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Mahelia Breaks the News to Another Maid

May 1, 2013|

We still haven't heard Coach Muley, but his Domestic, Mahelia, has let us know he's been hurt pretty bad and is recovering slowly. To take his place for now, Mahelia tells a man's wife that he's been secretly in love with somebody else

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bush really has been. Al for a march -- -- surgeon and -- we'll get him ready caught up as to what is actually going on with coach really. They -- are I didn't want to let everybody know that aren't yet old Julian had been. But he lost there ever been he's been missing and I hope become back -- we're still. While we heard it is in the hospital he's in a burn unit he's recovering. Well all we can do is hope for the best now. Only merit side. That's true thank you us surgeon will pass -- very well wishes you to. The gusts -- My -- yet. Who was personally hasn't fully answered the hell you -- we call coach merely. Again the third two weeks three weeks is our number one -- again February 3 week may have answers. And she says well he's gonna go through a hard time he choked on a piece of hard candy she's a domestic system with -- really since he was just a baby. As -- she's got to be agent yourself. She says he joked and appease our candy had a mild heart attack got out of the hospital after that that was the first week. Went outside to smoke -- -- and done blown himself button. And they blame al-Qaeda near the military -- down and bam. Fertilizer disease at all all over the house are all over the she's -- -- area and it blew up and she sank as coach music -- prominent person down there that that -- to -- -- -- hatred script and it's Bruce takes. So we did our breaking news scenario more guys is like I married a woman. So she can get citizenship now want America love in my life but the woman I'm married to. Will -- Grammy an enormous yes more so I can get married in the Catholic Church. And we said value would you handle this one for us the breaking news the coach really normally doesn't she said she would so here's -- hell yeah. Breaking news in the break room I'm 965 double -- I don't April. Need to really do paying them. Good. Who is good he's -- he's been. Changed -- -- Kanye honey I let the battle as have treated thing we have Davis has not seem very much a two year April. Don't you mean. It completes a beautiful month of the year -- and it just a product who. The lesson here down on us Hal -- domestic demand and a mammoon from the term. Ma'am of -- It is these -- -- -- come I have dose of people's problems. Simply Mims Hussein's. UC NTO Damon. 1080 -- don't create at the monitor to cheat is. Okay you can set did he is no his cell focusing you don't get commissioner for. Hand I'm here to him -- great it's disturbing news to folks and you know who'd been removed his name is. We. Tito has been -- ring. But no he didn't keep that but that's my iPod on my own -- Stanley he he -- he was on the radio program this volunteer militia men. Did a radio show we really it was such a crazy crackers -- debris crew. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah united think -- -- here permanently you know -- story of David now. You come over his country from Puerto Ricans and -- and ask. I'm not yeah. -- you -- majesty in the country reduce or risk. They've -- I can't believe that I'm -- -- So you've got and it gave everything has. She really this is what happens from -- used to have -- so we're glad me and my admitted bad news -- and bad news. From LA that god -- bad news well -- I wouldn't trust a -- -- -- Astros Tuesday and although that's mayor says the point. My opponent -- -- is just like all man dazed and knows. Do you agree I'll manages his daddy has no hopes they drink had its own little life philosophy at the end of the what he's done. These. He can seven girlfriend. And now he won -- marital girlfriend and when a break have you arranged marriage they say you had the and an element. You have been an anonymous. He was shot at him -- -- substantial my word ain't never before I even try to do that Michael bigger. He's saying he won an acknowledgment. No marriage. As you have now may consummation. Javier number I don't know why -- There -- so I -- -- -- he said he don't give me some money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't I -- the Jesus that we -- -- -- you do it and I can't do. Think I am probably a hundred and -- we do we. Really primary. I don't just. That the -- a -- to where understands it is decent you just item to may need that he married CB staying. Even though we know I was what do you would have put vetoed by love for you -- and we. He's on the you know we think I've even been married I make I cannot do can matter and I -- That I haven't. Live but I understand -- that day. He studied him. GE to -- to have a hand in relationships. And amounts or in the. I want it. Content -- -- and you want. -- -- I don't know I don't know how -- then Tim hate to be honest as he -- -- -- And pay my arm as you do Dan Dan Dan -- My Christian mousetrap in his own fire ice and see do you know. I don't you know I don't even still in terms of how well I was rather leave you my life who is gonna -- you know and you can't oracle. He needs -- Goldie you sound operator even the leash he's saying that we did not call and make it familiar at all. And we can't. So yeah. He intimate to -- ten minutes. You know appeal to them and -- -- don't know what you we went kind of crude heroes celebrate. Our Mary did you celebrate inside. -- he got. Drunk didn't do you -- another man couldn't drag and we've. No I -- I usually don't drink but we didn't drink how are they hadn't. Seen you need and I'm hearing dirty cabin with a couple and. Didn't we didn't consummate diplomat was waiting to use. Another group of people losing that Midland which which you when you is how do you. Let me my whole life into a good -- well. And we didn't know it -- not who you gonna -- that his return to. He's just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do you tell our homes homes maybe you don't tell me hey you bring it you mean you mode Jesus looking down on most. You send you met him and you get a hand -- have Hillary can. I have a child you try to beat. -- So which you are so what you don't do maybe he don't know you you gotta you've got to -- that would take dead I would take doubt hock his money and while guarding Kiki is and straight to -- mr. government -- -- would to garbage. Well interfered. Predicted that in mind we were. I think there were other people involved in this can be -- finance. No clue and typical -- -- different people do you do. It was could be all it was so -- it end and even there I can. And on the all learn this one challenging and wasn't -- -- and dale wanna get into your. And in Somalia to -- I can't go back and my family with a child did not that it and then getting the warning them not knowing who the father can do that. When he's claiming the last song name near the main thing. I would hope I can give -- that I -- it can't do that with no I won't do that so. -- -- -- -- Who she'd done hung over who she may in theory not a -- is -- -- -- from. -- is perhaps not -- -- and AM mentors pistol police expect to -- that you. Mecca take a handle on these Simone. The man who breaking news -- -- And -- southern as a way better yeah. Look at a colloquial was observed -- drugs little little sayings from the sound etc. next time yes you colonialism center with edit it's that.

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