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Coach Lou Rips Tommy

May 1, 2013|

Coach Lou sends Tommy a hate-filled letter, upsetting Tommy greatly. Lou Longo lets Tommy know how bad of an idea it is for him to move in with his girlfriend (WTF??!!! Good Luck to you, Bro!)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have our -- draft that we do every year around this time we'll do round three coming up and a special edition round tonight former broadcasting live. Part of our death draft is where we pick people that we expect. It could deny the next twelve months or not wishing death upon the -- we're taking them and today will be up politics -- -- of people from the political Reno or. People like I think my Angelos on the list Pope Benedict some analyst Barbara Bush George hw bush yeah yeah all that stuff. Not so. Coach whose name came up because we were asking listeners to vote. I -- the just dated story in coach Lou voted for a guy entirely and all crazy and coach Lou. And it's because coach Lucent a. Steve being hate mail to my house. Particular -- for his he has a Schumer and I are both suck and so life's. He's got this guy hates is life. Hates his marriage. They need to show I don't think so I think he can't do on the skies later -- because the other -- I -- hate Luongo wrote it is subject news and -- long ago -- remain a -- doesn't mean as a sort of -- -- subject of his email was present WT asks. Question mark question Morgan and four exclamation points of what not abstract. Tommy when you're moving you -- your girlfriend question mark question mark three exclamation points. Want that. Four exclamation points to say over to right there to over dramatic have you lost your mind your question marks three exploration voice. You're fifty to -- new mountain Vernon and I'll do your 52 -- -- and it was your girlfriend when you're older. I think there are hundreds of product where it didn't seem to click to. That secured fifty GO a moment -- your girlfriend. Do you know how stupid that sounds -- relates -- well. I'll I'll -- The worst thing is you sound here -- some movement and whether some one she kicks your lame ass out you have to go and find another house to women that'll take months. In the meantime he'll be live -- -- -- dead. That's gonna go rollout of for what I did move this -- is so I'm not bought and NBC news listen not he's always been nothing but failure I don't get to pick a day Harry never Liberia this is it -- email from coach Lou. I just -- Thomas mile. Then I got the pleasure -- being covered and this spring than in Europe. What a Dick move this system all that talk of how stupid everyone is. To be married and now you're gonna do and yeah marriage. They show it -- somebody myself average non -- my Islamic listen up it is it is a bad. This -- let us. I -- either I care about others and I have broken up with girls and I have a ban divorce from girls there's a big difference yet -- they called NC -- an identical to Wallace. All that's audacity of it everyone is to be married and now you're gonna do begin trying to send me good luck G number oh. See. That's -- -- I'm gonna laugh he uses it plays out over the radio philly's gonna get plenty of material from this train wreck all ought to do as bad as the custodian will -- -- Well a little I hope my coach Lou. -- I take a minute desperate he hit it's he could no huddle handle these local league of Iowa -- coach Lou to his death trend tomorrow because I hope. He done so well known he put it on today we'll do that round tomorrow you -- Christian but I can I can nominate him now down to yes smoothly is that your organization -- The end of Ireland has done. Quiz are you know horrible do you find hope he gets ball cancer do you feel it all hypocritical because there are treasury guy called me and remove. It's probably view out of nowhere. You know still I don't remember -- -- ha ha ha ha you know I think you're thinking of the old show and all that should those shows you're married trying to. -- more as a part of this room. Prove to worsen their -- and I got divorced in 06 heated -- -- run any of oh yeah I ever when he got his little baggage you money and ran out of here. Not the number of black and little locked up how -- you know once you pull whatever UN earlier period. People all right I'm gonna start would -- a tallies in candle and I I would Charlie and I can -- You look yes he did -- -- Martin. We played game -- -- how long leap into this -- No commercials are your Charlie yeah. -- some -- not collar about it that's what you get out she can expect boring. So you want me to get. So I'm gonna get divorced and removing get Manning get divorced. And -- in order air out certain issues and expect very. Yeah thanks so it's gonna all hell yeah I admit I can't be -- people -- talked Eric goes again -- resolves all of the leader John. -- -- To get a. No picture it shall we -- tell announcing ended I think -- -- Our god damn Kabila the odd couple -- up but but but but. Any tracks that I'm. It's not generally debuting. Beyoncé. Yeah I what do you say B I said the -- so what do you say beyond that. -- -- and that's right. And then fun yeah that's not bad I guess that's not a fun shooting George low who. The author of the email that has seen hit so just sore spot with one Tom Mueller and coach Lou in the -- when 965 WT -- That's about it but I got. I'm not -- seeing it did get a few words I. Know I brought you. Well let earlier in the week did you notice enemies yet on -- yeah. At any time you get in at eight. You were hurt our tournament in my yard selves. And actually can I got -- stop yeah. The blinds us from secretary William. All torture why -- would you please. Be sure. They're just. Played a marriage thing I hear bush and his marriage do you relax at the -- -- get it off by LB all. And orchards and -- I. I did not. Of all people in this world I would bet -- you wouldn't it. Who will go over the years. They want every little. Light. She -- advice is it isn't there are really sweet woman they'll say these cigar in my house in the -- -- Want to assure you there slight little sweet -- Sane and I'm just -- about it -- Aetna but the our blue eyes and lose -- man -- what we'll watch how long lonely island up in your basement it's snowing here. You walk out they heard about the wall and hope our. Your -- welcome as I mean anytime. To address that from a B Ben McCauley gun on him on the coach Lou west side -- went -- Austria we westside tennis and I -- -- -- Yeah it does. At all. Thought I wasn't. The pilot from Lou I appreciate Jason Spencer -- not but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The great group of 9652. Of -- cement.

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