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Death Draft Round 3: Politics and Peeps

May 1, 2013|

This is the third round of The Break Room's death draft picks. The nominations have been cast, now the hosts have to pick their team of Political and Religious figures expected to die this year.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We do something called the death draft around the NFL draft who we draft people that we think are going to die in the next twelve months we have several categories you're only allowed to draft. From who was on the draft board to recall we put up to deliver draft -- on -- -- -- -- -- do we do we -- W -- African dot com awesome so if you go there you can take a look at that on our FaceBook page. Now in the first round when where I guess say we did what we do AS athletes and artists you okay. Any first round though we had it was basically older folks celebrities actors and actresses -- God -- through a fire took Regis Philbin Kirk Douglas Mel Brooks and James Garner Don Imus and Gene Wilder. -- Randy have Valerie Harper aide to go to Mickey Rooney Casey Casey and Lindsay Lohan. I chose Ron Jeremy Dick Van -- Don Rickles Betty White and Donald Sutherland Tommy has Jim Nabors Burt Reynolds Louie Anderson and Nick Nolte. And Michael Douglas and now I said from this first round nobody will die. You know if nobody does die yes your punishment is you have to buy the new. -- running sneakers and learn. -- her crew are for earnings they're they're they're actually go ugly trucks six but -- this -- that there I think they're called cross sixth man and -- XX how good they look just like trucks. But you can run on. There running show you gotta look retarded enough things that are running cereal in the -- invented I would their because -- sold them yet to get him what you have to do. It bet I have to buy a bottle those are easily -- in a different night Danny has just died aboard Bob Barker Macaulay Culkin and -- for brenly came around to. We added these were athletes and and artist artist thank you. Ralph Wilson went to -- through on fiber along with Axl Rose time in the sort of Dennis Rodman. And Courtney Love race -- is Mohammed Ali Ozzy Osbourne Billy Joseph Loretta Lynn and Ric Flair. I got Joseph kept the total. Death by me you. Jim McMahon. Tony Bennett buddy nix channel low lane. Tommy took the Morgan twins who were here in the studio yesterday but it's a double pick anyway day and a student Gordy how. The razor sharp -- See -- every Craig Sinatra junior. Meanwhile Christian meant to BB king Jerry Lee Lewis and Jerry Lewis Ralph -- and Pete Seeger fellows are all the picks so far today we're doing. Politics in keeps our first pick goes to damn 31 driver in round three. Good morning -- through clever how are you only really got to Oklahoma yes -- -- -- OK I tell you I thought it was -- that's why now and that's tomorrow yes since today do we put down Obama. Yes is it okay. I also wanna put up his daughter's virginity. Okay one of those schools will died how we you know bush who was -- when Sasha subtly get I don't know. And leading -- Malia and Sasha and Malia anomaly. There whatever the way to go I think Ross is the only one but I -- there is healed and went on -- put up -- rigidity. They should then they'll die. How do we know. Yeah all of you get me. She's beyond FaceBook -- three added meadow lark lemon because today's 81 birthday and an Obama to that list. So -- through fiber with your first pick in the third round. Cool will you be taking. Bob -- prevented voting -- won't get rid of it. -- -- -- Fidel Castro cal day is he's on death's door and it's a do actually the go -- system through fire all right. Any trades or anything speak up now grace Randy. Joining here ever growing roster cool will it be with your first pick in the third round. I. Create. Scope and what kind of nice to wanna do is retiring after a three -- -- slow -- laps for health reasons repeatedly for health reasons and Olympic isn't saying kids. I was. Am really solid my first pick in the third round I take. Whatever beloved. Has there ever faithful ever. Religious and steadfast in his message Billy Graham event we Graham as ago. We move on to one Tom DeLay due to the Morgan twins. I'm gonna take the exact opposite of the Morgan's -- good Nancy Reagan and our thoughts. But. One of these heroes of might wanna take and Nelson Mandela's. Grand sent home to meet the parents. I'm taken Nelson Mandela and I highlighted here until -- and his genius. Well he -- Senior management -- South Africa yes she did would be for new -- Nelson Mandela. Flat final last picker in this round will be Christian -- as we take five picks in every round of -- breakthrough death trap a 96 by the museum have Danny who's gonna make coal number 41 George H. W. Bush George HW Bush's sons library gets. We got to play this audio