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Danny has News for His Mom..

May 15, 2013|

Danny's racking up points in The Break Room Death Draft, again he scores! His punishment is to tell his mother that she's been elected to the Death Draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not Sicily scores in the death testing damn minute this is good to guys like the league MVP. Our Kimberly like the LeBron James of the breaker and death strength or. -- the second score in the Tony thirteen Tony fourteen death travel. George Jones being his first. Here comes the Chris and Dan taking Jeanne Cooper or as she was listed on our death draft board yeah. Corbin Bernsen mom I think yeah nobody knew now is Sheila Casey played his mom and -- I love double episode and yeah. -- so he's gotten two in two weeks yes yes. That is another guy who took these guys on the boards -- an -- that was going to be a sure fire is still she sits three years in -- -- She did we just don't know about you know she died yeah. I want her she's one of those people who like state. More she's dead which they won't claim to be dead because -- -- collected checks still. Hi I need does make you that duties weird -- yet -- -- it -- he has different titles are so let me give it to himself. These kind of president -- think. But fetuses and -- friends I've -- -- for the Atlanta we don't back in the day thanks euros civil war time guys who give themselves names yet colonel so and so like colonel Sanders yes just to be important. There was so colonel on their name if he would do if we just it just sounded transit via even though remain -- men in the military. It is -- colonel. Sounds good the there does. -- so yet here here's a quick. Cat fight from Jeanne Cooper. Jeanne Cooper on the Young and the Restless -- I think she was there -- for almost forty years EL AK 47 minutes. -- go over for the Young and the Restless she died yesterday she played. Catherine Chan looking woman back in additionally all fully managed striking for forty years there and Corbin -- he's a good looking kid yeah. And in 1998. -- this is one of the best fights that she had she gets in 20 all physical altercation with -- Joseph Foster -- On the young and Federal Reserve. Knew you -- the last time Katherine that I enjoy it gives. It lies shelf and it didn't love you. He Jones who he knows all right not comment car. -- -- OK I. You haven't -- it's okay. Sounds like corral the oil and that's that's Karl that's good -- old radio this is TVs -- Phil I noticed 98 and out of preserving old school sounds like a big this sixty users under. It does. Yet -- Danny has scored again to my mother was when choose. Then we call -- upset about being on the death draft. Powell chorus you like the idea that her mother's on their to the end zone because she said to me in my really that. I'm a -- now that's -- on how it's just a joke going final again like it that short time it. Choose China -- joys of Baghdad a nice not think they have -- out the bad I have ever this did mom did did your mom know she's on the death jam now. You haven't told him I mean now Gary you are committed to -- Jennifer good -- Mother's -- here's AOL draft -- I had Danny's mom Billy yeah Danny's grandmother right the recent rain he's mama. Yeah here you are leading the break -- death draft Christian Denton with -- now yes George Jones and Jeanne Cooper. And you have not told your mother that she's on the death threats and they use necessary and teller. I thought somebody else might teller or somebody else -- like our brother or sister. Why -- why is -- well. Now why wouldn't you want to -- into the pockets you can at least say is he scared of just motherhood this is somewhere now -- -- -- -- is that they -- real dominant -- most of them there's the word about my mother Desiree my mothers find -- funny all guys are all so -- so -- MI actually put a smile on her -- don't tell that for guys say X-Files -- -- this weekend are you for real -- -- mother. We get beyond the way -- I love how he's a Christian and he lies and then yeah. -- felt about the life. What would your father say if he knew who. That you tell your mother on the desperately legal when he thicket that they felt would be off -- you could watch a grown ass man beat -- -- and another grown as digital -- and you know they're -- you really you know you don't mind and while respecting his mother. Well you are there is failing -- wishing death. I finished I did take care -- I don't really care I really I think they would get the joke. You're you're filly does is he never says if you will really give you do bring your family doesn't seem to. Have you ever discuss death of -- mother like even our own relate and yeah I have actually died so I don't notice. Still and we need -- president I got -- -- -- you know we went to the cemetery after -- very little area right in front -- normally and then we -- discussion about -- and then when the stall owner of the monument came in itemize so weird that you know where you're gonna get buried. And what she says she does. -- kind of this she's got a lot nicer to him yeah exactly what she -- -- I'm insults -- the new guy well it's I think it's always been understood that whomever she marries the way