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Death Draft: FINAL ROUND! Locals

May 1, 2013|

This is the final round of the 2013-2014 Break Room Death Draft- Local folks and celebrities

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Night we had a get together we started our other guys are ready yet. -- -- -- other -- -- -- fourteen jets draft final around the local wow I'm chomping at the that I get some moves can help minding your bills pulled its -- time you're trade down. To get Moore takes -- Harmonica monsters. Dan Truman firing how anybody. It's. I'm not you're bills fan -- That it. Well are used to being on my -- that part of. -- how do you feel about the pick last night EJ Manuel. I don't know if -- -- them. Finally sees it evidence that a lot of people say I don't know much about him I withhold any opinions until he performs in the field meanwhile guys having a rough day. Well it's just like any other day and -- Randy. Or how are you money. And -- -- -- violence Godzilla stick to its credit. Cup tennis the united breaker and deaths draft the final round the local edition will have five picks in this round. And that will complete our roster for Tony thirteen points fourteen dam through one -- you have the first pick where you going in the local category. What you -- or corporate could reward. Remember that we show. -- security commercial. Site. It doesn't do separate category can -- they are saying if if he's gotten Denny guys legislative hurdles it say this really needed tabled Wheaties. Yes. Sure well Judith gets to hear out I don't attack -- gets ago when I Sunnis and right right now. While detonate an island tickets you can you can be -- That says the cycle and as a pro. Race and Randy with your first pick in the final round of the breakthrough in death draft who were you taking certain. Well boom. Thanks man already on the board this show and they do nineties no way to take a ways. Stupidest picture -- so they do all the time. And we do that you like me. I like you always -- attention -- to operate -- when they're short and you were dramatic. You know I hear him still lament does this mean you -- megabyte. So fast. Five -- my first pick. And it's 1813 2014 deaths drafts local addition. I am going to take. Alex the insurance career wall man asks. Alex the -- -- -- there are just killer view Lou and I think. Miller doing. Right we move on to Tom DeLay -- you've taken in your first victim the break room debt strapped local. Well you know look. Love and and let you know and Grayson and it is it's a very nice things about me right now and it in -- frontier to my nine. Some take in a recent rain these motive. Well it's mr. mrs. -- I gotta get taken separately can we take essentially intercept okay I'm taking a race and -- mother. Mrs. so similar no you can't. And Christian -- amber all of -- us. First pick in the local round of our Tony thirteen Tony fourteen death -- you know this is this is tough but I wanna grab this guy before he. Seeks out airman say Walter the accordion player. Silly either shot on the fifth. I want you -- on all of baseball games and -- games outside. He's an institution around and a ball through the Cody OK guys got to be elect I was -- when I moved here twenty years ago -- does give me your name beef. But damn -- on fire with this person tick -- do we show Monday category. Who will you be adding in the local category the breakthrough death draft Tony thirteen 2014 damn. Well there -- going to be mean -- -- -- ready. -- -- while you're with them was I would just say something grown on his neck. You know I tell you did you must at a -- you were with him last night had a chance to break him -- them what he's saying -- Right from -- -- -- -- Mike Allen -- I thought he looked good last night and it's right it would be great when you're looking your best is when you -- files and read your -- and -- look at for a I went over to be Justin TV -- And -- and he's there days I don't wanna see you whose -- -- and yet unseen yet. Players are not so he's taken two does that it will go to race Randy who took brother -- in his first signals could cast -- between thirteen Tony fourteenth. Death draft having headaches. Can I understood it's a good -- -- or any any guy. How to challenge their -- to make you Brooks. Good one and a lot of stress and that's his growth. Now. They shouldn't get the -- -- and die with my second pick inventories thirteen 2014 local edition and on gun deaths draft. I take Palestinian -- career. I'll now take someone who is very special and dear to me. A person that I have loved my entire life and I call one of my favorite people -- my grandmother. We've -- checking your more digging to -- My nose of the car in which is ancient she thinks. Her -- any. Aaron and we are on to Tom DeLay who has. This is the winner no -- Tony's mom and tell me digs her dad now an announcement -- So I am taking my next pick. Some -- -- -- here and it didn't Danny's. Take in detainees must. I ended death drift. You Danny's mom goes to interest to Tommy Dresser and the Christian and the -- and he -- stakes debate. I did -- Scott -- the accordion player who will be your second pick in the locals. Category of our Tony thirteen points fourteen break from Dexter seems like every other year that we. Been on the show