player but how bad guys cash. George W. Bush has his library SMU -- so five. The exclusive club follows their last five a living pres I think just -- -- first time that this many presidents are still alive soon as they derived. Good long time anyway so they will all be there today for the unveiling of George W Bush's book CNN. No library I know who is only book into the all all of and a bad joke that fell flat now I mean it was over my head then though I was -- the there was no agreement -- -- was. Dam through on whatever. You quit -- -- Vicki -- Fidel Castro. Who will you add in the third round. I can -- -- out the very name is -- -- about Robert Robert do. -- -- Boston mama number two okay. And it's in the balance. Seems to be given better these young you know we'll answer kids' -- somebody kills on the could be somebody that could pop up again -- already killed we've got. I he well I just go to bed earlier and I've bought some bomber number two is off the list. On to want to race in the Randy who took Pope Benedict. The Pope who just stepped down in our -- around three the death drafting guys. Hey. I think. Barbara Bush. Babs bush. That she's old math prize going to be a hundred. She looks like the Quaker oatmeal or just -- -- but you'll like get a whole life as you did suited. Sides of Pope Benedict and Barbara Bush goat race Randy is way. When my second pick and we'll tell. -- -- Kissinger who proudly gonna balancing reason is nine Geary is an idea. Henry Kissinger you know what he always got man vagina like to hide his jet liners in town even with the way you look connecting to keep you young. Particularly so there's ninety million yens -- not mainland for our talent man who nonetheless forever. It is the break grim death draft round three political aisle politics impeached and move on to Tommy's picky as Nelson Mandela who will be joining that list. Do they think Bob Dole is. No no -- not -- War hero senator. Good men Tommy has Nelson Mandela and you guys. Danny has George H. W. Bush. Who will be joining George H. W. Bush I have to go with the guy who has been mentioned much on the show. But he's old John Glenn and hello. To. National hero -- And Glen in the death -- Like. What are the order project cannot say he does have a button push she cited these strategies -- You realize that that's a foot faults. -- Randy you're great you're gonna fall violent day in our. Precancerous in our do the fantasy football -- preakness. Where there are people not on the roster that's why we're we've made it we made it to race and Randy rule -- senator and you can only draft. From what is on the roster in the race and into rule for all -- that we because my coach the -- -- yes it was coach continued. An extra. Five back to the top Elizabeth's cancer survivor who has Fidel Castro and Boston bomber number two in round three were -- taken next. That there are very young then -- I was gonna play not and that. Kim young woman who. -- today he's young 130 you know bro. You have anything get assassinated he's busy coo Peter -- if not rates Randy is Pope Benedict and Barbara Bush who will be next. I'm an expert George H. W. Bush and John Glenn. Wow she's in her ninety's and all nasty looking Nancy Reagan almost all the ones I want us tonight. My pick Billy Graham Henry Kissinger and Rosalyn Carter. Volatility -- run color. -- -- -- around anymore you know they're even doing that have Integra line. Wonder what which is probably busted these to death draft we are in round three breakthrough and death draft. Down to Tom DeLay now who's got Nelson Mandela and Bob Dole you know I'm I'm gonna take then hold as queen of England. The green Liz Queen Elizabeth she's going. You have anymore make it picture that you know you kill Harry -- and do something again -- -- -- -- certainly you got a man to death in a row in. And Christian member realize George H. W. Bush in John Glenn with your third pick in the third round of the breaker and death trap some and it's really tough but Billy suggest some earlier this morning shoot somewhere take -- meadow lark lemon and but don't sit too long the wonderful Buffalo Bills here. I think it goes in a panic this afternoon that's definitely -- NASA they always do. They may take Miller women's. Dan survivor we're back to you with your fourth pick yet Fidel Castro Boston -- number Jill and Kim Jong Hoon have been added to your death draft roster for 2013 or fourteenth. Who else here. Well analytical there was one of the left over from the other day was. -- machine food Charlie Sheen. -- me how did you Charlie -- do we go to another log on you -- and is -- -- otherwise it's just how low can bolts tonight what we have our supplemental round that's a -- all categories except for local -- open men's all the categories we've done different so you wanna hold that one. Get a tonight yet it tonight which can