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Balls on Degree Fakers

May 1, 2013|

Berkley "Balls" Brean, reporter from news 10 NBC, informs us with a story of a man faking a medical degree to get a Medicaid Coordinator. Now, he is being charged with Grand Larceny for all the money he gave away

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not Berkeley marine -- from ten NBC Berkeley this story that you did about the guy arrested. For -- defrauding Medicaid. But the the piece of that I found so interesting. And I know that all of that we should be very interest and all of us because we are in a Medicaid in this obviously he's trying to was the fact that the guy. Take to college diploma and nobody caught it now Fagan and what was he's claiming to be. College grad -- I avoid though I knew what it was -- -- is is scam. -- he needed. Big job break you used car what would -- sluggish start with this Grand Larceny and ready -- the degree. Easy based team the allegation is that he didn't have agreed but he he tried for a job that required one. So. And got the job. And then in the course of this doing that shot or certain -- coordinator was limited dot com when they fill. Medicate every single color that got -- To the work he did again this considered -- -- how -- city school or. Well he didn't. Scene and sure what this place was going to -- -- talk idiotic like it turns and he's legally and we get a couple of days ago. He got a G defrauded them -- is -- I -- -- -- his job right and what it was to working with Tommy was physically. Probably some knowledge of the medicine at dollars day yeah -- you rehabilitation things but you might need but I don't know what kind of degree. We need to have a degree or be a registered in the first two. I have that job and you know there were some debate in the newsroom. We knew they were asking me eat well did this guy a -- -- -- this job that actually -- to work. Not part of these allegations he might note. But the fact is that there are certain jobs in the state that require certain -- qualifications some knowledge that would a lot of them. Andy -- -- allegation in the state attorney general sense. He had those qualifications so they're for any money that was spent by medicated. And you work. Not opens center. Don't think gonna do this -- they got the money for their brain damaged craft their medicine. Does that all mean. Well I I think the -- the attorney general's office says if it is that they're not. Can't perform and indoors. But client probably. Didn't know. How good that this was the case. I'm good you but I'm saying is what happens to me on the go with the brain damage yet this all went down this guy who did did help me out what does that mean for me sit in my bed nothing. While some cool you're -- Lanka -- -- -- that would be really sucked it in any couldn't get a pony -- under constant let me let me ask a few questions your -- The guy. The guy say to diploma from the college of Rockport. I try to shoot a little -- so Rockport. Please ghosts and finish your ban is how do you -- our -- -- how to do we did. We don't know what church read paper that a mayor and price of Berkeley. How do you get a fake diploma from Rockport 'cause I'm thinking on library and -- -- state. I would again coach so more so big that in just a number University of Wisconsin is a small city on the sale went there again who's gonna find me. Is it I don't go to the pac ten years notably. Why then that's that's what is it you're right I mean. They -- that they took a judgment call on completed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably be incredibly do you get you on -- 2000 dollar loan from the I -- it is -- opponent and I believe and did. Sure -- just click on your record now and you don't and you don't just supply a diploma at all. May you know what I'll do yeah I would got a country I would go to Canada. -- -- university -- deal and -- Montreal and then you know Winnipeg university's stern and who's. -- -- -- -- Make one up since pick one up -- Bobby L winter. So I'm home I could put the now this. Guy it says in your story that he worked with physically disabled and brain damaged patients -- just let hang on here and because. I thought it said that he was a servers coordinator. Now as a service coordinator was he just making sure that people were sent to pick somebody up from the get or was he actually hands on with the patients do you know. It isn't doing it doesn't. And doing. Medical work like it talked to our physical therapist who distinguished first we know -- coordinating. Certain service whose. The east clients or patients would get that would -- Medicaid. Citizens -- -- guys you'll have for this guy that you saw -- that some got to knowledge of what a person need isn't he got to know your crap until after this guy and here's why. We have a -- -- insight troops service coordinators they are overworked. Crew they are underpaid. You can't get people to take these jobs. You got a guy. Who faked to get the job ma'am which probably doesn't disaster do good job to keep it. Because