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Sal Maiorana on EJ Manuel

May 1, 2013|

EJ Manuel's draft has been scrutinized against by many in the NFL. Sal Maiorana, the "Bitter Twitter-" Bills reporter for the D&C, gives his take on the Bill's newest draft pick- He thinks it was a great pick for the Bills, a nice maneuver.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the sixteenth pick in the 2013. NFL draft. The Buffalo Bills legs. EJ Manuel. It's a big roar there I mean obviously these guys are gone -- -- you know and there. It is that he was the first quarterback picked and I think the only one -- -- -- for Jesse was somebody else is still sitting there. -- at 99404. No one had anything good to say about the bills draft choice. Project is what he's been called. Gruden called it a dead pick John gruden. -- does he know does he know. Right he's -- a Super Bowl ring restrooms aren't Super Bowl ring let's go to the -- to herself Maroney was in buffalo last night south. I had to be happy when you saw them trade and drop down to sixteen that had to make you feel a little bit better. That was a good move it was pretty clear that it early out you can see the talk of the tackles coming off the board that -- quarterback -- And I think there are alarmed. The other dropped to visit -- very well. -- Syracuse and Buffalo Bill that was generally particular quarterback. If they like any of these guys they sold a bill which. And they needed the extra picks and I actually I -- -- is great problems with the US think the extra well that. They've moved down pretty confident they would get -- Gary Waters. And they were they actually don't actually have a dog picked pushed -- usually you know a lot of Jew but nobody brought her body that they can pick. And maybe you know maybe get lucky -- let -- -- -- great. You could -- Very impressed by the and you know it could then you was true regarding why -- you -- then. There's no other quarterback went before them and euphoria movement they wanted to sixteenth when I was oh that I and over portable. There was a nice and over a year feeling I'm EJ Manuel I mean you know we're hearing guys like Jon Gruden say a project in a bad pick. -- he was very high and Ryan massive. A lot of people thought because of the relationship with Doug Maroney who is he now the head coach of the Buffalo Bills former head coach of Syracuse on the one who recruited. But NASA about a high school two Syracuse that that would amend the reason why your feelings on the -- EJ Manuel picked. -- whatever that that would quietly walker who was it seemed pretty vocal that that vessel would be exactly if you dare but you know I'd ever walked. Met them but it was not the first topic to yeah I think you. Really can't win the big east. But -- -- -- radio right here accuser no doubt about bet you've got some talent but I didn't think he would be the first twelve -- Another piece early bird goes to reach and -- proven correctly a lot of people were proven correct and the man -- Think you probably could step manual -- the savings the same scenario I'm not quite sure doesn't. Twelve numbers sixteen and I over all but he -- to me and I think for the bills. More upside I mean if you don't go to sleep six or. Two pretty evident that he can move. You know there is that there really really and -- saw the hours that -- -- -- students all that's what I think is gonna be a bad. Yeah it's funny you say that -- wanna ask ramps aren't Arab but Chip Kelly is in Philadelphia now. Thought he ran that through the kind that offense in Oregon. Pack here comes from Rome and cannot -- college as well to probably very familiar -- that I'm not sure if he's gonna run that same style offense but. They do is rumored that the Eagles. -- really hide EJ Manuel. And he -- fit the system for Chip Kelly really well so it seemed like if they lead is going that way maybe this quarterback is with the bills need. We are -- I mean I think the new law that the -- It is incorporate some of their -- option but I -- I don't picket going to be the wave of that. You could see NFL team what are the options -- part. McCain lasted just missing the playoffs -- Expect -- -- -- Horton runs the governor and nine very that I -- here. But yeah I guess I I don't know enough about their annual outdoor spot any of these college football players I -- -- they're okay. Spend and spend -- you know high powered that they watching these guys know he's you know you only have a cocktail. -- about this -- look pretty delicate and more big curly hair looks lopsided. -- they liked him a lot what -- bottom ball well for the interview barely. You know he was a few of my kid he's been very Smart thing I -- well last fight you know because degree from Florida's stated -- -- if you can't. I always tell our way to a master's in communications. What are unsettle some -- I had an open honest and stand up to Tallahassee don't have. It's. -- are eager absolute torture we kind of appropriate. I really didn't draft picks you know you -- -- really are under first actual work buddies and I don't protect you don't know is that. Hired anybody for job you don't -- to the first -- they show up and do the gig -- I was only the draft to be exciting for that reason I know people have said and you said it -- that this was one of the week is draft class that classes -- on a long time. And yet last year you know we had Andrew Luck we RG three we know what they were gone. We didn't know what was gonna happen here I've been an exciting one the dolphins traded up to third pick him and then here come the bills and their move and it was. You know even Danny text and he's gonna get interesting now I founded the sort of a more engaging and I was more interested in the whole first round. Because of that kind of stuff did you find that two or not. Yeah well I mean before the built stick and I want to -- especially