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YMCA Robbed!

May 1, 2013|

The YMCA in Pittsford was robbed, very cleverly. Apparently, these thieves rummaged through people's clothes for car keys, found and ransacked their car, and returned the keys like nothing happened.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Which are around places that have are getting robbed and -- -- -- that I -- -- getting in front let me -- Demo to his -- when he wanted to see Dick. Well I treatment broken us. I don't know that. And things like this and the guy tries to do so good for himself -- -- this piece of your regular yeah. The Y in Pittsburgh police steel -- extra listened to enough to actually I got to stay put could your rebuttal to why this will be good and bad for everybody but. It's a great move for these guys. -- locker room non I don't lock my stuff up and a lot of people don't lock their stuff up war. I think people do lots of stuff up and I do both -- now I don't lock my stuff and I leave a bag that won't -- locker I was shelf above it's nice to go to -- wanted to dance from class yeah. Island everything in valuable in my car lots of my glove box -- I wouldn't trust I left my car K so here's what they're definitely still when your car. -- I love my -- I love my -- -- I love my phone in that -- on the money apple -- I've never had anything no motion someone perimeter it's mostly older men could we were economic shift to -- a lot of these guys go from rehab or swimming in what I mean ripping off I don't think some Korean War veteran -- stealing your -- -- can use -- and anyway I have a visa for April ways. There's a big Israeli -- and this is got a brilliant. There rifling through the close -- taken the car keys to go out to the parking my group they just hit until they find the car they go stay rifle through the card steal stuff. Go back to the keys back and we trust unit renew even it exactly when he don't have Cameron's may have cameras so the weird part is though but -- that day to day stuff. Who's gonna know. Going amiss in your -- -- -- right who's gonna -- now that thing is they're saying they don't know who did they have no idea. No matter what I do with the Y -- -- I gotta check him. Even if I'm dropped him like sometimes they have a great service if you belong to lie called drop and shop and you can today. For three hours now to leave your -- there and actually be off premise is as a babysitting service -- a lot of times during the day that I'll take Jamison. And pay this seven dollars an hour which is really I think surely reasonable rate. And you drop off the Kenyatta -- -- three hour chunks and anybody I've I've bought I keep forgetting how many I have to supply -- -- hours and on now and -- he has some tiger on MI NN saw. And I'll drop him off and all the people just to do that I have to get. So I sewage area they gotta have my little why tag. Now there are a lot of programs that we had the ladies here's the other day talking and it was a different why branch there are programs. That you can go and take part in the you know I do remember the life. But I am pretty sure he's still got to show a license to get what I work when I swam at the wind that program I was not a member yet and you had to -- show your ID to -- because you're on a list for that swimming class and writing your lies in the guy you're ready for their class you go and and -- -- violent right. Initially had a a way to track Q why they knew you're in their -- which were there for right so I. I don't know maybe I'm wrong -- actually wanted to -- I they lie it's easier yes yes -- as they should make mandatory that everybody mile lives well they can't and so what -- but they would they have posted all over which kind of keeps them out of harm's way and this is eight. It is a U plaque. Our guys are likening grave Blackburn Monroe county sheriff's. Say lock up your valuable time that we are not responsible if you do -- -- sense of common sense so that's the thing put in that place. Do you think you know where you are certain and it is an older. -- little older building given his old -- with -- mostly amid bullish and I know hood the united you know Internet time any day now there are chosen over guys. -- -- -- what's the big deal and I think that's the time they're doing there you know like his older guys have cash from yet. -- or a car accident right and the other is. I'm Warner does it sometimes these guys have somebody who comes with them who may be they hired to help them. You know there's some older guys were stroke -- -- -- go for re medical people and their work now and it's just a -- is somebody drives them throughout sometimes one guy I know it's his son. Who takes on songs like in his -- those guys -- his eighties but I do think there are other people may just hire somebody. Give me right over there they sit on the bench and wait did you always gonna like your stuff nine never do you do so it's bad you you're hanging your dear you are around their man you don't -- he's been all of it was a channel thirteen -- like you did you tell -- -- 18 pitches and got an iPhone as I know right there and that's 300 books talk that you've been on all your information out of him tomorrow. Because you know you can you can it's easily could still your phone can get because he's not into those that is number I think it's in the trailer do what you do at the -- -- An incredible job by the they've got to move on with Susan city. Apparently happened sooner or later there just isn't the only -- from class act it was just funny I saw all -- moved on a -- faraway I don't know what is great you would think he's beckoning like -- -- now one lady said that her husband and I couldn't follow. Story is sort of confusing I think -- flashed into the