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"And Then I Ate It" Day 2!!

May 1, 2013|

MORE people call in and share their stories of the weird stuff they ate for a chance to win Allman Brother's tickets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We got some older brother's tickets to giveaway we got people holding patiently on the line the older Brothers is very special guest Steve Winwood. Will be coming to Darian lake on August 23. I have to go check that chill -- it's going to be great chip and tickets go on just tomorrow and all Ticketmaster locations. Yesterday we did this it was a hit a lot of people asked if we can do it again. And it was you have to and the story -- And then made it and then leave it. Than than you there was a story on just thinking is there he's in this. There was one that was said yesterday came and after we completed the contest and and they guy wanted to oh yeah and there it is sorry actually the literally made me gag -- gave you a game of ball gag like little girls is as bad at all our full proof that -- he's of all things. And it would -- -- Malvern prep for your -- my three year old son lets you don't get -- that I couldn't and I. Because it's true well what does this to guys talking about. Well that that he launched an off site check this story out this is the one you need to top we got -- Tim Chris and Joseph don't hang up -- get right to you next. -- -- -- -- able to have started gore starts against. Rebel rebel group started gore spoke together we're well program. Just -- -- -- -- opening group. I have no water -- -- -- We feel like. Dollar -- or are -- how little -- -- natural. Tell us throwing out. So I don't throw up -- don't throw up. I wish I had the number my bold bloodied Jimmy said basis desist -- -- -- -- -- medal blogger from a well have you ever seen Apollo and I also take you by the hard right now. Didn't do -- they're there in the cockroach family asked the pitcher -- cockroach about as long as -- -- Pass drags on the ground I've stepped Don Imus like stepped in on a corn chip they snapped the and I remember this. That I think he got about a quarter I think he had about a quarter of a -- Obama -- that he does this is back in the eighties antipathy but you continually at the dinner for the bucks Meghann. To did you like and I offered you a dinner black and blue yeah. -- Obama a book -- money you do it no. It was all I would not have taught us that I didn't get Von DW planet most if I can be busted Steve busted for that they had dinner. Little agility got. Hours -- golf but. It might hear -- -- opt. We can't decree creation and small initial extending its ultimate absolutely no way -- I'll be -- we just -- -- called and it just an all out -- back our economy darker orange again. So all I'm certainly not but all one day and that. -- out the window when the teacher was reluctant lost somebody -- -- -- -- sort of believe it yeah all all of a sudden principled stand or not I'm Darcy and Vietnam. All. My goal block out all of them and -- got to get critical and he's like walking into -- -- and dole can do what you can tell. We're walking up this so I decided to all of whom pollution. I'm sitting there -- talking to me and he's he's lecturing me about your worse and about strategy I've got another bad. It. Certainly there are more control and hit the ball came open and everything -- eighty day. -- all over the past. A bit too little gold and a boxer and the middle of -- What happens. That this sort of -- The limo team hasn't men of the year and you're in the running whether you want to be or not. I was Zealanders -- Chris good morning want to bring -- your story -- stand with and then I -- it. Well I will try to -- either but I think about please go to work. -- -- -- a lot of interesting personalities and it worked. Trunks artillery -- -- blatantly not try to make up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cooler I and they had a promotion would be shut inaugural state an error like I don't know what somersault and each. Come July 01 and a lot of it would -- A lot of it goes all the were an. Issue blocks away deity it. -- using raw steak meat. And -- Iraq. I see you know when I cut me ha ha guided Tommy had a cut me -- used to eat -- below ground meat all the time raw read another grinder. Even pork bill he went a long. -- -- -- -- what. You're seeing -- Out to try and you know. But it hasn't brought real you know -- chubby baby did you use a loyal Susan -- -- -- -- pretty much here. Don't tell -- it's -- we get your phone number. Did did they get an erratic supermodel. I don't John holdings of and we get Jo-Jo in Rochester. Where GGO. I hear it here doubts about. We invited them here respect -- trigger. Well not so we're troop sixty go to work at the bottom yet did you can't be all and let Burton Group big election up. -- we were what they brain. Georgian -- swallowed it all no problem often but a couple -- later there. All come back off on the floor tonight carpet every day so don't you are non. Well it's I just don't count the minute -- -- actually not there and under that could be the -- work. So you dug the warm -- your -- dominating the warm again. That is impressively nasty wow. That's a good to amend while you. I hate I hate tequila. I think it's normally get not just because I don't -- -- her child has not. Joseph I can act as a little color leave my taste at that I -- it's a way it's. My card on him guys -- -- there aren't as good let's do warlord. One Lauren. Number. That we just -- Joseph right yet so we don't know who's on -- And where did enough. Summer and it's I was reborn it we're doing good there now these buying into these -- really learn the -- It's tough all right we're gonna take jail time -- -- -- very genuine John. Night why they -- conscientious John. He cares then he's a caring John Knight John. What do you guys. You know I knew you would get your body. But I -- so. Article and a little -- well I'm -- Clean cable clean and the scandal and can you know what they're. And back -- -- where they edit it and nick and watch -- or a couple of new Yorker up there men. They'll probably can't judge threw -- strain on you know they'll let you learned we New York beat Florida -- But a little bit enriching. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pilot I hung there right into the camera and yet are -- Iraqi street noted gut. Over here over well over very -- all over the place -- the -- they have -- abortion. -- -- They took it and we're but it probably all along -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well. Well you know let them look the other middle America Britain great street being dealt -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Very little spiritual properly done -- Hernandez hey there how bad let's just -- -- the actual vote Shanahan I mean how does this mean if you get up. Are you are -- village of big fight -- -- presidencies and an all day you know men Korea not to let it. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. -- -- where -- -- the word yeah I'm -- and I'm sure. -- -- a little Tim Jason's gold and it taxes in his revolver to privilege. Not a bad on the principal's desk you get very fine thing. The horse farm guy for 75 dollars -- warm -- of some manure on the ground PCs. Washed it off NAACP didn't why should not happen. -- I think there would have been no winner. Chris worked to Burger King these woman who look like Minnie Mouse -- pretty and a freezer with a big chunk chunk of Bob basically compress raw meat because this latest state she's -- into it Judy -- -- a popsicle. And Giles. Was -- masculine. So why all the warmth and you looked Doug doormat of the puke. Resorted to shook it off Florida. And every -- we ever game. Job doesn't Alaska that was it go on with the -- salmon -- she -- had a good tequila or -- -- you. And needed again -- hired -- so Jill -- and gel is our winner tequila June finance it. Below that's how we play it has to enlist and I -- I'm not. The minute decided they needed that --

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