do beam. Buried by themselves or next to their. Past so I like nice people do sell. Nerves -- is -- a lot of the mountain to Sam -- so -- she's always says you know -- somebody -- -- going to be -- -- if you're into that I gonna be buried next to the lover but I could care less -- if you're -- -- you think you -- wanna be with the -- somewhat now what GE zero they could be married and -- so she's a hundred. And my dad fairly young right yes it is set to Merrill is she's fifty. It's also 56 days you don't know what I. All my. She Max is always said -- be married next to my public Jackie always -- subject at times where she was there Jacqui what she -- machine was very JFK and -- you go on do Mary mr. Onassis. -- solemn -- is so I think that's the same thing and also like Kyra when she was. The last shoppers choose which is engaged to and he said I'm going to be -- next to my deceased wife does he had a -- who died before and she was sent wanted to be married next to my husband. Okay well that's why that in addition to sort out what happened at that scares we just can't let go -- that's that that. Among moms are afraid to die smoked everybody is of no I mean look up for legitimately. Afraid eager to -- -- -- not know but she there are times where you know it's. She's she lives alone so I think when you live a lot and I don't I don't know that's scary projecting but I think your mind can go. There's some kind of health issue we can you beyond anybody there to either distract you open court talk or bounce off of Graham and so you just go to the furthest darkest place you know very tonight and I think it's very easy to do when you're alone. And she -- talked about I thinks like she just enjoys life that she is one we've. And so that -- this is scary if you really enjoy life yeah. That's a good thing -- -- -- -- -- on and sit and dark Biden is -- Honda and -- that that's bad -- but tonight I think -- -- very very your religion Estandia and I think that kind of thing -- -- else. What is your body gives your ideas change it was important what is and I think that her death draft. -- kind of brings -- -- sort of cloud flat I think that I she raised the issue I just said yeah protect did you -- are pure asset in this since she's -- the college she and this is the thanks she gets well here's here's a bad thing because I said -- yesterday -- some money. In the reaction I got was kind of funny to me. But -- you -- I said I got. I was kind of -- Ferrell child and you don't mind you just kind of sound your own way and even though they were educated and yes they gave the opportunity yes they pay for my college but. I want to do my own laundry early couldn't have known was really doing -- and I learned five mile away and I and I would eat anything you put in front of me I have no. I'm one of these -- I'll eat anything from them because that was the -- us. Them all or boil hot dogs and -- big means it was a staple and a. That was -- do you Liz I didn't know good stuff was ending guarantee trying to justify the provisions in the veteran not that doesn't side. They that fearless old coat -- that ought to just -- I can think you know what I I think didn't like. If someone if I said those things stewardess would be really pushed off for our super -- -- set -- I've -- basically is only talking about was you have. Wasn't like that we had this -- it is clear how your parents gloss over childhood my and I just go to where you're like. Yes -- -- -- it was OK I don't know that's a terrible thing is this is different now -- I mean it's it's a lack of participation on their party had they had the issues between them that -- that I got it OK so but this is Qaeda is -- his -- and I just find -- funny -- -- -- now with two with the -- -- -- -- -- -- has not told his -- -- -- -- on the -- -- And -- lot IC lied to himself I agree Khatami's -- my patience I think. Hi -- makes you would look and I don't want to let's caught on a finally Colin. Well we we could call hard and I'll solve. Tossup right now -- slick around -- he's got to get noticed. Tissue work yes she works as such get get the oracle she works like in the afternoon now. She's a telephone operator so our leadership does like 1230 tell you do before -- don't mind. How -- I and I can't miss George abroad Verizon in out of Dunkirk and they connect people New York City like information on -- -- -- Well -- -- people New York City what would you do know he's just -- it in nursing room. Hamas to do this for twenty years the number. Of one mom TV mom June Cleaver approach area she just I think she played a -- 11 operator. Barbara Billingsley did note on hot in Cleveland the real late I think -- she's Kennedy ninety's I think self. She's got to be run through Betty White. Tuesday lights on measure to rent. Yes I am I thought I thought the dollars are no -- read some more from my house a -- yeah I think we have Barbara Billingsley as a horribly insensitive not a -- operator from yet this is the role played by Christian Dan's mom was on the Democrats. And leave it to Cleveland starting Barbara Billingsley has ever had a 911 operator from Cleveland. Why I. See he's bragging. They do. And I remember everything -- that -- the story around it's I am not looking that. Medical