it would have been and I only read it maybe if I watch the video -- who live explain to better them but it was from from what he said her husband had a black fleece. And he just thought somebody got mixed up and grabbed the wrong -- freeze but -- keys were meant to learn so it sounds like. They left the keys the car was still there from Canon's always gone now. But I -- -- get the wrong black fleece and caring gesture of saying here but they stole his -- -- car keys and they never came back they rifle to the car brought to back -- left with his skis yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll just edit some more money got to guard because I didn't have anything in there yes funniest and I still in the car. Just doing Grand Theft Auto -- honestly there are not and I think because most of the men arrive there with a car. I'm the only guy we are raised -- ethanol visas and oh did you know I was in your car I certainly there's nothing. Like I always like my glove box -- to like -- thermostat in my glove and now -- my box does that figure that's too today that currently. Spent enough time trying to move by then they don't mess sorted by name but. Dealings I've been I think if you like are right now and there's nothing invaluable and there's nothing in -- maybe a couple of -- They don't lighter yeah I mean I don't have anything in there that anybody would want I can't think of most of military damaged valuable stuff in their carded just sits there all day. Here is what knowledge most money right now how to hunt too much how much cash you think of our weather's getting out of their car. I just see the legacy though the locker where your wallet as you know golden -- Mike are you going to be disappoint sometimes just computers in their. All well you know I laptops that tight times people will not take their phone in for exactly the reason you're sailing -- that I left my -- was in the car I think -- you know. Then I think Darlene my keys army when we're done young -- -- you -- -- as you saw him and the other thing I was -- with some of these -- guys and HQ this sounds. Terror why hesitated to talk regs are only given tips that around a joint -- -- all over TV brand -- when I'm gone wild man you get prescription pills and other big thing and who's got most of whom are and all those folks feel as you should do right disarmed you could do this. Oh boy -- is on -- and you've got a problem with the with the baby crap and amateur yeah yeah. This is what you do but in what I X and -- go to the line now. -- -- -- -- -- gradual redundant government to the floor and and and and -- you -- on your door handles. You know they're gonna break in of that kind of turn it. It fields and so regalia wait there's how funny would that the ex Kate come to your -- it's so funny the way we kind of fit into the motif of your current you're -- -- keep in his new ride. Almighty to stretch for nice -- I saw the other David when I gave you that stuff does why is this man was still get a -- -- Hello Jonah this all right do you know any time -- you know you'll have a car door and serial. I don't serials -- -- -- serial run off a -- I juice box I think also in the back now pelican was seen as an excellent. Athlete and I'm getting -- totally -- -- could have done is say I like to smear the pru yeah handles them with such economy -- and real quick is that there is an idea. You remind me where I want I was this'll thank you bet. Your car got broken into what they take. Well there you really restrain it can't explain -- -- universe right and Bob hello my equipment all our. But one time they'd broken in my car. I'm -- the door back you know who had an iPod. Are not as -- -- that stereo and then I had -- all. But pocket change you know right now I can't change. And the only thing they talk they -- all of that off. The only thing chocolate that stake leather binder that I owner's manual came in the -- 1990 amber -- -- -- only to look at. -- -- -- -- Well that binder went a little thing here. I can't explain it and is -- mustard and -- and JC quite honestly there are correct. And I. Why didn't you -- doctors. Except it didn't and a recipe for now we know I didn't know. Idea of bills ticket yeah my car got broken -- -- -- -- is not eating anything in the door on our. The third played so many human note. Right I I had. I had a truck out when I was jumped driving -- time and -- and I -- air conditioning so the summertime I believe -- windows open about -- what I -- so this thing got broken into about six times but I knew better not to leave anything in their but there was always change in the ashtray JGB -- -- -- -- and I'll go my truck. Here in the afternoon and there be stuff more stuffed in the Carson would use -- -- a garbage can just put stuff in a -- I've been there I I. I copy I -- I. I -- -- -- I don't -- you did that somebody to jump to negative yeah you're up high -- probably saw that it probably slept that night into -- Brent. EDU -- and it. But Albert got on the guy's got a poetic about a week ago although. That are out there under the seat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think I don't get it. So he was working on his doctorate and he was going down the Fordham and I lived where we -- -- like ninety miles outside of -- he just takes its -- down. For myself lucky to open the door the end of Sierra. I fill the gap and took a crap on the front snell took a crap on the front seat sell bomb in my in his early thirty smile man. Had. Some issues any anyone up -- like a mini stroke him whatever happened. He lost his sense of smell no -- all BS he lost his sense of smell bad. The so somebody in the Bronx outside of Fordham University on the street spooked in the car he got in drove two hours back to the can I hear -- -- -- -- I