any -- of much for section -- all that kind of stuff. They are active in the I believe it's the Northridge Baptist Church north there's Baptist church and I think that's in Iran to -- I'm not sure. I had -- ask me about church and six and but did Hal did know congregation come up there and I think just the pastor maybe his wife -- and just one of Sheridan as we get our dogs and zoom. Six casualties are -- there -- lives -- presented themselves some luck to -- and I think he was doing a nice thing brilliant thing don't I knew I really do it the right now don't -- terms I don't think they -- I think. Think he's back terrific I think there's a party that is -- -- that's a generally got the doctor appears to be said about the visiting the family that I let you know she's she's it was delicious that it -- he's -- it. Do you have any other way someone was gonna go and she was doing amazingly well from my perspective. Going to I was just encouraging for us to be with her. And now she's just looking forward to on -- starting -- had been and working and getting better. Maybe critical basically I think he's -- I think this. Reduced it was a good work like -- that they like says churches deal he is visiting the this shot ended his show too early to while. Where love offering a little love is about the -- but here's a -- That no bombs go off while this a prayer -- I'm sure they do you pray that we didn't actually get a break for big -- over all else. They -- no bombs I don't know if they shouldn't I don't know. In the meantime though a lot of people think the bombs and then -- him and his side jobs -- in the Obama bombs a lot of people here they are materially Obama phones. Got a call from a guy named John earlier this morning noon and the sensation I've got inundated with stuff there was one name printed out. Different things about the the government the government and the involvement -- trying to scare you to put more control over you -- all -- -- -- or your house prices to abuse it as an opportunity to gain more control that I get I just don't think their behind the atrocity their season this is manipulated they did it more than we do it again aren't. And right man no you're you're you might -- they'll always take advantage of a crisis -- the quickest way for me to get you do something is is -- revenue would seriously get money and you -- against you do do I want you to do. Then we just went -- yeah -- life. And so but it works TI does this mean -- Boston bomber last message on FaceBook to his father. Probably beckon I guess somebody wrote this now this kid around a -- -- -- instant version of FaceBook friend. So I was even in the newest book face. Who I'm just saying that's usually what investors originally coming out as to who they work and that morning. Friday morning we pulled up a whole profile on the kid and he has a FaceBook page Bristol Russia quickly generate so this one is a picture of Jimenez says. His last threats is to his father I I've never done it and they set me up protest. And it says right here on his FaceBook page this and I think this is completely manipulated this will be the last -- before the police get me I never done it. They set me up father please forgive me I'm sorry it has come to this. Why don't believe English is his name right there anyway. So that I would. I would think you're all kinds of holes and that theory but. -- -- go to the fault lines I believe it's franking candidate a frank what are you wanna say this morning in the break -- in 965 to BC -- right in the box. -- -- And always throwing rocks. Are misidentified the corporate citizen of my telephone -- your -- -- Lose all kinds of stuff happened this morning frank and frank. Have a go -- good -- it was a frank are out of what are you guys who thought started. Door to door searches. I would be against them yet that the Ryder -- None and now he's saying during the Boston bombing you mean. Okay well well does is not in my neighborhood I would like them define them yet so I agree that it didn't literally gotta be a lot of but it got below began I think there Ernie is they this don't come around. My neighborhood knocking on doors is -- the kind of look around for no reason. Reviewed and not -- been lying that's -- I mean. Eat there was -- something what I'm a lot of you know I don't know I just don't like the idea of the government coming in to my outfit. I don't mind the government can and in my house if there's this is if there's a legitimate reason to come and in my house to look for something if they thought decade was on your property and so they wanted to see if he gonna -- like a basement window losing your basement. -- trail of blood. And you can't really tell where landed just kind of stops in the middle yard maybe he'd. Well you're ideal color let's let's have let's go to this let's go to this this is give the local here yet -- little wives are friends that live down by the water where that -- strategy went down with -- -- -- fire department of etc. seven houses down they don't know where this guy -- -- they wanna -- my house so much ground as TVs in my basement. I have no problem with that. -- are they allowed say they find. Alina. And your basement for herbs medicinal use. Are they allowed to prosecute you for that I -- that. -- say they were looking in the closet right and they open it up and it's unemployed say I don't think self. A guy -- you know what -- -- a plane might be a whole neighborhoods on fire and he's dead he's here I -- irreverent. These vehicles are not really worried about my 18 players really clear is that big deal for the government not Mike's increase what -- -- -- -- DO all the brother. Yeah those on the Internet yesterday but I think from 2011 working -- impressions. And there was a triple murder case and they didn't really -- -- -- a suspect dead but they'll look at retrospective show Lucille while -- -- stroked his passenger funeral and but I think he's a suspect in this murder and how did he -- his friends yes it was -- number -- almost as bad. Currently sitting in the had a hard time making friends here bill orally gets better -- until tomorrow chancellor but he was marry you know OK I thank you Mike. -- bills and Henrietta bill says asked the Indians have the government would line long. Bill day. When it was it is at it. Look at. Fine but. I don't know what I'm not -- she's. There's a lot of things I don't know if I'm Obama and -- it. Again and put I mean in the meets. I I -- it. It's a different timing yes the government probably did lied to eight days doing -- time they would need to be don't think that the government blew this is stuff and that's not what -- is different right limited to me. This is citizen -- it was a flight we were trying to take a land away from -- there was a while just like Indians yes I'm just saying illegal war try to think of the guys and Allah or didn't there was a terror right there was to horrible. Horrible -- actually horrible but we are now more -- we do asset and Indians and blacks. It dead time as -- human beings we grimace of humans yet. Salmons is this animals yet. You heard -- kill. -- -- used big you Guidant but they weren't like you and I and then there was terrible way to thank those of that was the generation. When we go to John -- the tree mile -- to go to the casino. Josh Barry -- differ section -- she's got some good Josh. -- -- -- Yeah area or did we lose. All of our lives yeah lead at the concern about body -- Obama's Ryan -- stock. Reverse all that it had delegate and I'm not on day I don't I don't know brigade are under reverend did you neighbor right now. The word but I -- who are boo whoever wrote that stuck -- -- -- collective -- that I have -- -- all of but by the -- lose their financial things Burton cabinet members and some. And remembered not -- congress. It could trade bright brilliant. And whatnot they get injured and remember our. Come into another -- to be like insider trading. And his happy days -- the bombs last. Where -- met there. So owners that way there was any. Smokescreen literally now -- -- girl broke period yes and you learn distracted by and you and you believe that. I K I mean hey I beat it beat out a lot of political -- on the Internet -- -- from -- -- didn't. Main street really admit I don't even have cable it carried just a word colored -- the way interpreted. Good idea exhibit do you believe noise you just said. The -- tapped -- I didn't I didn't look it up the resurgent. Our beat -- people back good. We believe that our government would rejoice -- -- bonds. To distract so vacated kind of incest or trainers right. Be able to makes Ernie for themselves to get rich for the leaders to stay the elites and in control video bomb was -- -- -- -- love this idea. I'm not sure how Obama would build out of her I do we want to vote didn't convert -- aren't. Certainly feel. All filtered through here. I -- I presume and he told by the American convert it. I'm Josh. Are very yup it's out there makes. Barry what are you must tension. -- -- Yeah hey it's still really -- everything got a breaking news story. Well my got what she's it's only now starting all sports -- who has the floor. By -- sides farmers -- Jack heard LO YE. Because general represent a general went down there and they're talking a little border probationary thing. The Broward and -- to Israeli were created and it's got this stopping state locating it to be political rejection -- I'm.

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