Mecca -- room. Cruel CDC says and I thought that never Daniels called mama Africa all right drawn. You can dollar upright then Tyler okay cool I will they kind of -- well -- -- know is certainly. Good food. Christian and he didn't break her -- Jeff he's the league MVPs of plays that LeBron James lights out I got he's almost like George he's actually changed the game and yes yeah. Eight teaching again. -- and I will not have been political mom now tell them -- It's going to be surprises weekend regular regularly scheduled to -- is not going to be surprises really to do all the -- -- even. -- -- -- -- Does not -- imam. Standing I don't mom. Go to war -- on the radio here in town in Rochester. And Tom I want to tell you this over the weekend. Story not to be among our grandmother or anything like that. I -- why did you know that every year our our show has a death draft. And we pick people who we think may die tie in the next you know year or so now. And how many people right well I didn't nominate you or grandma lost somebody else in the room did. And exactly it will also Tommy took you in drama in the death -- WR on the debt strapped to doesn't mean you're gonna die that I think you're gonna -- does to tell you that this week we got together for Mother's Day but they wanted to tell you now so I have to -- imam. -- Well how I did that does -- mean any big as you not gonna die you're live forever. Well. Yeah I forget exactly thought whether it's like an extra -- dogged. Do like our guys here in the -- like you really turn my head off to be kind of upset about it because one of their mothers was the YouTube to cool about things like I said. I'm going to and not welcome it's this year that's tough. Right now. You know I -- -- mile -- -- now. President Bush pretty good actually oppress them and so yeah. -- I have him as a person on the billion Tommy I was gonna save more than impressed I'm I'm a little disappointed yes we are hoping we -- Danny a little bit I just a little bit -- school of old school something. And humor are now because he doesn't have one that's. It's really bad when your mom's -- -- the New York criminal law. My mother tell you what's -- like we did you know that got him. My mother used to do voices. What do you like in other words like me before we don't know where real little she would actually get the the toys we had like -- stuffed animals and actually like play a little and publish your opponent voices that are big headed there to report for cable. -- as a doctor and credit market. For the month that's your ear open each unit and an instant hit a -- is now that you know. -- Nelson got magical talent to my mother who plays three instruments one college well well he's good at an annual. Very good but you know it's so funny. Is that we always hear. Danny talks -- -- that not much -- mom I've learned more about his mom and -- and yes 99 have a five why is that I actually don't -- got his edgy humor she put on puppet shows is -- kids' lives as she says -- an amazing story ever gonna die I wanna die now so do all my -- Like the more normal person I know. Actually she should she she just -- she's a mom she's a great mom and therefore she does against she does get dumber stupid -- -- -- he says -- like qualified to gadgets are tirades. The real story about your son and that's. And -- six. All up. For that's moderate to get you're got. I. Love you thank you -- let it. Reminds me every time. You are. Certain consistency personally talked to -- he's been none of it once before we talk to get a game with what are three mothers are like that you. -- -- -- -- -- Tiger won't. Try to recoup a lot of -- Yeah -- what -- here didn't he CU is it anger at the end. We'll have a lot like -- guy and I don't -- I'll try. Well I'll let you know and it is surprised me most who has had to have a nice day. Obama you like it. See Danny wow I was -- -- wow awesome. I'm just I I got was just said now just surprised he didn't mention it to remove for a certain because it was this is she's so called by -- -- she's so cool. And she still within I would say that that's inclusive. They would matter I think you were uncomfortable to bring you up to really be a little bit just because the time in the morning none. I'll be here hot hot -- -- off here's the thing -- like every time I call mom if it's like -- on our Iowa editing sums up yeah I. I would ever present our -- broke up and another girl right acquire the preface it with everybody's okay no one's pregnant nobody's in a hospital. I don't think she's Erica I don't think she's heard about the presidents ago. It. -- and fragments known that I IDs and I just call and say hello to us and we'll go from there aren't very good. -- sedan -- told his mother she's on the death trap and is up to he's up to two in two weeks and AM who could come back to get symbol nobody I don't think anybody a man with immunity challenge. You never know. We might get to that late summer. Well boating accidents stringent. Classrooms are now that they may -- -- by the all star -- he should be you know that the be all over until every amount on Citi Field now there it is this year yeah I would sell my debts to you guys this.

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