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Coach Muley's week 2 in Hospital

May 15, 2013|

The Break Room calls Coach Muley from the hospital after he blew himself up. We want to know his views on Charles Ramsey and the girls in Cleveland!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Every day at this time or every day every weekday. Every Wednesday I'm I'm a little. It's for Clinton excuse me every Wednesday around 7 o'clock we call a -- coach really who has not been doing too little it. Coach Miller -- I thought now I haven't thought here. -- supposedly private rule. You're right through to a coach -- the -- hospital still. But says he's well today isn't great news for us and that we'd have to do with the home town. -- -- Check in with coach really sepia is -- keep -- up with all the happenings in Cleveland and Charles Ramsey well. Well Ferraro decorate those. Good morning coach really sound like you're in great spirits -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well and you're down here that's what the tie up our new chief masters or murder. The top burn units in and where in the southeast America. Well there in the United States -- -- -- America must feel good you know let me universe -- program. Mobile. Burn unit checked and they're. Checked and she should he -- they hit an eight day they'd they'd done already reevaluated my hot and one of these. We -- -- -- -- -- To let this area where they bring in that they bring in a couple of car -- trunk trio actually and they go we're used to it all really. We have made -- -- correct Chris a data plan and start got to get a second opinion of our personal not pick up will be good to go. Because really always got that since you were good to. Hear what what sport yeah. Why have you been keeping up with the the news and what's happening now unclear. Well I've got to bear well yeah so I can't let small Specter looks -- -- so it looks like it personally CO skillet. I -- in Baghdad Iraq. Secondly I got disparate. Coach millionaire earned them and Mobile, Alabama after blowing himself up it's. Some fertilizer saying it's by the way the actions of al-Qaeda correct coach. To get there are several lynch. -- even longer than decorative. You don't want this. So you -- watch in the news what do you think of as in particular Charles Ramsey the neighbor who helped Amanda -- escape and then called 91 to get the other ladies out. He's -- to spare nosy neighbors go -- yeah. -- the ignition so many. There. Do want -- you gotta be your gutter again tomorrow that's sort Saul Menem err I mean I'm always bit -- always always get the -- can't get to keep. Whatever I drop my but I want to have -- -- -- -- not a bit. Right. This is -- and -- JS coach is true. I didn't even know blockaded it was in my -- it's OK okay gotta be pretty -- keep. Our field you've got no idea what to look up the ground. You do you feel like you know everyone in your neighborhood well enough today you feel safe -- all your -- saying you're always similar -- even in your own neighborhood you feel mentally more. I'll read that they were severed Levy or cellular -- noted -- the you know that -- -- -- you know they'll coped well yeah and then the neighborhood charity. And Sam get a surrogate in now -- -- -- -- what they care. -- -- I don't know what you're saying after I hit it down anything adult patient up about based on some -- next -- nation's broad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thirty -- -- of -- -- or not that much different than you're not a rational then -- the Boca focuses. -- was over the Atlantic program added that there -- -- that global. There's no better time to do it didn't get to sit just did that let's say did Iraq but it. -- arithmetic doesn't do the arithmetic all right coach. Not coach yesterday. Us injured in the hospital in more people go for surgeries and stuff. There was a study that came out that said and I wondered this would even help you. Through hypnosis. The body you can get the body to Alter itself I would assume we can get the body to speed up the healing process through hypnosis has anybody talked about. That is the biggest crowd to -- foolishness ever. Well because you real. -- -- -- -- They -- -- -- they did a study and I and I take it to your injuries up but they did a study of women saying that they could increased breast size by a couple of -- sizes through. Have no system take a while that's true than coach really could. You know. -- himself. Quickly or more thorough yet Cyril. You know I don't established. -- birdies. And scripture and -- of course it can't succeed let -- -- not being benched that early this does that planetary search. What have -- been ambitious chain issues yeah. Look at. And we have tragedy bet they're -- they entry the road to get hurt that job that the -- turned to each each and you have to mentor -- Return to Tibet and there's -- bad -- I am a bad because there are a concert series at Acapulco. Null but I wanna know the Alabama. I think it's equipment. Alabama that is just basically he just you that you reached it is -- very group's beer and that's that's sent. We have a beer at breakfast. -- to bear the road and many have a simple -- dinner. And -- no -- well that didn't we -- agriculture. That is Asian kid down the street and it didn't work. Q but he couldn't get again because you couldn't get them O'Neal to order sixteen candidates don't you start using more all of our. Along guards stand each share distant look like it looks like that the battle that they are listening to the current obeying -- overwhelmed our standing up -- wrapping up -- in particular are important ultra -- entry. Next. That's what. And all groups are great read it isn't. Yeah we are going it would just now saying senator. A waived that -- our -- play your whole. There and it's closely and then mount. He kept salaried positions should be kept yard dead who would -- chaste life. We don't Jason -- yeah. So at any time he bit a little bit better piece of work units probably -- would -- get yeah. Let this turn into -- -- questionable for. All the -- landscaper around us. Yeah. But. I sit -- I -- it doesn't matter that certain important reverse split and put that Wal-Mart. Shouldn't that he'll actually work now wouldn't it be a little loud response satanic thing it no just that you concede -- Bader. Yeah it's a coach really. He is our our resident life coach calling from a hospital he's been upgraded at the mobile. The -- and bags. International. Engine and run -- -- good