he needed the money. -- got something many knew we shouldn't have so he's got a really grannies almost got a dude twice as well now maybe I'm wrong button in theory if that's may I got to work twice as hard as the guy next to me. To prove that I'm Lori is his job he is part of it's I got to learn on the fly I don't know what I'm doing I'm really Eleanor. -- Maybe true but but I think what that's better -- the state attorney general's office group we know that's going to be -- -- -- stated in the general. Mastery of what his job is to be huge debt well for. But the other thing is you know would you -- or just. Yeah it is just without your work and what we're what we're I think what they would say is that. The base. Where com. You know where where everybody is. Conscious sir conscientious. Every single dollar and that's based -- that. The average. Tax -- person. Has a reasonable expectation. Every single. Public dollar and dedicated public dollars that understand the extent. One authentic what. That is that I mean that's such a load of crap I mean streets there you got pretty -- I need to believe that. All your tax dollars and -- are all being spent. On things and I'm necessity for eight kinross is not -- raising Aiken yeah and he's in the medical field yeah. The -- -- -- I don't sounds like don't bring your legs and he's taken scars and new moon is with his aching balls -- our eyeballs on. I can all of this has got enough laboratories Macon mall is anybody's seen my good ball it's not kid and it's aimed it right. That's right and they did not have just gotten so they can boss. These guys to be good. Yeah. Not -- the biggest mobile digital -- Princeton. And pulled down hundreds. The global debut Monday hey can bulls. Pro brought forward yeah you get used to -- you do what you took the steps and it hurts. And they -- food and studied anatomy. Giving an Erickson let alone Bible's terms and Ervin Johnson -- Can. I. So Berkeley this is a paper pusher. And I I know I'm not supposed to do and everything you're saying is right -- but I feel bad for him because I know that these servers coordinators. Are not jobs that people want necessarily their overworked underpaid top eight it's it's a lot assists a lot of I wanna say for lack of a better term it's a technical job you're basically. A clerk again and -- -- -- to make birdie or wanted I just I guess there's a target of that I would love to track down -- can Rossi began. And -- let's selfish and have regular jobs but will anybody -- -- -- Italian -- -- -- you know what's what's the story with this -- now. Know senate 500 dollars and I'm pretty sure. What I was in court was clear that they were real post at. Proudly fairly quickly yet again at least you don't like this yes no no fire. Little or no record of any criminal convictions Serb at all the hell does he does he can do. Young guys here I coordinated. I can remember what it was good point and being born and late sixties I believe in 07 has been. They've really there's a forty year old guy somewhere and it's your early forties they're half crazy with it don't we are -- like dude pull this movement fluff. We might get time to live -- -- -- on I gotta grow up and get might might start taken -- substance I gotta get my crap together and I'm sure I can handle this job known Nazi -- and a black Scalia. Think that it is an idea solitary intersects. Seats. These alleged timeline of the larceny if you call -- -- worse. 2006. To 2007. Now what I wasn't able to figure out its. YE. Why they charge now they only find out about it now so in what he's been doing any income is only you know -- -- -- you expect you may not been there. Well he he was back back then what what has he been doing in the interim yeah -- something -- to an opportunity to a little bit today. Yes I think first discover that there was a fraud because there's a black guy any graduating college. Not I'm gonna be. The TV. You can see that he worked out what you see US monarch did sweatshirt. And they need somehow. I discovered it and they alerted BD Medicaid inspector general's office and then passed it on TV but try to do that -- attorney general's office. Salt -- and they certainly should not just real quick -- any print up a a diploma program. From Harvard university's -- to all too -- these presents. Shall come greeting Vietnam that Thomas Muehlegg Ph.D. Having honorably fulfilled all the requirements imposed by the authorities of this institution. The president and that everything you see -- Harvard University upon recommendation. Of the faculty. Do therefore confer the degree of Ph.D. in master territorial studies in new master pictorial content and all -- a study in journal all the honors rights and privileges. To that degree so listen legit opportunity yet. That does -- -- Giuliani and that is now -- are. That's nation sizeable money. So burglary did this a very interesting thing and I I can't wait to see if you're able to find out what Aiken was doing but in the meantime since like 07. We're talking over 56 years now. -- -- were important and the so called real