do now you have to draft for mistrust -- there. Yeah as the race Randy -- Whatever the -- -- with Jimmy Carter and I think she I think Carter's ability to be a hundred. But I think it's a leg goes I think he'll be our first president that's on it is old. Pregnant. Plays seems to be healthy -- I don't think he has I don't think he does anything -- I don't think he smokes drinks anything TrueCrypt okay. -- hurry to -- -- that but I'm just saying maybe it is in Avalon has insisted today after the -- I is gonna I -- would love that well against your -- needs a clot. I. We're down to -- Randy -- Pope Benedict Barbara Bush and Nancy Reagan who will be joining. Then on the 2013 Tony fourteen break from death draft roster. -- -- -- -- Seem to have. He is starting on these old shuffle he said he had a stroke the old man shuffles. Tommy over don't know estimate -- Billy Graham Henry Kissinger Roslyn Carter. Coming out of left field a little bit but I do think there's a lot of stress there's talk of her. Her being. Running for president again Charlie and yes she's fat she's only lying -- -- minute as blue church I'm going to take. One Hillary Clinton -- girl -- Hillary Clinton here in your room. Feel the wind is -- Really neat -- just for fun. Now I Hillary Clinton is added to my roster we go to Tommy is Nelson Mandela Bob Dole Queen Elizabeth. Come take in the men who she could have been president and headed off -- The Donald's. They -- trump. Holds true. Think guys get stressed. Blows off the screaming your -- from the minister of and then they'll last pick last kicker and address. Christian Dan Murillo museum George H. W. Bush John Glenn meadow lark lemon who else. I'm gonna go with Prince Philip. Never see him. Yeah there was some talk that he'll do the idea yeah I think he's in his -- but right now we -- to the final pick in the third round. We will have another supplemental round tonight or -- through fiber can grab Charlie Sheen is he so desires. Fidel Castro Boston -- number two Kim -- alone and Jimmy Carter and we've taken. -- -- -- articulate that people are do it and let -- do horrible future home. -- He's ruffled some feathers. Fraser Randy was your final pick in round three Kuby added your roster of Pope Benedict Barbara Bush Nancy Reagan Hugh -- -- Elisabeth -- on -- and Randy I don't deal man field as well before and I think the only I think she's another when it's in really good health. I am Billy Graham Henry Kissinger Roslyn Carter Hillary Clinton and I'm gonna go. On missile and -- grab. Images in my -- -- all. Your phone to see a little more. Organizers that's -- ninety -- -- Angela do. Now we go to Tommy -- his final pick in the fourth round Nelson Mandela Bob Dole Queen Elizabeth Donald Trump already on his roster who's next. My pick we'll put a smile on almost half of America's strengths and avoid. The president of the United States Obama much he's clutch had. The improvement I surprising that -- going -- much. Heard oral stores there was a guy who came now I mean it's yummy good ideal is it a sixties he actually put a -- and a guy. Raised a terrible. Nobody's. Diligently shouted does due to the odds are somebody did some -- well I cannot talk -- up a -- and got -- -- -- -- that -- it. The -- Kennedys their brains I'm sure there and I -- no further is hi prevailed vigilance. More so now not just civil rights and only skin heads and all these haters out there come on all these gun that's where he weighed nine. -- -- boy finally got to content delivery is Christi and Amarillo has the final taken this round. Added to a list stake includes George H. W. Bush John Glenn metal lark lemon in Prince Philip will be. There's only three people left well three items Obama's daughters virginity -- President go on Breaux former governor Mario Cuomo Bill Clinton's senate and President Clinton and I've been seeing that seeing Hillary or both and bad health. Well Charlie Bell now now he's in the tabloids -- for just the way it is based aids aids AQ do you say thanks again. -- global initiative. She's banging them -- news -- -- reds Reggie Johnson had like HIV for years two decades I'm gonna go to Oakland though. Bill Clinton and I -- -- Tonight -- we're live from champ stamped through a farmer race Randy will I think -- going to be their live right. -- fiery who would you be there -- -- -- We're gonna do a -- about anyway stuff supplemental around a large death draft since will be there for the NFL draft. And tomorrow we'll close it out with our locals are locals and coach Lou is just an added to the locals. How is it really help small chances fellas we'll talk to you tonight and then tomorrow we'll wrap up the Tony thirteen 2014 deaths draft. He Leonard and we will take a break phone numbers 2226000. Detects and -- 99404. The -- groom is on 965. WCM. Half.

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