someone from Tommy Stanley dies. And we saw with the sister stone's father so naturally the next election couldn't really would be Tommy's mother however. When she's not here yeah questions yeah -- can you missed it but can however. I don't look at this list and go hit a bad -- -- coach -- Thought. I I talk to -- is made again yesterday ladies and is do you guys in the burn unit he's now he's that it will still look critical. He's an extradition researchers saw -- go coach really couldn't get through. OK so it's really. For vaccines AM through five -- the we'd show it to the city who wrote in god Justin TV chat where I'm not going anywhere. Principal Nelson I'm not I don't know they're open up the -- -- don't know -- me. Critic say they wouldn't let us. Hi -- yet. You know there's a lot of guys this is the work earlier. And you're stationed -- -- no matter that. -- -- it would probably. He's got -- Richard -- any afternoons and what do you say he has an odd life. -- Dead he's anything but that. -- -- -- -- -- Now. -- he put on there. I've. Got a and I burned the -- who. Racer Randy loved -- and she Maggie Brooks a whole -- take by the Muslim the same. Yet we can take -- old -- cap that he wears and it was also interchangeable. Brilliant piece or colored brother Maggie brother books Brooke's brother books -- all. Kinds. I'm going to -- the person who were deeper into Louise Slaughter. As ago where she's ninety Janet NGOs and twisted leg. Louise Slaughter -- call and I that it leads it to me when -- the insurance career. When my favorite people grainy Yang I am going with -- Johnson. I don't -- just no you don't Brothers don't go along. We found that out there who I suspect this is below the white men listed as mayor Johnson we go. -- on -- -- -- ever friendly. And accepting of all races time relay race Korea as mister Salerno and Danny's mom he's sitting for moms I have a feeling and a -- there's been enough. Their new notebook coming for a and Jamal and I found taken Billy's. Mother in the death -- I have three mothers. Three mothers. And Trisha never realized Waltz of the accordion player and coach really no minority on next. You now. I was afraid I was gonna trade the rest of my picks Theresa Randy can just had to fill in -- and I'll thing I did a good enough job for him. That I realize it if you want when you got to show -- And this guy's been showing up in town to do his job first 3040 some odd years -- that. Bob Matthews -- most tortured trick. Sports stick yeah. But at least now he's ever been married. -- Alex RNI and I'm pretty sure -- guys it's merely say guys have never married and live by themselves they don't live long thing too because of loneliness. I'm assuming leave it could. Went to check -- his FaceBook friends come saloon league. Also Leo leave. -- -- -- -- Back to damn drew fire we showed two of those steady church of Crowley where you go next in radio school with the addition of the break from death draft. The group to go back. -- all good one race car legend pinned down -- -- -- road and track magazine and founder of the cannon ball run. Trying to whole bowl rose one of the worst movies of all time I think if you pull this movie -- I think those who say it is one of the worst ideas movies you -- -- -- now neck animal run smoking Amanda I'll -- he wrote. I tonight and they jumped to bridge in Jupiter Florida that was his -- enough. Again movie needed to sequel. She admitted he did it did for us. I Kerio. We -- Maggie Brooks Louise Slaughter all on race and -- death draft who we've got. Was your next trick. I'm -- take alerts from me and -- Saga took this weekend growth. From it sure will -- be that thing you know sounds more. -- Now I'm I'm stuck here is my pick I'm Alex the insurance career. My grandmother and mayor Johnson. Three year old over the border -- picks I am. I think am I have to take this guy only because I've rail mom. -- territory and is listed at all no no he's your cruel filth. Don't do it I think why don't take I know he gets to make this tape don't take Mr. President makes it really detail. They what is it kind of an area on Jack tell me you know probably you've got a -- -- -- -- was truly guy he's that he was a washed up -- Jackson good man that. And I never said he wasn't he's been very generous he said he was talented I'd -- -- in -- -- -- -- None of those things -- true. And I never say never sick of the city was ISI and -- -- -- generally -- to documents about -- -- -- Vietnam -- connected into the Boston -- -- -- grants okay. Tommy who has. This is Salerno as Danny's mom I'm mom whose mommy ticketed and had no longer on freedom gone back to Danny again in revenues grandmother had a kid I really didn't detainees -- mother was doing well so so let's hope not. Copies -- until -- takes -- through doors I hear your trip rated toss finish of every joint joke you know chicken money years. Uncles lousy -- or not she refuses to go there so. She would even -- -- -- easily can -- The -- just accordion player coach million Bob Matthews make up Christians dance roster in the final round of the break from Tony thirteen Tony fourteen deaths strap on 965 WC a map. Movie your -- ultimate -- As a Christian I've never taken anyone in this room were related to anyone who 61 person I know has decided to take two of