or not yes all right great. Very interesting story -- on its email professor balls. There's -- these emails you don't get males in the mailbox cults in wallets in my friend and we didn't while you're during Marino broadcast FCC. Job. -- -- Average -- a great weekend Intel's -- -- given full senate we'll see you later. Hot fills in for airport I guy faked a degree where he worked he got fired when he -- -- -- -- -- -- apparently this guy and I needed they. -- that he didn't have heard and this data. He's got a -- and let's go. He -- about steak and stuff but GDP. In my head and I acquired somebody else's and attempted to. Just amplified it by you know we -- -- -- once you put your name and number actually yeah he had -- out registered at the temple. Yeah you know what I'm with you because here's a thing. At some point. The fire in the belly trumps sometimes work ethic can trump talent in in a certain degree that -- gonna cut in the body users and you know I got I went -- high school right. And you know what there are guys who got the right school that I wouldn't hire for nothing. You know there are bright and on the other side here's a guy who realizes is that I got again when my man I'm here here. And I have an opportunity and I always say and I don't mean -- Take a little political -- here but I always say I still believe. In America you have an opportunity. You -- in order and you were Smart you can pull yourself up and you can find a way it is going to be a signal and is it harder to do than it was in gained maybe twenty years ago yes. But at the same time you can. And it just sucks that I feel like we're defeating somebody I almost wish an employer would go look. I know you ain't got it I'm gonna help you get that do not like Richard study and hit a couple of -- that -- golf. -- -- I think that our bacon a day and an early Marcel and it was confident hey they guys there from from you know that the degree from black -- I -- that's. We -- idea out there if you are doing the jobs satisfactorily mean like that that's not how he was found out whatever they do about it. -- you were doing the jobs that do it you know all the tourist satisfactory expectation. Maybe perhaps. Just very you know what I really -- required for the you're doing it and. Oh that's right. But I and I just know in that position it's hard to find people there is it is a tough job thank you so Chris and is it Rochester realistic -- SS -- job. It was a lot of these -- who even knows it was as monarch and yet. It's their first state doubt well well well well first it put it that bad approach. Well here's the thing I think that there's a lot of times we know there's layers brand of of mass -- caught red tape. And the other side I know it's tough to get people for this job she gets the money don't have enough next. C'mon you know. Also do their job because you know every state jogger saw the best approach the background check would be eight all of this school. And I'm loaded so -- -- buyback program. -- and it. Let me -- not every -- -- and you know about service coordinators -- Yes they do not what you wanna -- Keystone -- and maybe -- try to maybe they don't need a college education to that should just knowing the system. As we -- and -- all they're doing it. Fighting doctors if you need it Doctor King court taking your action here here transportation tonight so let's. You -- group called national group called for your child. Square is still I've known terrorist court appealing and all hell fire they just wanna do good work would work which looked like -- -- Which -- -- yeah and quit yeah. Who are you on. Teixeira scores here may want to take what can there's sort hadn't -- Air following a coughing up what. -- like to call you -- note paperwork -- not stopped -- just. Couldn't find the pot and you would like computers yeah -- Away right. Everybody has to be. Went when you have somebody who has needs like this and Maria damaged or whatever -- then there are services available to them from may have diapers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay well. Our sport bigger mortgage and you lot want to see more art or heritage Christian -- or our attitude -- pick each. I thank you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A really good hearted -- she'll have to be that didn't work very hard and and they're not no money but they're not interacting with those with with the patients necessarily. They're just helping you find the doctor make sure you get the service you need because -- you show up in the paperwork not there. Mean now you just took a forty minute trip to get there. And you know you're on our schedule we're going to play a guy screws up. Well I have troubled nation that I need denies that -- episode nine toward the -- Canadian. But Mike Bob -- October Saturday that there is great part I trust that that's so funny. I -- take a break Mike in Cali if you hold they're gonna grab the assumes we can't -- 2226 that houses the phone number. Taxed at 99404. To break from a 965. WC --

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