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Max and Katie from the Amazing Race

May 15, 2013|

The Break Room interviews buffalo-native newlyweds Max and Katie Bichler, second place winners on the Amazing race!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I enjoyed watching this couple won because they were from Western New York in two because well they were arrived at times kind of -- and I -- And I know they're not gonna probably like that description but it's -- Katie Dick -- newlyweds. Who did the Amazing Race. And I wanted to talk to him during the -- show -- they weren't allowed to talk so they got kicked off the show and they never did. But you didn't win did you Maxine and get the whole thing got closer. Now we we didn't win but it was but it is pretty close but we don't we don't them we don't mind a description of our team at all. Well let me ask al-Qaeda easier to how are a -- or are so Macs in -- are well how long were you married before you did the Amazing Race. Every three weeks ahead as it is -- three weeks and this is a while -- -- right to fire. You let's just ask you this. You go through something like this branded a lot of what we see is edited for television. Blot and does it make you who. More bonded and are you strong -- did you learn new things about each other that maybe you didn't know and I'm sure elevated tests -- dated for awhile before he got married but. How I mean did you find out things about each other maybe even more character things that he did know about each other. Dug into -- the litmus test to -- Sirens try to nurture a new love marriage and you know compete on the a reality -- officials -- can't help. I think -- you know you you find out everything pretty quick period like advances your marriage you know. Select your lives in a. Well once already -- Boris and 27%. To -- I want to play. Looking solidified your anniversary I'm the Obama campaign like a banana basically -- that I can't. So what are you guys end up because I know the hockey guys won but the -- did you guys end up. See -- -- -- -- allergic any money. -- yeah we -- -- -- -- -- so they create not first place there right of first place is a million. Yet persuade the millions -- you guys yet. Movement well it got so little money that was better than a kick the ball legacy is that G -- NG. Yeah I thought like that Palin that they don't like it didn't -- descriptive about. Kind of weird if you wanna know these second place is cannot admit I don't know the date they don't like is is it to drop off from first decide against. It out where did you guys Dick Clark is on you wanna leg of the race right. Yet it -- But I can anyone you know -- it and Kelly -- 1000 dollars -- that we won a trip to -- Dominican Republic. Nice yeah and that's kind of cool at -- and look there and they're not gonna challenge -- Now underway I have to say it is Max when I first saw like the first at the sun but I watched this I go look at this dude from Western New York. The -- and that changed guy on the show appreciates there's been no shock for -- -- And I just thought that was kind of funny and then there was another thing where there were I guess it was maybe it was the country singing girls. Whatever was that. He was making fun of them shoes dollars in illegal and -- Israel goes I love would you do that over. Big Mo values they did she was being kinda. Fake nice to have what you need to be that we're -- do to fix your big combatants in the as it went was there anything in their -- you if you could do it over you would have done differently and that enabling -- -- race. I might try to get a little more stand before the show us. So I could really rev everybody else. I got to ask you does anybody say that to you though Max about the tenth. Yeah absolutely everybody there -- probably not but. You know I I got I got a little like they did a pretty good and the quality you know I've got let -- look respectable here. And then now who knows you know the first couple places we go to court tropical -- on the beach all day so I hope for a and then we go to Baltimore where -- and got independent Vietnam a cookie again from my dog and establish. -- did get a little bit bit about it. Don't roll too dark do you want their regular bank loan. But yeah there are some yeah I mean I had some. It's just. He had slashed his kids who would -- and recite these I don't know when they went to Africa they had some problems. Who does and it's I thought I had a lady and a senator vendor -- Digg and how close are you donate go to the so -- Get a speeding to get an amazing race who's who often that bill. Indeed I gotta tell it. He had it would get its first outbreak through we're lucky enough to have some woman on a plane from Johannesburg to up. Do Bob Botswana Ghana that had given us some cash you guessed it -- Powell. Yeah and founded the only country didn't -- a pretty close below that are -- go so we decided -- the ticket because. We not -- not that I was not concerned about going back and being arrested for not saying it it was more our. Cooper's show you've got that you got to do everything you got up by double local law. They're but it -- here what do we know you. Well I would have -- ticket but there's not a pretty you'd be a bit this is idiotic LP you know I have to go -- they've made they've but maybe they failed they pretty much sat out -- so I'm -- that yet settled us. There -- that episode though Katie you're pretty nasty. It Cinemax. No Jack Eleanor Roosevelt she was making fun of the way he drove she -- got to forget the ticket and then. She did that doesn't -- in the -- and do some time to time she made fun of his grammar. Conference. -- right. Did we relaxed played batting out there right before we start that leg I'd set them okay in gang -- and the state. We got a -- but because we're in the back. And literally at that moment to open a clue and it let it drive it out of Mon. And Michael can't act he thought the -- okay is -- oh well I'd I don't remember let us. And it comes back it has been out now. There's all African jazz are -- But many get to see the world on this thing -- and it really does seem to it which are run and throw it yes -- you know like gun. You and I go it's these it's almost like a business trip like people always get jealous is solely go on. Hey I'm going to a John business here are -- they make is a jobs it's not it's a vacation you weren't don't think it's the same thing here. You are in it by your thinking about a contests and winning more than -- for getting us -- he and applause and analyze the one that that's a good question how much running how much downtime is are we see this stuff on TV figure of love up but then how much downtime is there Max -- But virtually none so really we -- we out like -- when and when you get down time is I think what -- transit period how hard the race says yeah so you know he's not sleeping and in bad a lot of nights Beatles. But you don't get a shower everyday -- horrible vacation. And it they are prepared. But where I want to -- to activities or someplace you can go back to his vacation now you've seen where would you wanna go tighter