don't know a close call small things like these it's like midnight or something. I don't remember if I was coming home from war commander -- you -- not nineteen. Half full document and see in his brown like we're all a question mark squish into assess. And I'm -- And -- a -- man had been at the time got us all desire was. I am now or about that he is a little bit older. But my domain has no last sort of pants would hang him sag Diaz fans might -- is only staying so it's a big statement and I start last and I can't help -- -- -- draft and I thought he proved himself didn't know and I'll laugh and I've heard Tiger Woods' dad. Would you do -- what's the matter what do audio left and it's an all defensive hero like because I would bust his balls. And eat -- -- so that was we made my wallet lasagna is always are between he and I wanted to enact and -- is in an election you're dead while we but he must Mavis just I don't know what it was. So I'm sort of laugh he's getting on complimented you to -- what you what are you talking about Betty we give very you know almost stately mr. how dare you six daily when I don't -- what you see when you have PCs will be. -- certainly intellectually superior play. He's -- like do. They started to turn itself into yet. It's your turn itself it's like an action figure and actually turn his entire torso around -- a disaster -- that yeah I don't ambassador to France so I pick what he did was walked in the hallway dropped its -- put his head between his legs pulled his pants shorts we could -- and -- secondary had sued to -- Ten days. Any fear created. That is now. -- I own my -- and a complete opposite in my brother's wedding he just disappeared track. They came back and -- to go to another idiotic crap I can't go out. And didn't smile man now figures out its -- he goes out to the car there is PDs. It's do. Into the fabric in this seat did he had -- did little to Manson then started former danced firebird you know. Peace in so now he's out of his mind -- idea -- -- mind he still pissed off. And he bought seat covers and then after that he had to get -- -- couldn't actually deal with the fact -- -- -- that it is I have a hard time to think it's a mobile is in their dump and so I am telling. And daisy did -- university heights or ever was somebody probably did that if there are crack -- and back your car but it. I would like your recent Mexican MI lighter to help. Okay see you later not if you want to stop your stuff from getting stolen nor going to put up a photo of someone's on race. I know that sounds strange. But I according to Newcastle university and I could see which exist but -- are criminals. Got freaked out by a photo of someone's eyes for a study researchers put a poster of a man sized. Above some of the bike -- on campus and the poster had the slogan to slogan were watching you. They found the bike racks with the eyes. Above them had 62%. Fewer staffs -- the bike racks without the poster didn't yeah. In fact he's clearly gravitated to the attraction that the poster so maybe the wind -- to put up photos -- guy -- go watch -- you try watching it. Boy Larry. Larry Elder woods up -- they Al -- well we would much rather special. Oh we go through. -- all of this week -- tomorrow. I was waiting for someone to -- at first did you usually it's unclear what day again I don't sit here you deal trap counts -- -- -- you're always is start guessing ego. We never like a lot of -- he's -- now the. We do go to church being home and you're sort of bird and then we have -- as a -- church around -- and ensuring kids and dog well. And also I watched your kids you know. You know take dead after the burn marks the car and that's on the leave -- -- walking inside the church mr. British standout -- -- Rutgers players all over. -- Yeah and now it's like and -- now. I've -- itself and my sister's lead car and she's just like when they look at. Should have broken it took an older sisters first G version why should you proportionate tries again will it hurt thank. I mean there's so many people are in need for these -- drug extraordinary and I changed completely orbit and better. And so he took a look at every hour in the funeral director Roger do things were what we do we all. Yeah concert does move on question sir Paul and the caption you're playing well -- -- and I don't know. Well right now they don't call me that's about it you know she's a generous. Yet. They took a persecuted looked around and -- -- control and -- like. And that's surgeons struggling with my ancestors are struggling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- really quick you know all yeah you have to eventually reimburse certain -- you think this unit and that's and doing so let's just that has or is gold procedure also shot a blanket over when we left we helped each. Atrocious local legal backing him Quebec bar you know we -- -- March 1 -- Oprah's influence. So he she called the police you serve in terms -- -- you shouldn't street. Melbourne that sort of -- -- -- A key senators looked like your -- In an airplane is the secret thirteen -- people will give up. Now Larry identity as a candidate candidate. It isn't a little like I -- last Larry outsized -- laws -- I really am and Larry's cousin had a media and exciting young guys so Larry. I've pulling them up on the -- -- -- and in my dashboard. But a couple of tickets to big event in town. The inductees and rock and roll hall of fame era for Rochester well whoever the two tickets they spent like fifty dollars apiece in mystic is it in my dashboard grand. You know everybody. You're look here they smashed the window. And they let it be two more tickets. Let -- two tickets. Yes that's what comes from in the Red Sox --

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