my loved ones yeah but I think it might be only fair. To take him Tom DeLay in my neck and a debt draft not his -- mother. I'm doing okay paradise now or back to -- through one -- it's up to his final pick. First he picked the we show many went toothless -- who's saying I and I'm not guy ain't going nowhere. He needs a church of Crowley because he thinks the guys got to squirrelly private life. Rocket front -- just because he's got a hold down through -- with your final pick -- you -- money. We feel let -- at all. I don't know pounds you don't treat. Yeah several. Put up. -- John Guy he's it is Taiwanese. Smokes like a chimney. Giving you can go along with smoke in the united -- he's gonna grow himself and so can this year like against it and openness I think an excuse nor will it while driving. The cigarette is -- he's gonna open the window it's gonna blow back it's gonna start to burn him as it lands and -- -- big fat belly I can't like where you're going to continue to general Dana zombie walking across the street I -- Are. All right we go to racing -- so as the week in the reason self Maggie Brooks Luis hot for Tommy's liver. Who will be your final pick in the final round. -- best -- we. Give it a little extra well. Yes she is -- Muehlegg. OK without my good and am I -- -- or -- there are. Our. Relations. -- -- -- -- -- He only take a visit to your mom DC he's a and ER I order my tractor -- you would never taker. You're only -- -- I don't and you're not gonna want to go over there just aren't you did you ever do you you've tainted this program. -- -- I plan and I. It is my -- from my final take Alex the insurance career. Granny and guess my grandmother's mayor Johnson -- Jack tell me nor on my list. My final pick. I'm very torn about this earns I wanna go the listener Ralph this. -- and Randy is not a guy wanna take Israel will not take him for an coach lute is an interesting pick. Yes he is I nominated and his head he's lonely and and I know he's got a wife and son and -- well she's miserable. Should but Tom -- Any deal -- top -- I didn't know this was Tommy took -- call -- and bicycle home stink -- I know this guy -- what -- decide -- all the time he calls his drunk often I don't know how will know when he dice are. But I'm thinking I'm gonna take Tom -- and my final pick in the local category. Tom -- Mexico we move onto you Tom you -- -- Tommy Muehlegg who has in his roster humble in this round. Mrs. awareness. -- in Dan's mother and my mother in person -- grandmother. He would -- granny -- violent. I know Gloria young now can I add one. No the race ready rules you can't do it again we got the -- to relax it's only once at first Phillies a variety. Well my super high 88. I -- -- usually you're. Now we -- and that. Certain that would have been a great one and nominate -- high end. Good full nights. Ago did you big night tonight -- some lunatic rich funky tonight funk master flash. And with the final pick the -- champion of the 2013 towards well Tony thirteen death draft. And I'm also on the very first ones -- OK so many choices to race and Randy mayor Richards -- and he's dead. Billy do you sell off. I mean. So money -- let's not forget JD and pat Duffy yeah. But the guy and a goal would look pretty red faced last night in our death draft -- -- number I don't draft party at champs he got on the microphone last night on the show. And basically repeated everything you detect and I said back to us. -- -- Steve announcement. Today I am Steve -- -- and writes Danny has Walter the accordion player. Coach music Bob Matthews Tom DeLay and Steve -- red faced. Loaded drunk announcement. Good. Why get a -- for -- good that you don't know all I got up. I don't know I don't want him to fit you know we did not put -- -- on -- knowing he's there he's there he is good news and our Writers Guild Bob McCoy problem god who did this. And I want it done it I would hate you want you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yesterday public yesterday till I tell everybody before we draft please add these names and I know I told everybody at -- McCoy. I'm sorry. Can you do you -- it. Bob -- eight EU silly silly Ramsey. Trials and now we what I did for the -- twelve tornadoes everybody drops to a fourteen -- between 32 to fourteen high drop dead. Good luck to ration -- dam -- if I can say that that you should see a drug that club dead. Bring a little bit but I grace Randy LBJ gets better. Every night -- toward your body gets about that thank. Okay thank you don't know I know Broderick are pretty got to donated title. Who is -- don't name -- most of Tennessee tonight you're Delahoussaye and after the race rainy thank you that's very nice deal very sweet air. Tonight -- drew fire. Third I think yes and good Dick's brother. Get equivalent polluters. Yeah. I think that there has to be a technique out we will talk about all fair would want your picks in particular. Model of the technical line. I don't -- as to whether he'll score or not if something happens. And I will allow travelers laid off they're one and -- you know come here tonight and I am not gonna let you know anything about this standard fire but we'll discuss in the room. If it happens and let you know poke -- For. -- -- -- -- I'm gonna.

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