Vietnam's I gossip. Big problems pretty cool place but felt well all but stopped on my -- you know Torbor allegedly does not Bora Bora beaches. Everything and it also features we had to make it to boot just you and now this is -- -- operator ever seen you know I mean. I don't like Dario -- a lot of -- Lake Erie actually my. -- look -- Good luck for the day you know people Max -- Max -- Bakalar from buffalo to newlyweds who were just on the Amazing Race. They came in second but they did for winning legs of the race get a trip to the Dominican. To confusions bushel and I handled great in the snow for us and -- -- the biggest dump kind -- he went to digger Jesus of this place is hell. And -- create at recent it's. You know whether we we are lucky attacked Eden you know they've got to like Bangladesh. In our public. We can't say the -- and it above an even battle albeit not I mean moon. You know. And then there was certain there was nothing that would really you can't say that I would be sitting at a place we've -- where were dumped so like extremely extremely portable and you know they went to Bangladesh and empires in very good. I know that -- you know just from just from watching on TV and from talking to -- guys they're like yeah it was amazing players but especially rough you know -- Well they don't smell there -- minister. For the -- our country payment there was this tech did you guys. -- now I assume that the race is over by the time we see it on TV or sometimes these these reality shows like final episode five or six in the canned but they're still taping the other thing was this entire season done. Yes it was about time you guys thought it was over. OK so you knew where was. You can't tell anybody thing but did you have parties to watch with friends and family and all Gunter. We did that we we -- -- watch parties that a budget year that don't we daily public that when we do here in Delaware along so you know you it was it was like. People come out in either we knew they were gonna win this episode tonight or whatever so whichever player on the episode we did well in yup incorporated. All of our guests loud and it's how to be great to to come home. And take -- bands. Lay in bed and saying relax watch some cable TV images on wanna. Neutral -- -- -- analyst yeah up but when you watch the show. Was there anything they went now man I -- presented that way that it actually was manipulated just to editing. There was your words your stuff your actions but they. They do creatively edited enough to make either look worse or who I guess the only thing would be to make it look worse right that would bother you. And -- you know I think it was. Am the biggest thing it is if you like for a Republican like -- -- you can't go on these things you know. You know it can happen substitutions when I know a lot of god that's why that's a good chance. Really did he came in second appellate those hockey guys were nice but a but and then athletic -- NHL guns. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Step leave a lot of completely -- and then not. They'd say no play third -- and then ultimately retired with -- You know us -- reserved yet. -- -- -- but there's there's definitely time where you know I think the only -- that made. They make Cheney look like do a bit of a bigger ballpark since you really is I don't know we actual group that I. I would say yeah I think I added I meet everyday I mean we're acrobatic. Well all everything -- aware that you know. Well aware that no one like as we're aware that. I love you had you're not and I can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- lucky did -- take shots at the sabres crazy guys from buffalo. Now you know what they're acted very collar outfit and I could not not blog go way it I still had a chance to. Carpet favorite rocket propelled amazing race than we had a local party was the most -- -- -- -- -- That he had played lift both states and a you know actually up tonight -- -- -- -- with the -- got a pretty if you treat. See you -- -- of that I find interesting. You both said that they you knew people hated yet and they knew there were Pena is -- -- did -- do know that going in before even. Started the Amazing Race or is that something you realized before it hit TV either this is how was going to be and that was. -- -- -- -- Well where we go I don't hammered out there are pretty decent self aware that yeah no that's that's important I think it is. You have to go to yet DF the blog now to do it again. Data so it so that they you know because. It's like you know you got there you got so close -- that I'm the last episode it's which came down to chance actually -- -- -- -- -- wonder who that. Three fire app is still going in the last one yeah and that we are red hot streak and then we were leading the final episode. And there was there was a challenger at this find a guy with a briefcase. And around the basic idea and BC it was chance because when states. Where am that its fourth agent. There's swap priest is split them with them he he got -- and it took -- over sixty -- so it was my chance came. And how they best bet here come the book first Williams on Specter doesn't. The yeah its stadium -- Pickler who you saw on amazing race they came in second. And this is kind of their honeymoon -- Max by the way says the person that he most identifies with -- -- celebrity famous person is up. Rush Limbaugh. Are very depressing to me but yeah I hear is I don't see that with you. But he exists in terms of political views every year here you are in shape and -- and he sat bald and Irish. I've been here you go but. -- -- I'm a Republican and that I'm an apologetic I'm not one a little bit like I didn't in the closet about it and -- argument. Yeah that's how I mean it that it is. It's the truth settlement cigar smoker and I. You're right you're cigar wrapped right they're right there yeah I send some Tommy's Obama as a big cigar smoker here. Well it's not sit well you got to do throwing some time come visit you are well below chided the jury out all of our players are I mean I was. And the house saying a lot of great lot of big base without that way. Yeah employees should not come by some Tom -- to -- and what are they doing all servers in the got to bring you guys back in the ninth what are you are you trying to get anywhere with the fame you've garnered from the show beyond -- -- -- reality -- would you try to do a survivor or a -- beeper or or something else. OK eight K that we did that. I don't worry have already made it you can't get smacked around in my head that caught our -- like that next year they're gonna do outside -- yeah. You know -- public at -- club but. Well good I think you should you definitely showed -- nothing else Maxi Katie was entertaining to watch you congratulations and come in second. And Max if you're ever in the area and Katie two combined would love to a major especially around bills training camp will be down their broadcasts live so if you make it out -- to see it. Democratic think so much and our guy and they can you -- it that I have high ceiling.

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