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East Side/ West Side News Edition!

May 15, 2013|

The Break Room reads news beats from the local area, while callers try to decide which side of town the story happened on

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gonna play east side west side through in five. Give -- the news story you tell us what cited town -- from trial -- you are correct we're gonna send you see the Allman Brothers don't remember. The police. Or 315 pick a number one through five. Let's -- five. -- can go and Joseph old results. What's up Joseph. -- Now Joseph remembered do I don't feed off some of these might seem obvious they have but did you gotta think of Attica is a good reason curve balls here. -- give -- news story you have to say what side of town happened on if you cracked Wilson into the Allman Brothers. Please -- police received a report. For more men. Who said that she lost her wedding dress. Who lost it. The woman told police actually she sold her wedding dress for 12100 dollars today him to a person responding to an online ad. Then she packed a wedding dress up and -- it till. Nigeria. -- no Nigeria weddings the injection received was no good. And now she wants to hurt her wedding dress back. For the 12100 dollars and did you called Nigeria and they're not answering all of the police have to do is look for a woman in Nigeria running around in a used wedding guests. -- sheep Joseph Rizzo. Outside west side are 315. -- think about it that could be curves here. Woman says her dress was little dumb people are no words on his people. Sound a lot. Less than human who has -- yeah. Or greater. No no forget it he says -- I would do a -- dead in -- west side. But just because you know I think where would you automatically jump to Tommy's a dumbest people where would you jump to I guess who is the dumbest people. I would say through and thought okay. Don't forget in ten feel there have been several people who won't sell for Nigerians again those -- usually elderly this is a wedding dress which means young and don't. Yeah young dome through once thought Joseph Rizzo says west side this is actually. 315. It is. And that's the outskirts for now the car would have any -- figure it. -- -- I beg your reply and we got let's go to another line let's give Larry shot. But Larry well because it you know Larry Larry's been in the hospital -- much like coach annually both recover old dudes and Larry's not given up even though he's had a heart attack he still squeeze down the tube accident great but I. Who was there -- rebuilt the heart give me another quarter century you live right. That's well -- every effort here in the first 123. -- All good. Yeah I like to do what it's like. Hi Larry well we can make that time enjoyable with trip to the Allman Brothers does so tell -- east -- west -- -- 315. Police reportedly arrested. Of Matthew 11:55 PM. Matthew was charged with disorderly conduct criminal mischief. And resisting arrest. It is alleged that after an altercation an area bar. Matthew and his father refused to leave the area okay so drinking with daddy via okay. Aftermath it was in my -- she was under arrest for disorderly conduct began to fight with the deputies -- a wise move. Well big place in handcuffs -- ground his teeth down the back window and trunk of the sheriff's patrol car he'd hit the car. -- this these -- yeah. Are all these guys eating the car he used. Place today because grandest deep down the back -- and the -- -- damaged -- syndrome are. Causing damage to the pain indiscretion. To Mueller is. Larry well -- -- -- this -- Hold on the Serb -- territory plan. East side west sides -- -- places 315. I'm think any diaries dead on with this one. He Larry's done this doesn't get to notify -- party with Sudan -- -- granted deeds and to a school like cars any -- growth. If you run a man named Brandon. Danny. Him special church on the spot Mercer west side little was not. And a church and maybe even Sweden Rockport see if he says all listen he's right and he people. Larry he's gone they shot over here is that even -- What is sad is that he called home was that the goddamn street no I I am alone I don't mural lines sack -- Larry Larry you know elicited Danny at all. Every -- I'm sorry. But but you're gonna have to clear calendar August Tony thirty yeah we go to the -- And -- 315. You know all over Matthew bell junior for the -- -- do you bill junior you any time you get that second name in there that -- Billie met JLG. Not Larry hold the line you are a winner he's I was sad -- by the is that we originally started the game -- stance. Listing can we do a mortgage and -- -- do one more to do Hillary want to buy -- was do we have military and other stuff yeah exactly -- -- have to -- -- OK -- -- number one -- five -- alluding -- -- -- too well and still answering -- -- was still. In highlight distill the -- fell while everybody. Good will give you the news story you tell us east side west side -- 315 look at. State police responded to the report of property damage hit and run accidents on a Sunday morning at 7:45. AM. A woman reported that a vehicle she was operating was struck from behind while she was waiting for a light. The offending vehicle then ducked and hit the woman's vehicle again Dan I ran her then reportedly drove around her and headed east -- The vehicle was located later London. And the driver. Mr. raw. Rock yet. Told police that he perhaps had three or four Beers at 7:45. -- Sunday morning oh yeah. But did not recall hitting another vehicle round I had no Monday he blacked out. He was charged with felony DW on. And his BAC. At 745. Was a point -- -- Now I don't know if they economists and 45 and how now when I finally had sound like him. You gotta be higher than point one round hit a car twice but he Kabila saying you've had more than four Beers. So alive he's charged us cellular lie with a blood alcohol level point one out and leaving the scene of property damage accident. Well I'll -- upon further investigation it turns out that mr. drop. Has an extensive. History twice seven arrest. Ten convictions. Eight felony convictions and four previous guy felony DA AW he's got four deep weeds he served two prior state prison sentences for so we W line. But it wasn't enough convictions can Budweiser was calls home he was a -- put in jail Nobel. -- -- -- Still busy from the east side the westside or the 315. -- Barton to step in the settlements east side. Because it's Sunday morning Sims and obviously that one was going to probably services. If he and rich people don't believe in god because they got to go and I'm good. So home where his got to hang out mostly blind side -- -- five more than -- I mean -- out of this film don't be so I'm a minute ago since we've had a run of 31 fives at the grand of those economists say this is no way aside -- -- is westside live mill. You stick -- -- five. Of schools Danny sound or feel like -- -- -- know besides I think he side here. -- The year only allows you 15315. Today by Michael -- wall works he was found when they found them. He's 54 he looks 84. Six but they found a rough life they've found them. I hardly road block seventeen in Marion wow yeah and this happened at the corner -- lot of seventeen ambulances tractor trailer burden for them. But clearly use it's a good cause was found. This woman at some sort of on a sunny. Right at root for 41 in 350 won't work with my -- -- -- bloom back settlement to those. Don't go. Ethics I told alliance carrier go to the Allman Brothers and headed out there doing traffic he -- -- west side 315. News at this.

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