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"I Just Decided to Eat It"

May 1, 2013|

For a contest to win Allman Brothers tickets, callers share their stories of the bizarre things they've eaten, just because they decided to eat it!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right well we were just decided to -- it for. For tickets I heard a story about a guy who caught off the trigger I don't believe it's. Local oil that NATO I don't does that does seem to taste like so we've -- that -- it just decided to eat it I said it would be funny doing the radio just decided to -- it. Well we did and we got a -- a call you are having trouble we narrowed it down to three we need your help. We need your help here -- the three that we -- -- start -- Bob. This is Bob's story of just decided to eat it for Allman Brothers tickets to -- August 23 Darian like. In my dev work -- he use -- as thorough look at there's so u.'s lead to. You know and I took one of those little bucket of ordered up a hook it -- has stuck to my finger. And it did he blow that thing kind of funny -- the first semi official world then he would like what are you gonna do that. Like -- on both the and he's like I've done a lot of our game five bucks have viewed it. And I was like Bob but it's. Your father want you to eat or we leave it. Yeah didn't focal but didn't play good carried out -- thousand dollars. Boss ordered in my in my opened June and a pretty good student and all of a nasty ones that it was very nasty take -- -- well. -- -- -- -- We need your help on picking the winner here 2226000. That is Bob's story here's Rick passed and with the words just decided to you from a brother's tickets. I used to work you know who grew up with one hand and he apple then can hear and not yet he's -- Broward and black woolly bear caterpillars in there. And a buddy of mine -- say -- could you imagine swallowing -- thing. Actually offer one buck felt hope that this shot at it and I put it my mouth and swallowed it move I decided. I just eight. Yeah it was a cruel or was -- bad about it. Was that Paris all got stuck in my grow and two days later today here we're a remote but. Reliance on these later better world and remember. -- -- pets and finally. This is Joseph I think. Justin Justin Justin this is the final -- we're looking for you to help us pick it 2226000. For all the brother's tickets just decided to eat it. Can noted that Xstrata the sidewalk and -- always dried up Christie had a smile on senate bill helps. -- -- -- -- to debate you followed nobody unit to regularly between -- extra -- and I'm also ready. Pocketed minute you know. Do. Okay. -- -- tonight I got -- -- via Twitter my -- guy let me go to all right good. TJ to 6000 who do you think there will go around the room will decide on the winner from the -- brother's tickets Tommy Kirk. -- Yeah I think again it's spent the majority we're talking the other than any other sport but they're better than Detroit for twenty years Simeon coach at us. I think he is saying it is here as -- out -- music there's always tomorrow Clara and Ali was one of the guys are looking at. Let me go to Bob -- putting it takes to get it. -- -- -- -- Leads boy that was a Bob Bobby delete it's encouraged by his father says that we run on screen line. Who who do you think should win. -- -- caterpillar guy caterpillar guy gets my vote. -- guy has my vote. Tommy who which were I think you Doris enemies are kind of good guy hands. Always trumps all the stories because that's three for caterpillar guy it's his uncle Bob Warner for frog Christian dance coach Lou writes in fraud -- -- do that's -- but I have socialism -- how hot hot hot hot what's not we've got a great story about -- eleven million dollars -- exactly -- story about how. It's phenomenal like jail late. Yeah well why why would -- -- story. Because it was sister in LA king theater via a non coach who you know loser go get into -- life. But a straight line who you vote for that one for the lease guide to offer frog. 34. Caterpillar which way you go and mentally that she at least certainly impress me two to three on screen line we go for. I don't operate that leads were tied exist -- don't put anything -- amounts. But -- So leases do basically just decide it's 33 c'mon that's would you mind there are we still laying there I didn't call it's. -- -- What is it I was going to be strong dude frog dude yeah I'll Fridays now we got a three way tie I'd rather read a way a -- -- On screen line you are the final vote which way you -- Well -- didn't go ahead and tell my own story I don't know about the greatest aspect to all of our lower debt. You know hey I have a group the well we will let you tell a story but you can't win -- -- so. Google I got to vote via our -- got. Caterpillar guy that gives war they gives us four -- and hang on I'll come back -- tell you story Sean. Sean. That's what we're out which way you go buddy I -- It up. Yeah did you look at that guy did he was twenty bucks still have yet -- yet. Nobody. Yeah but too much but trump let it okay now or F five to three I can say thank you in any juicy real quick. There's one more -- from each guy but I think it's over I think it is over -- -- -- the winner is rich -- a man's. By caterpillar and moved my enriched by a cat I have learned a C intensive. That's it's seated. Just got a phone from London can look at stories. Big guy usually eat anything 120 knowledge to -- do let's go back -- worst movies -- Horace crap what did you eat some horse farm. And the -- -- -- you -- and now we're able to have started coerced or together. And web. Recruit well program. -- its. And turned well when the machine guns so cruel thing I have no water. The ten. Whose walls. Today. And what are. -- Fifty -- And the way. I don't -- out. For a little while ago. And it'll down from the flu. And how are we sure -- Sure there certainly is throwing up. On Google don't love me don't alone. He's gonna. Yeah. -- Does that dad and it's always is up to warm. Herb. Wrote at least I was being a -- while. Crude. As ago when you're -- broke the great -- -- -- about it through farm rhetoric and direct. And using it to my brother about it we create -- called -- Don't under -- Oh absolutely -- good against. This guy blue gray area for nothing I can go again tomorrow tell the same story out why not any good story last forever you guys is -- a time got a story -- this guys call balls are just Albert -- call -- tomorrow and well on. Paula as you did make me puke and then as good -- Yeah that's the object of the game really gets. Are there. But hold on. Hold on you're right we're gonna get tomorrow. I any criminal Tim we'll get a story tomorrow if he says it doesn't want to just put -- -- gets a nasty as the limo -- Philly -- -- That -- who do well.

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