connection on some things and work -- gets older Crist and I think -- huge. So when you say we should try to look at Obama that rugged little space universal -- southern Texas. I think we've got wanna talk to -- Tell -- she's CA expressed some concern over the medical Bob bills. Mean -- you were on domestic as he says she's been with -- -- life. She's she's she initiated relative. -- she -- well or -- has a right to Obama played several. Intact. That I know that just -- luckily nobody in this so you've got three -- -- you get we get you get to -- -- that gets that is certain to actually -- out. Includes. Job -- and so. I will coach G she said that there's some concern over the mounting medical cost. So we're trying to find ways to maybe help produce them for crystal well. He had a game every does my day is go out. Change issue Gupta thank and she can't and she told me in -- messrs. Should get attention that they've turned around here that's these blue amusement. Both -- them all blue Lucent and there's less so -- little trip to -- Sheet simply -- probably get bigger all the number proper manner and there and and so well that matter -- -- get a hole. Concert -- underage burns. Cover the bills so live and fifty concert. That's sober person. Cannot get it together and get thirty maybe it is sticky works. We get a handout here to do didn't have public -- you're gonna have a gun control order that people law well let's just settle. Obama. Tonight wells there's a way that we can help ballot that we have to do it where. Okay yes I can't -- and although mainly at least gave the instructor that area there yeah we can do it -- let them know the weather breaking out there are so we're concerned this. We so trust investor road and Asia broke down but the big big news. Dime while little absolutely sent a moral and we're all. Okay. -- never. A good idea Ramsey Ramsey is certainly very very popular. Guys from Cleveland discovered the three ladies in the house next door. We have breaking news scenario for you this actually in email that we got -- thought might be good for you to deal. This is your break room I listened to your show every day. I am hoping that you help me reach my son he won't talk to me I've learned from his father my ex husband that he has stage four terminal cancer. Mother's Day is Sunday and I wanna I. Want to let him know simply that I love -- could you please -- town that I would just like to speak to him. And let him know that I do love him think of madame de -- and want to see him soon. Here's his number please let me know if you do in fact reach him. Sincerely Beverly -- wondered if you could call this guy and figure out obviously there's some kind of thumb problem in the relationship. But it. I don't know how long do you hope I'll bet though I mean I can't imagine that it would. With torture now I'm disabled probability checked -- that I wonder what all the way bed while a bit today. Well I don't get well it does shirt does it does. But sometimes you know you forgive and move on especially about -- Situation or are there some -- just a very well could -- -- very well and -- human -- Our role not only manic episode and I can't support a moment but let me answer is that we're more or -- -- -- -- coach and we -- we're just one moment of. But your lane in the burn unit for down there at the Yahoo! mobile international. Tech -- burn unit. And I'm just wondered did that you had a feel like you're close the end at any point did you wanna see somebody just to kind of make amends before you exit. An impact. I'm so it's for the web. Well some might -- or even somebody who may be treated you badly you wanted to let the though you forgave them -- or something like that. I'm sure you know -- told -- it's. I want to talk to -- civil war department. Well. Both are -- You know the RV dealership. Nobody abetted the best journalists and you can't just -- done -- and has served. I'm glad he had elderly mother were -- I don't think about it. You don't believe it's been heaven you'll be judged -- -- -- -- -- all of your opponent. And -- -- work much. Well you know I'm -- -- -- -- don't play your own rapid but -- -- -- -- best -- -- that there -- a -- you know Saturday garbage playing yourself what do what. Why do a lot of without pro -- While distillate and -- vaginal -- -- -- all I think back and outrun us. Got to believe he let it slip and vocal I got you. Black kick it over sale uncharted and that's -- -- an opera debut -- ignorant are you made it. Time well this mom that we -- caller. Now call this boy this son I deserve it. Yeah -- there I can't go that kid. -- don't won't be who would have. I'm La La later fish war can't yeah yeah which I think -- sort how many -- -- -- you got samples were more. You sure you. Could just -- amendment. I think there's fourteen state constitution is very solid state -- -- get them to build the project already understood. Bit stiff can't -- don't get cute. -- wage should start to your mama don't let don't go to don't do a little bit. Well leasehold blue -- figured out maybe should get some clarity on and she can't get anywhere -- -- you'll be helping her out. There's nobody else. Well then haptic we don't -- the mothers that but I do. I know we will hear your breaking news tomorrow coach I hope you continue to -- down there are. Hey red -- -- you also and well. Are you still love to pay betaseron. And then there was such an -- that you get them out for we're well we have introduced and read out of electors are choose certain some bad leg blown -- did say yeah. Anything that would have put Monroe rocker room you musician yeah -- Fruit basket down to your house -- she's. And met him you. Thank you think that's always open them up -- my mental burden people. It almost -- Lebanon and yeah it's only one man -- it in the food that -- -- that simplest plan but. Covered at all. You just killed it's all he's a pleasure. Well about pornography will send out. Dead dead dead -- world -- -- thought that would be the defective but what we're doing we've doubled 121000 of children I'm very emotional well. I want none of that stuff follow football talk about that what -- full -- because he's pretty good. We'll take you also don't just just the computer company announced today and I'm comfortable around them and darkness of. Gutsy coach employee is breaking news tomorrow we'll get a care package out immediately. Are -- -- we'll see you later at the break room is on 965. Double BC MS.

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