when they got -- there is good if you use you know you'll be wondering what they. And duke and they pulled it off it and what area are really good draft jail right away. The very top of the first round. The other a lot of people thought that -- who said he would look at it we can do what you can juggle that that Connecticut let me. But -- really -- -- usually you'll have a good idea almost a 100% of what their first he would get a bill. And it didn't throw over the curve ball pitchers they've. Double what adults but it stopped -- and now they're not that they had to go to under the gun boat and I got to correct story out got. I actually admit all these -- but -- after the first round. Do it worked well -- definitely has to be born out of yeah. Bill pretty interstate. Where does buffalo goes some are out of from the DNC whereas buffalo -- In round two in terms of position. Well I don't know what you gotta go receiver. I create I let it -- the receiver. David they've got a good night -- before -- -- In the second round now. I would go fever and linebacker stepped that would be about I would do people let you -- -- -- we believe. Bet you get a receiver in the second round and -- -- -- prevent some people they -- quarterback. With the second pick I think I thought it -- -- a linebacker. So to speak and that that strong. I'm trying to go receiver and linebacker -- Receiver linebacker. One as a second round begins at noon today -- no 36 that are prudent I four -- Well corporate crime -- -- -- around sell how about a linebacker that still sitting out there. Eric may be the best known linebacker out of -- college ranks this year. Or is there a chance we'll see him in a -- uniform or not I'm talking about mentally -- Grant that they don't know I don't well I should they know who goes yeah but I would rewrite it get around him. I said I -- right away this guy is not our first round pick -- what I just dumb idea I think he's overrated QB Notre Dame. Our bicycle kick to swallow these only do all we know he's done. Well what reality -- -- -- Hillary's she should be able to know that it broke out little -- -- -- exactly I don't fear a golden. For the bills -- even looked -- him. And then my appetite in the second round -- are Geithner who was the first -- errors but what -- right. Yes not -- I mean you say that just on talent I also think that all the stuff that -- a good nuts I think it affected I really do I really stupid and that I I think that man tied tale. He's a great lesson for anybody interviewing for a job today. Because your personal life and I say -- don't we tell our sons and daughters just they're checking your FaceBook to look at and a Twitter before they -- area his guys in whatever is -- yeah I've got it. But it would you do -- a dome and you don't handle it right. It comes back to bite yet and I think that his stock drops Jesus significantly -- said he was never a first round pick just on town along -- okay. I'm not sure -- everyone agree with that but. I think I agree -- ever I think -- I think that he would have been picked in the first -- a visit to Notre Dame absolute Notre -- he always get the -- look at that point Jesus this is your personal stock now in this your brand in your money. And I. Very here right at the hope they're certainly how I do some I think when he Sally Katie Couric's I think GMs -- -- that when you know melt pretty pretty. -- brought him back every team. I think just about every -- did you personally are due to him. And all reports coming out there but again -- we're -- -- -- these -- -- -- at least he opened -- part of it. Very well he can't talk. Very well explaining why not then there -- no wonder they're larger issue people. Maybe what what you -- -- like. Maybe one yen well all spotlighted -- I have lighter here felt they don't care if you're critical if you got hopes by -- -- read it yet then OK three to play it could have picked. You can't the final. Why wouldn't you what they're Alabama near you was overmatched by guy is more cup play and Eric -- -- and I can't. Our first round pick out my -- when you look for help him they dominated. But a lot of that -- he couldn't sleep but he did he talk up more than anything else. Right -- well I I I do wonder those -- made him look. Hi dawn and not Smart enough to whoever did it catch on and I kind of thing but. I do wonderful -- even bills uniform they need a linebacker. And he was a guy who is up for the Heisman Trophy juvenile what it is that way you bring a great point sell independent and how we put -- -- They liked what I say linebacker particularly inside linebacker and just kind of you know. Like I hear that they didn't thank guy near that site the I would be -- -- surprise if they pick up the but I I it it didn't make your certificate. Tonight some are on -- from the DNC the bitter Twitter what was the excitement like in buffalo before that you go where there was or like when it when it happened when it went down at least dropping eight to sixteenth a new war we were there were applauds. Applause and people cheering was at the same feeling up there I know you're. You never ever read hero -- we don't really couldn't have been Democrats are brought it up and outside it has. He you know you really were pretty quick stripped and -- the bill. But lest I lose. Was universally applauded by the VW that we although it was that they can do yeah we're -- little negative start but that I don't think it well I. But I well -- not a -- it's interesting here is that it that that we are -- you think they did well last night and even the take you not to. Toll sour on our. So we're way too early yet anybody they would have picked -- by two -- really well it just got. How much -- got. Tonight some are honest from the DNC thank you -- now -- we follow me on Twitter. -- we're really talk to you soon.

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